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Thief 3: Deadly Shadows
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Product Description

Thief: Deadly Shadows takes you into the strange world of Garrett, master thief. Rarely seen, never caught, he just wants to make a living. He's drawn into a web of events that will destroy the world, unless he applies his trade for more than just wealth. Dynamic lighting system for realistic, dynamic shadows that enhance stealth gaming

  • You are Garrett, a master thief trying to save his city from evil
  • Advanced NPC AI
  • Use cutting edge stealth to hide and lurk in the shadows
  • Huge arsenal of thieves' tools
  • For 1 player

Customer Reviews:

  • Loved the first twoinstallments in this series and this is more of the same.
    Gameplay and story was excellent as always. A great change of pace vs. running and gunning.
    Only problem was video glitches that I could not seem to work out with my video card. System would slow/framerate drop when treasure or useable items were highlighted.
    Despite that one glitch this game, to me, was definitely worth the $$.
    I can only pray there will be a thief 4!...more info
  • Be careful
    Make sure to check the req. I know I didn't.
    Who would of thought a game would only work for windows 2000? I personally have stuck with 98,and well, thief doesnt work with any other OS....more info
  • buggy and not at all like the original
    Thief I frankly scared me to death the first time I played it. I would be creeping along and all of a sudden some monster would jump up and kill me, and had been following me for some time. Thief III has better graphics, more variety, but never approached the thrill of the original.

    Frankly, this game is too easy. You are more like a super hero than a thief, what with all the gadgets that allow you to escape or give you one shot kills. Guards corner you? Well just climb a wall and wait for them to leave. They can't climb, and there's walls everywhere, so once you get the climbing gloves you will never be worried about the guards again.

    Finally, this game crashed hundreds of times while I was trying to work my way through it. I have a high-end system, and I know how to tweak it. Thief III has no good support, lots of laggy glitches, and inexplicable crashes - all day long. Forget it, because even though this game is fun to play, its not fun to reload and play and reboot and reload and play etc, ad naseum.

    Get thief II - Goldedition and play the first Thief - its classis and it doesn't crash, and its picking hard to beat.

    ...more info
  • A bit disappointing
    I am a HUGE fan of TDP, Gold, and TMA, and was really looking forward to Thief 3. However, the concessions to simultaneous Xbox design have really sucked some of the joy from it. The use of zone doors really takes away from the epic feel we got in the Metal Age, and the redesigned light crystal is nowhere as easy as the old version. The levels are tight, and the lack of a lean forward prevents easy blackjacking from the shadows (which is one of my favorite things). The loot glint and blue highlighting really take you out of the game as well.

    The lack of cutscenes really hurts too - in 1 and 2, they were very atmospheric, and really added to the immersion factor.

    Those things said, the voice acting was superb, the story was immersive, and the factions played their parts well. I enjoyed having to work with fences to offload the loot, and shopping the stores was a nice addition.

    As for the video updates, it just seemed like we lost gameplay options to accomodate the upgraded graphics. Why not allow pixel shading to be disabled? Without that ability, lots of folks are going to find out that their card doesn't really run this (I am using a GF4 ti4600, and it runs OK).

    With Deus Ex 2, and Thief 3, I am starting to worry about Ion Storm. Here's hoping HL2 and DOOM3 don't follow the same road......more info

  • Thief is GREAT!
    First off, let me address the issue of Thief Deadly Shadows being a system hog. I have 512 MB RAM, 2.4 Ghz Pentium 4, and an Nvidia FX5200 sound card, and I run Windows XP and I do not have a problem running this game at all. It looks great, the graphics are fantstic. The gameplay is wonderful, you play a thief, and you have an arsenal of awesome tools to use. I love the fact that in this game, you are free to wander and choose the missions you would like, you can even play a few at once! This game is well worth the money, and it has all of the things I loved about Thief the dark art, Thief gold, and Thief 2. I highly recommend this game for anyone who enjoyed the previous thief games!...more info
  • Theif 3 is awesome!
    First of all! Anybody who complains about it not working on windows 98 should get windows 2000 and stop complaining. Second anybody who says not to buy this game is freakin crazy. and third anybody who's pissed there pants on the Shalbridge Cradle (haunted Asylum/orphanage mission) should use flash bombs not fire arrows and not holy water cause those zombies are super fast and shooting arrows and tossing holy water is too slow. Anybody who wasn't scared of that mission can now play any horror game in the world and say it was as pleasant as a harry potter game on a gameboy advance. Now to the review of the game. I think it was perfect and the climbing gloves are better than the rope arrows, but dont complain cause you really don't need them, except to get into the keeper library at one point. The only thing possibaly as scary (Probably not) than the shalebridge cradle was the keeper enforcers (Picture Nazgul from lord of the rings with double sided hooks on their hands and white masks). but anyway if you can get past the shalebridge cradle than you'll love this game!...more info
  • One of the most immersive games to date
    I don't have enough wonderful things to say about this game. To start off, this game has the best story of any new FPS game that is out right now. Everything seems to click into place towards the end of the game, every piece of information you read, every note you find somehow seemlessly fall into the greater context of the game plot. And did I mention the great cinematics that add even more lustre to an already polished storytelling that this game provides?
    Now for the graphics, they are great, but by no means incredible. However, in the context of the game they are perfectly acceptable. The engine does a good job at portraying an old, decaying, decadent city, and all imperfections of the engine just add more to that feeling. If developers used a more advanced engine (like that of Far Cry) with lots of shiny surfaces and much eye candy, it would just be outright silly, and inappropriate for the setting.
    Now for the gameplay. This is where the game really shines. I heard a lot of complaints about Garrett using a dagger now instead of a sword and the lack of rope arrows, but seriously, what kind of thief carries a long sword with him? Dagger is much more likely to appear in the arsenal of a thief than a heavy blade. Now for the rope arrows. They were a pain in the first two games. It would always be tricky to hop onto the rope and then to climb off, and then there were issues of clipping and going through surfaces, etc. etc. etc. So not worth it. I think the climbing gloves do just as good of a job. Overall the gameplay is immersive and polished. After the first couple missions I was so into the game that I completely lost track of time. However the apex of immersion comes with the Asylum mission. As anybody who played this game will tell you, this will be one of the scariest gaming experiences you will have, EVER! This levelis done soo well that it puts even System Shock 2 to shame. Just play the game and you will know what I am talking about......more info
  • Thief DS
    Is ok but the story is kind of boring and I didn't like the ending. They should of kept it for the pc only like Thief 1&2. ...more info
  • Correction
    The "Very Scary Mission" Review is mine. I didnt play it on the pc but on XBOX. Still i may plan to enter a third time, my nerves where racking so badly the last time i braved the place!...more info
  • A Game for Those who Love Thinking AND Fighting
    I have been a HUGE fan of the Thief series since the beginning, but this installment is truly the most incredible game I've played in years. The variety, the mood, the music, all of it is perfect and if you like to solve puzzles, love making your own way in a game and like to fight with interesting tools, this is the game for you....more info
  • Not at all what I expected, but great anyway
    The reason this game is rated mature isn't because of violence or excess blood like it says on the back of the box. The game, instead, is scary. At least, scary to me, since this is my first stealth game. I've played Halo, Serious Sam, Half-Life, and all those things, and this game is definetly different; and not at all in a bad way, I'm almost finished with it, and it still has the draw that it did when I just installed it.

