The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay
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Chronicles of Riddick acts as a prequel to "Pitch Black" and "The Chronicles Of Riddick". The enigmatic antihero named Riddick escaped from one of the universe's most violent prisons, Butcher Bay. This game presents the story of how he escaped triple-max security.

  • This intense, epic storyline will reveal secrets of Riddick's past and drop hints about his future
  • Groundbreaking graphics technology creates vivid, ultra-realistic harsh environments
  • Exciting combination of frenetic 1st-person shooter action with stealth and hand-to-hand combat
  • Riddick's trademark eye-shine enables players to see in the dark, for a new kind of stealth gaming
  • Features voice and likeness of Vin Diesel

Customer Reviews:

    Finally, a movie franchise that kicks out a GREAT GAME.

    Riddick has:
    1) Awesome graphics (some of the best seen on Xbox)
    2) Great controls
    3) Cool shadowing effects; you play as a first person shooter, but seeing your shadow crouch over a body to pull it into a dark alley is incredible, the movements are as fluid as a real movie.
    4) THERE IS ACTUALLY AN ORIGINAL STORY!!! Missions abund, actions is a plenty, and the story is not a rip off of the latest Riddick movie where you end up just doing the same things you saw on the big screen.
    5) Atmosphere and music are compelling.
    6) Voice overs from the various actors are really good and Vin Diesel does a great job.
    7) It is a bit short, but I prefer going through 20 hours of REAL FUN than 80 hours divided into 4 hours of fun and 76 hours of moronic tasks.


    Expecially if:
    1) You are a sci-fi fan.
    2) You liked Half Life.
    3) You are bored of the latest "only stealth" games. This game has both stealth and action to it.
    4) You are a Vin Diesel fan.
    5) You know games. This is a great one, a must have....more info

  • Developers take note of Riddick
    Game developers need to follow in the footsteps of Vivendi's Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. Although the game has some glitches, by and large I found myself wholly impressed by the graphics and overall presentation. Some of the lighting effects rival the Splinter Cell series and the voice acting is bested only by GTA 3 Vice City. When your character gains the shiny-eye ability later in the game it opens up tons of possibilities for executing your foes without their knowledge of your presence. It seems too often a game is hyped long before its release only to disappoint. This game however came out of nowhere with little fanfare and delivers a solid game. With graphics such as these, there is no excuse for other developers not to utilze the Xbox's hardware to its fullest. The only reason for not getting all 5 stars was its slight linearity, but definitely worth a purchase....more info
  • 'The after-life's genna be a whole lot more crowded...'
    Next to Doom 3, this is simply the best looking XBOX game on the market. Super-realistic enviroments and slick-looking AI's help make this a truly unique and surprisingly amazing video game experiance!
    Except for maybe the Knights of the Old Republic games, or the origial Goldeneye for Nintendo 64, this is the best hollywood-gaming fusion yet. Certainly the best for the XBOX.
    But good looks are far from the best thing about this game. The hand to hand combat in this game is light years ahead of any other game on the market, the story line is completely enthralling, the characters in the game each have their own likenesses and unique voice talents. The AI intelligence is very impressive, with enemy's who jump, dive and duck for cover rather than just running straight at you when in combat.
    The option to choose a variety of sub-missions while inside the prison keep the game fresh and exciting if you get stuck at a particular part in the game.
    Vin Diesel's participation in the game helps a lot, delivering some awsome bad-ass lines playing the character he was born to play.
    The only complaint about the game is that it's over much too soon, definitly a game that could benefit from some sequels!
    Apart from how fun it is, Escape From Butcher Bay includes some very refreshing new in-game first timers that I'm sure are going to be copied in games that come after.
    Oh, and by the way, if you're one of those gamers that likes his buckets of blood in a game, Riddick delivers. (If you're not a big fan of blood, in the menu there is an option to turn the gore off)
    I know everyone is saying this but, even if you're not a fan of the Riddick movies, don't hesitate to give this a go! You'll be pleasantly surprised. I was!...more info
  • This game is destined to become a classic...
    Many games released this year have been exceptional. Be it Far Cry for PC, GTA:San Andreas for PS2, or Ninja Gaiden for XBOX. However if you see the bulk of quality games hitting out in the market on a consistent basis, then probably XBOX scores a few more points. And the variety of titles you have are enormous. Still one game stands out amongst all others coz' it has a different approach to telling a story and it generally does not fall into any particular genre like racing, adventure etc. And that is Chronicles of Riddick:Escape from Butcher Bay. At the end of the day, what you experience is one of the best shooter-adventure-role-playing game to have come out since classics like Halo, Half-Life and NOLF.

