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D-Link DWL-2100AP SNMP AES 802.11g 108Mbps Wireless Access Point
List Price: $108.99

Our Price: $89.99

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Product Description

D-LINK DWL-2100AP - With the AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Access Point, D-LINK once again raises the bar for wireless performance. The versatile DWL-2100AP access point performs in any of 4 modes: as a Wireless Access Point, as a Point-to-Point Bridge to another Access Point, as a Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Bridge, or as a Wireless Client. Up to 108 Mbps transfer rate Advanced security and management features Supports SNMP v.3 and AES

  • Enhanced Security from 802.1x and WPA brings improved encrypted key management and authentification
  • Supports SNMP v.3
  • Five Operating Modes (Access Point, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, repeater for range extender, Wireless Client)

Customer Reviews:

    This is an excellent Access Point. The setup is extremely easy. I used the built in wizard and my wireless network was up in minutes.

    I have quite a bit of experience with routers, access points and other networking products and by far D-LINK is the best!!!! The tech support team for D-Link exchanged a defective Gigabit switch within one day!!!!

    I highly reccomend this product!...more info
  • Does not work as advertised
    The DWL2100AP worked OK as an access point, but does not work as a repeater. Other reviewers suggest that it works only with other D-Link products, because of proprietary protocols. All I know is I wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work as a repeater, and was unsuccessful. I bought a Hawkings repeater, and had it working in 15 minutes. If you need an access point, you can find a cheaper one. If you need a repeater, buy something else....more info
  • Very Effective Bridge
    Purchased 2 DWL-2100AP's to use as a bridge between 2 buildings with an unobstructed distance of about 750ft. I was expecting the usual 2-day setup headache to integrate these into the network, but to my surprise the 2100AP worked perfectly once the initial configuration was completed. Plugged in an old Linksys WAP54g to the far end of the bridge and created a greatly expanded network. Total setup time took less than 1 hour. I have not measured data transfer, but it seems very good. No problems with streaming video, etc.

    The instructions for the 2100AP are a little sketchy, and D-link seems to interchange some technical terms that mean the same thing (adds color and confusion to their writing!). However, I did not find the instructions any worse than the several Linksys or Netgear Wireless Routers that I have installed over the past couple of years.

    If we get a couple of years out of these, for the price, I'll be happy. It seems like there is no middle of the road wireless equipment. Either it is really cheap of dubious quality or really expensive. Someone needs to come out with some equipment that is of better quality at a reasonable price.

    ...more info
  • Good product with a little Knowledge & exprience with networking
    I have 3 of these units working with a shared but hidden network and after some work and software upgrades have them set up for a good area network system... They work great once you figure them out... The instructions and on line support are not the greatest for a wireless network novice... Once you understand what you want and what they supply, you can set up a good home or local area wireless network......more info
  • Great performance after a difficult setup (AP Client Mode w/ Switch)
    I have a d-link router (DI-624) that I use for my wireless network. I wanted to install this access point on the network, attach a switch, and provide network access for a home-theater pc and an Xbox 360.

    modem <-> router ... accesspoint <-> switch <-> pc & xbox

    The access point can operate in five different modes. After some trial and error, I finally figured out that it was the "AP Client" mode that I needed from the wireless setup options to gain access to my existing wireless network.

    After plugging in the switch and attaching the PC and Xbox to the switch, it was soon obvious that only the PC had connectivity. After much hair pulling, I finally found a post on by one lizi555 that explained a fix. Apparently the latest firmware (beyond 2.10) does not allow for more than one device (MAC address) to connect to the network via the switch.

    To fix, telnet to the 2100AP's IP address and enter the following commands -> set matstate 1 then -> reboot

    This should set a flag for a variable to the following "MultiEthClient (Yes)!" You can check by establishing another telnet session and entering -> get matstate which will list several variables/values including the one above.

    It took some doing, but now everything is flowing sweetly. I hope this helps anyone else that runs in to this problem....more info
  • good stuff
    I was having trouble w/ another brands wireless repeater. D-link tech said a wireless access point would not only extend range but you also would not lose any speed. Set up was a brezze. It performs great - Iam totally happy - Rich

    ...more info
  • Does the job, but...
    It (or a combination of it and my wireless router) intereferes with bluetooth. Now if I want to use the bluetooth on my phone, I have to unplug all this stuff ;(. VERY ANNOYING!!! Installation took 3 hours with 2 different reps. D-link customer service is outstanding, by the way. Also, my download speed seems to be limited to 75 kbps on the WAP end. Upload is more than double that, which is wierd. Looks like I need another few hours on the phone with tech support.

    Bottom kinda well when you actually get it set up. However, getting it set up can be an exercise in patience. Expensive for the speeds I'm seeing :(...more info