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AKG K240 Semi Open Studio Headphones
List Price: $159.00

Our Price: $94.25

You Save: $64.75 (41%)


Product Description

The Studio version of these classic hi-fi stereo headphones uses XXL speakers with Varimotion diaphragms for higher sensitivity, a wider dynamic range, and higher sound levels. Other features include semi-open earphones, a solid bass range, clear highs, and excellent comfort. It also connects to portable equipment (CD players, DAT recorders, notebook computers, etc.)

  • 55 ohms impedance, plug-in cable
  • Self-adjusting headband for optimum fit
  • Single cable for ease of use
  • Semi-open, circumaural design

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good, but not perfect
    These were my first foray into "high end" headphones. After breaking 3 pairs of $20-40 headphones during the last year I decided to spend some $ on quality (the construction of these is very good). On first listen, these were very clear but not as much bass or volume as I expected. I would describe them as very "accurate" - they don't add extra bass or treble. Listening to them on my iPod shuffle and touch I found them a little quiet; Apple's headphones could blast at 10/10, while the little iPods could only drive these to maybe 7/10. However, there is no way I can go back to listening to Apple's headphones; compared to these they sound like mud. Also, MP3s ripped at 128k sound like lousy, even at 320k I can hear differences from the original CDs. These cans have vinyl coverings that make my ears sweat after a while. Overall, I am pleased but am tempted to spend a little more to try the Beyerdynamic DT770s....more info
  • Had these for 2 months now
    I've been using these for the past 2 months, they're extremely comfortable and sound absolutely stunning compared to everything I've owned before them. Before these I had a pair of skullcandy hesh, but after I realized skullcandy was horrible I decided on these. I do not regret my purchase, 5/5...more info
  • These are great
    Quality is awesome, using them as a home theater headphone. Great bass response without sounding flat or muffled....more info
  • Great Headphones for the price.
    I like everything about these headphones except that the stitching is starting to come out a little & they are a month old. Real Nice. Other than that, they are good....more info
  • Finally a product where 'Studio' in the name is more than marketing hype
    These are considered the studio standard in circumaural open back headphones for good reason. The sound reproduction is excellent, with clear bass and midrange and a very balanced profile through the entire frequency spectrum. It makes me angry at how much I've spent on speakers and studio monitors, these do a better job at a fraction of the price.

    They are circumaural they fit OVER your ears. I guess some people don't like that. I think they might change their mind if they tried these. If you're looking for a SUPRA-aural design look at the AKG K141

    I find them extremely comfortable. I have literally forgotten I was wearing them more than once. The suspension system adjusts automagically and is excellent. At first I felt a little unsure about the security of the hold, I've been using these mostly as monitors while recording guitar and bass parts, but they've made it through some pretty enthusiastic headbanging without getting dislodged. It also prevents almost all the banging and noise you normally hear when handling your headphones.

    The ear pads are soft and comfortable and have a nice synthetic cover which feels like glove leather and has just the right combination of grip and smoothness.

    They are semi-open. In this case it means that with no sound coming out of them they are basically aurally transparent but when they are on it takes a pretty loud sound outside to be noticeable. They are excellent at the job I use them for, monitoring a master track while laying down new parts, because you can hear yourself and the room sound pretty naturally and still have a high quality monitor with no bleed through to the mic'ed amps. If you are intending to use these for monitoring during vocal track recording you might want to consider a closed back design, these can be a little loud close up, The K271 is an excellent option with an ingenious auto-mute feature that work off the same magical suspension system.

    Other Cool Features:

    mini-xlr connector on cord - replace your mangled cord or make your own!
    fully rebuildable and modular - any component can be replaced if neccesary


    It ships with a 3m mini-xlr to 1/8 cord w/ 1/4 adapter, I think most people would prefer the coiled cord which they sell as an option.

    The suspension may 'feel' a bit insecure at first, and the pads may wiggle a bit if you shake your head really hard. a manual tension adjustment on the suspension might be a nice addition.

    You really need a case for your studio headphones. As far as I know there isn't one available for these....more info
  • Best bang for the buck!
    Great sounding headphones and very comfortable. Bought these to replace my Sony V6's of 10 years (broken due to my nephew sitting on them), which were still in great shape. So, $150 was my maximum amount that I was willing to spend on a pair of headphones for home, since I already have my pair of Shure e5's for when I'm out-and-about. I decided on these after reading a whole bunch of reviews and after trying out several headphones (Sony V6's/MDR-V900's, Sennheiser HD-280's, Bose Triports), but the K240 stood out as the clear winner for me, even next to the more expensive K271's. The headphones are extremely comfortable and were made even more so when I added a set of Nice Cans headphone covers (the stock pleather ones got a little sweaty and sticky when I wore them for more than an hour). The suspension system is pure genius taking the weight and tension off the ears and putting it on the top of my head, even after wearing for 4 or more hours. Also, if the cord ever get's destroyed or develops a short, it can be replaced by unplugging the existing one and putting a new one on. As a matter of fact, each individual part can be bought from AKG and replaced if one wears out (which I highly doubt). All in all, after a month of use, these have completely left the V6's in the history books. As time goes on and the drivers loosen up even more, the sound gets better and better! They do need a little time to sound as good as their potential, like my Shure's, so have a little patience. I would recommend these phones to anyone, especially if using an ipod or any other low power audio device. Great phones and enjoy!...more info
  • Perfect headphones
    I bought these about 3 years ago to replace the K240M that I had. The K240M had several issues - its 600 ohms impedance, and the non-replaceable cable.

