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Micromat TechTool Pro 4 (Mac)
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Product Description

This is the eagerly anticipated Universal Binary version of TechTool Pro that will run on both Intel and PowerPC-based Macs. It fully supports the hardware changes introduced to the Macintosh platform with the introduction of the new MacIntel chipsets. All of the features of the program that were previously available for PowerPC based Macs are available for Intel-based Macs as well. This includes the innovative eDrive (emergency startup partition) feature of the program, found nowhere else. In addition to Universal Binary support, the new release will also include some significant program enhancements, including improved Disk Controller test routines. Unlike most application software, more than a simple re-compile of the program was required to support the new Intel-based Macs. Because TechTool Pro works with the computer hardware at the lowest levels, it was necessary for Micromat to completely re-engineer the software from the ground up. In order to support the new models, Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) is required to run the program.
TechTool Pro ships on DVD for both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. The DVD will automatically boot the correct system version.
No product comes close to TechTool Pro for ensuring that all of your hardware and software is operating at peak performance. No other software gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your valuable data is protected by the latest technology. With a single mouse click, TechTool Pro can automatically run a series of sophisticated tests that will troubleshoot almost any problem you are having with your Macintosh.

  • New Volume Journaling tool makes you run your directory structure more quickly & efficiently than ever.
  • Multiple protection and prevention features send mail alerts anytime a problem is found
  • Complete suite of Self Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology(SMART tests) monitors overall performance and keeps you aware of the situation
  • Runs faster and more efficiently with the power of Mac OS X
  • Checks Internet connections, networks, modems and some 3rd-party external peripherals

Customer Reviews:

  • Steer clear
    I wish I had read these reviews before buying Techtool Pro. It seems rather like a defective product. I had a drive that wouldn't mount, and TTP recognized it, and acted like it could recover it, but when I switched from "Drive" mode to "Volume" mode, the drive was no longer visible to the software, so it wouldn't perform any tests.
    (In Drive mode, the problem drive passed all the hardware tests multiple times)
    I executed the data recovery routine (which took literally all night to run on my 40GB drive, and it found 700+ arbitrary recoverable files from the thousands I had on the drive. It didn't retain the filenames, so it was a crapshoot when recovering any of them (most were superfluous utilities and Word docs, rather than my important files).

    If you have a defective drive, put your money toward a new drive, rather than this gamble....more info
  • Not Ready For Prime Time
    Completely hosed the 250 GB HD on my new 20" iMac. Drive had to be replaced by Apple.

    Takes forever to boot from the CD and the fan operates at an extremely high rate. Tests seem to take forever to run and resulted in a drive that wouldn't mount and couldn't be reformatted, S.M.A.R.T. reported the drive damaged.

    It is a shame as I have used the product in the past and found it to effective and reliable.

    Currently, I am using Prosoft's Drive Genius which has fewer features, but seems much more reliable....more info
  • Created more problems in Tiger than it solved
    This program has messed up one disk (that was working perfectly) so badly that even DiskWarrior can't repair it. It has fixed no problems on any disk. Get DiskWarrior and hope that a better version (which is compatible with Tiger) comes along soon....more info
  • techtool pro
    have used once for general maint & defrag - did the job just fine...have not had to use the recover features.......more info
  • I Think It's Good
    Some software's are so complicated - but this doesn't appear to be. It seems to be rather quite simple... That is, if I'm taking advantages of all it can do. I bought it because of the reviews on this site and CNET. I guess it "dose" good for the "system" becsue it seems to run better afterwords (CERTAINLY not worse) - however if my computing functions are all that complicated in the first place to need such "refining" remains to be seen. So I recommend it "just because" it's good to have something that dose what it says it dose... But always remember - don't fool yourself - run the "advanced" scan at night - it will tip the scales at FOUR HOURS or even more... ...more info
  • Really - Quite Good!
    I've been using TechTools utilities (including Drive 10) for years. I have always found TechTools to be a great utility product for the Mac. TechTools Pro 4 (4.0.6) meets that standard. Easy to use, a beautify interface, and fast. It was fab for routine maintenance including opt-ing drives. The eDrive (which is a relatively new feature) was a bit confusing, but once I ogt a handle on its function and purpose, it was a breeze. Since I have a small hard drive (only 40 G), I elected to install the eDrive on a separate USB Iomega mini-drive. It worked great and I feel comfortable with the fact that I have a separate start up drive when the ultimate harm (a crashed drive) strikes.

