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Garmin MapSource U.S. Topographical CD-ROM
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Product Description

MapSource 24K TOPO- National Parks series of CD-ROMs!
24K TOPO is designed to provide interactive viewing of detailed topographic maps. 24K TOPO is vector-based and provides outdoor enthusiasts with innovative object oriented-cartography. Descriptive details for features typically found on topographic maps can easily be viewed with a simple key press. Cursor movements over the map provide descriptions for topographic contours, trail names, summit elevations, points of interest information and much more. The user has the ability to pre-plan their daily adventures from the comfort of their own home, using MapSource on the PC. Then they can download waypoints, routes and tracks to their Garmin GPS, including units that don't accept map data! This new cartography will provide recreational backpackers, experienced and novice hikers alike, and general outdoor enthusiasts with terrific topographic detail needed for their individual journeys. The topographic data is comparable to the 1:24,000 scale paper maps provided by the United States Geological Survey, which is the most detailed topographic data available.

  • Provides topographic maps of Eastern U. S. national parks and forests
  • Ideal for hunters, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Maps based on the 1:24,000 scale USGS maps
  • Provides trail names, routable trails, summit elevations and peaks, roads, and more
  • Includes park amenities such as visitor centers, camping and picnic areas, restaurants and lodges

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazon is Shipping the Current Version
    I recently received this CD and for those who are wondering, Amazon IS shipping the most current version, which is Version 3....more info
  • good for the parks only
    The detail for the parks is really good although not all parks are shown such as several state parks in my state are missing. But I suppose that is to be expected with a National Park edition. As usual with Garmin map products, if you look at other than the parks some streets will just not be there or only partially.
    Not all trails are shown either in the Parks.
    ...more info
  • not for Macs
    Do know that this product does not work yet on Macs. So you need a PC to load it onto your Garmin device....more info
  • Preliminary -- more later
    Just received Garmin US TOPO 24k, Natl Parks West, V3 (ver 3.02)
    I live on east coast and use the us topo 24k, Natl parks East, and love it. I'll get an opportunity to use this SW in the my GPSMAP60CSx in MAY.
    ...more info
  • Love this as much as Yosemite!
    First of all this product is just unbelievable!
    Let me address the other reviews quickly:
    - Go to the Garmin website and look at exactly what you are buying
    it details what parks, etc are included
    - I bought V2 from Amazon. V3 came out maybe a couple months later.
    I contacted Garmin and they actually sent me a COPY of V3 before
    it was even available to the public. Garmin customer service is
    just amazing!
    - This is going to be outdated? Um, huh? What are you talking about?
    Look at a USGS 7.5 map. THAT is what you are getting! The trails
    have not moved in literally centuries. Some trails are re-routed
    for various reasons but the topo ain't gonna change in your
    lifetime. I have hike nearly all the trails in Yosemite (no kidding)
    and the trails on the maps will get you there my friend.
    So, IF YOU HIKE IN: Lassen, Glacier, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, or
    a few other in the West (actually quite a few others). Then you
    want this!
    With an eTrex Venture Cx or equivalent you can:
    - Load these maps
    - AUTO-ROUTE the TRAILS on the maps
    - see the profile of a trail that you auto-routed on the GPS
    - Have the entire park maps (7.5 degree) (20 ft. elevetion between
    topo lines) IN YOUR HAND
    I hike extensively in Yosemite and this product is one of those
    gadgets that I would buy over and over again.
    My wife and I also spent a week in Glacier NP and it was the bomb
    there too!
    Now if only Garmin would release a TOPO with this detail for the
    entire state..
    Hope this was helpful to you....more info
  • MapSource Topo for East National Parks
    Before you buy, make sure it covers the area you are expecting. It's narrower than I was expecting, and therefore it's a little pricey. the parks it covers, it does quite well....more info
  • Does not provide enough detail
    While I am sure the detail for the parks that it does cover within in California is ok (haven't used it in real life). The overall coverage/offering the west coast product provides seems sparse. There are ZERO sections outside of national parks within California which are covered. For myself I was hoping that the West Coast Topo 24K CD would give me forest information as well.

    Please note, while package delivery was PERFECT and the dollar amount was better than any local store... I personal feel I just wasted some cash....more info
  • Nice but could provide broader coverage.
    This map set does what it advertises but it is strictly limited to the national parks and forests that it lists. A much more useful mapset would be one that covers a broad range of 24k topos such as provided by Maptech or National Geographic. ...more info
  • Nice
    I purchased these maps for a weekend backpacking trip on the Cosby Loop in the Smoky Mountains. The map was very detailed and closely matched paper maps we purchased of the park. All major trails were on the map and it was helpful in planning our trip. My only complaint is the high price for this product. As an avid backpacker, purchasing all three National Park segments is expensive, and added to the price of the gps unit itself, seems unwarranted....more info
  • Did not work.
    Could not load into Garmin with either an XP or Vista system. Helps were very limited. Am returning for refund....more info
  • Old data predominates
    This is a product that Garmin should be ashamed of. The trail data is at least ten to fifteen years old. I purchased it to use for the Appalachian Trail monitoring that I perform as a volunteer for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. The maps do not show trail relocations that are in some instances fifteen years old. The official USGS Topo maps show these relocations, but why not this set? ...more info
  • Installation Crashes All MapSource Applications
    I just received my US TOPO 24K National Parks West CD and installed it. Now I am unable to access any MapSource application. All I get is an error message and a request that I email it to Garmin Tech Support. A Tech Support phone number is given, but there is no extension for software problems. I am running Vista Home Edition and I previously have been using City Navigator NT North America 2008 and it has worked fine. Needless to say, I'm a bit hacked that not only is this software inoperable, but it has made my other MapSource applications inoperable as well. In other words, this application isn't just worthless, it has negative value since it has destroyed my other working applications....more info