The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper
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Product Description

The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper allows parents to feed, soothe, monitor, and bond with baby throughout the night with the reassurance that baby is snug, secure, and comfortable next to them in bed. Designed to be easily portable for on-the-go convenience, the sleeper can also be used in the crib to help ease baby's transition from family bed to the crib. The First Years' patented Airflow design allows air to circulate around baby. Built-in nightlight makes it easy to check on baby during the night.

The First Years deceptively simple Close & Secure Sleeper allows you to feed, soothe, monitor, and bond with baby in the comfort of your own bed. Meant to be used from birth until baby rolls over or pushes up on their own, the sleeper is anchored to your bed by a large flap that tucks under your mattress. The patented Airflow design of the hollow frame and breathable mesh fabric keep air circulating and baby cool.

compact view
The sleeper folds up nicely for convenient portability and compact storage.
A durable, cloth-covered U-shaped "wall" surrounds baby's head and torso to limit their movement and help prevent parents from rolling onto them. The soft head barrier reduces the risk of entrapment, while the foot wedge--which can be used as a sleep positioner in future months--ensures baby stays snugly inside the sleep area. The supportive bottom is a cozy resting spot with the included soft cover, vinyl covered mattress, and removable, machine washable mattress sheet.

Reassurance and safety weren't the only things The First Years folks thought of when creating this sleeper. Other benefits include its portability, a nightlight, and transitional use. For travel convenience, the Close & Secure folds up easily, is lightweight, and sports a carrying handle. Once baby has outgrown it, this feature means that it can also be compactly stored until needed again. A built-in nightlight allows you to quietly check on your bundle of joy during the night and provides enough illumination for feedings without waking your partner. When you are ready to transition baby to the crib, this sleeper can go with them--simply place it in the crib until baby is used to their new setting.

Two AA batteries are required for the nightlight.

  • Use in adult bed between pillows
  • Head and foot barriers minimize risk of entrapment
  • Folds for travel and storage
  • Machine-washable sheet and cover
  • from birth

Customer Reviews:

  • the non-removeable wedge
    I got this for my baby girl who was about 9lb when she was born, I breastfeed so it was great to keep her sleeping next to me, I also took this along when I went to visit family and friends, used it as a changing pad when we were out as well. The only problem it has is the non-removeable wedge as another mother mentioned, my baby out grew this when she was about 3 months old. I wish there was a way to remove that
    wedge and expand the length. if you want it for just the first couple of months then it is great but do not expect it to serve beyond that ....more info
    We followed the directions included with this sleeper precisely and had a very close call with our newborn. The sides are low and a single pillow may very easily slide over the infant's head with tired parents on either side. We contacted Target and the company to bring this to their attention to no avail. An investigator from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission filed a report and took ours away.

    If using this, please be careful! ...more info
  • Cozy crib sleeper
    This sleeper is great for babies that fall asleep in places other than their crib as you can move them to their cribs without waking them. Appears to give my baby a more secure, cozy space within her much larger crib/cot. Only downside is that it's a little 'short' as my baby is fairly tall for a three-month-old....more info
  • A Great Co-Sleeper
    I really liked this product - allowed me to be close to my baby boy and keep him within arms' reach during his first few months. Unfortunately, it is a little too short in baby barely fits now, and he is only 3 months old (and only average in length). Time to transition to the crib...but I enjoyed having him close while it lasted. Also, although we only have a queen-sized bed, it was a perfect fit for baby and me because my husband has been working abroad...but while he was home, the three of us did NOT fit in the bed using the sleeper. ...more info
  • loved it !
    I loved this little in bed bed ! I was great for me to have my new born daughter close to me so that I could know she was safe - especialy after she stopped breathing during a nap at a month old - I slept so much better knowing I could turn on the little night light ans see her chest rise and fall - and she slept great to ! As a breast feeding mom not having to get out of bed to nurse was great. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because she was able to get out of the bottom when she started pushing on her belly very easily . ...more info
  • LifeSaver!
    Our little one was born less than 2 weeks ago and the co-sleeper has been a life saver. Prior to his birth we assumed that he would sleep in the bassinet for a while and we would use the co-sleeper occassionally to be closer to him. After his birth we found that we wanted him closer to us at night so we used the co-sleeper right off the bat. It worked out great, he sleeps like a log in it and we feel more secure that he is safe(first time parents!). It's night having him so close while you sleep as you can hear his breathing pattern and as soon as he starts to wake. He seems more comfortable in it than in the bassinet, possibly because he could feel us closer to him while he rests. We usually swaddle him at night and use a burp cloth folded up and wedged on both sides so he feels more cozy and we are assured he wont roll to his side especially when we get in and out of bed.