    Story , Gameplay, Graphics and Sound ;

    You are Riddick, the dreaded , awesome anti-hero and you are deported to the most violent penitentiary of the galaxy: Butcher Bay. The moment you step into the world of Butcher Bay, your senses drive you into finding a way to escape and the entire game concentrates on your efforts to do so. But what adds to this simple premise is an astonishing blend of character interaction and sub-plots that could help you figure your way out of the prison.
    The characters in the game are unique and you can expect some response or the other from all of them. You will hear quite a few expletives throughout the game. Trust me, they add a lot realism coz' you get a sense of the environment that is totally believable.

    As for the doesn't get any better. For this sort of game, no other look would do justice. The game features the groundbreaking 'Normal Mapping' that adds greater details to shading without using extra polygons. What you get in COR is a world that is extremely gritty and frightening. It is a world that is bordering on chaos and misery :bleak, unforgiving and ruthless. The atmosphere is simply amazing. If Alien vs Predator gave you the frights out of nowhere by some jumping face-hugger , COR gives you the chill by just putting you in the environment. There are some levels in the game that force you to move underground and face some strange dwellers, that had my spine tingling.
    On top of that, the in-game cut scenes are superb, to say the least. And the NPC's are very well detailed. Riddick himself looks and sounds like Vin Diesel, with his deadpan style that is endearing. Ultimately, the game looks gorgeous.

    Weapons, there aren't many though. But it is offset by the punch they pack. To this day, I haven't heard weapons in any other game sound better. The really pack some serious punch. And the rag-doll physics is implemented here perfectly. Also, COR hosts the first believable hand-to-hand combat seen in any game and the punches sound awesome. Riddick can also quietly come up to an NPC and break his neck in two ways. Another brilliant feature is that you don't have a stealth meter, but the screen turns blue, indicating you are well hidden. All in all, COR has some truly innovative gameplay that will leave you wondering why it was never implemented in some of the more recognizable games in the market.

    COR doesn't have great replay value coz' the game offers pretty much the entire thing the first time through, but you can relive the experience in more difficult modes and that can be really challenging.

    All in all, Chronicles of Riddick:Escape from Butcher Bay is a masterpiece. This game is destined to become a classic. Though it doesn't have mulitplayer ( of which I'm not bothered ) and has a short play (this hurts) , COR is rivetting with what it offers, to say the least. It is the closest to any sci-fi horror movie to date and has a style that is unmatched. It delivers a sense of perpetual doom that no other FPS has managed to date. Don't rent. Buy it !. It is worth every penny.

    At the end of the day, you'd realise this game is worth making space in your crowded cupboard of classic collections. Enjoy the game !...more info
  • Out of left field...
    As any gamer worth his or her salt will tell you, 99% of games based on movies are atrocious. They are usually rush jobs meant to cash in on a new release (see: Matrix for a recent example) and, in essence, trick the buyer. That is most assuredly not the case with Riddick. This is one of the 10 best XBox games ever, and many are saying that it's oodles better than the actual film!

    The strength of Chronicles is its immersive, story-driven environment. I was a bit skeptical about the first person view (First person shooters on consoles tend to be really hard to control due to the absence of a mouse and keyboard combo), but I was surprised by how well it worked here. In many ways, this game is part Role Playing, part stealth, part shooter and part Adventure. The environments you explore are really, really well done (atmospheric is the word), and the play of light and shadow is the best this side of Splinter Cell.

    GRAPHICS: 9/10. Very, very good. In my mind, only Morrowind and Splinter Cell surpass this game for overall graphical brilliance. There are some anti-aliasing problems during some of the cinematics, but gameplay is smooth.

