Remmington Security 02100 B/W Wall Clock Security Camera
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Product Description

Pin-hole camera mounted in clock for covert observationRecords B/W video3.6mm fixed focus lens 0.5 lux illumination and 350 lines of resolutionActual working clock with quartz movementEasy to install mounts easily to wallsIncludes 60 RCA cable and security label

If you need to maintain discreet surveillance of a sensitive area without all the hassle of concealing a camera in the wall or ceiling, the Remmington Security 02100 B/W Wall Clock Security Camera deserves serious consideration. The 02100 appears as a regular wall clock that also houses a fully concealed pinhole-lens camera, allowing it to be placed in plain sight and making it ideal for covert operations. This unit records black-and-white video, and is an actual working clock with a reliable quartz movement. The camera in this unit features a 3.6mm fixed-focus lens, and a good horizontal resolution of 350 TVL (TV lines) down to a minimum illumination of 0.5 Lux for low-light viewing. Easy to install, the Remmington Security 02100 can hang on a wall and includes a 60-foot RCA video and power cable. Users should note that the image sensor in this camera may become permanently damaged if exposed to long hours of direct sunlight or halogen light, so the camera should not be mounted or pointed directly at the sun or other bright-light sources.

What's in the Box
02100 camera, cable (60 feet), and security label.

  • Pinhole-lens camera concealed in housing that appears to be an ordinary wall clock
  • Camera features 3.6mm fixed-focus lens
  • Camera achieves a horizontal resolution of 350 TV lines down to a minimum illumination of 0.5 lux
  • Unit also performs functions of a working wall clock with a quartz movement
  • Unit includes 60-foot connecting cable and AC power adapter