    At times, you wander around in abandoned ships, prisons, and asylums, listening to eery muffled screams, moans, distant heartbeats, and fighting undead enemies. The "OLD GRAY LADY", herself, is terryfying to behold during a cutscene. Not intolerable, by any means, just be prepared. Unlike the other games previously mentioned, stealth is definetly the wisest choice here. Be sure to CAREFULLY examine the area you're about to enter and enter with the utmost caution. Playing like this THIEF is a FPS is a definite way to die.

    Now, despite any misapprehensions you might be having right now, knock it off. This really is a great game, and it's not all just doom and gloom, there's more than enough action, adventure, and humor thrown in. Just remember, be patient, it may take a long time to get seemingly nowhere, but that's just how this game works: after all, you're a thief, and you have all night, yes? I'd recommend this game to anyone over 16.

    Now, the technical stuff. When I first installed this game, the picture was halting and jerky. I soon found out that the game's resolution was set up too high, and I switched it to 640 by 480. My monitor is set higher than that, but my computer isn't exactly steller, either. It's a Windows XP, and other than that minor early hassle the game runs perfectly now, and has never had a glitch or crash. I've had endless frustrations with games that will just as soon slag one's hard drive as they will run. But THIEF isn't like that at all....more info
  • First Person Sneaker Meets Doom 3 Graphics!!!
    One word on this one, UNBELIEVABLE. Back in the late 90's when getting into the first Thief on PC I was impressed with the innovative game play, and character development from this developer. That was then.

    A few days ago I installed Thief 3, and to my amazement was shocked with the T&L (Texture and Lighting) engine in this title. Mind you, I have an AMD 2800XP/ATI 9800 Pro rig with all the "extras", however I know that does not matter due to others reviews. The 4X AA on this game make the shadows of Garrett crisp, and if that's just your shadow, imagine the game!! The textures are truly a notch up from the closest graphical competitor, Halo for PC. I have been looking forward to Doom3 and Half-Life 2 for years now, and this title is not only beautiful, but innovative as well.

    As in the first of this series, the game play is "amazing", which is an understatment on this new edition. No other genre of game on any platform can you achieve such a medieval taste of dark, evil, and excitement. Excitement for one NOT derived from killing, (ie: GTA3/Vice City), but from actually avoiding detection. Outstanding game, best I have scene in a long time in this market!...more info

  • Beautiful
    Before I get to the game, I have to say that the graphics were probably the most stunning I've ever seen on my system. The light effects, especially from torches and fireplaces, are simply beautiful. I think this is the first game I've ever had to combine bump-mapping, pixel shading, and dynamic lighting in high resolution without any slow down.The only bug I saw was that looking at walls from certain angles made them appear to be lit even if the light source was disposed of, but that's really the only bug I found. I played Invisible War once, and it was awful (the plot as well as the graphics), but they really did a nice job improving the engine. Everything in the game casts a shadow, and all the shadows are dynamic. One thing that really pops out in my mind was I was creeping along a wooden planked catwalk and there was a torch in the wall below. Not only did the wooden planks each look unique with little warps and bumps, but there was just enough space in-between for the light to shine through, creating a bobbing fan of shafts of light against the wall.