    CONTROL: 9/10. There are some annoyances, such as inadvertantly pressing the crouch or shine-vision buttons while fighting, but they are mostly minor. The control scheme is unobtrusive and once you get the feel of the fighting controls, you'll have a blast.

    SOUND: 8/10. I wasn't bowled over by either the music or the sound effects, but everything is in keeping with the dingy, grimy world you are in. The voice-overs and acting are really well done, though.

    GAMEPLAY: 9/10. Awesome. Everyone says it's too short, but I think that's because the game is so good that you want it to last longer! The production values are top-notch (you feel like you are watching the real Vin Diesel), and the story is good. It's not exactly Shakespeare, but it's a suspenseful journey through a very well rendered environment. There are plot twists and some really scary or tense moments, the level design is for the most part excellent, and the missions themselves are varied and nonrepetitive. I would have liked a bigger world (GTA 3 and Morrowind have spoiled me) with more side-quests, as well as more weapons, but hey.

    Overall, this is one that I recommend to just about anyone. Parents beware!!: this is a very violent videogame, and contains tons of profanity. It deserves its mature rating!...more info

  • Incredible!!
    I was hooked right from the first 60 seconds of the game, from the moment when a fellow convict says "What are you waiting for man? Break his **&^%!@ neck..." in a whispered hispanic accent. ...more info
  • Insane
    This is one of the best games I have ever played on any console. Controls are almost identical to Halo and the graphics are superb. In some parts of the game you'd swear you're looking at Vin himself. Video clips are great and gameplay is fun and exciting. Never a dull moment in this game, definately pick it up. I would buy an X-Box for this game alone....more info
  • Prequel to Pitch Black
    I was a huge fan of Pitch Black and its 2 sequels, plus I love XBOX games so it was a no brainer that this game was on my to buy list. The game is fun and challenging and has an interesting story to boot, even more so if you're a fan of the franchise. Riddick is actually voiced by Vin Diesel so don't dread. The game was basically created to promote and cash in on the movie Chronicles of Riddick that was released the same year....more info
  • Riddick Will Never Die!!!!!!
    The chronicles of riddick: escape from butcher bay may become the best xbox game ever created. This game literally came out of nowhere to become what i think as the most fun and challenging games for xbox since the release of Halo. I saw both Pitch Black and the Chronicles of Riddick and i loved them. So, when i found out that they had a game for xbox about Riddick, i got up and went over to wal-mart and bought it there, without even looking at the price. Well, however much i payed for this game was worth it, because i is my favorite.

    You start off inside Butcher Bay, the galaxy's toughest triple max pison. This is one of the best parts in the game because you can explore the cell block all you want, and find some cool tasks to do along the way. Eventually, Riddick (whose voice is done by Vin Diesel, and there are also other famous voice talents in the game, like Xzibit)tries to find a way out, and in the process kills a gang leader along with many other prisoners. He finds a way out of the cell block. This is where the real adventure starts. Riddick finds his way through literally hours upon hours of gameplay, going throught mines to vents to sewers to guards quarters to even a gas filled room. The storyline is an extremely good aspect of this game, as it is deep and richly detailed.

    Don't be fooled by the movies, this game is all about using your stealth and your mind to find a way around. You will not survive through the fist few levels if all you do is run and gun. The stealth action in this game even compares to the almighty Splinter Cell. The game even has a horror-kind of theme in some levels, where you are in the pitch black and there are weird zombie like things and strange creatures after you, sometimes sneaking up behind you. You will jump a few times. Also, for those who think all you use is guns, you are wrong. It is a blessing if you get a gun, which makes this game so unique for a FPS (first person shooter). Most of the time you will either be using your fists, clubs, or crude knives called shivs. When you do get a gun, you are so used to being deprived of one that it kind of takes away some of the fun, because it is fun to sneak up behind guards and break their necks or cut their throats with a shiv. The best gun is the traquilizer, it shoots an electro-magnetic pulse into them, causing the enemy to fall. You then have to kill them or they will get back up. Other weapons include shotgun, brass knuckles, assault rifle, minigun, pistol, and grenades.

