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SanDisk SDMSPD-512-A10 512 MB MemoryStick Pro Duo (Retail Package)
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $4.99

You Save: $35.00 (88%)


Product Description

The SANDISK SDMSPD512768 Memory Stick PRO Duo flash memory card is designed to fit electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras and other consumer electronic devices. Memory Stick PRO Duo cards are especially suited for the new generation of mobile phones with storage intensive features such as digital cameras, video capture and playback, digital audio players, games, and messaging capabilities Includes Memory Stick adapter for use in all Memory Stick or Memory Stick PRO devices

Trust SanDisk's leading edge technology to let you transfer, store, and view your world of photos, music, video, and data with ease. SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo cards deliver optimal performance, optimal pricing, advanced security, and guaranteed compatibility with all Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo compatible devices. SanDisk Standard Memory Stick Pro Duo cards let you get the most out of your digital camera, cell phone, digital camcorder or PDA.

At half the size of a standard Memory Stick Pro card, SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo cards feature fast data transfer and real time recording of high-resolution moving images and video, making them perfect for use with digital cameras and camcorders. SanDisk Pro duo cards exceed the minimum Memory Stick Pro specifications, and advanced security is provided by a unique access control function. Meanwhile, MagicGate technology is integrated for securing copyright-protectedcontent. The card comes with a 5-year limited warranty and an adapter is included for use in standard Memory Stick Pro slots.

  • Larger storage capacities than standard Memory Stick cards
  • Exceeds minimum Memory Stick PRO specifications
  • Advanced security with Access Control Function and MagicGate technology
  • Compatible with all Memory Stick PRO-compatible devices
  • 5-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • A good, fair priced memory stick
    Works like it should so far and was a reasonable price. Probably just as good as the Sony branded....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised
    I purchased this from the Millenium store thru Amazon. The memory stick came a little late but in great condition with an adaptor also. I have used this with my Sony DSC-H5 and am now going to use it in my Sony Ericsson W810i cell phone. Love this memory. Great performance....more info
  • The scan disk did not work for the Canon digital camera, however, it may be perfect for a different brand.
    SanDisk SDMSPD-512-A10 512 MB MemoryStick Pro Duo

    This product did not work at all for the Canon A590IS digital camera.
    It may work perfectly for a different brand.

    ...more info
  • Excellent memory stick
    the ScanDisk 512MB memory stick pro duo is great and at affordable price, cheaper at amazon then most stores and even ebay!...more info
  • good
    well, it's a freaking memory chip. it works... what else can i say?
    the 512mb storage space is not very big, but it's more than enough for me.

    it comes with a adaptor, which i thought my camera needs, but turns out it doesn't. but it's always good to have it in case i will need it in the future (which i doubt i will)....more info
  • MemoryStick Pro Duo
    It has work flawlessly since I received it. No problems yet....more info
  • Good bet for the price...
    this is the good item with the type of $ you spend....more info
  • reliable and great!!!
    Quite fast and reliable memory stick card. It is 2006 Aug and I still use it (more than a year now), I dont have any problem with it. Sony DSC is the best camera and I love it, esp the video mode. ...more info
  • Good buy
    This is an excellent purchase. Dosent give me any problems whatsoever and it comes with a Memory stick pro slot into which you can insert this and use as a memory stick pro device. ...more info
  • Memory stick
    This product is versatile and working well. i now have more capacity and shooting better pictures and could shoot more....more info
  • Great Deal, great product
    I bought this for my Sony camera and have had no problems whatsoever with it! It was a great deal, too!...more info
  • Works great with PSP
    I bought this card for use with a PSP and it works great. Not much else to say about it....more info
  • very good
    I had it for over a year, then I sold it with the camera, I got it for half the price the sony card was.
    fast, reliable, dependable....more info
  • Very Usefull comes with adapter included
    I PURCHASED 2 CARDS FOR ABOUT us$ 42 FOR MY psp they work Ok. I had other sandisk products and dont have any complaints. Best of all these cards came with the Adapter Memory Stick Pro duo to Memory Stick. So I could use it with my videocamera. Its nice when one company starts addresing the multiple formats problems. ...more info
  • Works like a MemStick should
    Good price on this memory stick and the size is hard to find in retail stores in my area. It works great for holding drivers for my PSP. I have no complaints about the product, hard to beat if you're looking for this size....more info
  • Cumpli¨® a cabalidad con las espectativas
    Cumpli¨® con todas las espectativas esperadas. Producto por encima del promedio....more info
  • Great price - Made in China
    I bought the 512 MB. memory stick as an upgrade for the 16 MB. one which came with my new Sony HDV video camera. This camera can also take 2.8Mpix. digital pictures.

    The memory stick works fine but there may be some compability issues. Windows XP has no problem recognizing the sony stick when I stick it in the card reader to download my pictures, but it dosn't recognize the sandisk at all.

    I'm waiting for a reply from Sandisk support to see if there is a driver or something else required....more info