    My major complaints aren't really bugs, per say, it's that the levels were too small and there wasn't enough interactive objects. The City is segmented into tiny little districts, some of which are even further segmented into sub-districts, and to travel in-between each involves a 30 to 45 second loading screen. When you have multiple City objectives that stretch all the way from Southgate to Auldale, they get real annoying real fast. The same goes for the actual missions. The mansions you rob are almost always broken down into two maps, one for the outside grounds and outer chambers and one for the inner depths. As for interactivity, besides the doors, guards, and loot, there wasn't much to play with. In previews of the game I had read that in order to darken a room for safety, you could push a cabinet in front of a window or do something similar. I only have two chapters of the game left to play and I have yet come across any large furniture I could push around, let alone need to. Almost everything is static except for crates and random chairs. That's right, some chairs you can knock around and some you can't, it's just luck of the draw. They included a whole bunch of items that look like loot but really are just things you can throw for diversionary tactics, but again, I found that doing this was almost never really required.

    One thing that had a lot of wasted potential was the City itself. In-between missions you could walk around the city, pickpocket civilians, break into small shops and inns, fence stolen wares, and purchase weapon refills and other items. The problem was that about 75% of the buildings were not accessible, they were simply large solid objects. If you gain access to the Docks district and you sell $2,000 worth of stuff, you can buy leather climbing gloves. These are a great idea, as you can then scale any brick wall, but they really only come in handy in the City, specifically Auldale. I noticed that once you had them for a day or so, you never came across any situations you could use them. Several walls came equipped with invisible clips so you couldn't "cheat" the level with your wall climbing skills. At your apartment they had a sort of training room but it was yet another feature I didn't use after the first half hour of game play. Do you see a pattern here? The only feature I consistently used was the thievery shops, because you had to if you didn't want to run out of supplies.

    There was yet another feature that seemed really cool at first but after awhile I couldn't see the point of. Early on you steal special treasures from the two religious factions of the game, the Hammerites and the Pagans. After you get both you find out they both found out it was you, but if you do special favors you'll be forgiven and may even become allied. The Hammerites want you to kill rust mites and zombies, the Pagans want you to energize their elemental stands and grow moss on City cornerstones. During loading screens, I read that Hammerite priests can bless their allies with the ability to harm the undead with ordinary weapons and the Pagan shamans can bless you with speed. I became 100% allied with both factions and so far, aside from access to their small headquarters (which contain nothing, really) and the fact that their members won't attack you when they see you, I have found no benefits to becoming allied with them. The blessings are a load of bullshit.

    But don't take this all the wrong way. Aside from these small complaints, the game itself is fantastic. I love Garret, hes probably my favorite game character. Sneaking around in the shadows and planning methods of slipping by guards is amazingly fun. I know a lot of people get bored with the Thief series for it's slow game play and stealth-over-aggression style, but I myself am addicted to it. I love the fact that a single mission could take all night to play, if you want to play it cool the way Garret would based on his reputation. No knock-outs, no close calls, and 100% of the loot is a fantastic thrill. The fact that you're trying to slip by the guards gives me much more of an adrenalin rush than simply running into a room of enemies, guns blazing. Don't get me wrong, that's fun, but the stealth action is more of a thrill for me. The plot for this third installment, Deadly Shadows, is definitely the darkest of the series thus far. Some of the areas are downright creepy, and the graphics engine does a great job of making foreboding atmospheres that much more scary to wander around in. In a mission I just finished today, probably the scariest game level I have ever played in any game, ever, I was searching an abandoned, haunted, burnt-out insane asylum / orphanage. They basically took two of the most disturbing things you can think of, an abandoned asylum and an abandoned orphanage, set them in a huge, sprawling mansion, made it fire and water damaged, and made it haunted. There were sounds of distant cries, moans of agony, even baby noises, and they were all just part of the level's soundtrack. You couldn't tell is there was an insane zombie around the corner or if it was just part of the ambient noise. The lights had to be turned on down in the basement, and when you finally got them on only a few of them actually worked, and some of those flickered on and off sporadically, only unlike the original Half-Life, the horror of "fluorescent flicker" actually worked... I could not wait to finally get all my objectives and get the fuck out of there.

    The AI is great, for the most part. During scripted conversations the NPCs don't really do much but stand perfectly still, facing each other. As soon as the AI takes over, they walk around, stretch their arms, talk to themselves, wonder why a candle or torch is suddenly out, or sometimes start looking around for you. If you hide long enough, they'll tell themselves they imagined it and go back to their regular routine. If opposing factions meet up with each other, they'll duke it out, providing you time to slip by. Even if they both see you, they'll fight each other first. One cool part happened after the Keepers sent out their Enforcers after me. The Enforcers scoured the City, and in one district killed EVERYONE in their search for me. Guards were in the way? Dead. Hammerites? Dead. Pagans? Civilians? They all got slaughtered while I made a run for it. Considering the Keepers are supposed to be a secret society, I think they just blew it. Though, it was pretty cool when a City Watch officer, a guy that's supposed to kill you on sight no matter what, actually teamed up with me to fight an Enforcer and was yelling for me to help him. However, in several moments there would be times the AI would get spooked and freak out, and "run for help" when it would really run into a wall and keep running in place. When they opened doors it was like watching the Special Olympics.

    I'm not going to go over the plot because I've already seen about three unexpected (seriously!) plot twists, and just describing the beginning would be no fun. Besides, I still have two days of game play left. The game is stretched of nine nights, usually one or two missions for each with time to wander around the City in-between. Stuff you steal or find in the City, as well as people you kill, regenerate every night for you to find, steal, or kill again. It also affords you at least nine chances to sell your loot and stock up on supplies.