    Great purchase, will use with our next child for sure!...more info
  • Needs To Be Longer!
    I ordered this co-sleeper so that I could have my newborn right next to me during the night and that I could feel that she was safe and secure as she slept. The sleeper is a good product, worked well for me...however the length is way too short! My baby is 6 weeks old and I don't think she will fit in it for more than one more week! ...more info
  • Perfect sleeping solution!
    All of our babies have slept with us. We tried something new with each one and feel like we finally got it right! The hard sides are extremely uncomfortable to lay on so it would be nearly impossible to roll over onto a baby. The nightlight is wonderful. It is so easy to check on the baby without having to turn on the bedroom lights and I'm able to see well enough to nurse in bed. I've had friends complain about their sleepers because their baby has slid out of the bottom of it and under their covers. Not with this one. The four sides keep the baby in one location. This is one of the best purchases we have made!!!...more info
  • Does exactly what is is designed for.
    Great product, overall very happy. Baby is 3 months now and just growing out of it (he got used to it and we have placed it in his crib). Couldn't have been better. The little light is very useful too....more info
  • The foot stopper should be removable!
    Like other customers, I found this product to be very useful. My son has been sleeping in it since the day he arrived home from the hospital. He felt really comfortable sleeping in it, which made it so nice when we travelled because he felt right at home sleeping in this co-sleeper. This product is also just the right size for our king-size bed (it will feel really cramped in a queen-size bed). It is definitely a must for breastfeeding moms, because it feels really nice to have the baby in bed without worrying about rolling over him. I give it a four because I am dissappointed that the foot stopper is not removable. After only 8 weeks, my son has outgrown the bed. I ended up doing a little TLC and took the inner plastic frame from the foot stopper so that he can continue sleeping in it, but I truly wish that the manufacturer makes a removable foot stopper for bigger/longer babies....more info
  • A true lifesaver
    Perfect item for us. It is utilized every single day. We have ours on the couch and she naps in this every day. She hates her bassinet so, without this, we would not know what to do. We even pack it up and take it to friends and families houses when we visit. She sleeps in it there just as well as at home. I cannot say enough about this item... it is probably the best thing we have for her besides her swing.
    ...more info
  • Loved it! Great item for nursing/co-sleeping families
    This sleeper did its job very well. Having our daughter in the bed with us made it much easier for me to nurse during the night (especially while recovering from a C-section!), and this sleeper gave her the safe place she needed. We were not worried about rolling over on her, and the little light it has came in handy during the night. I was able to fold up this little bed and put it in my suitcase for travel.

    If I were making another one, I would either make it longer or have the bottom part detachable so it could last longer, though I suppose at some point she had to go in her crib......more info
  • idea is great
    and very sturdy but because out toddler sleeps in the bed with us there is no room for it.... will be keeping it in case someone needs it....more info
  • Best baby item we bought!
    The only place our son would sleep was on my husband's chest before we bought this. It was by complete accident that we found out our would go straight from our bed into his crib when we bought this product. My husband put the sleeper in our son's crib and then laid our son in it for a nap because we had no where else to put him...and he actually slept! Before we bought this, our son would wake up within 5 minutes of laying him down in his crib. I didn't mind not using this in our bed because our son's crib was only a few feet from our bed. The sleeper worked great for travel too. We set the sleeper on the floor in the room with us, no pack n play needed. Our son grew to big for it at around 5 months (he was a big baby at birth). We still use the nightlight (it's removable). Our son hated being in the carseat at night. We gave him the nightlight, and now we have no problems. I loved the nightlight because it was not to bright to disturb me but enough light so I could see my son when I wanted to. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is having a baby. I only wish I had bought it sooner because we waited until our son was 2 months old to get it....more info
  • GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!
    BUY IT ALREADY!! This is great!! We used it for a few months. Such a lifesaver.... especially if you travel a lot!...more info
  • Good for Very Short Term Use
    This was good until she outgrew it, which happened quickly. Like other reviewers said, it's only 24" long so if you have a tall baby, s/he will outgrow it quickly. The support at the bottom is not removable so it won't grow with your baby or accommodate very tall babies. My only other piece of advice is to use a sleep positioner if you have a squirmer. If you look at the 4th picture over, one submitted by a consumer, you'll see the baby slipping out the side. This happens to our daughter, too, which is unsafe. I'm going to order the Snuggle Nest now. ...more info
  • Great for Preemies
    My baby was 2lbs 8 oz when born and when she came home from the NICU she was a little more than 3lbs 1 oz. Naturally my husband and I were concerned about leaving her in a crib. This sleeper made it easy to have her adjust from being moved from the cot she was in at the hospital to our bed for the first few days at home, and then to the crib. We still use it in the crib, but now that she has started to wriggle around (not roll) we have to move her to the crib because her little feet end up hanging out of the sleeper.

