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Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6.1-Quart Food Steamer
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Product Description

Oster's tiered food steamer is equipped with instant steam so you can start cooking immediately. It has a combined, 6-qt. capacity (3.8-qt. and 2.3-qt. bowls) and comes with fully collapsible steaming trays for easy cleaning. The large bowl includes eight egg holders for making soft or hard cooked eggs. It also has an external water fill system with a see-through reservoir: monitor the water level and you'll never run out of steam! The LCD display has a 95-minute timer. Cooking can be delayed for up to 12 hours, and with the Keep Warm setting, your food will stay warm while you prepare the rest of the meal. About Oster... in 1946, the first Osterizer?? Blender was introduced to kitchens across America. With its popularity came new products: the portable mixer, deep fryer, meat grinder and citrus juicer, each offering ease and convenience to people's busier than ever lifestyles.

  • 2-tiered 6.1-quart-capacity steamer creates instant steam for preparing all kinds of food
  • Delay cooking up to 12 hours; LCD display with 95-minute timer; auto keep-warm setting
  • External water-fill system with see-through reservoir; fully collapsible steaming trays
  • Includes 3.8-quart and 2.3-quart steaming bowl, plus 8 egg holders for soft- or hard-cooked eggs
  • Measures approximately 14 by 9-1/2 by 10 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • steamer
  • Best thing I bought for my kitchen!
    I am so happy with this steamer! It cooks a great food. I already cooked potatoes with red peppers, carrots, squash, zucchini, green beans, asparagus, fish (tilapia and cat fish), chicken... and I LOVE IT!
    It's true that it's kind of hard to take a part steamer after cooking because of hot water in the tray. I had a hard time cleaning buckets after cooking fish or chicken.
    Use different spices with whatever you cook, and the food will be just perfect!
    The only thing I don't like is that I bought this steamer for $35, and it became $24.99 couple days later.
    ...more info
  • Excellent steamer
    I received my Oster steamer in short period of time. It works great! When I steam vegetables and rice in it, the food comes out much more flavorful than steaming them in a pot on the stove. I would recommend this product with bells on....more info
  • This item was broken when I used it for 16 days.
    I have just bought this item on September 29, 2008. Today (October 15th), when I prepare dinner, I discover that it was broken. The display screen went blank and stopped working. I'm really disappointed....more info
  • Great product but larger than the picture
    This is a good product but watch out - its bigger than it looks. I was looking for something more compact. Great steamer in function though....more info
  • Easy to use, effective!
    it is quite easy to use and cook foods so fast.
    If the shape could be round so that I can put in my round plate, it would be perfect for me....more info
  • Very nice!
    We use this steamer all the time to make corn-on-the cob. So far we are very pleased with the product. It's also easy to clean, as you just stick the plastic basins in the top of your dishwasher. Our only complaint is that we wish it would beep louder when the timer goes off. ...more info
  • great value
    I purchased this after purchasing one for my son and his wife as a holiday gift. They use it 3-4 times a week and love it! I use this for steaming veggies and rice and it works great. No complaints....more info
  • don't buy this
    Don't buy this rice cooker from Amazon. When it breaks they make returns very difficult.
    Mine broke after just 4 months and Amazon basically said - "Oh too bad for you"....more info
  • bought it twice
    my first one was lost during a move. it worked so well that i had to buy it again. broccoli and green beans are great in this steamer. i cook chicken which takes longer so i put the steamer on delay and theyre done at the same time so everything's hot when i eat it.

    everything but the base can go in any dishwasher, but it is cumbersome. i tend to rinse the parts off with a hot spray after use and put it in the dishwasher every 3rd time....more info
  • Steamer
    The steamer works great. It should have included a better book with it. I am finding it difficult to purchase a book with recipes using a steamer. ...more info
  • There are a few things that you should know...
    My last steamer was purchased during the Stone Age, so I was excited to obtain this new fancy, double-decker steamer from Oster. And yes, the updated technology is nice. I can program the starting time for cooking and cooking duration. Also, the nifty design of the machine allows for almost instant steaming. Finally, I occasionally find a use for two-tiered cooking when preparing a protein along with vegetables.