    Despite the lengthy complaints I had above, I still give this game 4 out of 5 stars. Had there been more stuff to knock around besides small items, and if the neat little features they included had been better developed so that players would actually have a use for them, I would've given the whole 5.

    One big warning, if you plan to buy Thief: Deadly Shadows. You better make damned sure your system will be able to handle it. You HAVE to have Windows XP or 2000, and I've heard that even 2000 doesn't support it sometimes. You probably also have to have purchased a new graphics card from the one that came with your system standard. Don't think that if you don't exactly meet the requirements you'll just play on low-res settings! If you don't meet ALL the minimum requirements, which are hefty, the game simply won't start and you'll be stuck with a worthless case of CDs until you spend some money upgrading your system. If you have the system though, I'd definitely pick this title up....more info

  • disappointed not supported for joystick
    I previously played Thief The Dark Project with a CD from Sold Out, which was joystick supported. I spent hours with a tingling back. It was so much easier playing with the joystick. Unfortunately, Deadly Shadows does not support joysticks. This is a BIG issue with me, otherwise the graphics & look with the 3rd person is unique and I still like it, but hate using a keyboard....more info
  • Thief 3
    What can I say this is a truly worthy addition to the very entertaining Thief franchise. This title not only ties into the storylines of the previous two games but adds so much more. The multiple factions you have to deal with form an intricate fabric that sometimes you forget who you're working for and who is looking to end your life.

    The graphics and music are far more extensive and immersive than the previous games. Merging that with awesome level design makes you want to explore every nook and cranny just to see it all. Unlike other people who have said that playing earlier "beta" versions yielded no multi-level, multi-roomed mansions you're sorely mistaken. This game teems with huge complicated maps and manors.

    The weapons array is, for the most part, the same as the last game minus the rope arrows. You get climbing gloves instead which have many tiny hooks on it to grasp vertical surfaces. Not all missions are condusive to climbing gloves but then again when it's available you'll use the heck out of them. There are a few more tricks in your arsenal and this time around you visit shops to buy/sell your loot and weapons. Nice addition!

    All in all Thief 3 is well worth the price of purchase and with the new modern game engine is quite viable for making third party mods and conversions. Yay! Buy the game and enjoy it! :)...more info

  • Great Stealth Action
    I really enjoyed this game. There was a good mix of tension, strategy, and narrative. I'm a big fan of the Hitman series, and this game reminds me a lot of Agent 47's adventures. Thief: Deadly Shadows (T:DS) is dark and at times creepy, and Garrett (the protagonist) seems a perfect fit for the edgy world that he plies his trade in. While T:DS is not a great game, it does a number of things well.

    Gameplay: The game plays as a typical first-person adventure game, using the ASWD keys and the mouse to control much of the action. Garrett has to complete a number of missions in and around a dark medieval-like city as 3 factions vie for control. All of the missions follow a basic formula: sneak into an area, loot it, and get out. The missions are generally well done, and a few are downright spooky. If you can do all of your work unseen, all the better since the game places a premium on stealth. Garrett hides well in shadows--fortunately it is always night time in the game--and is quite lethal when his enemies are unaware of him. However, he is very weak in melee and usually goes does in a few blows. Also, he is a wanted man from the very beginning. Even in the city, you'll find yourself sneaking around to avoid guards, and you must be careful about committing crimes in front of other citizens.

    The game has a lot of options. You have a number of nice tools to work with, from various arrows to climbing gloves and explosives. Also, you'll be able to cash in your loot for additional supplies at local shops. Most missions can be completed without killing anyone. However, you also have the option of using your arrows and daggers for lethal results. Overall, the story is unremarkable, and there are really no big surprises. However, the stealthy roleplaying is really immersive and is good for about 35 solid hours of gameplay.

    Graphics: Very good. No complaints except for the excessive use of a few character models and the awkward way in which unconscious and dead bodies sometimes come to rest. This is a dark game which uses lighting and smoke effects as well as any game I've played. The cutscenes are decent and do their job of advancing the plot. Overall, the graphics are quite fine and give the game an appropriately gloomy feel.

    Sounds: Most sounds work well for creating atmosphere, whether footsteps, guard chatter, thunder, or creaking doors. There is a bit of music scattered throughout the game, but it's mostly forgettable. The voice acting is decent to good, though it sounds like the same two guys did all of the guards.

    Overall, I found T:DS to be quite enjoyable. It was very stable on my computer and came with a decent amount of documentation. I recommend it to anyone who likes action-adventure games or stealthy gameplay.
    ...more info
  • Third Time's The Charm- Or Gem In This Case!
    The first 2 Thief games are amongst the greatest games I've played (the System Shock games and Deus Ex). It's apparent that the talent who left Looking Glass Studios (previous games mentioned) went on to create Thief 3 and Bioshock. They are the most talented game developers ever.

    Usually game sequels don't succeed on the same level as their priors. The first two are 9.5 rated games: Thief 3 gets a solid 9. Close!


    Story: A well-written script that is on par with the series. It's clever, imaginative and plot-filled.

    Gameplay: Using the UnReal engine the gameplay is fluid with a few minor inconsistencies. I especially liked that the game can be played in 1st or 3rd person mode. Clear and simply HUD and options.

