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Bosu Balance Trainer Home Version
List Price: $139.99

Our Price: $95.00

You Save: $44.99 (32%)


Product Description

The BOSU? Trainer from Fitness Quest? allows you to combine all elements of fitness for a successful workout. The trainer also comes with a total body workout DVD, owner's manual and foot pump. BOSU? gives a whole new meaning to "moving with control" as you learn to workout on this ever-changing surface! The DVD runs through a variety of workouts, combining balance, cardiovascular, toning and stretching.

Appropriate for everyone from elite athletes to kids to weekend warriors trying to stay in shape, the Bosu Balance Trainer helps you strengthen and coordinate several major muscle groups, including the muscles you don't see. The Balance Trainer targets your core muscles--the muscles around your abdominal and back area--while you perform lunges, bicep curls, pushups, hip extensions, flies, rows, and a host of other exercises. As a result, you not only gain strength, trim, and tone, but also improve your balance and coordination along the way. In addition, Bosu training helps strengthen the mind, with thoughtful movement that requires the participant to not only be physically involved, but also "here and present" with the mind fully engaged. By combining physical and mental focus, Bosu training will boost your performance across a wide continuum of activities, including sports, recreation, and daily tasks.

The Bosu Balance Trainer is available in blue only and comes with a workout DVD, a pump, and an exercise manual to get you started.

  • Blue balance trainer for strengthening and coordinating your core muscle groups
  • Ideal for performing lunges, bicep curls, pushups, hip extensions, flies, rows, and more
  • Helps you gain strength, trim, and tone while encouraging mental focus
  • Boosts performance across wide range of activities, including sports and recreation
  • Comes with workout DVD, inflation pump, and exercise manual

Customer Reviews:

  • Love the BOSU but the pump is no good
    I love my BOSU but the pump broke the first time I used it. No idea how to get another one. It was of extremely cheap and flimsy construction. You'd be better off buying a BOSU from another manufacturer with a real pump (such as a bicycle type pump)....more info
  • Bosu Ball
    The bosu is great! It arrived on time as promised and was new. Thank you for the prompt service and my new bosu! ...more info
  • Make sure you know how to use it before just inflating it!
    The home version of the BOSU balance trainer is just as sturdy as the PRO variety used at health clubs. However, it's important that you know how to use it correctly. The BOSU should be inflated to 10 inches, and if properly inflated and plugged, it should not lose air nor pop out of its frame.

    I have been using BOSU with clients for over 2 years, and I've never had any problems despite having inflated and deflated my BOSUs several times on several occasions. I recommend this home version to my clients and website visitors because it is far less expensive compared to the pro version and just as effective for home use.

    If you're new to BOSU training, consider taking a class with a certified BOSU instructor (or better still, a BOSU master trainer like myself) or purchase a BOSU video. It's not just a bouncy step :-)...more info

  • Just like the gym
    Don't be misled by the name: The Bosu Balance Trainer Home Version is identical to those you use at the gym: big, sturdy, and tough. The directions are clear, and it's easy to inflate. But do be prepared to be surprised by its effect: You'll start to feel it with even ten beginner jumps a few times a day. ...more info
  • Bosu Ball
    This ball is awesome! It's one of the most challenging workouts I ever had! Totally worth every penny! I'm a runner and cyclist and this ball made me feel OUT OF SHAPE! I've seen many improvements already and look forward to using it to its maximum potential in the future. It did take over a week and a half to deliver but was easy to track....more info
  • Great Deal!
    I've been tracking the prices of the Bosu Balance Trainer for months, and this was the first time I had ever found it lower than $99. It is exactly what you see in stores - including the DVD and pump. Shipment was faster than expected....more info
  • Great workout with Bosu
    This is a great product and even greater workout. The pump is very similar to the one I have for my large balance ball and I found it easy to pump up quickly. When used like I use my step I find that in just 15 minutes I'm sweating and feeling a difference. It is great for ab work as well. There is also a workout on Fit TV using this product with the inventor as the instructor that I have recorded that's fun but it does come with a 30 minute workout dvd which is good as well.

