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CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 is a 4-CD set of applications that no graphic designer, production desiner or technician should be witout. Get all the smart design tools you need in one box, for increasing productivity & creating better graphics! Create lush and vivid colors with the Kodak Digital Science color management system Also features thousands of clipart images, photos and objects Over 1,000 TrueType and Type 1 fonts Visual Basic 6.3 for Application and QuickTime 6.0

CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 is a comprehensive graphics solution for Windows XP. Whether you're designing for business or pleasure, CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 can do it all. The software is ideal for freelance designers; business, printing, publishing and advertising professionals; executives, managers, technicians, and sales support specialists; engineers, scientists, administrative support professionals, and more. And because CorelDraw 12 is optimized for Windows XP, businesses will save hours of training time, assured that employees can begin producing professional graphics almost immediately.

Copy an extensive list of properties from one object to another with the Intelligent Eyedropper tool.
Launch demo.

Work quickly with powerful Smart Drawing tools that instantly recognize shapes.
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Experiment with creative effects. See the results in real time.
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Clean up line drawings and edit curves by removing pieces of line segments between intersections and/or endpoints.
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Industry Leading Applications and Features
CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 includes three industry leading applications -- CorelDraw Graphics 12 for illustration, page-layout and vector drawing; Corel Photo-Paint 12 for professional digital imaging; and Corel R.A.V.E. 3 for motion-graphics creation. These three outstanding applications give CorelDraw Graphics Suit 12 a set of unprecedented features.

Dynamic Guides offer unprecedented levels of control, letting designers create a shape, draw a line, or place an object exactly where they want it, in one easy step. These intelligent enhancements dramatically reduce design time by allowing users to create, size and position objects easily and precisely, with fewer clicks.

When you need to sketch a design quickly and professionally, the Smart Drawing tool offers built-in intelligence to automatically recognize and dynamically smooth the curves of many shapes including circles, triangles, and parallelograms. This allows you to create perfect forms on the fly.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 makes is easier than ever to incorporate text into projects. Users can see detailed changes to type -- including leading and kerning -- regardless of the zoom level, enabling them to view and manipulate on-screen text with ease. Enhanced Align and Distribute features provide more flexibility, precision and control over text layout. Users also have access to more than 10,000 professional clip art images, 1,000 TrueType and Type 1 fonts, and 1,000 photos and objects. And with Unicode support, CorelDraw Graphics 12 lets you seamlessly incorporate multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek and many others, into a single design.

With the enhanced Touch-up Brush and more than 70 effects filters, removing defects such as dust and scratches from digital images is a breeze. This feature provides a dedicated tool to perform common image/photo touch-ups by intelligently covering unwanted areas. The more the designer brushes over the affected area, the more the effect is amplified.

In addition to all these features, CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 also gives users access to exceptional software from other leading vendors and industry standard technologies including Bitstream Font Navigator 5.0, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications 6.3, Kodak Digital Science color management system, and QuickTime 6.0 Player.

Microsoft Office and WordPerfect Office Compatibility
When you create graphics in CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12, you never have to worry about Microsoft Office or WordPerfect Office compatibility. CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 is a perfect companion to these office suites, making it possible to easily preview and import graphics files into text documents, slide presentations and spreadsheets without needing to worry about file format compatibility. This gives businesses the assurance that their graphics can be incorporated quickly and seamlessly into all business collateral. In effect, CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 is an entire creative design agency in a box; businesses can now produce their own business and marketing collateral, and can easily create animated graphics for use in presentations and Web sites. The suite also offers improved file compatibility, allowing users to open and save more than 100 file formats, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, EPS, PDF and more.

Save Time and Money
With CorelDraw Graphics 12 Windows-based interface, businesses can be assured that users will learn the advanced features quickly and easily. Also, the included interactive training CD offers design tips to help users get up to speed quickly on all the suite's new features.

What's in the Box
Four CD-ROMs, including interactive training CD, CorelDraw 12, Corel Photo-Paint 12, Corel R.A.V.E. 3, CorelTrace 12, CorelCapture 12; user guide, digital content manual, and quick-start/registration card.

