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Ansmann 5407022 Energy 8 Charger
List Price: $141.50

Our Price: $88.00

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Product Description

Energy 8 is the High-Tec charger with automatic refresh/discharge function for up to 8 cells. It boasts the 9V E-block auto-diagnosis of the inserted cells with automatic start of a refreshing process, if required. Damaged cells will be detected and discharged before fast charging.PRODUCT FEATURES:-dV charging for all NiCd/NiMHcells;Individual supervision of every cell position;Faulty cells detection;Switch mode power supply for worldwide use.

  • Works with 1-6 AAA or AA cells, 1-4 C and D as well as 1-2 9V batteries.
  • Automatic refresh/discharge function
  • Faulty battery detection
  • Microprocessor controled

Customer Reviews:

  • Charger is GREAT!
    I had old recargable batteries I had not used in years and several were not usable. This unit brought over half of them back to full use with on a couple of chargin cycles. Great Product!!!...more info
  • Great product
    Yes this charger is more expensive then some of the others but it well worth it....more info
  • Simple Fast and does the job.
    Best thing about this product is that it has no buttons or a screen with complicated code numbers, just a very simple light code. yet it does the job perfectly, first it analyze the battery then it discharge it and then it recharge with overheat protection. I can't imagine anything as simple and effective as this for a normal user like me. lots of my batteries came back to life because of it, i thought all charges are the same until i tried this. I don't understand why big companies like duracell and Energizer sell cheap chargers with its batteries. if there is something to complain about, maybe it is not portable enough with its rounded shape. Five stars for sure =)...more info
  • Excellent Charger
    I've used this charger for over four years with complete satisfaction. This is a fine piece of German engineering; well worth the price. I bought it because it can charge any number of any assortment of AA, AAA, C, D, 9V batteries at the same time, and lots of them. You can also insert new batteries at any time any others are charging. Here's a tip: Since each cell is monitored for charge level, you can leave batteries in the charger, indefinitely. That effectively counters the self-discharge problem older NiMH batteries have, since the batteries stored in this charger are kept at full charge. Of course, you'll want to buy eneloops (SANYO eneloop 4 Pack AA NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries, which I've used) or Ansmann Max E's (Ansman Max-E AA NiMh 2100 Mah LD, Ultra Low Discharge Batteries, Pack of 4, which I haven't used), with long shelf lives, from here on-out. This charger works fine with them, too. I'd like to see Ansmann provide some-sort of wall-mounting tabs or screw holes in this charger. I had to epoxy-on my own. Maybe they already have, it's been four years! ...more info
  • Versatile charger takes up little space and even looks good
    I've had the Ansmann Energy 8 charger for about 1 year now and it has been excellent. Batteries charge at a good clip, the charger tells you their exact state, and (most important) it lets you charge a variety of different battery types at once.

    It doesn't take up much space and even looks pretty good (well, for a battery charger anyway). I highly recommend this -- and in fact 2 of my friends have bought them over the past year and have had similarly excellent experiences. Don't be fooled by the lousy $20 chargers you can by from major battery manufacturers. Those things are cheap and of course don't do well (why should they -- the battery folks want to sell you more batteries, not fewer!). This charger is expensive for a reason. It actually works....more info