    Also, a second mattress cover would have been great, as the inevitable spit-ups or diaper leaks pose a constant challenge when you need to wash the case. Otherwise, this is a great buy or gift option...more info
  • A Great Little Sleeper!
    We keep our newborn son in this during the just sits on our couch and it's great for keeping him close by. I'd recommend it to new moms and dads. :)...more info
  • great, but could use some upgrades
    This is very lovely and quite big for our newborn baby (6.5 pounds, 19inches)- there is plenty of room for him in it, and plenty of room to grow. My husband and I use this in our queen size bed in the center. There are a few areas for improvement: we need more sheets with the special velcro! Once he soiled it in the middle of the night and there are no replecements! Does anyone know how to get them? The nightlight is nice, but you take it out to really use it. Note, this has to be used with parents having their own blankets on either side, as you would with any cosleeper. I would have liked more of an angle for baby to sleep at and more features of a sleep positioner. But I do feel it keeps my baby close and safe, like it is supposed to....more info
    My husband and I just had a wonderful baby girl (Apr. 9, 2007) and I simply could NOT live without this item. My daughter loves sleeping in it.

    It is light; therefore, it can be easily moved from one room to another, as needed. You could easily travel with it.... from hotels to the "Grandparents house." It can be folded compactly and easily stored; and, there is also a handle for carrying. The light at the top is excellent for those who wish to co-sleep as well. ***Obviously, do not leave your child unsupervised in it!**