    For some reason, my cats love AKG headphones and kept chewing the cord.
    This K240s was a godsend . I bought them and 5 replacement cords. I'm down to the last one. I keep forgetting to pack them in my drawer after use.

    I have hundreds of cables in my house between my computer, home theater, home recording studio, and my cats only chew these, for some reason.

    Also, the sound quality is insanely great and accurate. I have been using these recently to monitor recordings . These are more revealing than any speakers ever will be. Last saturday I recorded a harpsichord. I had 2 pairs hooked up to the recording station, including these. The other was a Sony 700DJ heapdhone. The Sony's sounded really dead. Like something was off. Too much bass, not enough treble. There was no mistaking the accuracy of the playback of the AKG, since I was sitting right next to the instrument and performer. It was almost like the real thing.

    I see that these have dropped quite a bit in price since I bought them. At this price I might just have to get a second pair.
    ...more info
  • Money Well Spent
    Fantastic product for the price. They are superbly comfortable, crisp and detailed in their reproduction, and plenty loud even without a headphone amp. The cord is long and detachable, protecting it from damage and making it easy to replace without having to buy a whole new set of headphones. It's no wonder 240s have been the standard in studios for decades. You can find better headphones, but once you pass the price point of the 240s, the return isn't worth the money you're shelling out....more info
  • Good Build Quality and Open-Air Style Maximizes Sound
    I have four pair of headphones costing between 20-50 dollars, including such brands as Sennheiser, Logitech, Sony, and Eton. They're all capable headphones but they're Closed-Back style, which, while keeping external sound out, is also harder on the ears and which, I've read, compromises sound. So for my ear safety and for a bigger sound, I opted for the AKG K24. Here's what I like: Good build quality, comfortable large ear gel ear cups, microjack fits in iPod without needing an adapter (true of all my other headphones). The sound is good, great even, but I wouldn't go so far to say they produce the "wow factor." However, be aware of the fact that I don't pump up the volume very loud because I don't want to blast my eardrums. Are they worth the price? That's a subjective question. For many who want to spend less on an Open-Ear headphone without compromising sound, I think most will be happy with the 20-dollar Audio-Technica ATH-MZX Open-Ear headphones....more info
  • All about comfort!!
    These headphones are extremely comfterable after hours of use, even if you wear glasses like I do. After watching movies for 5 hours, I forget I even have them on.

    Another big thing I was worried about with the semi-open design was that it might leak out to much sound, and be annoying to my roomates. In a small, quiet room, if I turn them up really loud, my roomates can hear them a little. But with "normal" listening volume, they did not hear anything! This is great for people who don't want to disturb anyone.

    The sound is realy something you fall in love with the more you listen to them. The quality is so clear, I can now hear parts of songs I never knew exsisted! Listening to orchastrel pieces, it really comes alive as I can now hear every finite detail of complecated pieces. Intially I thought the bass was lacking, but I find it is actually just more true to what it really sounds like. I actually find using a flat EQ produces the best sound, but if you like more bass, just change your EQ to bassbosster and it will provide very clear, strong bass.

    They only reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating was because when I first got them the left side wasn't working. I played around with it a little, and it started to work again, but I'm afraid it could be a problem in the future. So far this has not been the case, but many people seem to have this problem, so I would use care with the phones.
    Overall they are the perfect headphone, and highly recomended....more info
  • Great Fidelity, Increadibly Comforable.
    I upgraded to these from a pair of AKG K66's which had come with a very strong recommendation from a friend. Frankly, I was dissatisfied with the 66's for what I considered an overall lack of fidelity, although the bass was decent. These on the other hand are everything the 66's were not. They are clear, crisp, incredible. The 66's were extremely comfortable and I was concerned about these, but those concerns were laid to rest as the K240's feature a similar head-strap with auto-fitting action (never going back to having to adjust headphones to go on my head) and I'd actually consider these more comfortable, as the strap is made from a softer material. They have a different dynamic than the 66's, less Bass heavy, which actually provides what I'd consider a more natural sound. I wear them all day every day at work, and I could not be happier....more info
  • Good Sound and Very Comfortable
    I got these headphones after a friend recommended them to me and like them a lot. The sound is great, very clear, and they are SO comfortable! I wish I could have gotten them for less (I paid $98), but I feel it was worth the money....more info