    AI: Not perfect but not stupid. Your enemies are 80% smart and 20% dumb. Sometimes it can be unbalanced when you can't be seen but when you're found out they automatically find you regardless of where you are. Weird.

    Weaponry: There are the favorites from the older games and some new arrows and weapons that aren't useless or redundant.

    Visuals: Nicely designed environments and costumes. Level construction is articulate and clear. Background depth and 3D views are coherent.

    Sound: Great music and ambient sounds. It enriches the scenarios' gravitas and gives the areas originality with sound effects.

    Control: Simply keyboard + mouse control is perfect. Character moves fluidly and effectively.

    Load/Save Options: Perfect. Load / save anywhere and anytime in the game.


    Voice overs are sometimes corny and poorly voiced. Garrett's voice (Stephen Russell) is the best of all. Russell's been doing it through out the series and he's got it down pact.

    There are few glitches involving corners that a character can get stuck in but unstuck with some serious fidgeting. On XP it did crash when saving a few times.

    As mentioned before, the AI can get weird and it's annoying at times.

    Believe or not, the game can be a little TOO long. Some missions are more time consuming than others or tedious.


    An excellent addition to the Thief series and a great game for fans or stealth gaming. Highly recommended!...more info
  • One great game
    I don't know what game some of these reviewers are playing. This is a five star game if there ever was one. The graphics are terrific, there are no bugs in the software, and gameplay is as good, if not better, than the original two Thief games. The game is also very long. You get a lot of entertainment for your dollar. A true masterpiece of a game. I hope Eidos doesn't wait five years to release the next Thief game....more info
  • Mixed feelings from a long time fan
    I have a lot of mixed feelings with this game. I am a Thief Fan from way back, Thief the dark project, Thief Gold, Thief the metal age. Countless user missions from the Editor fron I think that was the URL, I remember when they originally said there would be no more Thief's. That was quite a few years ago and since then I quit looking for anything on thief. I believe I have done it all in there. Anyway Today I learned that there was a new Thief Deadly Shadows. I bought it on my way home from work and have been plugged into the PC since I got home. I have to agree with Steve Rhyn as he is obviously a great Thief Fan from old much like myself. And I will try not to spoil anything in the game.

    I absolutely hate the fact there are no interactions and scenes between levels really does take something away from the game. Please bring those back if there is a thief 4, they really add to sucking you into the game. I also hate the loss of some controls. No Swinging on the Rope arrows, No Leaning Around doorways to blackjack. And the Zone like doorways what in the heck is that. Thief the Metal age had Huge Huge areas in the game that were very complex. This game being 3 cd's is actually much smaller and less complex than the previous versions. I am also starting it off on expert level right away, 3 levels deep still 100% of all the loot. No real difficult things to figure out and No real fun things to do to stray Garret from the path. How Many old thief players took a running Jump from the 3rd floor of Lord Bafford's Mansion while running from a guard praying you hit the pool and not the cobble stone edge of the pool. And the last thing I noticed Garrret doesn't talk to you as much, Bring Back the Funny Garret one liners or put a few more in. Garret seems to have lost his sense of humor. However all these bad things I listed, the Game still gets 4 stars.

    Ok, enough of the Bad I am done benig a taffert, the good, Oh it's Garret alright. There is no mistaking him, even if he has lost some sense of humor. He is still calm cool and collected. If you played Thief before you have no trouble recognizing him. How the heck they found either the guy that originally did Garrets voice or found a great replacement I do not know but it is the old soothing Garret. The Graphics, are outstanding I can not confirm but I would swear the one time I got up close and personal with a guard he had stubble on his face that threw moving shadows. I didn't last too long because they grabbed my attention so much I had to just stop and appreciate the graphics. But the Actual in game graphics are better than the closing Cinematic of the previous games. The new ability to flatten to a wall is cool. But really haven't found it overly useful. I am still a die hard crouch in the shadows fan but I am sure I will get use to having it there. The new lock picking is better and a lot more interesting. At first it annoyed me, but you know now I can appreciate it. How many times did I sit there and not pay any attention to the lock picking before, you got in the habit of just holding down the mouse buttons while letting it work. Now you got to really work it. So for the old Garret everything else you will feel right at home and the Story continues. Excellent job at continuing the story. But also it is not so entrenched as the new person could not pick this up and just start playing. Be Warned the Guards have some new tricks to root you out of hiding as well.

    PC Requirements, with the Graphics seems a bit high. I have a Huge Alienware system, 4 gigs Ram, 256 meg 8X AGP GForce and first thing I did was crank the graphics up to the highest level. I had to step them down a couple notches because I was getting some staggering jumps in some spots. Other than that it ran fine, and there is nothing sweeter than seeing Garrets shadow as you run past torches and stuff.

