Openhouse H721 B/W Weather-resistant Security Camera
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Product Description

The Openhouse H721 B/W Weather-resistant Security Camera provides one of the most innovative solutions available in residential camera applications. The H721 video camera is a solid state camera designed to fit standard single gang J-boxes (light switch boxes), making it an ideal solution suited to discreetly monitor your front door or baby's room. When used with an H511 channel injector, video received from the H721 is used to create a new channel to add to existing television channels for monitoring. The camera mount is weather-resistant for outdoor applications, and comes with a brass cover-plate that may be painted to match your house color.

The Openhouse H721 operates on the EIA (Electronics Industries Association) TV system, and utilizes a 3.6-millimeter fixed lens. This unit achieves a high resolution of 350 TVL (TV lines), can receive a picture down to a minimum illumination of 0.3 Lux for extremely low-light conditions, and has a S/N (signal to noise) ratio of 45 dB or better. This camera features an automatic gain control and automatic white balance, as well as an automatic electronic shutter with speeds ranging from 1/60 to 1/50,000 of a second. The H721 is connected to the H511 by a single run of CAT-5 (Category 5 cable, or EIA/TIA-568) wire and does not need to be separately powered. The maximum allowable distance the H721 can be from its H511 channel injector is 300 feet.

Technical Features:

  • Sensitivity: minimum illumination of 0.3 Lux
  • Signal system: EIA
  • Resolution: 350 TVL
  • Lens type: 3.6 millimeter fixed
  • Connection type: CAT-5 wire for both power and signal
The Openhouse H721 deserves serious consideration as one of the easiest and most economical completely-discreet monitoring solutions available for those in need of basic in-home surveillance. Users should note that the H721 is not a stand-alone video camera and must be used with one of its companion channel injectors (H511HHR or H511BID). Also, although the H721 will function with quad-wire, CAT-5 wire delivers the highest quality picture and allows the use of an automatic line-length sensor and picture compensator, which the quad-wire does not.

About Surveillance Camera Technical Features
Lux rating is the measurement used to indicate how sensitive a camera is to light, and stands for the level of light reflected off a piece of paper by a candle from one meter away. Thus a sensitivity of three Lux would mean a camera could generate an acceptable picture of a piece-of-paper-sized object that was illuminated by the equivalent of three candles from one meter away. The lower the Lux level, the better the camera's ability to work in low-light conditions. The camera's resolution should be greater than or equal to the resolution supported by the system's recorder or monitor. The S/N, or signal to noise ratio, is an important measure of a camera's quality. A poor camera, low-light conditions or poor wiring causes "noise" which consumes processing power and disk space. A camera with a wide dynamic range is ideal, especially for recording areas in which both indoor and outdoor light are present. CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors provide high-quality images that are less susceptible to noise. CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors offer less image quality, but are usually more cost-effective and energy efficient.

  • Solid-state camera fits standard single gang J-boxes (light switch boxes)
  • Achieves resolution of 350 TV lines and S/N ratio of 45dB or better
  • Features automatic white balance and automatic gain control
  • Includes weather-resistant seals and brass cover plate that can be painted
  • Unit must be used with one of its companion channel injectors (H511HHR or H511BID)