Girls Will Be Girls (Slip)
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  • Pee-Your-Pants Funny
    Evie (Jack Plotnick) is a washed-up B-movie actress who is decidedly not aging gracefully. She lives with Coco (Clinton Leupp), her more grounded friend who functions mainly as Evie's maid and abuse magnet. Into their lives walks their new roommate Varla (Jeffery Roberson), an aspiring starlet whose late mother Marla was also Evie's most hated acting rival. All of them have dreams, of course. Evie's dreams involve drinking as many martinis as she can and then having plenty of sex with anyone available. Coco still pines for the hunky abortion doctor that operated on her many years ago. Varla hopes to become the actress that her mother couldn't while dealing with the advances of Evie's gorgeous son Stevie (Ron Mathews). Of course, there are hidden motives galore, and more than one mean-spirited one-liner. Plotnick is quite humorous, dropping the most of them and the clips of Evie performing in the 60's stinker "Asteroid" resemble nothing less than Morgan Fairchild on qualudes. Leupp reprises the role of Coco from his scene-stealing moments in the movie "Trick", and he imbues the character both with a humorous sense of bad luck and an immediately sympathetic personality. Roberson is not quite as spectacular as his co-stars, but he gives the naive, trusting Varla a great heart and a hilarious scene involving opera and cheese in a can. When it's funny, it's very funny. When it's in bad taste, it's even funnier. The sets and costumes (as you would expect) are all letter perfect and there are as many sight gags as there are funny lines. Need cheering up? Rent Girls Will Be Girls....more info
  • Tabitha?!!!!
    All right, this is sooo funny. It is a strange movie. First you have to get to a certain point in the movie where you can be sure that the drag queens in the movie are playing actual women roles, so it's not a gay movie, or a drag queen movie. If you can get over that....there's still lots to get over hahaha.
    The "As-tro-phy-si-cist" line is the best one, it had me stop the movie and laugh like a madman, it was unbelievable!!!
    Then, when Evie (it's all about Evie tonight) tries to bed the guy she had the accident with, she throws him all the names of "shows" she's been in, including the (soon-to-be-on-dvd and raise-your-hand-if-you've-ever-seen-it-does-it-really-exist-?) "Bewitched" spin-off "Tabitha"!!!!LOL, if there's something no-one has even seen, including this guy, then that's it!

    The cons are that some plots are really unbelievable and distract from the movie, like how can Varla the fat one not see she's being pimped, ripped-off by the stinker and let him get away with her money, and the hunk (Evie's son) let him get away with his shoes? Hello??

    Oh by the way, referring to the only long bad review here, there are loads of shows where straight men play VERY effeminate men. No-one complains (well, some do). And if there is someone who can do this kind of movie which mocks and plays around with stereotypes of gay many and drag queens, it's just them: drag queens. You don't complain when black people call themselves n****rs in movies, right? Between them apparently it's ok so those points fall flat.
    On the other hand, yes this movie is crass, has very cruel jokes about abortion and rape (although at the end, when Coco still marries his ex-doctor/rapists, Edie points out just like that "still, he raped you" which is totally hilarious, like most lines from the movie) and you won't like it if you're not able to get over it and take it for what it is, a b-movie comedy played by drag queens out of which you get what you expect.
    Take a couple of hours off your life and serious world and enjoy it....more info
  • Grab the Duct Tape Girls..............Drag will never be the same
    Simply put a must have for the Draq Queen Collection

    Step One: Beat year face.
    Step Two: Pull up your boobs
    Step Three: Borrow your Mamma's dress

    Then Strap it Down, Lace it up and hold on these Girls are Sicker than Nuclear Rain...........more info
  • EXCELLENT film! Could watch it over and over!!!
    I don't know what the reviewer "Gordon Larko" is smoking. For some eason, he feels compelled to leave the EXACT SAME horrible review and 1 STAR rating for all GAY-THEMED movies. Probably a "personal problem" of his. Hopefully this review will help correct this imbalance. I can't believe AMAZON is allowing this GAY BASHER to use their website as a venue to spread his hate.
    By the way, This is an absolutely WONDERFUL movie!...more info
  • If you don't love this movie, you're a real drag...
    Okay I have to admit when I saw this DVD on the rental rack I passed on it over and over. BIG mistake, luckily a friend rented it and got me to watch it. The menu for the DVD was so funny and well thought out I quickly became interested. I still had no idea what I was in for. This film is shockingly funny thanks mostly to the three talented leads. Who would have thought that a film titled "Girls will be Girls" would ever be on my favorites list. You have to admit the title is a little bland and easy to ignore. Maybe that's why it wasn't that successful on the big screen. Oh well this superb feature presentation is sure to gain cult status and people will see it sooner or later based on that. This is a 5 star comedy and it will be a cult classic in less than 5 years. I bought the DVD after that night and I've watched it since then. You'll love it ..if you get the joke. ...more info
  • Girls will be Girls
    Was looking for a Funny Movie. NOT funny at all.

