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Weber Style 32908 Professional-Grade Barbecue Beeper Digital Thermometer
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Product Description

Take the guesswork out of grilling with this remote digital thermometer by Weber. The convenient design allows you to monitor the grill while relaxing or preparing the rest of your meal. Simply place the meat probe into the food, select your setting and clip the remote to your waistband. The thermometer will beep when your food is ready. Imported.

With the risks of e. coli and other food borne illnesses associated with undercooked meat, inexperienced cooks often choose to error on the safe side, unnecessarily roasting a once succulent duck breast into a charred, leathery state of submission. To avert disease and enjoy juicy meats, Weber created this digital thermometer system, equipped with a beeper remote and a temperature probe.

The accurate thermometer allows users to choose between several preset options based on USDA/FDA standards for their selected meat. After choosing the appropriate setting, users insert the probe into the thickest section of desired meat, taking care to pierce cleanly in one sweep to prevent overflowing juices. The probe fares well inside hot barbecues ranging from -4 to 482 degrees F and reads meat temperatures up to 199 degrees F. However, temperature readings may be affected by abnormally long cooking times. As the meat begins to cook, the beeper remote can be clipped onto an apron pocket or belt loop, allowing the chef to tend to other tasks. When the meat reaches its wellness point as designated by internal temperature, the probe sends a digital signal to the beeper, triggering its alarm. The probe and remote communicate at full signal for up to 80 feet, though walls and other blockage will reduce the range potential. The remote also beeps with increasing volume when losing contact with the probe sensor to insure that the user is aware. This thermometer system also can be used in ovens under similar circumstances. This item comes equipped with two AAA batteries and is imported. Weber may offer a warranty for this product. The digital thermometer measures 4-3/4 by 2-1/2 inches with 1-inch thickness and weighs 1 pound upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • Digital barbecue thermometer system for remote grilling from Weber
  • Users insert the thermometer probe into cooking meat to monitor the wellness; varied settings available for all meats
  • Digital timer receives information from probe and beeps when meat reaches preset temperature; timer clips onto aprons or belts for active chefs
  • Probe resists -4 to 482 degree F conditions; 2 AAA batteries are included with this item
  • Thermometer measures 4-3/4 by 2-1/2 by 1 inches and weighs 1 pound upon shipping; limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • good sensor gone bad?
    After about 10 ueses, the display reads 199 degrees no matter what I do. I tried resetting, changing batteries -- no change....more info
  • Working fine so far and does what it claims
    So far I am very pleased with this product. I have read the negative reviews about it failing eventually but so far I have used it numerous times in a Big Green Egg for chicken and lamb roasts at grill temps around 350F with no problems. The remote functions well at a good distance and through an outside wall. I agree that the factory set doneness temps (that are unchangeable)are not ideal (as with most other digital meat thermometers). CONS: No timer built in and no way to set up a user defined temp alarm but I guess for under $30 what do you expect. Also will not tell you grill/oven temperature because max temp reading is only 199F.
    Look into the Maverick Et-73 for a remote dual temp (meat and grill) thermometer - but almost twice the price. ...more info
  • Good idea, poor execution.
    I received this as a gift after I bought a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. It worked great the first two times I used it, then the probe failed open (high resistance). Accuracy was a little questionable which could be an issue, especially for smoking at a low temp. I work with delicate instumentation and electronics on a daily basis, and I handled this one "with kid gloves"....never closed a lid on it, bent it, twisted it, dropped it, spindled it, or anything. My personal opinion is that the probe/wire portion of this device is too thin and flimsy for its purpose (or any purpose). All of my other Weber accessories are outstanding (Rib Racks, Roast Rack, Smoker itself, brush, Chimney, etc) but they really dropped the ball on this one.

    The bottom line is that the wireless thermometer is a great idea.....but pay a little more and get one that will last. In the meantime, I hope Weber releases an upgraded version if they haven't already. ...more info
  • Thermometer
    Nice handy device. I don't have to lift the grill lid or or oven door (allowing heat to escape) to check the temp of the meat....more info
  • Nothing professional here.
    Unfortunately I have to join the crowd who managed to use it only once. Worked nice once and then died, no replacement sensor available. Looks like Weber have stretched their brand a bit too much so it covers also plenty of random junk. Beware also of Disposable Matchless Flame Lighter, it's premium priced cheap plastic imitation of real thing. Real pity, then marketing takes over the company and you can not trust trademark anymore....more info
  • Unit failed after a dozen uses
    My thermometer started failing while cooking the Thanksgiving turkey. It was unable to receive the remote even though about 25 feet separated them. I replaced the batteries in both the remote and monitor and everything seemed to work. The next day the monitor just flashed some digits and would not synchronize with the remote. I replaced batteries, did resets etc. to no avail. I had only used the device about a dozen times previously. Suggest the Redi-Check device from Maverick, I've used one of those for three years without any problems....more info
  • Same (bad) experience as others
    I've never posted before, but thought I should add my .02. My unit worked once --- and never again. Tried the new battery thing as well, to no avail. Grrrr. Very annoying to read that SO many others had similar problems --- and yet the product is still being sold.