    The graphics in this game are arguably the best ever created, its only competition being Doom 3 or the Unreal series, both on the PC. The shadows are great, as with the lighting, casting real life shadows on objects from wherever the light source is located. Riddick's "eyeshine" which enables him to see in the dark, is also a very great tool for going through dark vents or hallways, or for sneaking up on your enemy in the darkness.


    awesome graphics
    grat story
    addicting gameplay
    great weapons/makeshift weapons
    excellent interactive world
    great missions
    great stealth-action

    Extremely Violent
    Extremely Bad Language
    Controls can be a little tedious (but hey, you are on a console)
    Some missions are downright hard, even on the easy skill level.

    Overall, this game will become either the best or one of the best xbox games ever created, and the still shocking thing is that it cam out of NOWHERE, no one could have predicted about how good this game is. If it is not in your xbox right now and you are playing it, buy it. I would pay $100 for this game anyday. This is my favorite game, a must buy....more info
  • Story based "Adult" First Person Shooter
    **Not for children**

    Butcher Bay happens to fit the niche nicely. After Half-Life 2 there was only really the Call of Duty: United Offensive as a good first person shooter (Doom 3 being an older game now and Far Cry also... you should play all of these if you have not). Riddick comes off the back of a very bad sequel to the surprise hit Pitch Black. Here we actually play a game that should maybe have been the sequel. It is certainly heaps better.

    The premise is very good. You are Riddick in a maximum security prison somewhere on a planet with inmates voiced by leading actors and facial expressions that are nearly as good as HL2. The atmosphere of the prison is A+ as you go about the place taking on various missions in the cells (fighting, buying drugs, snubbing out bosses, causing a riot, doing jobs for people) so that you can... escape Butcher Bay.

    The menu is astonishing at first as it opens up like a cube and the buttons move around. Riddick is mostly about stealth moves, like grabbing people from behind and either slicing them or breaking their neck. You can get into hand-to-hand combat where the enemies face actually bruises and bleeds. Clubs and knives have a similar effect. The story breaks nicely at the end of each level where you meet your foes. Riddick banters off some classic one-liners and there is quite a bit of swearing. You can talk to some of the characters and choose your answers.

    Once the prison riot starts, you are given weapons to escape the prison and the real rush begins (Doom 3 type fast and furious blasting). Enemy AI is quite good and the game plays very smoothly from start to finish. For all intensive purposes, the game play is very much like DEUS EX but the graphics are a way better. It is surprising how long this game is, given that it just seems like a movie tie-in package. It is not. This is a FULLY FLEDGED first person shooter all the way.

    It seems that high-end graphics "adult" first person shooters are back again! Bottom line is to play it.

    - Great Story
    - Great Graphics
    - As good as any new 1st person shooter.
    - It is long.

    - Not enough stealth jump moves.
    - Enemy AI can sometimes get a little repetitive.
    - Needs a fast high spec machine to run properly....more info
  • A Must have X-Box Game!
    In Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay you control Vin Diesel's Riddick as he trys to escape a futuristic prison. It's a prequel to Pitch Black because as the game starts out his eyes are normal. As he's trying to escape, a man that says he can heal Riddick's wounds gives him new eyes as well that allow him to see in the dark. Anyway while trying to escape as Riddick you'll encounter prison guards, in-mates who wanna fight and cool creatures. Another thing that makes it obvious that it's before Pitch Black is that Cole Hauser's bounty hunter character Johns is still alive. You'll bump into him from time to time and he brings Riddick to Butcher Bay as the game starts out. He becomes more of a allie than he is a problem though. It's the warden of the prison who's the villian of the game. Anyway the game plays like Halo but it also can be about as challenging as TombRaider at some points. Still if you know what you're doing it shouldn't take you too long to beat the game as well. Even when you do beat it you find yourself wanting to go back and play again though. Riddick so far is the best game for X-Box next to Halo and StarWars: Knights of the Old Republic....more info
  • 123die
    riddick has the best graphics so far it is in asome advture game in my opinon this is the best game ever if you don`t like this game your are crazy...more info
  • Savagely Brilliant
    Still have the old Xbox ?
    Didn't pick this one up ?

