Chamberlain PIR Sensor for The Reporter Wireless Alert System
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Product Description

REPORTER PIR2-300R Extra Motion Detector Unit for Reporter System Extra motion detector unit Extra Motion Detector Unit for Reporter System

  • Add an additional sensor to your Reporter Wireless Alert System for increased system warning
  • An effective and inexpensive way to secure your home
  • Inconspicuous design blends into the outdoors
  • Easy to set up and mount on trees, houses, and other outside structures
  • Requires 4 AA batteries and sustains battery life for an extended amount of time

Customer Reviews:

  • You get what you pay for...or NOT
    This product is junk. You get no where near the range they claim. We could only get it to work from 27 feet away. ...more info
  • ripofff
    1200' --- I don't think so! more like 100'.
    Filed a complaint with chamberlan and they sent me another transmitter (no questions asked). Same story 80-100' at best. No more complaints ---I'll deal with a different manufacturer..........more info
  • Junk
    I expected this unit to work because of the claims that the manufacturer made. I also liked the idea that it is made in the USA. I even purchased an extra sensor. I set one sensor about 80 feet away from the receiver and it does not work. I tried one sensor about 20 feet from the receiver and it works when it feels like working. I just wasted good money on this junk. I can't recommend that anyone should purchase this product. It's a waste of money and time!...more info
  • Product needs improvement
    This product is too limited. The alert is a very annoying buzz. The sensors were hard to set and the transmission range was lacking....more info
  • Excellent Product for the price and use
    I bought this product from Amazon a few months ago and love it. It's one of those products that you really didn't know how you lived before you bought it. My family gives this same example with 'caller ID'.

    We have a long drive way and sometimes I wasn't aware the service people or just a stranger was outside the house without me knowing until I was startled.

    It works well but not perfect. I would say it works 90% perfect - sometimes people get by without me knowing and like the other reviewer it does seem to go off a lot during the night but I know I got raccoons and rabbits that roam the area. I agree that if I had 2 of them it would probably near 100% accuracy if I heard both beeps in a timely matter verifing a car coming down the driveway. I might have errored in setting up because of my wooded location and proximity to neighbors - I sometimes get extra beeps when their cars leave their driveway or the lawn guys cut there lawn. But I gave this item 5 stars because it does give you a simple battery powered warning that works really well for a cheap price!! I actually buy these now for house warming gifts and nobody has said anything negative about one to date....more info
  • Hasn't worked yet
    Works great in the house. Mounted 200ft out in my yard it has yet to work despite my efforts to reposition it for better reception....more info
  • Reporter
    Unit works well. Using two sensors to protect my constuction equipment. Easy setup. Main receiver is made a little cheap, but gets the job done. Overall, good unit for the price....more info
  • Good Enough
    I purchased the main unit and this additional sensor. The additional sensor was going off too much even after re-adjusting. I sent back to Amazon by printing up a free shipping label on line from home computer. I love Amazon. Amazon sent me a replacement before receiving defective sensor and the replacement works fine. ...more info
  • IR sensor
    Like this product. Would be perfect if the battery pac could be ordered easily 'cause when the batteries are left in and not changed regularly, the contacts can be eaten away rendering the system useless w/o a new battery pac. ...more info
  • Very good product
    This is a reliable item. We have a long driveway and live in the country. No unexpected company, now. Very few false alarms, birds, and once a spider....We have three sensors at this time, on one moniter. I am seriously thinking about buying one system for my son. ...more info
  • Driveway Great
    The Reporter System is wonderful. With the additional sensor, we get double warning when someone arrives. We have time to checkout who it is with our exterior video camera before they exit the vehicle. It is like having a garage door opener for relatives.

    The only problem we have is the occaisional bird, cat, or raccoon setting it off.