    It is excellent and I highly recommend it to ALL parents!...more info
  • not long enough
    It's way too short! My son outgrew it by the time he was 3 weeks old, and he's average length. Also, he rolled to one side in it. Big waste of money!...more info
  • First Years Close & Secure Sleeper - No Bad
    It turned out to be a good investment after all. We use it all the time and not just during the night. When taking out baby around the house while she is sleeping we just keep her in the sleeper. Very convenient....more info
  • Very durable co-sleeper
    I bought this item a little late. My daughter was born at 21 inches. She was about 1/ 1/2 months old once I receive this item. I bought it so I could have her sleep with me w/o the fear of her face in the bed, pillows falling on her, or my husband and I rolling on her. It is a little short like most have said. My daughter is 23 inches long now and is to the point she can hardly fit. If you don't have a king size bed or there is 2 adults in the bed don't waist your money. I have a queen size bed and with this in the middle and 2 adults on each side, we must sleep on ours sides for us all to fit. My husband worked nights and on the nights he worked I used this item. It is also great for putting on the couch in the living room for afternoon naps. The light is very dim and only lights the top of her head. I have also noticed for the last few nights my daughter has managed to wiggle herself down and her legs are either hanging out the side where the mesh is or over the footstop....more info
  • Great for new parents
    This co-sleeper was great for me when I was recovering from a c-section. Baby was right next to us in bed and it made caring for her during the night easy A minor complaint is that the mattress part of it isn't level due to the fold right in the middle. I used a receiving blanket tucked tightly around the edges to keep from having to wash the mattress cover every time baby spit up or drooled on it. Definitely recommended. I feel like we are able to co-sleep safely with this product....more info
  • Good fit for our family
    I had a cheaper co-sleeper that would shift when my husband or I moved or if only 1 of us was in bed and the baby would roll to the side. This one has a nice flap that goes under the adult bed's mattress and helps keep it from doing that. I used the 1st years positioner in it for the first 2 months. I do wish it were longer as my son is 12 weeks now and at 25 inches is longer then the mattress but he sleeps with his legs folded a bit so he still fits, I may cut the bottom foot rest as I read some people have done to get a little more life out of it. I plan to use it again if we have more kids....more info
  • Best Baby Item EVER!
    We used this with our first child and we LOVED it. I wasn't quite ready for her to be in another room when we brought her home, and I didn't like stumbling across the room to feed her in the middle of the night. We put this in bed with us (King size) and it worked out great. She was in bed with us without being IN bed with us. When she was a little older (about 2 1/2 months) we transitioned her to her crib easily by just laying the sleeper in the crib. If you have a big enough bed I highly recommend this item....more info
  • Don't Blame the Products
    Get a bassinet! Those parents who gripe and complain about their babies sliding out of these wedges and onto their beds are idiots! Your endangering your own babies life by sleeping with them in the same bed. A safe tip is to buy a bassinet and keep it next to your bed...WOW problem solved!...more info
  • Works, but takes up space
    This is a good Item for keeping the baby safe in the parents bed, but it you have a queen or smaller size bed, there isn't much room left for the parent to be totally comfortable, its not bad but it does take up some space. With that said it is still a good product and will stop you from rolling on the baby, I have also used this Item on couches to put the baby down for a nap, at either home or away at like hotels, because it is padded, light and easy folded up for carrying, and my child was comfortable....more info
  • Fantastic Product for a small baby only!
    I was sooo excited to receive and set up this sleeper.. It was perfect-well made, easy to set up, just what I was looking for. I purchased it when our baby was 3 weeks old (he was 22") and after the first week of using it I realized that he was already out growing it! The inner dimensions of the bed portion are literally only about 25". I sadly had to return the product and purchase one that isn't fully inclosed-which is what I love about the Close & Secure Sleeper... ; ( I highly recommend this product if your baby is small and it may be worth the price if I had used it from day one but I personally do not have that kind of money to waste. ...more info
  • first year close and secure sleeper
    I like this product it works well for what I wanted it for but I don't think I will be able to use it for very long. Baby at 8wks is aready as long as the bed...more info
  • Love, Love, Love this Co-Sleeper
    I love this co-sleeper and our daughter loves it too. I have an Arm's Reach co-sleeper. Since my daughter started having reflux symptoms I purchased this item so that she would be a little closer to me while she was sleeping. Well, she started to sleep during the night, almost through the night when we started using this sleeper. Not sure if it was a coincidence or not however when she would partially wake up after putting her in the Arms Reach sleeper she would wake up, however, in this co-sleeper she will usually go back to sleep. I think that she feels better too since she is a little closer to me. This unit is very cute and looks very comfy for babies. While most co-sleepers and basinetts have harder mattresses this one is nice and soft. On the downside, this sleeper is waaaay to small. My daughter was 21.5 inches at birth and is not able to stretch out in sleeper. My daughter is very long and has grown alot since birth, I am down to my last few days in this co-sleeper. Have to say that it was worth it for the time that it was utilized.

    On the down side, the bumper at the end is a pain since, if it weren't there it would give the baby more room. Also one of the reviews made mention of a close-call with a pillow going over the co-sleeper. Not sure if two pillows were the directons it tells you not to sleep with two pillows since if you are high up then it's a possibility for the end of the pillow to go over top of the co-sleeper. I used to sleep with two pillows however now I sleep with my pillow folded in half the long way and it works for me. I did that more for space since we have a queen bed and there needs to be room for the sleeper. All in all great product, highy recommend. Also a great purchase for breastfeeding moms!!...more info
  • well constructed, but not necessary
    I co-slept with my first two daughters without a co-sleeper. I had looked and these and were interested in one, but could not justify $50. With my 3rd daughter I came across one for $10. Since my toddlers were constantly on my bed, I thought it might be a good idea.

    It is constructed well.
    It is short, my newborn fills it, but since she often curls her feet,it works
    I use it for naps and I don't have to lay with her to get her to fall asleep.
    Since the bottom is firm, I can scoot it or move a sleeping baby to the crib without waking her.
    It is not as convenient as waking and nursing a co-sleeping baby as you have to LIFT her over the edge 4" and "lift" her back into it instead of just rolling over and scooting the baby. I have to sit up to lift her properly since I have to support her head.
    It is nice if you want your own space to sleep on your stomach, etc.
    It is nice if my spouse has had a drink or two and will be sleeping extra soundly, I have no worries. (before I would sleep with the baby by the edge of the bed)
    You can use it as a bassinet putting it on the couch, etc.