    This game is worth brushing off the dust & reconnecting the old system.
    How it wasn't backwards compatible and where the updated version for 360 currently is...I can't even begin to fathom.

    Visuals - Best ever on the Xbox.
    Immersion - Beyond compare. I found myself surviving for inordinately long spans of time after "Starting to think like Riddick would."
    Controls/shooting mechanic - As good as Halo if not better.
    Overall presentation - More like a movie than a video game.

    By comparison, Riddick makes Halo and Half-Life look like goofy lightweights.
    (And I say this as someone who has logged an embarrassing amount of fanboy time on both of those titles.) ...more info
  • good, but way too short for the $50 i paid!
    this game has very good controls, and awsome graphix, every thing about this game is great, espeicaly the story, its like a whole new Riddick movie, but i beat it in 1.5 days! this game is too short. great game, but not worth the price tag!

    Rent it first if u can :)...more info

  • What A Joke
    I bought the Xbox about 3 months ago and yes I like it but I have learned one thing. Every game released for it is extremely overhyped and when it comes out you find out the game is a joke like Riddick. First off no it isn't better then Halo which was a overhyped game but has good controls just like it. The setup is new compared to other games. The charecter models are so narrow and tall looking with everything having more jaggies around it then the best looking PS2 game. Im sorry I just keep finding myself getting lured into overhyped games for the Xbox which turn out horrid. Definatly play first and do not listen to the hype fanboys have given it because there not telling the truth in any way shape or form. Buy Rainbow Six 3 for the Gamecube or pre order Halo 2 instead....more info
  • RIDDICK cool name..........
    When I first heard about The Chronicles of Riddick (the movie I mean) and looking at the preview, I didn't think much of it. I had seen Pitch Black and it sucked. When I first played this game the first-person view caught me off guard. I had never seen punching as a main combat thing but after the annoying tutorial I quickly learned how great Riddick really was. You are Riddick in a maximum security prison, without any weapons, friends, and hair. You have to figure out a way to get out. The game really gets good in the double-max prison but enough chat. There are multiple ways to complete a mission. I just did a mission where I had to get down to an area, either by getting caught with drugs or beating everybody in a fight club. Not for young kids and with that, OUT. ...more info
  • Best graphics on XBOX ever!
    First the movie surprised me and then the game. When I heard there was going to be a new Riddick movie, I just knew it would be garbage. And when I saw the game in Circuit City, I almost burst out laughing. I WAS WRONG ! The movie was decent, but the game is where its at. These graphics are the best I've ever seen. It makes you wonder how games with crappy graphics ever make it on the shelves. This is how every game should look on xbox. Right after I played this game I went and bought HALO 2 and I thought those graphics sucked. HALO 2 graphics don't suck but my point is that this game will spoil the heck out of you. The one bad thing I'll say is that sometimes its hard to figure out what to do and where to go. You will wander around a bit. Other than that this is one of the best games I ever played. You can use stealth, or go in guns/fists blazing. But be warned, this game is short so rent it or buy it cheap....more info
  • game is too short
    I bought it saturday afternoon, played it all evening, went to bed, got up sunday about 8am, played it all day and finished it before 5pm. Maybe 15 hours of game play on the normal difficulty.

    The visuals are great and the interface is easy to use. But I was left with wanting more to do. I was expecting at least a week of game time, not part of a weekend.

    Most of the game involves stealth. This is not a run in the middle of your enemies and shoot them all. Hide in the shadows and wait till one comes close and hit him from behind or just sneak around them in some cases....more info

    Butcher Bay took me by surprise . I thought to myself when I rented this game. Its gonna be another lame movie based game. BOY WAS I EVER WRONG. Chronicles Rocks!! Very clean graphics and smooth gameplay. It felt like I was actually beating the ,you know what ,out of my opponent. Not to mention the great FPS aspect. Are you afraid of the dark?...more info
  • Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
    FPS. This is based on the Chronicles of Riddick series. This takes place between the movie Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick. Riddick get captured and thrown into a jail. The object of the game is to escape the prison planet. Lots of stealth kills and action gun based kills. This game is a bit difficult and very dark in many cases. I dont highly recommend this game. I bought it because i like chronicles of riddick....more info
  • Hey! Its actually a good movie licensed game!
    This game is awesom. Just purly awesom. Probably one of the best X-Box games ever. The gameplay is verry fun, it mixes FPS with meeley and stealth. Verry fun stuff.