    To conclude, I would recommend this product....more info
  • excellent service
    received shipping notice right away. did not receive my software for like a month. emailed amazon and they sent another one right away....more info
  • Beware of Tech tool
    Used Tech tool Pro 4.0.6 on my Powerbook G4 running Tiger. Ran maintenance and optimization and all of a sudden my computer shut down and would not boot up all the way. After days on the phone with Micromat technical assistance- still nothing. They told me to call Disk Savers who could recover my files for $1400. Went to Apple Store, where we ran Disk Warrior- which had to rebuild my directories.(Why couldn't Tech Tool do this?) My files were saved, but now have to do a clean install of operating system, etc. What a pain!! Warning - be careful with this product....more info
  • Good Program Has Quirk
    Tech Tool Pro is an excellent disk utility program for Mac users that provides essential tools to keep your hard drives working in optimum condition. It also allows you to maintain and optimize your drives to keep them running smooth. Additionally, it can alert you of drive failures and problems before they strike thus making data loss less likely with advanced warnings. When compared with other Mac disk utility programs on the market, I would say that Tech Tool Pro is definitely preferred over anything produced by Norton. Granted, I have never used Norton on a Mac but I have used it on Windows PC machines and let's just say that my experience with the Windows version was more than enough to steer me clear of trying their Mac version. Tech Tool Pro seems to me to be more stable and reliable than Norton, and I would assume that applies to the Mac version as well.

    I first started using this program with OS X Panther and applied the necessary patches released by Micromat when I migrated my system to OS X Tiger. Most of the features worked in Tech Tool Pro but one feature that ceased to work correctly was the "eDrive". This is an emergency bootable partition that Tech Tool will create and boot from to allow you to run repair operations to your start up volume. After applying all of the patches to Tech Tool Pro to make it compatible with Tiger I started having problems with the functionality of the eDrive. I had to spend a lot of time working on this and spent some frustrating moments trying to resolve the problem. For some reason Tech Tool Pro could not properly create the eDrive under Tiger and when I tried to create it it would freeze my system and would not boot up.

    I eventually had to resolve the problem by manually creating the eDrive on a firewire hard drive and now all is working normally. Micromat tech support was very helpful and responsive, although they could not resolve the problem to create the eDrive partition from within the program. They did provide me detailed step by step instructions on how to work around this and set up the eDrive manually which is working perfectly now. All in all, this is a good program but it obviously has some issues with Tiger that relates to the eDrive functionality. Hopefully, this type of problem will be eventually resolved but at least there is a simple work around should you encounter the same problem. It appears that not everyone has this problem and my problem may have been related to something getting corrupted in the move from Panther to Tiger; who knows. Despite this one minor glitch, I can heartily recommend this program as one that every Mac user should have at his disposal along with Disk Warrior. I was very impressed with Micromat and their level of support and professionalism. This is a product worth having....more info
  • TechTool Pro v4.6.1 will not work with Mac OS X 10.5
    I've had Tech Tool Pro from the start. I thought it to be essential. Not so as it will not work for me with Mac 6S X 10.5.

    I have a G-Drive 500 GB exterior hard drive. It is the item 4.6.1 cannot deal with. I have just run a complete defrag of the G-Drive in this, my 20th or so attempt to get 4.6.1 to run. Running the medium program, as recommended for periodic maintence, it runs to Volumes, Volume Structures (for the G-Drive) to the point of Catalog File (B-Tree) number 1394362 of 2604014 and freezes. Nothing clicks. The computer must then be completely shut down then restarted in order to get the disk to eject.

    This completely worthless. And to think I paid an upgrade from 4.5 only to get the code more perfectly written to serve the Intel processors. My unit is still a Powerbook with G4 chip.

    And to think I paid for the 4.6 then the announcements about 5.0 began with explanation mmost all of us would have to pay for an entire upgrade again.

    If Micromat thinks we will all be sheep & buy 5.0 they have another thing coming....more info
  • Do NOT waste your $$$$
    To begin with, TTP is not by any means the only game in town. It is however, going to be the the most expensive or completely useless. Micromat will be happy either way. As a current Micromat customer, I am the proud owner of an expensive utility that worked for all of two months. Leopard broke it completely. When Micromat updated their utility to be compatible with Apple's current OS, they wanted all of us to pay them again. They simply renamed the "update" from "Techtool Pro 4" r4.5.3 to "Techtool Pro 4" r4.6.1 an "upgrade". They're also calling their all new "Techtool Pro 5" an "upgrade". Do yourself a favor, buy Diskwarrior and you'll only have to pay for it just the one time....more info
  • Awesome disk utility!!!
    I have been using Macs for 6 years and I received TechTool Pro as a birthday present. It is much better then Norton Utilities for Mac, mainly because TechTool Pro allows you to make what Micromat calls an eDrive, which is a nice touch that doesn't destroy your current partition and allows you to boot into the version of OS X that you have installed with a copy of TechTool Pro to allow you to optimize your hard disk without having to use the bootable CD-ROM. I have Mac OS X Panther 10.3.9 on my iMac and I found out that my hard disk was fragmented so I ran TechTool Pro and it now runs faster....more info