Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent
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Product Description

* Ultra sound based concept safely and effectively repels animals without chemicals, visually objectionable barriers or shock * Has an 80 deg. detection range across a 20' distance in front of the device * Passive Ultrasonic detector operates unattended and activates when movement is detected * Operates 24/7, CatStop protects day and night for up to 6 months, or 4900+ activations, on one 9 volt battery * Becomes a temporary sound barrier * Can be used in neighborhoods where fences are not allowed * Simple installation, easy to extend coverage with additional CatStops * 30 day money back guarantee

  • Cat deterrent safely and effectively repels unwanted cats
  • 2-second ultrasonic alarm when motion detector senses motion
  • Not audible to humans; covers 330 square feet; requires 9-volt battery
  • Weatherproof and can be left outdoors in all conditions
  • Measures approximately 8 by 3 by 18 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • ripped off!!!
    Bought two of these to keep neighbor hood strays away,from crapping in my flower beds and in the yard where my six year old daughter plays.I bought these as a last resort trying to be courtious,and not to harm these extremely ignorant beasts.Well,now I've counted six cats in the yard still doing the deed,I even took a picture of one laying less than 10 feet from this stupid device,yeah some deterrent,THANKS for ripping me off,guess it would have been alot cheaper,to SHOOT THEM,HUH!?...more info
  • Go with the water based version instead
    The sensor and "ultrasonic" screech work (I can barely hear it). The cats hear it when it goes off. Their heads turn suddenly, yet continue on their merry way. I tried holding it up and pointing it at the cats directly, they did not seem to be annoyed or disturbed enough to leave. I tested it on a hyperactive daschund puppy (with my friend's permission). Its ears perked up and it went up to the machine and sniffed it.
    Worthless, I wish I could give this ZERO stars.
    The water spray version gave better results....more info
  • Works Great!!!
    I was skeptical, but bought the Cat Stop as a last ditch effort of ridding my yard of my neighbor's cats. They used my mulch as a litter box and I could no longer sit on my deck without smelling the odor. It works great. I am purchasing another for my back yard. I can finally open my front windows this year and no longer need to clean my mulch of cat feces. THUMBS UP FOR ME!!!...more info
  • Love it
    I just recieved my cat stop. There are stray cats everywhere. Like the fact they kill the small rodents as we do live near woods. Don't like the fact they use the garden and the yard as a litter box. Also they lady who rents upstairs her cat is one of the worst culprits, At least the strays leave. So I mainly purchased this for her cat.I was putting the batteries in and he went flying haven't seen him in over 2 hours now. The problem is 2 things the big words that say cat stop on the unit kinda hard to hide that, and the 3 indoor cats that we have never outdoor, go nuts when it goes off even though its outside. so need to find a different location farther away from the house. And for those of you that complain that you have to move it every few days god for bid should you have to actually work to keep the cats out of your yard give me a break....more info
  • Detours and deters cats
    One neighbor feeds dozens of stray cats, who ultimately use our flower beds as litter boxes, among other undersireable activities. We bought two of the CatStop devices, and placed them at the corners of the tall fence between our properties. Of course, since the device emits ultrasonic frequencies, we wondered if they were really working. One of the first mornings, one of the stray cats was walking near one of the devices. It was sniffing at the new fixture, then suddenly ran away from the device. None of the cats are using that route anymore. After another week or two, we will move the devices to the next route through our yard. Ultimately, we will post them at our flower beds, once each of the cats routes have been extinguished. The neighbor still feeds the cats, but the cats are staying away from our yard, which is all we ever wanted!...more info
  • Has been great until recently
    I bought this in Nov. 2006 and it was FANTASTIC. I had a cat visiting my porch and tormenting my indoor cat. He was clawing and cutting my screens and making us BOTH crazy! The CatStop did the trick, keeping not only him away, but all the neighborhood cats far out of my yard. I'd know when the battery had died because he'd suddenly show up again. But recently it's had less of an effect and I notice that the unit does not react to the full range of angles it once did, even though I've never moved the unit from its original spot. It used to react to the slightest movement and now I have to get right up on it before it goes off. I'm in contact with the vendor to see if they will replace the unit since they say they offer a two-year warranty....more info
  • Doesn't repel cats for long
    I bought this unit to keep a neighbor's cat from pooping in my kids' sandbox. It may have worked for a little while, but then the battery died after about two weeks (a single 9-volt doesn't seem to have the energy to power this for very long if there is much activity in you backyard), and the cat came back. I replaced the battery with a home-made 9-V replacement consisting of 6 1.5-V AA cells in a PVC pipe with a 9-V compatable connector, and now it seems to have lots of juice, but apparently the unit lost its scare factor when the original battery went bad and I have now found fresh poop in the sand about 2 feet in front of the fully functional unit. As a result, I cannot recommend this unit. ...more info
  • Works well
    I purchased this product to help with keeping my cats out of a flower bed and a few other spots (sandbox, swingset play area) where they were doing thier "business". It has done a good job with keeping them out. My only issue is that this it seems to work better with our younger cats (1 1/2) than the older ones (8 and 7), but it annoys the older ones enough to keep them away. I am looking at getting a few more (we bought two) to cover all of my problem areas around the house. I would recommend to others....more info
  • So far this seems like the best purchase for keeping my garden free from cats
    I tried everything on the market, even tried what wasn't on the market.My garden was the neighborhood kitty litter...It has only been out two days, but now when I open my window, and I can open it now without being gagged from the urine and feces smell. I think it is a great invention, now have to buy another one to protect the other garden
    Thanks ...more info
  • Not worth it
    We did everything we were supposed to do and purchased two for our front lawn to triangulate the coverage. We tried it out on our cats first (the goal was to keep neighbor cats from hanging out under the bird feeder looking for an easy meal) - our cats had no interest or care or concern but our dog was TERRIFIED and hated it.