    Not only is this game fun to play, its one of the best looking games ever made. The animation, the character models, enviroments, everything. Its just awesom.

    The sound is great as well. There are voice overs by Vin Deisel, Xzibit, and many more. The music is top notch as well.

    I have to say that this is one of the best playing games on the X-Box ever as well. It plays as good as halo. Its that good.

    The only real downfall is that there is no multiplayer for he game, so its just single player. The campaigh is also fairly short.

    Overall, this is a must buy game destined to become a classic.

    Concept- Make a good movie licensed game

    Presintation- 9.25- The box art is perfect, but the menues are kinda weird.

    Graphics- 9.8- One of the best looking games on the X-box, you really have to see it to believe it.

    Sound- 9.7- great, Good voiceovers by Vin, and the music is good too

    Playability- 10- Its like Halo without the vehicles. In other words, perfect

    Entertainment- 9.6- extreamly fun to play, verry entertaining

    Replay Value- 7.5- You will play the single player again and again, but no multiplayer hurts...more info
  • Awesome rental but dont buy it.
    this game has the best stealth since splinter cell, one of the most fun fighting things ever, good vo, and good graphics but that is it. Other than that it is easy, repetitive, boring, and no replay value. I played for 8 hours and was on 3rd to last thing. It bored me into selling it. Overall a great rental but dont buy it....more info
  • Don't miss out on top 5 Xbox game !!
    Fantastic game, great story, presentation and audio. Superb graphics, kick ass final 1/3 of game, underappreciated gem!...more info
  • best xbox game sense halo
    i just got it today and this game is my favorite xbox game sense halo like u read in my title this game the has the best graphics i have seen out of the xbox games i have played great combination of shooting and stealth and im so glad it is will help be more patient for halo 2 i think this will sell alot but halo 2 should be the only that could beat in my mind but outside those i would buy gta san andreas if u have a ps2 these three are a must have . well till next time later...more info
  • 1st Person Shooter
    Not that great but Not the worst. Mostly first person shooter and more doom style gameplay and the suffering style prison escape except less scary but the graffics are better but difficult to see clearly all the time. Worst part Riddick doest do very much cool stuff other than hidding and see in the dark but you might like it, it's still fun to shoot stuff...more info
  • Great Game from a Movie!
    Great graphics and great gameplay! The only problem is the aiming of your weapon, but overall this is a fantastic game! Superb storyline, great levels, good replay, this is just great. Get it!...more info
  • Well Worth a Buy
    The Chronicles of Riddick- Escape from Butcher Bay
    After the success of the movies, Riddick Trilogy (Pitch Black/ The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury/ The Chronicles of Riddick), it is destined to have a video game to go along with it. Luckily, this game did not follow the storyline of the movie. This game had perfect graphics for it's time and had near perfect gameplay. This is one of the very few movie games that actually turned out to be any good.

    Graphics- 9.5/10
    Everything is perfect. Things are shaded well, people look good, your weapons look good, everything is good. The load times are the only drag on this game. They aren't too long, but they are constantly being pushed on you.

    Story- 10/10
    You are Riddick. You are a murderer. You have been sent to Butcher Bay, an extremely secure prison, to rot the rest of your life. You do not like this idea and decide you escape. Along the way you meet an interesting cast of characters that will either help you or halt your progress. Just when it seems like you are going to escape, you are stopped, and pushed further into Butcher Bay.

    Sound- 10/10
    Vin Diesel does the voice of Riddick in this game. Very rarely do video games have their true voice actors. Every character in this game has voice-overs. Machines and guns have brilliantly put together sound effects. Sounds fade in and out as you get closer to the sound.