  • Design suite for illustration, page-layout vector drawing, and more; includes CorelDraw Graphics 12, Corel Photo-Paint 12, and Corel R.A.V.E. 3
  • Over 10,000 professional clipart images; 1,000 TrueType and Type 1 fonts; and 1,000 photos and objects are included
  • Highly compatible with Microsoft Office, Corel Wordperfect and most other industry standard applications
  • Interactive training CD gets you up to speed quickly and easily
  • Ideal for freelance designers, engineers, advertising personnel, and more

Customer Reviews:

  • The best version yet!
    I have been a CorelDraw user since version 3, and have owned every version except 6, and even beta tested a couple.
    Draw12 is terrific. I use it on a daily basis for everything from technical illustration, to 4-color advertising, to landscape design, and beyond. This version is very stable. The snapping options alone are worth the price of admission. I output prepress PDF files with no problem.
    PhotoPaint is also a major player. Somebody complained that an object rotation of less than 90 degrees caused major blurring of the object. I found some blurring to occur, but running the unsharp mask clears it up nicely.
    All in all, terrific bang for the buck....more info
  • If Adobe Illustrator makes you crazy... or even if it doesn't
    I've used CorelDraw on the PC since version 1 blew me away at a PC Expo. Since then I have upgraded at least every other version with the only regret being #6. To be fair though, that was the days of the 486 PC and I was asking a lot of the software.

    Bottom line, many of Draw's standard features were long after appearing as "major" upgrades to Illustrator. CorelDraw always seems to be ahead of the curve not only feature wise but in ease of use. Even today editing nodes in Illustrator is much more awkward. There are many free resources, tutorials and help available as well as CDUG, one of the friendliest and genuinly helpful user groups around (no flames, newbys welcome).

    Yes, keep Illustrator. I use it as my most expensive import / export filter.

    FWIW...more info
  • Awesome product!
    Great software. I saw a very good price at Buy dot com. Just search for CGS12ENGPC....more info
  • A great release of Corel Draw. The various naysayers don't know what they are talking about.
    CorelDraw 12 is the best bargain in graphics today. It is reliable and very easy to use. You don't have to pay the hefty ransom Adobe demands for Photoshop and Illustrator because CorelDraw can do most of the things that Adobe does with far more flexible and easier-to-master interfaces. This is powerful, first-class software.

    For about 1/2 the price of either Photoshop OR Illustrator, you get get top notch bitmap AND vector editing. You also get a slew of good fonts, in both Type 1 and True Type formats, from a variety font vendors including Adobe, Agfa, and Bitstream. These fonts alone are worth the cost of the program.

    About the only area where you would need Illustrator instead of CorelDraw is in prepress production, where the Illustrator's ability to open and modify almost any Postscript file is unsurpassed. However, this is also Illustrator's main weakness in that it is so tightly coupled to the Postscript language that the drawing metaphors are very complex and hard to use for creating new art.

    With Coreldraw, you can create complex graphics with powerful, wonderfully interactive drawing tools, and a clean, easy-to-master interface.

    Photopaint is no poor stepchild to CorelDraw, especially since version 8. It fully supports Adobe Photoshop layers, but Photopaint also supports a much more friendly object-oriented metaphor, where bitmaps can be stacked, aligned and rotated on each other just like vector objects in CorelDraw. Various filters and transparencies can be applied interactively to each object. This makes it much easier to experiment and often results in fewer trips to menus compared to photoshop.

    The import/export filters are just fine thank you. CorelDraw writes and reads a vast number of formats including Illustrator, Photoshop (.psd), postcript, pdf, and CAD files with good accuracy. I don't know what is wrong with .pdf support because CorelDraw makes excellent PDFs with plenty of control, over font embedding, converting font outlines to curves, bitmap downsampling options, and color conversion.

    As a programmer, I love the VBA macro languages used by both Photopaint and CorelDraw. I have used them to automate the creation of web interface elements.

    The commercial sign industry uses CorelDraw almost exclusively. If it was as terrible as the Mac/Adobe bigots would have you believe, you would think these vendors would have found some other program by now. It isn't, try the demo and see for yourself....more info
  • Corel have added great features and taken away others
    I have used Coreldraw for almost 6 years everyday in my job from version 9 thru 12. I was so comfortable with Coreldraw 9 and it was very easy to learn. It was an amazing program for screenprint and embroidery purposes. I upgraded to 11 and they changed all the icons on the toolbars, alienating all the Corel 9 users, but the basics of the program where still there. This is a minor point as its still a great program. Luckily Corel 12 has the same toolbar look as 11 so I'm now used to it. Corel 12 is a much more stable program than 11 and I have yet had a problem with it crashing.

    Corel have added some nice features, including the smart drawing tool. You can draw a rough shape and the program will convert it a clean square or circle. This can save alot of time if you want to lay things out quickly. You can also take a clean straight line object and easily give it a jagged edge with the move of the mouse.

    The Corel program in general is easier to use than Illustrator as its more down to earth, and alot more direct to achieve the same effects.
    The options to customise the program are mindblowing, as you can set all your own shortcuts, add and remove certain tools and even re-design the look of the icons if you wish. There is also a setting to make Corel look like the Illustrator workspace so that anyone stepping over from Adobe will not feel out of place.

    Corel have always had easier print options than Adobe. The seperation and prepress tabs are easy to follow and change. Luckily this hasn't changed since previous versions.