    We gave it a go anyway - and one of them got a nasty whitish something or other all in the battery compartment and stopped working rather quickly. They run through batteries in no time and plugging it in is ridiculous for us unless we want to run a wire across our lawn.

    Complete waste of money for us. Don't make the same mistake. ...more info
  • CatStoop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent
    We were amazed at how well these work. They're not cheap, but worth it. In fact, we bought a second one, so we now have one in our front and back yard....more info
  • Piece of junk - fills up with water
    When they are brand new they seem to work. I have 5 cat stops. They all fill up with water when it rains. I have duct taped the battery compartment and they still fill up with water and short out and corode the battery.
    My aunt was having a terrible time with her neighbor's cats. The neighbor has a dozen or so and feeds even more! Things had gotten so bad my aunt was considering moving. I ordered two of the CAT001 CatStop for her and within a week . . .NO MORE CATS! She can now open her windows and enjoy fresh air because her yard no longer smells like a litter box!...more info
  • CatStop Can't stop
    I had a problem with a ferrel female cat, staying on my porch. She was obviously in heat and attracting all the males within miles. They were "marking their territory", which meant awful smells on my porch. I was desperately hoping this would work, but it didn't phase her at all. In fact I almost got a picture of her, sniffing the machine! The sound it emitted did not scare her a lick! Needless to say, I sent it back.......more info
  • Save your money
    Had no appreciable effect on the local feral felines when two units were simultaneously placed at the entry points to my fenced yard. Cats didn't even twitch their ears when walking by and didn't seem at all discouraged from return visits. (And if you're near, the sound they make IS audible to humans - or at least to this one. (Didn't seem to dissuade a foul-tempered possum from entering the yard either.)...more info
  • CatStop CAT002 Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent
    It seemed to work at first, then the cats were back on the car. Will try positioning differently and see if it helps. If it doesn't, will return for a refund....more info
  • Scram Cat!!!
    This product is well worth it. We purchased 3 to start with, to cover the front yard. Immediately noticed a difference. We were THE catbox west of the Rio Grande but no more. We are ordering 4 more for the back yard. If you think your head is going to explode the next time you have to shovel cat poop out of your front yard (for us it was multiple piles a day), or have to clean cat pee from the roof of your 1964 Karmann Ghia, these are well worth the money (and I'm a tight wad!!). Forget the pepper, predator urine pellets(???), ammonia, or any of that other stuff. This IS the one that works. Thanks a million. We are getting ready to build a front porch to enjoy now that we are cat poop free!!
    Much peace and BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!!...more info
  • It really works!
    We were having a problem with neighborhood cats spraying our back door. We tried everything to get it to stop, but we had no luck. We love cats, but the smell was horrible. Since we put this device out a few months ago it has stopped entirely. We are amazed. I was worried it would bother other animals and birds, but it does not seem to. It has also been exposed to all kinds of weather and still works great. I would highly recommend if you are at your wits end like we were....more info
  • ineffective
    The cats notice it, walk warily by it for a short time but, after getting used to it, ignore it. Also, perhaps I missed it, but I son't believe the ads say anything about it being strictly for outside use. I primarily needed it for inside....more info
  • CatStop is fantastic!!
    This product REALLY does what it advertises. The cats, domestic and feral, completely avoid my property since I installed the CatStop Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent device. No more problems with cats spraying my patio furniture, house, plants or using my yard as their litter box! The frequency does not bother my dog or horses. Have recommended this product to others....more info
  • Don't Buy This!
    I had to send it back, it didn't work like it stated it would. ...more info
  • An expensive option, but it works
    This thing works. It keeps the cats out of my carport area and off my car. I have tried chemical repellants but none did an effective job....more info
  • Didn't work
    I needed to keep the cats away from the trees with my birdfeeders. I ordered this after checking with the manufacture and being assured that it would keep the cats away but wouldn't affect the birds. When I first put them out....hurray, the cats were gone but so were the birds. After about a week the cats are back and walk right past the CatStop but the birds are still gone. It worked on the wrong thing. ...more info
  • Cat Stop Just Stopped
    After only 4 weeks, this device just simply stopped working. I work away from home so I have no idea if it ever really kept my neighbor's cats away, but at least the light came on so I would think that it might have. I checked the battery and that was dry. I am just really disappointed in this unit. That is a lot of $$$ to just throw away. I need to re-visit Amazon's return policy, find the original box and receipt and try to get my money back. :0[...more info
  • CatStop Works
    CatStop works. Cats do everything in their power to not trigger the device. I have found that moving them around keeps the cats off guard. The cat visits to my yard have definitely been reduced by about 80-90 percent without hurting the cats....more info
  • Didn't work a bit
    I bought this item because we have FOUR "outdoor" cats in our neighborhood.. They walk into our house and garage if the door is left open for just a minute... TWICE one of them spent the night in the garage leaving us "presents"
    I bought this PRAYING that it would discourage them from "visiting" but they walked RIGHT in front of this and it had no effect..
    I sent it back..
    Good customer service received quickly and refunded quickly....more info
  • don't stop cats
    I bought 2 a month ago.I repositioned them a couple times. And watched the several stray cats in my yard walk right in front of them and even lay down within inches of them! At least the company will take them back. Must be a common occurance...Of course I have to pay shipping....more info
  • cat stop
    The cat stop seems to work fairly well although it is not possible to see what happens at night. However, no cat poop has been seen on my lawn since installing the CATSTOP....more info
  • Give it a try, it may work for you, but my cat just ignore it.
    Its sensor is very sensitive. You can place it in your walkway, kitchen, or bedroom. The stick below the deive can be removed. People cannot hear its ultrasound. So, do not worry it will wake you up in the night.