    Gameplay- 8.5/10
    This game is less of a shooter and more of a fighting game. In the beginning of the game, they hint a lot of gun fighting. Don't be fooled by this. The game is more of a stealth/fighter game. This is not a bad thing, and is in most ways very refreshing. A good portion of the game consists of running between people in the prison to get what you need to advance. This slows the game down a lot and gives you a lot of backtracking to do.

    Difficulty- 8/10 (Note- This is how much I like the difficulty)
    When you have guns, this game is simple and very easy. The rest of the game, around 75% of it, is a lot harder. You will become stressed out trying to get past 10 enemies with nothing but a shiv.

    Overall- 9/10
    I can't give this game a perfect score due to its difficulty, backtracking, and pacing. Don't get me wrong; this is a fantastic game. It's one of my favorite games in fact. I just can't give it a perfect score due to some minor problems....more info
  • Amazing!!!
    I can honestly say this was my favorite xbox game

    The graphics were incredible, there as good as 360 without a doubt.
    The story, weapons and controls are all flawless!!!

    Buy this game today!!!

    Fun fun fun...more info
  • The XBOX's first First Person Shooter/RPG/Stealth game!
    I was very sceptical about this game when it was first released because I know how games-from-movies tend to turn out (matrix, being the best example...). I really wasn't even going to consider renting this game, simply because it was a game based on a movie, and I've had too many bad experiences. Little did I know this little gem is managing to slip under the radar unnoticed as one of the better XBOX games made yet!

    So, what makes Chronicles of Riddick so great?

    No other game on XBOX (including Halo, mind you) pulls off such a great setting through graphics/story/mood. You're Riddick, the baddest of bad criminals in the universe, and as such, you're sent to the baddest of bad triple maximum security prisons in the universe. The game opens up with one of its many brilliant cut scenes. You're strapped into a ship, on your way to Butcher Bay. You talk/taunt the merc who picked you up, and then you fall asleep. As you're sleeping, you dream of arriving at Butcher Bay, waiting outside with two other prisoners and the merc. The merc turns his back on you for just a second, which costs him his life as you snap his neck. As soon as you snap his neck, shooting from the prison begins and you have no choice but to flee underground through a hole as the other prisoners get shot. You go through Butcher Bay a very little, learning how to sneak around, snap necks, lean around corners, fist fight, and counter-attack. I'll get to all of those things later, but the point is, it's not until you wake up from your dream that you realize it was a dream, and the game has not really begun yet; that was just a tutorial! I'm not going to ruin too much of the story, but let me tell you...No other game makes you feel so immersed into a story/character. The entire game is about you surviving/escaping prison. Along the way you meet fellow prisoners, corrupt guards, and some other characters, each which has a request of the great Riddick. You start out in a single maximum security prison, then you advance to double max, and finally triple max. To be sent to a higher level of security, you have to get noticed, whether it's by dealing drugs, fighting in the arena, or angering certain higher-ups, you get it done. It's very open ended, and you'll soon realize there's no way you'll get everything done your first time through. The prison itself is done incredibly well, with hundreds (maybe thousands) of different ventilation systems riddled throughout it, which serve as your means of getting around unnoticed most of the time. The prison is VERY oppressing, as it should be; there is no relief from it, so don't expect one. You're the worst criminal ever to live, so you shouldn't be expecting fun and games while in prison (although it's a very fun game)!

    Ok, so let me break it down for you:
    1. Story/Immersion (9.5/10). -.5 because there are some things still left unanswered that are also not answered in the movie. Maybe they're answered in the animated movie that was just released, I have yet to see it and find out. Again, being Riddick is more empowering than killing wave after wave of covenant. It's done so well, that I can't even begin to try to describe it.

    2. Graphics (9.5/10). This game is BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely beautiful. I read that they employed a new technology that takes anti-aliasing to an extreme, meaning no jagged edges around Riddick's watermelon-sized biceps. Smooth is good! -.5 because for some reason your shadow really animates your motions well, but looks blocky to me...