    In Closing The Old Thief Player will not be disappointed, but slightly annoyed at the lack of some of Garret's abilities, and some other interface changes. The New Player should find this as extremely absorbing as the original games were to us old farts. And this is a fairly Unique game. There has never been anything like the Thief line and I do not think there ever will be....more info

  • Very Solid
    Thief 3 was a very solid, very enjoyable experience. When compared to the other two existing Thief games I think most fans would agree that it is much better than The Dark Project but not quite as good as The Metal Age, however it was an excellent conclusion to the trilogy and wraps things up very nicely.
    Most people have commented on all the technical aspects of the game so I'll try and keep this review about the game itself.
    The first two things that really jumped out at me when playing this game were the incredible graphics and the increased amount of dialogue by in game characters. Rag doll physics doesn't work like a charm, considering most blackjacked opponents kind of curl up into an odd donut shape, but it really doesn't take away from the game at all. There are tons of one-liners that guards mutter to themselves while patrolling which is very entertaining.
    The plot of the game is excellent, and wraps up the trilogy nicely. However I was kind of let down by the portrayal of the Keepers: they weren't nearly as bad-assed as I had imagined prior to playing this game. The same goes for Garrett. The hammers are around, as are the pagans, and it was a nice touch to be able to ally with these factions and receive the occasional "how are thee, Garrett?" from a hammer guard every now and then.
    Being a Thief purist, I tried every mission on expert if for no other reason than to compare to prior Thief games. One departure from the others is that on expert, Garrett is allowed to kill people, which I found a bit unsettling. In fact, it seems that this Thief game has a lot more emphasis on violence than the other 2 games and it is a lot easier to fight in Deadly Shadows than the prior 2 games.
    However, though it is easier to fight it is also easier to not have to. On basically every setting guards give you a lot more "slack" in terms of becoming suspicious. Jumping on tile and running through bright light almost in front of them merely elicits a "Is someone there? Must have been just the rats. I hate rats." On the same note, it is also much easier to get away from guards as well. Flashbombs emit what looks like a mini nuclear explosion which blinds all guards within reasonable distance for long enough to easily get away.
    Missions now require a certain percentage of loot to be stolen as well as at least one "special loot item" per mission. However this never really becomes a pain, as many of the missions are laid out so that you can steal at least 65-70% of the loot without going out of your way. (40% is required on normal, 70% on hard, 90% on expert).
    I guess since this is a Thief game they felt obligated to put some form of non-human opponent in the game for you to steal from. Though many of the non-human elements are very entertaining in some of their dialogue ("kill and crush and kill and grind and kill and destroy" is among my favorite lines), they are basically the same as your human opponents.
    Overall I enjoyed playing this game very much. Though it was a bit easy and a bit short, it was a great conclusion to the series. And I must say the ending cut scene is very, very cool to people who have played the first two Thief games.
    ...more info
  • Very Entertaining
    This game took a lot of criticism from the "fan base" for introducing new things such as the third-person mode. (Similarly, Ion Storm took a lot of heat over the latest Deus Ex). Personally, I do not agree with most of that criticism.

    Is this the best game ever made? No. Could it have been? Maybe. So some people probably are disappointed. But I found myself liking this game a lot! Sneaking around, stealing, pick-pocketing, climbing walls,... it's a hoot!

    I also liked that in this game, you really get to know the character and the story. Not only are they both good, but they are presented in a way that make you appreciate them.

    I really wish Ion Storm would have received more support for this game. It is a very good game, and I would have liked to see another Thief, or expansion packs for this one......more info
  • Fun, Scary, and Hilarious
    If you liked Splinter Cell, you'll like this game.

    I had so much fun with this game that I have already played it through about nine times. It simply doesn't get old. The little skits that some of the civilians play out as you are sneaking through the shadows are a nice touch.

    I love how stupidly innocent the wimpy little civilians are. Whining about the guards, making comments about your appearance, and chatting mindlessly with one another.

    Some people said it was kind of stupid to have ragdoll physics in this game. I think otherwise. It is too much fun to knock out a guard and watch as his body preforms yoga moves never thought possible. My favorite is when you whack an annoying little nobleman on the head and watch as he performs a staged death until the last two seconds, where his arm flops around into unnatural positions.

    The Shalebridge cradle is without doubt the scariest gaming experience, especially when you know where the developers are coming from with the asylum treatments and all (Pychologists actually performed those treatments!). People are tired of walking through a building with a gun in front of them, only to be killed by a creature that couldn't be much larger than your fist. Lets move on to suspense and ambient noises. I don't want to be killed by a barnacle.

    So, all in all, buy the game. Its been labeled as a "First Person Looter" and a "Sneak 'em up", which are wonderful comments.

    Its not as serious as Splinter Cell, and the little acts are very benign ,which makes it so much fun, I cannot begin to describe how much satisfaction you will get out of this game. Listen to me. I kan spel kurrektlee....more info
    This game is great!!!

    I finished it once through already and never once was the story or action not gripping. There are times it is even really, really scary. Creepier than games that are meant to be scary.

    I love the climbing gloves and being able to do break-ins and mug people.

    The only wish item is that the areas were bigger with a lot more
    places to break into. There really aren't that many, and when you get the climbing gloves, you already broke into most of them.

    I love this game and beat it at normal difficulty. I plan on playing it again at the highest setting....more info

  • won't work with Windows Vista, I can tell you right now
    1. You have to run this under XP. Check the date of this review: as of my writing, there's no way to get it to run under Vista. (Not even if you "run in compatibility mode".) Eidos has issued no patch, and there is no utility I'm aware of that can solve this problem.

    2. I cheat like a mother on video games. I'm the kind of guy who'll play a video game for about 5 minutes before searching the net for cheat codes or trainers.

    But this has to be the first video game I've ever played where I was never even tempted to cheat.

    The whole point of it is how well can you sneak around, to see if you can get the job done (steal the candelabra or whatever) without being detected. It's very immersing.