    ...more info
  • Absolute Junk
    I have owned 3 of there units and have 2 different friends which have owned 2 which all only lasted between 2 to 6 BBQs. It is a great idea but there is much to be desired in thier lack of longivity. Buy a Polder hardwired or even the $15 ones at Target work very well but DO NOT waste your money on the Weber.Please don't get me wrong I love weber products but this item is pure junk...more info
  • Meat Thermometer for a BBQ
    I was pleased and suprised to find the unit had batteries supplied, what a change from the usual. The most important element of the unit is the ability to use it in a BBQ at higher temperatures such as 500 degrees...more info
  • Not really "Weber Style"
    The quality is not up to Weber Standards. The nominal temperatures for various degrees of "wellness" do not agree with the temperatures published in Weber's cookbooks and they're NOT adjustable. Further, the product needed replacement twice in the first sixty days of ownership. The only good thing about this item is Weber's service & support personnel. They're absolutely excellent....more info
  • A real lemon.
    Used it 4 times and it worked great. The fifth and last time I tried it, (it's now going into the trash can.)it gave such a false reading that I screw up my nice lamb shoulder. Best to use the old fashioned instant thermometer - at least it's accurate. So there you are - $39 for a usless thermometer and $11 for a ruined lamb shoulder. ...more info
  • Digital barbeque Thermometer
    I got one of these as a gift and bought one for my daughter and her husband because I was so pleased with it. I am now going to buy another for my other 2 daughters and their husbands....more info
  • ONLY allows preset temps!
    I was very disappointed by this product. The reviews I had read mentioned that it has presets -- but so do my car radio and my oven, and I can change the presets around how I like them, or set other options on my own. The reviews did NOT mention the most crucial thing to know:

    This thermometer ONLY allows you to use the presets. There are no other options. If you don't like the presets, you're out of luck.

    It also plays food nanny -- there's no setting but "well done" for hamburger, for example, and although the setting for rare beef is _correct_, you actually need to take a steak off the grill about 5-10F cooler than that because of carryover heat.

    This was a gift for my husband, and both of us are disappointed. It won't get any use at all, and because of the type of packaging, we can't even pack it back up to return it. Big thumbs down, and an annoying waste of money....more info
    Weber should be ashamed of themselves for selling this trash. Mine worked ONCE, then same as everyone else. Flashing 199 degrees on display, and constant beeping. The customer "service" person I had the mis-fortune to speak to REFUSED to do anything about it unless I could prove that it was less than a year old. Who keeps receipts for a 30 dollar product? Judging from all the complaints listed here, Weber has got to know what garbage this is, and yet they don't seem to care about doing the right thing and taking one's word for it. I will NEVER own a Weber product again if they are that unconcerned about their customers! STAY AWAY FROM THIS JUNK!!!!...more info
  • Worked great while it lasted
    Same problem as everyone else - temp probe fails with "199" degrees as soon as you turn them both on. Before it died, it worked great, but I'd recommend you get a quality instant read thermometer instead... this just isn't reliable enough to count on for the long run....more info
  • Wire Failure
    Do not purchase this product! I bought two of these units. The first one the wire was damaged by the poor insulation of the wire, which Amazon gracefully replaced for free. The second unit failed again, at that point I was done with this unit ... didn't feel like badgering Amazon, so I'll keep looking for a better wireless unit.

    I thought it was user error, but reading the other user reviews I think it's design error....more info
  • When it works it works great, but...
    I purchased this product about two years ago and it's great for cooking meats on the grill. No more second guessing whether the chicken is done (or overdone).

    But so far I've gone through three sensor wires in that short time period. Each time they failed (reading of 199 immediately after turning it on), I've had to call Weber and request a replacement. I was always accused of closing the lid on the wire, which I never did -- I would always make sure the wire was placed in one of the little notches on the side of our Weber grill. But to their credit, they eventually would agree to send me out a new one.

    After the third sensor wire failed just recently, they sternly informed me that "this would be the last time" they would replace it since I've had the product for more than a year. The unit has a one-year warranty, but I guess it doesn't matter that I never got more than a year out of any of the sensors.

    If they improved the durability of the sensor wire then they would have a great product on their hands. As it stands now, I'd steer clear of this product....more info
  • Useful device!
    Not only have I used it to monitor meat temperatures on the grill and in the overn, but such diverse purposes as monitoring the internal temperature on my refrigerator so as to get it set right. Very reliable so far (1 year), and appears to be quite accurate.

    Highly recommended. Note that it is sold under several brand names -- e.g., Oregon Scientific. Non-Weber-labeled versions are often less expensive....more info
  • great while it lasted
    This product was great for the first 3 months of use. It worked really well and we were very happy campers. Our friend bought one and his lasted through only 2 uses, ours died unexpectedly after s couple months usage.

    ...more info
  • Perfect for the "Griller" in your life
    This one went to my brother in Law who used to use a stop watch. Not any more! He says he really like the way it works....more info
  • Do not buy this product
    Unfortunatly I did not read the negative reviews on this product prior to purchasing. I didn't even get 1 productive usage from this product. It stopped working somewhere during the first usage. I payed $30 and all I got was useless electronics and an undercooked piece of meat. ...more info
  • Same (bad) experience as others
    I've never posted before, but thought I should add my .02. My unit worked once --- and never again. Tried the new battery thing as well, to no avail. Grrrr. Very annoying to read that SO many others had similar problems --- and yet the product is still being sold.

    ...more info