    It also has a wide range of file supports, including EPS, JPEG, Adobe Illustrator and DXF. The other programs that come in the suite easily compete with the Adobe CS suite. Especially Corel Trace, which does an excellent job of tracing bitmap images to Vector.

    Unfortunately I have come to realise that Corel 12 has lost certain small features that all the previous version have kept. When you use a program everyday you get used to shortcuts and methods of designing. But now Corel 12 makes you go the long way round. Small things like not being able to edit an object if its grouped to others, and not being able to make simple changes to nodes without accessing it with the shape tool.

    These are all minor things that otherwise make for a great design program for the fraction of the price of Adobe CS. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Too picky. Too much to learn.
    I got this to make simple designs, for shirts, etc. I must say that it is extremely complicated. It's way too picky about what you can do and how you can do it. Not user-friendly at all. I've gotten a basic understanding of it over the past several months, but generally, it's just way too much. Too complicated. It did come with several other programs, such as a photo program, an animation program, etc. but all in all, I wish I had Photoshop. ...more info
    I have been using CorelDraw since it first came out. This software has helped me create stunning results effortlessly. Also, CorelDraw's layout and ease of use beats Adobe products hands-down! I love CorelDraw and hope they stay in there as they have a "winner" of a product despite Adobe's overly-touted, expensive and snobby software. Hang in there CorelDraw, you're the very best... I love your product! Been a loyal fan of yours for years and years......more info
  • very poor graphics suite
    I have noticed favorable reviews here, with the reviewer asserting intimate knowledge and experience with this suite, its forerunners, or several other programs. I cannot address how someone with a decade of experience might react to this tangled mess, only how someone with slight familiarity with a paint program or similar might react.

    First, opening the box and installing the programs is a chore. Unlike the dozens of other programs I have on my system, rather than taking half an hour, or so, installing these programs took the better part of two was if the developers consciously decided to find another way, rather than standards users are familiar with, to do everthing. Particularly annoying this the spyware, in the guise of searching for updates, which is at least difficult to remove, if not impossible. The tool which Corel, alone among software developers, seems to have been forced to put in their help files on their inadequate site, doesn't work, at least the way the instructions read. Hopefully, with several manhours more effort this spyware can be removed from my system.

    Worse than this though is the tutorial, presumably for first time users to familiarize themselves and get started with this product.

    First lesson "Using the toolbar to start a drawing"

    On the toolbar click "New" button to start a new far, so good. This desirable state of events quickly ends, however, for the second instruction begins"

    "From the Zoom levels list box"...and nothing more. No hint where this box may be found, nothing in the totally inadequate help file nothing....the "tutorial" is then over for the new user.

    Sit and stare at the graphic representation in the middle of your computer screen while you contemplate exactly how much a program which displays a picture of a piece of paper, plus took a manday or so to install spyware on your system, is worth.
    ...more info
  • Much Improved CorelDraw 12
    I am very impressed with the improvements in CorelDraw 12. I couldn't be happier. I have always used CorelDraw for great black & white diagrams, but this version seems best of any. I was very impressed that I can ungroup, move around points and lines in the individual sections, and they will all remain selected while being moved, then go back to the original pick tool and regroup them again. So much easier! I'm still learning and finding improvements, but it looks cleaner and easier to use than ever before. If you can get your hands on a copy of this program, jump at the chance. The tendency to crash of version 11 is gone! It's going to be really fun....more info
  • True Graphic Creation Power
    I've used them all: Illustrator, Corel, Photoshop, Fireworks, MS Word (I know, I know..) Pagemaker; now Indesign. Since the 386 processor i've used these programs. Corel Draw has ALWAYS been easier to use. Yes they ALL have powerful features but for me, Corel Draw has been the vector based graphic program that I like and count on. I primarily use Corel Draw 12 and Photoshop CS. With these two programs you can do everything short of 3D animation.

    Theres is no easier way to create a poster or a flyer or a newsletter than Corel Draw!

    This program is awesome because it is powerful AND easy to use!

    My recommendation: Get Corel 12 and Photoshop CS. You'll thank me!...more info
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12
    This is an excellent graphics program which suits my needs well....more info
  • Very bad crash issues and instability problems
    I've been using CorelDRAW and PPT since version 4, and I must say that the latest version, whether it be because of the patch or not, is widly unstable.

    For instance, 5 minutes ago I threw together a texture for a 3D model I'd been working on and as soon as I switched to the "Brush" swatch, crashed. The App Recovery Wizard doesn't even work correctly. It hangs and says the same thing each time.

    This crash happens often, reguardless of the operation you are doing and only seems to target certain machine setups.

    Tech support used to be good, however, they suck now and the sarcasm I've gotten from some of them made me want to punch glass objects.

    Please Corel, patch 12 so it works!

    AR...more info