    I like this device, but, it does not work on my kitten. My kitten can stand about 1" in fornt the "cat stop" after it is activated. My kitten just IGNORE it. It may work on other cat, but not on my cat. Too bad!

    According to its reviews, it works on about 50% of cats. Give it a try, it is a very good produce if it works for you. Good luck!...more info
  • never used it
    sorry, i never used this product, i thought it could be used indoors to cover greater area (whole room) but it warns against using indoors. honestly i cant really remember why because i shipped it back a while ago. it had something to do with it going off too much because its a stronger sensor (senses heat)- so having the product go off all the time would either drive the cat nuts or the cat would get used to it and ignore it...more info
  • Do not buy this product
    I purchased this product to keep several cats out of my flower bed. It doesn't work. All of the cats are still using my flower bed for their bathroom. I am left to scare them away when I am at home. I have noticed all of the same cats using my flower bed and I have moved the device to different places in the flower bed without any effect on the cats....more info
  • Good shipment, Worthless product
    The CatStop came quickly and in good condition. It was easy to set up.

    However, it was more effective as entertainment than a deterrent for the neighbor cats. At first they learned to just stay just at the edge of its range so as not to trigger it. Then they must have gotten used to it because they learned to sit right in front of it, under the bird feeders, etc. Totally worthless....more info
  • Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent
    We have problems with neighborhood cats using our raised vegetable beds as their litter box, along with using the hoods of our cars as ???. We see their paw prints on there.

    We placed the Contech in one of the vegetable beds for 2 weeks. We then moved the device to our driveway. To date, we have not seen any cats in the driveway or on the fences near our vegetable beds.

    The neighborhood squirrels, birds, etc. are not bothered by it.