    If you can get it at a reasonable price, I would recommend it. It has more than $10 in material, so I got a steal I think the store had them mis-marked. At $25 it may be a good idea. ...more info
  • Great, if your baby will sleep in it
    We thought this would be great to have the little one sleeping in between us with no worries about blankets getting on his face or us sleeping too close to him. The few times he would sleep in it, it was nice because we felt like we could sleep more soundly. However, he hated sleeping in it. I know that infants are supposed to sleep on very firm surfaces to prevent any risk of suffocation, and I was SO into following every single safety protocol. But after three nights of almost NO sleep whatsoever we had to give up and let him sleep on the bed. It isn't much softer, but a enough so that he will actually sleep. Also, if you are nursing, you have to sit up, lift your baby out of this, and then when nursing is done, lift him/her back into it which (in our case) woke him up and he required rocking and/or more nursing to go back to sleep (that is, if he would go back to sleep...which often he wouldn't). In short, I think this is a great product if your child will sleep in it. Ours baby, unfortunately, would have nothing to do with it....more info
  • Great peace of mind
    This wasn't around when I was a new Mom but boy was it a big help when my Grandson was little! In those first weeks when his Mom and Dad were exhausted from getting up and down all night this gave them such peace of mind to bring him to bed with them. It was so nice to just be able to reach over and jiggle him back to sleep instead of getting up AGAIN! And it helped Mom get a nap when he did during the day. It was so easy to take along for visits and for moving him around to wherever we wanted to have him close by. A friend had a c-section and it worked so well for her during the day to have the baby right there in bed so she didn't have to be lifting so often. I recently purchased another one for a shower gift.

    I may be a protective Grandma but, in my opinion, it's one of those 'must have' safety items if you want to put your baby in bed with you....more info
  • Perfect compromise!
    Before my daughter was ever born, I knew I wanted her to sleep with me at least for a little while. It just felt unnatural to leave her in another room and go to bed. Plus, when she woke up she was right there for me to grab. However, I did worry at first about smothering her or having my blankets cover her or the mattress being too soft, etc. So, I bought this sleeper (I got it on ebay for $15). It was awesome! I loved that she was right next to me but still safe in her own little bed. I also liked that the sides were mesh so I didn't have to worry about her rolling into them and suffocating (I know, paranoid mother...). The night light was really nice because it's so soft and subtle, I could see her but it wasn't unfriendly at 2am. Also, I loved that it's so portable. If we were going to be at a friends house or something for a while, I would take it with us and she always had a familiar and safe place to nap. It is a bit pricey. I would recommend looking around for used ones. Since they are only used for a little while, most aren't very well worn and you can save a lot of money.

    Save money and earn cash back when you shop online! info
  • Handy Item
    I intended to use this item after bringing my baby home from the hospital. I did for a short period. It's certainly handy, but just didn't seem very comfortable to my baby. I used it the first two months, but then I found my baby rolling to the side and coming out of the sleeper a little too easily. It's a good idea, just maybe not quite up to the standards I thought it looked to be. The sides are kind of flemsy and the bottom half that the baby's legs laid on seemed to start curving...just made it seem more flemsy for the price you pay for this. Definitely a handy item but overpriced....more info
  • good product, but not for big babies.
    This is a brilliant idea and perfect for co-sleeping. However, if you have a bigger than average size baby, it's a no-go. My son was 9lbs and 23 inches long when he was born. So it was a little cramped in there for him. He got maybe 2 weeks out of it. If you could remove the wedge at the bottom, it would AWESOME. But other than that, perfect for Breast feeding moms. Night light, great idea. ...more info
  • Sleeper
    This is a great product. When my son was born he slept in the bed next to me in this. I loved it because I felt better knowing he was right there next to me. I could check on him in the middle of the night (10xs a night if I wanted to) without have to get up out of bed. I didn't worry about rolling over him either because of the hard top and sides on this sleeper. My only complaint would be that my son out grow this fairly quickly. It was just too short; I wished that they designed this to fit longer babies, and for that I took off 1 star. Other than that I would recommend this product....more info
  • new mother thrilled with gift
    My niece's baby was born at 28 weeks. I knew when she came home she would want to keep him close. Knowing the dangers of sleeping with an infant, I saw this and thought it would be perfect. She is absolutely thrilled with it. Since she is nursing, it is be handy to have baby nearby. Also she loved the little nightlight at the top that she can use to check on baby. ...more info
  • Great for Travel, Too
    I used this at home and then on a muti-city trip to introduce our daughter to friends and famly. (I put it in the suitcase open and packed around it!) No matter where we were she was "secure" in her own space and we all slept better. When I returened home it was an easy transition from our bed to her crib (at least for her... Mommy and Daddy feel the void!) The length is an issue and she has outgrown it... I have to find a new solution for our next vacation....more info