    3. Sound (10/10). The voice acting in this game DOESN'T suck. The guards sound duly upset when you start attacking them (shouting four letter words that start with F, for instance). Riddick sounds as bad (by bad I of course mean good) as he should. Everything is very polished.

    4. First Person Shooter elements (10/10). If you've ever played or heard of the game Breakdown, you know that the "true" first person element (where you have arms, and are a person, not just a floating camera) was not done very well. Riddick is similar, but done EXCELLENTLY. Not only are blasting your enemies fun when you manage to nab a gun (which is not often, because the guns are DNA encoded, meaning you can't use them), but for 90% of the game you have to rely on your fists and shivs (knives). There are combos (yes, combos!) you can pull off with melee combat, and turns out to be great fun.

    5. RPG elements (10/10). Immersive as heck. Great story, great characters, great quests. There's a bunch of missions you get (which I assure you you won't finish all of your first time around). If you pay attention, you notice that you advance your character in a much more subtle way than stats like in traditional RPG's. Very cool.

    6. Stealth elements (11/10). No, that isn't a typo. You MUST rely on stealth to get through this game. Skulking in the shadows has never been so fun. Maybe it's because you're actually afraid of being seen by a guard with a shotgun when you have nothing but your fists. Or maybe it's because you really like the sound of guards' necks snapping in two when you get up behind them. Or maybe it's because you like counter-attacking a guard with a gun (which involves getting up right next to him, turning his gun around on himwhen he goes to shoot you, and blowing his head off). Very very fun.

    Replayability (8/10). You have a few incentives to go through again...You can go through again to get the last few extras you missed the first time. Or maybe you wanna see more story, so you want to do more of the quests that I guarantee you'll miss. No LIVE capabilities, but still...I will be playing it over because it's the best thing out on XBOX right now...

    So if you haven't noticed yet, I'm telling you you should get this game. If you like a great story, excellent gameplay, superb graphics, and unprecedented character immersion, then obviously this game is for you!...more info

  • A very impressive and extreamly underrated Xbox gem
    Chronicles of Riddick is one word...AMAZING. I'm not a big fan of the movie(the Riddick film looked extreamly uninteresting and I won't even bother to check it out)eventhough I did enjoy Pitch Black. Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay is a very impressive and great game that is almost flawless. The game has a very awesome storyline(even if it's movie like)and the atmospher of levels is just breath taking. You do more then just "escape" from Butcher Bay, you have to do favors for Inmates find a way out of certain areas and meet more people and ect. Butcher Bay shows some really impressive stuff, let me begin by saying this is one of the best looking video games out today, my jaw dropped out how amazing the visuals looked. These visuals can be ranked up and comparable with other beauties like Doom3 and Resident Evil 4. Now there are a few parts were the Visuals don't shine and that's a really bad thing when I mean that but it really doesn't ruin the game for you...

    I'll make this review Short and sweet....just like the game...SHORT...and sweet. The game can be beatin in less then 7 hours, but it's still worth the money(well...I waited for the price to drop down to 30 bucks)and a superb rental. The creators should have made a tad bit or more like WAY MORE longer.. But the use of Stealth makes up for that as the game does have some really amazing stealth action to it.. I also And I didn't like the fact that you couldn't have more parts in the beginning where you're doing inmates favors(that was my most favorite part of the game)...Other then that...Lets get to it!!!

    The Good
    -Great Gameplay
    -Breath taking visuals that you must witness
    -Superb story line
    -Great level invorments
    -Nice voice acting
    -Nice aray of weapons
    -Awesome Stealth gameplay

    The Bad
    -The visuals gets a big fuzzy in some parts of the game but it's ok..
    -The game is too short!!....but sweet..
    -Needed more missions in the prison scenario in the beginning of the game...that was the best..
    -Needed more enemies...

    The Ugly

    Overall Chronicles of Riddick is an amazing achievment from Universal and they did great at making this game awesome and heck I find this more better then Halo, yeah you heard me fanboys...Besides that I've already mention everything above about this game...Overall Escape from Butcher Bay is one of my favorite Xbox title(now)and all in all....I give this Underrated Xbox game a............

    4.2 OUT OF 5 STARS...

    lates...more info