    NOTE: The device instructions say that if the cats are hard-of-hearing, this device will not work....more info
  • Cats are running from my yard!
    I LOVE these things! I got two of them since I have two bird feeding stations that each had a set of cats that spent their day sitting under them. Now there are no cats, and I have seen cats running away from them! I have also seen the cats run in a big arc to avoid setting them off. Yesterday I accidently set it off and a cat ran from the other side of the fence. Seems to stop raccoons too. I placed one in my garden bed and the tracks and holes stopped. Great little toys! ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I received two Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent devices on Dec. 15, 2008 on the last day of the delivery estimate. My neighbor has about 20 cats and they had started using my yard as a litter box. My biggest fear was that they would start nesting and producing more cats in my yard! I was skeptical at first about how well these devices would work. I placed one in the front flower bed and the other at the back of the house near the area where I'd seen cats enter my yard. About the 2nd day, I noticed a black cat hovering a few feet away from the Cat Stop device, staring at it as he moved. He stopped everytime the red light came on. He seemed intimidated, but I assumed that since he didn't run immediately, the device wasn't making the shrill noise that only animals could hear and that he was only fascinated with the light. I was so disappointed. However, since then I haven't seen any cats in my yard and the smell of cat pee is no longer at my front and back door! I am very pleased and excited not to see anymore cats in my yard. Last week I saw one of them wandering around a whole block away. Thank you so much and it is so worth it to have two CatStop devices....more info
  • Don't expect the device to last too long
    I have been through a couple of these devices now. When brand new, they seem to do the job, but after a few months they just seem to give up. Even with a fresh battery, it seems like the motion sensor stops functioning. And I live in a very mild climate with little rain, so I can't blame the weather. In general, the CatStop feels light and flimsy for the price, rather than a solid piece of engineering. So if you decide to use this approach to keep cats off your lawn, budget on replacing at least twice a year - plus a string of replacement 9v batteries....more info
  • Contech CatStop
    I have used the CatStop for my front yard for about a year and recently purchased 2 for my newly resodded back yard. I have been so pleased with all that I have purchased. Gone are piles of stray cat poop and the smell of urine. No longer is all the mulch dug up in the gardens. No longer is the smell of urine overpowering you at the front door. I live in a humid area and the stink was awful. In the back yard, it is so nice not to have to clean your shoes off all the time. ...more info
  • No more "gifts" in the flower beds
    Finally, no more scooping out odiferous cat feces out of the flower beds. This CatStop works great even though it's exposed to the constant rain...more info
  • Seems good so far.
    I think this works. The light will come on if I pass in front of it and I haven't noticed the neighbor's cat as much. I have seen it twice but both times it was on the perimeter of where this device wasn't covering. I then moved it forward and haven't seen the cat since. ...more info
  • Finally a solution to my cat poo problem
    I purchased this sound device as a last resort and crossed my fingers that it would rid me of my disgusting cat poo problem and help me to avoid resorting to extreme measures to stop it. It works! The first time it went off on a cat in mid poo, I heard the meow and the animal left a trail of poo as he ran away. That was the last time the cat and is friends used my lawn as a litter box.

    Its been six weeks, the longest, any measure I've taken lasted. Although the battery died after 3 weeks - 9 volts are expensive, the cats avoid my lawn. I watch them through the window as they approach my house and take off running to get across quickly,so that they don't have to hear the sound. They have been successfully conditioned to avoid my lawn. I'll give it another week before I replace the battery, just to keep those pesky cats in check....more info
  • Love it!
    The neighborhood cats (6+) decided that my landscaping was a great place for their toilet. I was fed up with scooping poop, the smell and flies. Yuck! CatStop is great! It's not perfect - I wish the range was a little wider, but it works. I purchased 2 units, one for the front bed and one for the back yard. The unit in back seemed to get stuck in the on position, so the battery died quickly, however the battery was replaced and it is working fine. The cats that liked the back yard seem to have found another yard to make their deposits. So I moved the 2nd unit to the front (larger) bed to cover that area better. So far so good!...more info
  • Battery Sucker
    The unit ran down the batteries in about 10 days. Location was such that we could not use the cord. Don't know if motion sensor is too senstive or what. It was located in front flower bed and maybe sprinklers kept setting it off--we don't know. We returned it....more info
  • I love it!
    I had an active birdfeeder in my back yard until a new neighbor moved next door with a cat. I like cats, but this cat was spending more time in my yard than in its own. I bought the CatStop to discourage the cat from coming over and scaring away the birds. The cat still comes around, but not nearly as often and doesn't just hang out any more. Now it runs through my yard or skirts around it. Best news is the birds are coming back too! If the CatStop was cheaper, I'd buy a couple more, but for now I can only afford the one....more info
  • Sadly, not effective
    I put one of these in one of my flower beds and for awhile, I thought it was working. But now I see the cats are up to their usual. It appears, the cooler weather reduced the stench. Unfortunately, I can't use the Scarecrow units in this location so my last hope is to put in those plants that supposedly, cats don't like.

    Two stars because it may have reduced the amount I get each night. Please, someone invent something that makes cats leave their mountains all over their owner's property. ...more info
  • No more Animal Poo in our Flower Bed
    We've been having a neighbors outdoor cat we think poo'ing in our flower beds for a while,and could not stop them. Since we put this in, we have not had any more poo. Works great, and it's now been over a week. We were getting new poo every day, so this is a welcome relief. I'm usually scepical about things like this, so I was unsure when I ordered, but be sure that this will work for you. Just make sure the keep the battery fresh. There is a 9v DC in port, so you could also run a constant power line to this, and not have to worry about the battery. I am looking into doing this instead of buying lots of batteries....more info