    Boring Movie.........if Amazon premitted a real review of movies, I more than likely would not have purchased this DVD.

    Seller delivered as promised in excellent shape....more info
  • Hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing and now I OWN it!
    I found this movie to be refreshing. Its guys in drag involving a hilarious plot of new roomates, skeletons in the closet, secrets, and exagerative parodies of the culture of women. Its almost like they were jokingly mocking the stereotypical culture of women, while at the same time unvealing a completely innovative plot that leaves you very entertained. One of my favorite movies. I'm crossing my fingers for a sequel!...more info
  • An original and campy comedy, hilarious throughout!
    This is an off-the-wall comedy about three Hollywood actresses, (all played by drag queens). A very original premise and very very funny! There are some great quotable lines. Whatever your opinion of men in drag, watch this movie in the spirit in which it is intended, a twisted farce and a lot of fun. Good production values belie its low budget. It shows what can be done with limited resources and a lot of creativity. This is one not to miss!...more info
  • Watch it!
    I thought this movie was brilliant, ESPECIALLY for a low-budget project starring drag queens. Funny. Irreverent. Great sets. Great script. Great acting.

    If you're uptight and can't take an abortion or rape joke here-and-there, than this is not your thing. But if you're an intelligent person with a sense of humor who is at least mildly urbane, you'll love it. If only for the sets. Or if only for the one liners. Or if only for the performances.

    Highly recommended....more info

  • If you fit the bill, you'll probably love this bawdy romp
    One may wonder whether Girls Will We Girls is just bad, or whether it is deliberately meant to be bad. Either way the film is definitely bad, but it has lots of bitchy, acerbic one-liners that will keep most viewers entertained, at least for the first half hour. After thirty minutes, however, the jokes become tired and the irreverence grows a little stale. Things really fall apart, when during the last half, the movie actually attempts to take itself seriously. It's in fact quite embarrassingly hard to watch during the final twenty minutes or so.

    The kind of story featured in Girls Will Be Girls is probably much better suited to local neighborhood fringe theatre than a full-length feature film. Drag queens are much better to watch live, as they do better when they have an audience at their fingertips; their acerbic spontaneity often feeds off audience reaction. That said Girls Will Be Girls still has some very funny moments, as long as the viewer doesn't expect quality entertainment. These girls are kitschy and they're bitchy and they're out to get revenge.

    The narrative centers on three women struggling to live and work in Hollywood. Evie (Jack Plotnick), a former B-movie actress, is a vitriolic old hag who reminisces about her acting glory days while drowning her sorrows in alcohol, drugs, and intermittent sex. She has a false eye, which pops out occasionally, and dentures that fall out of their glass at night. Her roommate/assistant Coco (Clinton Leupp) is a flame haired, Cinderella-like good girl who is constantly put-upon by Evie and yearns for domesticity. Coco fantasizes about finding happiness with the handsome doctor who performed her abortion when she was a teen. Wide-eyed and round-bellied young Varla (Jeffrey Roberson) moves to Hollywood and into Evie's home, eager to be discovered by producers and to become a star. When Varla meets a hygienically challenged producer of porn movies she thinks she's made it big, until Evie's dashing, macho son convinces her to change her ways and to go out with him even though his appendage is far too small.

    The three main actors sustain their characters and maintaining their sharp-tongued femininity throughout the film. And there are some great site gags, gastric humour and stupid one-liners that will have viewers chuckling, especially when Evie rails into Varla about her weight. There's also a hilarious clip of Evie's starring vehicle, Asteroid, a B grade film she made in the seventies. Viewers who like camp, bawdy and irreverent gay humour will probably love this romp, but this viewer found the movie a bit hard to take even though it clocked in at a relatively short 87 minutes. Mike Leonard October 04.
    ...more info
  • FUNNY!
    This movie is hilarious. It has a very campy sense of humor and it has some great one-liners. Astrophisasist! This is the kind of movie that you have to show to all your friends on a movie night while having cocktails. Check out the audio commentary too. It's just as funny. :)...more info
  • Funny
    I swear this is the funniest movie I've ever seen. I had to stop the dvd a few times because I was laughing so hard. I don't normally write movie reviews, but I had to throw my 2 cents in on this.

    It's totally sick twisted humor, so if you are easily offended this is not he movie for you. The behind the scenes thing is interesting and you get to see the three "girls" as boys....more info
  • Hilarious Romp!
    I loved this DVD! I had no idea that the stars were drag queens -- especially Varla!

    I loved the sets, the absurd dialogue and the fun.

    Take it for what it is -- a campy, bawdy romp and you will have fun!...more info
  • Loved it! Big fun!
    A comedy that actually makes me laugh!! Big fun movie. I bet they had a great time making it, I know i did watching it! Yahhoo!...more info
  • Always and Forever...
    From the moment the theme song started, I was hooked! The menu sequences are even entertaining. I was goated into watching this once and have since watched it twice in as many weeks -- once with the audio commentary. The first time I watched it I had to leave the room to gain my composure after Evie's "As-tro-PHY-si-cist!" line....more info