    But there are a few things that you should know before acquiring this device. It is big...really big (even when maximally arranged for storage). Measure up your cabinet or counter space before you get this thing. My wife never uses the double-decker feature, so the size of this thing drives her completely insane. And unlike other reviewers, I found the cleaning of this thing to be a pain. Everything is fine and good if all you cook are vegetables. However, Oster - in their infinite wisdom - put all of these funky grooves on the cooking surface of the steamer bins, which collect hard to remove fat deposits that result from cooking chicken or fish. Furthermore, unlike the old Stone Age steamer, you have to clean the cooking bins AND the actual cooker. Washing the bins by hand makes me want to put my head through a wall, but I have finally made peace with the steamer by just using the dishwasher for the bins (albeit, using major dishwasher real estate in the process). Finally, despite the quick steaming action of the machine, the cooking times seem a little longer than my old school steamer.

    So, if you strive peace and simplicity in your life, then get the old school type of steamer. If bells and whistles appeal to you - and like me - you eat tons of steamed food which justifies the use of the double-decker bins, then order the new fangled thing from Oster. Just know what you're getting into......more info
  • Great!
    I was very happy with this purchase. Works perfectly, and gives me a lot of choices to cook healthy meals. It is great for steamed rice and for steamed vegetables. ...more info
  • Unsafe plastic
    Good steamer, but it's made from unsafe plastic #7 (bisphenol A) that supposedly leaches in heat. While I've been putting my food in safe plastics and ceramic dishes to avoid contact with the plastic, I wonder if BPA fumes are a concern.... I'm currently looking for a BPA-free steamer. Do any exist?...more info
  • Much healthier than eating fried foods
    This steamer was a great buy. I switched from frying foods to steaming foods and lost 15 pounds The product is well built and has a great design It is easy to use and easy to clean. ...more info
  • Works Great
    We ordered this steamer so that my wife could make manti (Central Asian steamed dumplings). It's worked great for that, as well as steaming delicious fish. I have no complaints and am satisfied....more info
  • Junk!!
    My husband bought this for me as a gift. It worked fine the first 2 times I used it. The 3rd time all it would do was beep and the little timer screen was blank. I couldn't program it or get it re-boot, so basically it would not start. By this time it was too late to return it because it was past the return date. So I just had to throw it away. Its junk, poorly made and I would NEVER buy this company's products again....more info
  • Simple and efficient
    Bought the steamer in order to deal with vegetable side dishes, for which we have used it a good number of times with excellent results. Beans, broccoli, carrots, asparagus, and many others turn out crisp and tasty, and the price was certainly right. No complaints....more info
  • 2nd Time Around
    I purchased my first vegetable steamer 3 years ago and it works perfectly. I recently purchased the new, updated 2-tier version because it does so much that the original does not. I've had it 3 weeks and it works great in all tiers. This product should be mandatory in every home because it prepares vegetables the most healthy way. Thank you for this invention. ...more info
  • Just what I needed!
    I live in a motor home and travel full-time. Steaming vegetables is a big part of my cooking regimen. This is exactly what I needed for steaming large batches of vegetables and even fish or meat. I am amazed at how quickly and evenly the food cooks. I can have a meal completed quickly and also easily with very little clean-up. The Oster steamer is my new "best friend"!...more info
  • electronic panel difficult to read
    Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6.1-Quart Food Steamer
    Excellent product, works quickly, however, as one gets older, one's eyesight doesn't stay the same and the electronic panel gets difficult to read unless you bend down to it's level. I would have preferred the older mechanical timer which is easier to operate over the electronic one...more info
  • Easy and Healthy in more ways than one.
    This was a great purchase. This item is very easy to use and the clean up is a breeze. It has allowed me to make better food choices without any extra time in preparation. I am glad I bought this product ...more info
  • Awesome!
    This new gadget has changed the way I cook. I wanted a healthier way to cook and I explored the possibilities of steam. Not only do I get all (or most) of the nutrients from what I cook, the taste is awesome. Veggies have taste I never knew about and chicken is tender and juicy. I'm experimenting with different shake on seasonings and haven't been disapointed yet. It's easy to clean up and looks great sitting on my kitchen counter. Just be careful about using it beneath cupboards. It will steam the paint right off.
    Marsha...more info
  • Oster Steamer
    Outstanding Product. We use it constantly to steam vegetables,
    rice and anything that can be steamed. This is our 3rd Oster
    steamer in the past 12 years. Would not be without one....more info
  • Steam Away
    This steamer is amazing. The two containers provide more than enough space to create a full meal. It is easy to clean and simple enough to use. I have only had it for two months, but I have been using it close to daily. ...more info
  • One of the best ways to get steamed
    The top ranked steamer here is the Oster and probably for good reason. It is a good value for the price.
    Background: I have had a Rival steamer for about 20 years. It is ultimately simple and has been easy to use, however it has zero controls. You plug it in and it works until the water is gone. The way you time your cooking is by how much water you add. It is solid and easy to clean. It finally gave up and lately would only cook by turning on and off when it felt like it.
    The choice: It looks like almost every steamer is made on the same assembly line. I am amazed that there are not more choices for a product so many people choose to own. After looking at them all, I chose the Oster. I have had a Oster blender for many years and have been satisfied with its performance.
    First impressions: The Oster is certainly cheaper in construction than my old Rival. The plastic is much thinner and it gives the impression that there are way too many parts and if those parts break the whole thing is no longer usable.
    Operation: There is no doubt the Oster outperforms my old Rival. The steam starts faster and it is much more dense. It also is very silent compared to the Rival that had a loud whistle. The controls are easy to use. I like being able to time my cooking.
    Features: The one I like best is that the Oster goes into a "keep warm" mode after cooking. I had asparagus spears in it today and they kept for more than 30 minutes while I prepared deviled eggs and they were still warm and perfectly steamed. Speaking of eggs, I have never steamed eggs to hard boil them before but this feature could be worth the whole price of the steamer. After 18 minutes I had perfectly hard boiled eggs with the yolk in dead-center. You actually can tell the difference, these were the best hard-boiled eggs ever, with no hint of cracked shells.
    Downsides: The biggest error on Oster's part has been referred to several times here. The tiny filling spout is such a stupid idea! You can just as easily fill the main reservoir with water. I simply do not understand why they put so much effort into an external fill spout that leads into a small container that is not removable, and hence cannot be cleaned. I would have much preferred a clear window in the main reservoir to let me know how much water was left. I may not fear mold growing in the holding tank as much as some reviewers, but the whole idea is silly since the spout is way too small to use without spilling.
    Compare to: The Oster really has no comparison, it is a better unit than the others at a reasonable price. It is not the most rugged appliance you will own but it looks like it will serve for several years.
    ...more info
  • Useless and Disappointing
    I bought this after reading the reviews but I am totally Disappointed by this item. I have hardly used it for 3-4 times and it's dead. It wouldn't even power on and manufacturer's customer service is crappy..They don't even have their own phone no..Way to go..
    ...more info
  • Excellent product
    I have used this product for meats, rice, seafood, and vegetables and have been very satisfied with the results. My only complaint is that after using it for chicken or anything else that contains grease, the grease drips through into the reservoir and there is a lot of clean-up. However, I cannot see any way that this could be fixed, so I gave it five stars....more info
  • So far so great!
    I just received my Oster 5712 steamer today. I never used a steamer before but a relative loves this one so I gave it a try.

