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Lowepro Rezo 20 Camera Case (Black)
List Price: $14.95

Our Price: $13.45

You Save: $1.50 (10%)


Product Description

Compact, sophisticated and lightweight, the Rezo 20 offers serious protection for compact digital cameras. Now available in five colors, these stylish carrying cases allow you to express your own sense of personal style without compromising camera protection.

  • Stretchable gusset design provides a tight, protective fit with a low-profile design
  • Soft tricot lining protects the cameras LCD screen from scratches
  • Front-access accessory pocket provides quick access to memory cards or batteries
  • Includes shoulder strap and SlipLock attachment tab to fasten to our belt, purse or other Lowepro products
  • Internal dimensions: 3 x 1.2 x 4.1 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Initial Impression
    I trusted the Lowe name from their reputation in outdoor/mountaineering gear. I wanted as small a package as possible for portability that would still offer protection to my one-ninety investment.

    My camera, a Panasonic DMC-LZ1, is a rather uncommon shape. It's a compact body with a lens that projects farther than average (though still amazingly small for 6x optical), so I was worried about going too small. The list measurements for the LZ1 are 3-15/16(W) 2-1/2(H) 1-15/16(D). The package lists 4x3x1-1/4 as the internal dimensions, but note that it "stretches". Although the actual dimensions of the camera are less than 1-15/16 deep, it does stretch the Rezo 20 substantially. With the lens facing outward and the wriststrap attached, I have to stuff the wriststrap toward the lens housing. "Smallest Possible?" Accomplished. Almost too small for comfort, but that's what I was seeking. The main pocket itself opens considerably, so I do not fear the zipper scratching the lcd. The "NoDrop" Trademark refers to the ability of the main pocket to open fully without allowing the camera to fall when it the bag is vertical. The zipper has two heads, both with dangly parts that are to make them easier to grab. Because of the zipper placement, I would be wary of the "water resistant" claim in anything greater than a light mist. However, it will easily fit under my existing rain gear.

    There is also a front pocket that expands considerably. With a 512MB SD card, I don't suspect I will keep anything in there other than spare batteries, but there is sufficient room to stuff the shoulder strap in there should you feel the need to use it occasionally. The shoulder strap clips are metal. They do not have much room to move around within the nylon loops, but the strap itself is allowed to rotate freely from the clips. The sliding length-adjuster is plastic, but its longevity does not seem suspect.

    The belt clip was my favorite surprise. There is some stiffness to it that gives it more support than the velcro alone would be able to muster.

    It will take a lot of use before I am able to determine whether the Rezo 20 was the right bag for me, but it was certainly what I was looking for and more.

    I paid more at newegg than I would have here because I've had good experience with their shipping (incredibly fast last time). They must take Veterans Day off or something though, because I would've been better served by taking the lowest price.

    M@...more info
  • Good protection, compact size
    I was looking in local stores for the LowePro D Res 10 AW, which garnered good reviews here on Amazon. I was looking for a compact protective case to clip onto a belt. A shoulder strap for such a tiny camera bag is cumbersome. However, the best I could find was the Rezo 20, which turned out to be a good fit for my Canon A540. The Rezo 20 seems to be padded fairly well, and the belt clip, although only with a single velcro patch closure, seems relatively sturdy. I would probably clip the neck strap around my belt as a safety strap in case the velcro lets go while walking or hiking. The front pocket holds batteries and a memory card could probably be squeezed in there too. Time will tell how well it works, but I'm optimistic that it'll do....more info
  • Perfect size
    This bag is a perfect fit for my Canon PowerShot SD770IS 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Black) with just enough room in the front pouch for an extra battery and memory card, which was important to me. Clip an Alpine Innovations Spudz Microfiber Cloth in Black Pouch, 6X6 to it for a convenient cleaning cloth that looks like it came with the bag.

    Shoulder strap is thin and for such a small bag not the most practical. Fortunately the belt clip features both velcro and a button safety snap making it a very secure alternative. ...more info
  • Nicely done
    My Lowepro Rezo camera case was a smart buy I made after reading another buyer's review. The feature of a snap in addition to a velcro closure for the belt loop gives extra security and the front section with the mesh pocket within safely holds my extra batteries and cards. ...more info