    ...more info
  • Been wanting one for awhile
    Love this item. Use it @ the gym regularly and have wanted one for awhile. Great for core work....more info
  • Good balance aid
    I have used the Bosu for nearly 2 years. Due to a fused ankle and some muscle loss in my lower legs, balance is an important element for me to work on. I find the Bosu is great for a lot of different balance and core exercises. I would say that some of the recommended exercises in the book and video are a bit of a stretch, since you don't need a Bosu to do them effectively, but it is still a good addition to a home gym....more info
  • Flat rating for flat exercising equipment
    I purchased this item in x-mas of 2003 for my wife.
    It is a very fun equipment to use, jumping up and down and learning to balance on the BOSU. But, After 2 months of use, it lost some air, and I reinflated it. Unfortunately, I guess the plug area isn't made of good material. It has leak around the plug. Now, the equipment is sitting outside after 2 months of use..., or not even 2 months. I would not recommend this item for anyone to purchase....more info
  • Excellent workout
    This is a great workout, I run and workout regularly and felt very out of shape and uncoordinated after doing this workout. I really like the DVD that comes with this and will probably purchase a different DVD once I get a little better at this. ...more info
  • Bosu was what I expected
    I purchased the Bosu Balance Trainer as I was recovering from a fractured ankle. It is GREAT for balance training. The quality of the Bosu is good. I had no problems following the inflation instructions, although the inflation pump is very flimsy. I anticipate that I will continue to use the Bosu as a part of my future exercise routine. Oh, my cat also likes to use it as a scratching post, so I have to keep it upside down when not in use :>)...more info
  • Bosu a great core training tool
    Ordered this piece of equipment after using it at our fitness club, then having to take a month leave due to surgery. Still was able to do a wide range of exercises at home. Felt a little guilty about spending the price but it was worth it....more info
  • I Love It!
    I first used the Bosu at a fitness center. I loved it so much I bought one for my "home gym". Assembly is easy. Just use the pump (included with purchase) to inflate. It comes with a DVD containing three short workouts. In the workouts, the Bosu is used much like a step in step areobics. The workouts are fun and challenging. I use my Bosu for doing squats and lunges. I also stand/balance on it while using hand weights to do bicep curls, shoulder presses, tricep kickbacks, etc. The added challenge of keeping your balance while strength training really works your core. I noticed a difference in my abs within weeks....more info
  • Good workout and useful for balancing
    The day after buying the Bosu and using once, it lost a lot of air. Re-inflated but still lost about an inch of height a day.

    The replacement unit retains air much better. Upgraded my initial evaluation of 1 star to 4.

    It's interesting that the Bosu manual says it's not for commercial use....more info
  • I own 2 bosu's
    What a terrific core work-out. Once you get used to balancing using your core the work-out is ideal. An instruction dvd came with the bosu and I use it on days when I don't have much time as it is 30 minutes, also I own 2 longer bosu work-out dvd's (1 hr +) that I exercise to on the weekends. I actually own 2 bosu balls. ...more info
  • Unhappy with my purchase
    I had been using the Bosu Ball at my physical therapy appointments and absolutely loved it. I ordered one from Amazon and received it a short time later. I went to inflate it with the cheap foot pump and it kept deflating. I thought I was doing something wrong until I realized there was a big tear in the plastic right around the inflation ring. Bummer. I did not see all of the negative reviews until now and am really hesitating on buying another ball. Anybody had a good experience with the ball?...more info
  • Bosu Trainer
    Excellent for home cardo/balance workout. Knew how good it would be b/c used it at the gym....more info
  • Very good.
    I really love this. My balance has improved a lot. THE Bosu makes working out fun. My only complaint is that the plug is very hard to remove. I've been unable to remove it yet. Otherwise it is nice. The base is very sturdy hard plastic and the dome is made of thick plastic. It's a bit hard to get used to when first starting out, but once you get acclimated it can be a very rewarding exercise session. Improving balance and strength will help you in all of your daily activities....more info
  • Just what I was looking for & the pump worked fine for me.
    I was a little shy about buying the lower priced BOSU ($100) rather than the $200 one but I've been happy with this home version. So far, I cannot tell the difference between this one and the one at the gym (which I assume is the $200 ball). My pump worked great, albeit rather loud. Compared to my extremely frustrating experience trying to inflate the "Body Dome" this was a piece of cake!

    If you've used a BOSU and you like them I see no reason not to buy this version....more info
  • Excellent Product!
    I love this product! The instructors on the DVD do a great job explaining how to use it....more info