    I consider this a high compliment....more info
  • Better than it's predecessors
    I enjoyed thiefII Metal Age and this is not a disappointment. It allows plenty of freedom of movement, excellent graphics and a decent storyline. And again, you are discouraged from excessive violence. It's not a shoot-em-up. ...more info
  • A Good deal!
    I used a $10 Amazon gift certificate, so the game came to me free. I agree with the other reviews about this game, so I won't bother to expand on what they say; they've covered it all....more info
  • A Playable Work of Art - Excellent
    I'll keep this short and sweet with no spoilers. I was worried when I saw the Ion Storm logo on the box. Looking Glass studios did such a beautiful job from conception to production on the first two of this original stand out series that the idea of anyone else taking over Garrett's story worried me. By contrast Ion Storm is notorious for lots of flash and then a half-assed execution. I was so wrong --the entire design team has made a masterpiece.

    Thief: Deadly Shadows is the third in the Thief series and it is outstanding in every area; setting, gameplay, story, characters, voice acting, music and intuitive controls. I was also pleased to see the cut-scenes remain as before, lush and moving like watercolors viewed though a smokey lense. The game's steam/medevial world is thick with atmosphere from start to finish.

    Another reviewer mentions that it's a system hog --it is. Being an elitest and a snob (I admit it) I will mention that I run a top end Alienware machine with dual everything of the latest & hottest and so when I read Thief: Deadly Shadows' Read_Me file I was concerned. Don't be. Just make certain your sound and graphics drivers are the latest versions, grab an icy green tea, turn off the lights and start playing.

    Thief: Deadly Shadows shouldn't be called merely 'a game' --it's a work of art that you can play....more info

  • Game would not load for me
    I didn't get to play thief, the game would not completly install. I kept getting an error with the third data file. I e-mailed the manufacturer but did not recieve any response so I have to rate this game with 1 star for the lack of support from the manufacturer....more info
  • Ion Storm Totally Blew It
    First off, I can agree with some of the positive points made by the other reviewers, but being a hardcore fan of the first two games, I must say that I was apalled at how much of a let-down this game was. It seems that by trying to make this game remarkabely better than the first two, Ion Storm completely ruined it in the process. First off, the engine is shoddy. Granted, there was much need for improvement from it's predecessors in order to catch up with the rest of the cideogame market, but this one doesn't seem to work at all, and it's almost impossible to see anything. I actually think Thief 2 looked 10 times better where gameplay is concerned. The level designs were too tight and uninspired: I felt claustrophobic half the time, and it was almost impossible to sneak past anybody, because the levels conisisted almost entirely of small hallways. Because the game was made with the option of playing in third-person (which is stupid and completely ruins the realism of having to peek around corners, etc.) playing in first person seems disjointed and awkward. In fact, playing the game in general felt disjointed and awkward, and that is what I feel is the crushing blow to this game's complete failure. Playing it's predecessors was easy, fluid, smooth, and enjoyable; but it was almost impossible to get anything done correctly in this one. (I tried to pickpocket someone and ended up killing them instead.) It's choppy and frustrating. The rest of my complaints are as follows: The blue highlighting was incredibly confusing, the scripting and story in general was embarrassingly under par compared to the originals, it didn't hold true to the series in several parts, (Garrett, who's supposed to be a total narcissistic loner, was all too willing to work for other people, and since when are Keepers violent???) using the blackjack and dagger (lame, bring back the sword) wasn't nearly as comfortable, many of the things that made the first two games so legendary were completely missing (swimming, rope arrows, lots of secrets, little hidden switches... in fact, small things in general were non-existent. Someone's purse was bigger than their head), the portal thing was frustrating, eliminating that large, open feeling the other games had, and then there was just some stuff that made absolutely no sense. (I shot an arrow into a wooden door frame to distract a guard - something that would've worked in previous games - and instead, it flew through the wall, making no sound and leaving no trace toward it's existence.) FLAT OUT, THIS GAME SUCKED. I'd much rather play Thief Gold of Thief 2. I just like to think that if Looking Glass hadn't shut down, this travesty never would've happened....more info
  • Kind of boring game
    I saw some good reviews on this game, so I thought I would check it out. I played it for several hours, but I never really got into it. It is a different type of game, but it wasn't all that interesting....more info
  • Very Scary Mission!
    im only 12 and im about to beat it for the third time. the only thing that i hate in this game is mission 9 when you have to go into the haunted Shalebrige Cradle. I saw more than i wanted the second time inside, there are unatural things in there. has a game manual for the pc version but there both the same and it describes the unatural things there as Puppets. The tormented souls traped by the Cradle for eternety, until it collapses and the Puppets run amuck only to be cut down by the City Watch. i had a very freaky dream that i was Garret and doing the mission i went to the place i thought was best not to go. Shalebrige was an insane asylum and after or befeore (i think before)it was an orphanage, when the city district Audale is available you must speak with Inspector Drept.

    Garret peeks into the window.

    (large gust of wind and footsteps approche as the camera focuses on Drept)

    Drept(face buried in papers)- This place hath noting of value for thee to steal.

    Garret(inside office)- Acually Im more interested in those papers of yours... if they can tell me about a crone that talks to statues.

    Drept(away from papers)- THOU HATH SEEN THE HAG?!?!

    Garret- Not just seen she tried to kill me, but I hear you have been tracking her for years.

