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Evil Genius
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Product Description

Evil Genius is a funny take on the spy thrillers of the 1960s. Here, you get to be the villain for a change - control your secret island fortress and find the right henchmen. Then build incredible gizmos and pull off incredible crimes, while building your doomsday device!

  • Find and recruit talented henchmen - Scope out war zones for talent, scour universities for ideologues and plan prison breaks
  • Repel the forces of justice in exciting real-time combat
  • Develop all-new super weapons to defeat dangerous enemies and complete your evil plan
  • Undertake evil missions to increase your notorious reputation, from kidnapping pop stars to stealing priceless pieces of art -- even stealing the Eiffel Tower

Customer Reviews:

  • An Amazing game that everyone in the family can enjoy.
    Evil Genius is an amazingly addictive strategy game (sort of a Sims game). It has great humor, great graphics, great sound, and lots of great gameplay. In the game you build an evil lair and send your minions around the world doing evil deeds. Meanwhile you raise cash, more minions, build a bigger base, buid traps, and defend your base against the nasty do-gooder agents (ala James Bond) trying to take you down.

    Doing all of these things is great fun. Just deciding on your base design is fun and the graphic animations are terrifc so just watching things happen is entertaining. Fortunately the game will easily take you 40 hours or more to complete and you will certainly want to play it at least one more time to incorporate all you learned on your first play.

    Overall, Evil Genius is a great mix of strategy and campy humor that will probably keep you playing long into the night....more info
  • Almost Unplayable
    Living proof that you can go wrong with a classic James Bond Spoof. The style is great, the plot is great, but the problems more than make up for it.

    This game is very "Sim" like, fair enough, but it becomes overly Sim like when you have to buy your minions ping pong tables and arcade machines. Thankfully you do not have to build them bathrooms or clean up after them when they forget to go.

    The real Sim Imported Weakness is however in the AI. Your minions are incredibly stupid, even your henchman have fairly unresponsive controls and there is no AI override, so when your Sims get stuck in a corner because two of them have contradictory instruction sets, there is absolutely nothing you can do but replace them and redo whatever they were doing.

    If there is something you need to do and that requires some of your Sims do something particular, say you need a particular item to be researched by one of your scientists, you can not prioritize this. Essentially, you are going to have to sit there and wait while putting out spot fires with your unresponsive henchmen until one of your Sims randomly decides to do this, which could take many hours.

    The controls are simple but highly unresponsive. The most challenging thing about this game, is the amount of time you waste redoing things because your henchmen just stood there like idiots. You can give them an instruction, but the instruction spools and if a lot of other things are going on at once, say four out of five super agents are wrecking your base, there is a good chance that your henchman's instructions will be the very last thing to implement, possibly after a swarm of enemy soldiers have beaten them in to a bloody pulp.

    The micro management is a good demonstration of why micro management is a bad idea. You could have hundreds of doors, your enemies can unlock them all at once, you have to relock them one at a time. This is more tedious than anything else. Why pause buttons were invented, but all this pausing just artificially extends the length of the game. Sort of like time spent panning across your Island because even the mini map isn't mini enough to keep an eye on the other three quarters of it.

    In short, this game is for control freaks, but as it gives no control, is also a game for masochists. It is a game about world domination but it denies domination of even your own mouse. These are also not the sorts of problems that can be corrected with patches, the problems are intrinsic in the interface.

    There is also a problem with the texture mapping becoming corrupted, pretty much every system seems to do it, but they may have assumed you would not often look closely enough at the various agents to care if their skin become randomly wallpapered. you can still tell what they are by the mouse over, but it doesn't improve enjoy ability of the game.

    If you really like the genre, you will really want to enjoy this game, but unless you are extremely patient and expect nothing from it, you will be very disappointed. This game will keep you busy, but most of it is just busy work....more info
  • Fun
    This is a flashback to the spy movies of my youth. Great concept of a genre that is wearing thin. Fun, addictive, top notch. Would love to see a sequel but hard to top this....more info
  • You'll Love It!
    This is a great game - a masterpiece, an achievement - humorous, engaging, and fun - no computer problems from it, runs great on a good machine - try it! You'll easily get your $20 worth....more info
    This is a game that stays for you for a very long time - and is bound to find its way to your hard drive every time there is a new Bond film hype. After the deluge of the latest DRM-ruined games, I went looking through my gaming library for older gems to play. This is definitely one of them!