    If you can't see your driveway from inside the house, this is what to get....more info
  • Good product overall
    I have used this product for about 2 months. It is easy to setup and it is fairly small. It does a very good job of detecting motion pretty much 100% of the time. But the main unit receives the signal about 95% of the time and obviously does not alert you when it does not get the signal. So for me this unit alerts me 95% of the time when there is movement and I think I have only gotten about 5 false alerts from leaves or animals so I consider this product a good buy for the price....more info
  • Crap
    I bought this because a friend's daughter had one and she liked it. I must have been sent a dud because try as I might I couldn't get the system to work. It kept beeping no matter where it was placed. On top of that, it's all plastic with a flimsy wire that's supposed to act as a signal - give me a break. I'd like to know how the unit will continue to work properly after being exposed to icy temperatures and freezing rain - there's no way that the batteries will continue to function. Maybe I should have had it replaced but I didn't. I'm just glad that I got my money back....more info
  • The best driveway alarm available!
    The alarm works great... I've had mine for over three years. The recent order was for two additional transmitters (sensors). I have the transmitter hid 8 feet up in a tree approximately 700 feet from the receiver. I do get false-alarms from raccoons and other small animals. It is a hassle to replace the batteries, requiring the removal of four small Phillips screws but since the first batteries lasted almost three years, why worry! I do suggest replacing the Phillips screws with regular hex-head screws....more info
  • reporter
    We have a horseshoe driveway, Put a sensor in each driveway, aprox. 75 ft. from the house. The receiver is aprox. 30 ft. further in the house.
    The unit works great. No minuses, the Reporter has my recommendation....more info
  • Not as reliable as I had hoped
    I recently purchased The Reporter Alert System for my driveway. It was easy to install and fairly simple to set up. The only issue I have is that the system doesn't always work. I have two of the extra sensors directed at my driveway but the system only alerts about half the time. Even after adjusting the sensitivity and locations (repeatedly) I cannot get consistent results. It's very frustrating. Overall still I gave this product 3 out of 5 stars because of price and it's simplicity. ...more info
  • Excellent Range!
    The sensor that came with my original Reporter kit has been giving me great service from several hundred feet away through several walls. Being happy with that one, I ordered an addition PIR sensor from Amazon. I've had it a month now and am totally happy with it. I placed it near the entrance to my long, curving driveway that's surrounded by huge boulders. It is approximately 450 feet from the base unit in my house. That driveway sensor has successfully reported every car and pedestrian visitor since I installed it. It has also reported an occassional coyote walking down my driveway. I'm OK with that because I try to nail them in the a$$ with a marble from my wrist rocket as payback for killing my cat....more info
  • Good product, needs better instructions
    This was a replacement product for one that did not work. This one worked, but the instructions were vague as to how to have more than one receiver. It said you can have more than one, but didn't tell you the specific sequence to add the second sensor. We received it in a very short time and now that we have it all set up, we are happy with its performance....more info
  • Good value
    I bought the receiver and a sensor to use on our long driveway ( I later bought another sensor).

    We have attached it to a louder doorbell chime as the buzzer is not that loud.

    We live in the UK and I couldn't find anything on the market here that had the long transmitting range that the reporter has for anything near this price. Overall, I am very happy with it. Sometimes it doesn't pick up vehicles. It nearly always picks up people. I think the vehicle thing may be due to the angle of the beam as we have attached the first transmitter to a convenient tree. As we now have two transmitters in different locations, if the first one doesn't pick up the second almost certainly will.

    It seems to be affected a bit by the weather, particularly wind. There are days when it hardly works and I think it is broken - but these are not that frequent.

    It gives me confidence to let my children play outside when I am inside. I nearly always know now that someone is approaching the house long before they get to the front door. Very useful!!...more info
  • Reporter #2
    This the second Reporter Transmitter I have in use. The only problem I have with them is in the winter , the batteries will not support them due to cold (20 F & lower) weather. If they put a jack for a external lead acid battery (which can operate to -40 F) they will be able to operate here in Vermont all year. Otherwise they are Great....more info
  • The Reporter" Wireless Alert System
    I now have two PIR Sensors in my driveway. I like the added information of the double beep telling me that not only has a vehicle entered the driveway, but it is coming up to the house. Occasionally there is a false alarm from one sensor but never from two....more info
  • Sensor review
    The device does not perform as indicated. Main purpose was to use it as a driveway alarm. Device was installed following manufactures instructions. It does not sense a car traveling faster than someone can wall. If does detect someone walking without a problem. ...more info
  • Chamberlin Alarm System
    I found that this alarm system offered almost everything that I wanted for my application. It has the range that I needed, it offers the capability for four sensors, one each for the two out buildings and two for the yard in different positions. I could wish that it offered remote alarms so I could have one upstairs in the house and one downstairs. It has given us a sense of security that we didn't have otherwise on a tight budget....more info
  • Reporter Wireless Alert System
    We have these sensors mounted on at the entrance of our driveway, on our shed, and at the back of our property. This is such a great, inexpensive way to secure your home, and be alerted when someone is on your property. Each sensor is set to buzz either 1, 2 or 3 times, so we know whether someone has just pulled into the driveway, or is at the back of our property. They are easy to set up and blend into the outdoors. Mount easily on a tree....more info