    The first thing I tried (after cleaning) was follow the instructions and hardboil some eggs. 4 GA large eggs, 17 minutes in steamer, then removed the tray for a 5 minute cool down, then put them in cold water: when completely cooled the shell peeled off easily, the white was hard but not rubbery and the yolk was completely cooked but very tender-perfect in my opinion.

    After the eggs I decided to cook some rice. I used cheap white long grain rice and followed the instructions: I added nothing to the rice when it was done, and it was the best rice I have ever had. I am thrilled that I can now cook rice this good at home!

    ...more info
  • oster food steamer
    I bought this steamer for my bachelor son, who his doctor has on a fat free diet. This steamer is a god-send! No more pots & pans, the oster steamer has taken their place. With it he can cook chicken or fish & all of the vegetables needed for his meal. It's efficient, roomy, clean-up is a breeze. I'd highly recommend this steamer to anyone! The food is amazingly delicious!...more info
  • its all good
    Good product, even better service from Amazon; getting to me in a timely manner. Good product for a good price....more info
  • Easy - Healthy - Steamed Meals - FAST!
    I use this steamer every evening after work to create healthy dishes that I love to eat. My current favorite is chicken breast and lots of fresh vegetables (cabbage, carrot, mushrooms, green beans, etc). This is a great way to get fast healthy meals. Even when I am tired from working all day and battling traffic, I have energy to fix dinner in this steamer. Any left over's go to work with me the next day and serve as lunch. I feel more energetic and my stomach is flatter after two weeks of cooking exclusively with this steamer. I am even thinking of buying a second steamer to steam larger amounts for holiday dishes (green beans, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, etc). Love it and you will too. If on the fence, just get it! One of my co-workers just bought one from Amazon too!...more info