    In a classic Ian Flemming's setting, you start in a desert tropical island where you are to design and build your secret lair. In a SIMS tradition you do not control your minions directly, instead you control the Evil Mastermind behind everything that is brilliantly nefarious: a stocky Bloomfield-lookalike in a gray Mao/Nehru jacket and an insatiable mood to take over the world (the other choices are the heavy-accented seductress Alexis and efficient Shen Yu - but we all know how chauvinistic the world of self-indulgent espionage can be).

    Besides the Evil Genius, you can (partially) control a couple of major Evil Henchmen/women. I said partially because once given an order they will take their sweet time to execute it - if ever. No wonder Bond always won in the end: the Evil nemesis had to do everything himself!

    Including making ends meet. Yes, even the most evil of geniuses apparently cannot print money. Hence, the need to built hotel and vacation resorts - not only to hide but also to finance the plans to take over the world. From hotelier to World Dictator - everyone not born with a silver spoon in his mouth has to pay his dues I guess...

    Nevertheless, the real fun of the game is designing your lair and setting up the traps! Since there seems to be an endless number of possible combinations this alone multiples the replayability of the game.
    Plan carefully ahead and watch the invading Secret Agents be thrown helplessly from one trap directly to the next - and finally out of your lair (or into a body-freezer room). Until the Super Agents that is.

    The Super Agents make the game almost impossible to win. Again, in a true Ian Flemming fashion, good should prevail - and should do so easily (funny THAT concept never seemed to caught on in real life...). Nevertheless, the game is not unbeatable - it just needs a lot of practice. (I needed more than half a dozen tries - and they were all fun!)

    In these Middle-Age days of PC gaming, when the industry decided to go to the dark side, it is a good idea to unwind with a brilliant classic.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ...more info
  • Too Tedious To Be Great, Yet EVIL Manages to Entertain

    Its not a bad game at all, but just as CNET describes, it takes an awful long time to get going.

    It seems to take forever to steal enough money from around the world to build your Evil Fortress...on an island that just isn't big enough.

    The other problem is the clicking back and forth between the island, the Minion Management screen, and the World Domination screen.

    The sucesss of your plotting and evil deeds are determined by a random program, not by any skill of the player, which is a bummer.

    But yet the game is amazingly non-violent, even though the content is violent. Its all done with a sense of humor mixed in with a reverse parody of the James Bond thrillers.

    My 12 year-old neighbor is crazy about it and can't wait to put enemies in the giant mixer...when he can afford to buy it. It is delightfully silly...except when you have to wait around stealing money, which consists of placing some of your minions on a country in the world map. Then you wait and watch as your income numbers increase, before your minions disappear(in that country). Ho Hum. That's it...that's the stealing, and the plotting, and the acts of infamy. You do nothing else but place your required minions on the map and sometimes you get to click on the word "GO". That is the down side of the game...and it takes days and hours and days and hours to get enough money to get things going.

    The upside of the game is designing your evil base of operations. The booby traps are fun(it is just getting to that point with enough money and infamy). I do agree with CNET that the island is too small, everything you build has to be cramped in to fit.

    The musical score is wonderful as well as the creative ideas of what to do with "enemy agents", which is as I mentioned earlier more satirical and campy than violent.

    Its a great game for boys who have never played a campaign like "Elder Scrolls" or "Baldur's Gate II".
    It is a good learning game.

    Girls might get bored with it, I did. mjh
    ...more info
  • Management
    This is a brilliant game -- conceptually. The problem is squarely with the owner of the company. Somewhere he/she trusted a core developer. You've got great EVERYTHING, art/concepts, everything except programming. You WANT this game to succeed. But game drags and the problem is in the game core. It's irritating to the extreme trying to do anything. The agents move faster than the mouse and I have a 1.6 Ghz machine! They insist that you buy hardware to make up for their bad game core! We can only hope that the game is bought by another company, dumping the boss and his tech friend, and is rewritten in a form that actually works. Or, of course, if you have a 64 meg graphics card, and whatever else the game needs to make up for it's core failures, then you can enjoy it's genius.

    ...more info