    Drept- Yea,I hath followed her trail but it hath not been clear. I hath doutbted that her crimes where mine own imaginings. But that thou hath seen her as well...

    Drept(speaking nervously and almost scared sounding)- Twas in mine boyhood in the orpahnage known as the Shalebrige Cradle didst i spy her.

    I played a hiding game and mine friend sought me... And then a hag, a bent and evil appairation, came form the darkness near enough to touch, mine friend didst scream, but i was a child, and afraid...

    (Laurly and Gamall disappear,piture of the Cradle growing dark and haunted)

    Drept(still scared or nervous)- The orphanage grew a dark and haunted place, and none doth enter.

    (Camera on Drept and Garret again)

    Drept- When i came to mine manhood, and twas saved by the Order of the Hammer i sought the hag again.

    Drept(sounding like he's about to have a heart attack)- the hag doth wear death about her as a cloak.Some who met her doth vanish. Others perish with bloody work upon their bodies. there are hints of creatures made of stone, and a hag, a bent, old woman. Ever old but growing no older, in a span that hath taken be from my boyhodd to mine own age!

    Garret- Can you tell me where to find her?

    Drept(nearly dead of fear)- She doth seek her victims now in Auldale, but twas in shalebrige that her murders didst begin. Seekest thou there upon her trail. Tis the only place I hath spied her for certain but i dare never go there.

    Garret- Thats a good place to start looking, i have no interest in being the latest in her string of murders...

    (Garret becomes invisible upon entering the shadows as he takes his leave)

  • This is not "Invisible War". This is a great game
    Could it be? That the same studio and publisher that made "Deus Ex: Invisible War" also made "Thief: Deadly Shadows?" Apparently, it is, since the former was a flawed and mediocre effort, and the latter stands out to me as the finest stealth/action game of the past five years. If, for some reason, you have hesitated to buy this game, then hesitate no longer.

    Technically, you don't have to have played the first two Thief games to play "Thief: Deadly Shadows", but the story and atmosphere tie so closely with the first game, that you probably should. The story in "Deadly Shadows" is great from beginning to end. So while the levels provide you with an interesting challenge, the story is what makes this game addictive. The suspense begins to build early, and it never really stops until the very end. The game provides a sense of mystery that few games manage to do, and then it wraps it all up in a very satisfying manner. In the final cut scene, the game ends the thief trilogy by bringing it full circle.

    The stealth mechanics for the game are well-refined. Generally, stealth works great here, and the trial-and-error that you find in the Splinter Cell series is nonexistent. This is mostly due to the inclusion of items like flash bombs and sleeping gas arrows, which let you escape from a tight spot. Unlike the previous Thief games, these items are abundant and somewhat cheap, so you can use a lot of them without running out. Of course, there are exploits in the game, just like every other stealth game. Yes, shadows hide you a bit too well and yes, the guards are all lazy. This makes the game too easy, unless you play on the hardest difficulty level or self-impose a "no-kill" rule. You also will have to refrain from using the third-person viewpoint, which has little value besides providing neat-looking screenshots. However, it keeps the game from getting boring or frustrating, which can be a problem for stealth/action games, since they tend to move along slowly.

    The suffocating, creepy atmosphere of the first "Thief" game makes its return here with a vengeance. The atmosphere is greatly enhanced by what I believe is the greatest ambient sound to ever grace a video game. If you have an EAX-capable sound card, then the sound of the game is so perfect, that you'll forget that you are playing a game. The sound contributes to a general sense of foreboding and danger that I haven't 'hurt either. There is a ton of content here. The number of voice-acted lines and sound bites rivals games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Deus Ex. You can go a long time without hearing guards' AI barks repeat, although many of the voices sound the same. You also get to overhear a lot of conversations. Some are funny, and many contribute to the storyline. All of it is top notch. There isn't one B- voice performance in the game.

    This game definitely suffers from being co-designed for the X-Box. Namely, the sizes of the maps are very small. Every mission has to be divided into at least two small zones. Plus, many areas feel tight and cramped, and the game doesn't reward creativity like the previous two did. The levels are still good, but most of them are somewhat plain. The rope arrows are gone, but it doesn't matter, since the small level sizes pretty much prevent vertical thinking. The game also suffers a bit from a dumbing-down effect in some places. The most notable is the tendency for the game to constantly tip you off to special items of loot with conspicuously placed notes. Basically, you find books and letters everywhere out in the open, which give you obvious hints on what should have been secrets. There are still a few hard goodies to find, but the over-reliance on this mechanic removes a lot of the satisfaction from finding special items. One more slightly annoying problem in the game is the HORRIBLE implementation of rag-doll physics. The way that bodies bend like Silly Putty is a distraction, and one of the game's few immersion-breakers. The game would have been better off with motion-captured animations and simpler physics.

    "Thief: Deadly Shadows" ends up being a long game. It took me over 30 hours to get through it, searching every nook and cranny and trying not to kill anyone. In this time, I rarely got bored or tired of the game. Regardless of how you play, there is a ton of content here, in stark contrast to games that only give you an 8-hour campaign. Once you play this game, it's easy to recognize that a lot of people who worked on the first two games also worked on this game. "Deadly Shadows" is more than worthy of carrying the "Thief" name. The X-Box may have kept this from being "Game of the Year", but at least it didn't keep it from being great....more info