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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 02/05/2008

Star Trek: Voyager began life in 1995 with some truly fascinating prospects in its two-hour pilot episode. Opening in the 24th century, a setting contemporary with that of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and carrying over story elements from each of those series, "Caretaker" finds Starfleet Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) stepping into the middle of Federation troubles with the Maquis, an army of rebels violently resisting the interplanetary organization's treaty with the brutal Cardassians. In the process, both Voyager and the Maquis ship under surveillance are accidentally catapulted out of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant (the familiar stomping grounds of Starfleet personnel) by a benign but dying being called the Caretaker. Voyager ends up in the unexplored Delta Quadrant, some 70,000 light years away.

So much seemed dramatically promising in this debut, especially the unwieldy alliance of Starfleet regulars and hostile Maquis, and the likelihood that a lifetime spent in isolation, trying to get home, would lead to the development of a self-contained society on the ship, yet Voyager never entirely made up its mind what it was supposed to be about. The curiously cheesy sets and fascinating, progressive management style of Janeway (half mommy, half taskmaster) were also new developments in Star Trek culture. As the 16-episode season continued, character backstories were developed in such episodes as "The Cloud" (arguably the best episode of the season), "Eye of the Needle" (underscoring Janeway and the crew's sadness), "State of Flux" (in which a search for a traitor reveals a past romance between Commander Chakotay, played by Robert Beltran, and sexy Bajoran engineer Seska, played by Martha Hackett), and "Jetrel" (which explores the character of Neelix, the Talaxian played by Ethan Phillips, during a parable about scientific ethics and moral responsibility).

Among other notable episodes, "Phage" strikes a nice balance among character development, story hook, and moral and emotional conflict when Neelix is literally robbed of his lungs by the Vidiians, a once-civilized people who are combating a deadly disease called the Phage by stealing organs. (The disease would return in "Faces," a fine showcase for Roxann Biggs-Dawson as Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres.) "Emanations" stirred controversy among the series' producers and some fans for its philosophical look at death, and "Time and Again" is a unique time-travel story in which Janeway and Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) get caught in a subspace fracture that places them just hours before they know a planet is going to be destroyed. In "Prime Factors," latent tensions among Voyager personnel erupts into serious conflict, an issue revisited in the season finale, "Learning Curve." Despite a pat ending that resolves the Maquis conflict much too easily, the episode drives home the fact that Voyager and its crew are all alone, making the most of a difficult predicament. --Tom Keogh and Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • A different Trekkie experience
    I'm also one who loved the series, and the characters ! Much more interesting, I like the dynamics better than NG, DSN. Why don't they make a Voyager film ??? Ahhh bringas back memories do these ......more info
  • A must-have for all Star Trek Fans
    Season One sets the stage for a great series in the Star Trek realm. Action, drama, aliens, you name it, all included in this box DVD set....more info
  • When they were good
    Voyager pretty much degenerated into implausibility the last seasons, and it even affected Seven of Nine. But before that, there was Kes, who you can't fail to like. There was the ever rough-edged Tom Paris, who achieved one of the most convincing transformations. There was the rough edge of B'Elanna Torres.

    "Prime Factors" has to be one of the better episodes, introducing the Seska arc. And the writers could have done so much more with the Chakotay/Janeway romance. This season reminds us of the possibilities that once seemed as endless as the Delta Quadrant....more info
  • Still my favorite.
    STV is and always will be my favorite of the star trek line. I think the box set is definately worth the time to watch and the money to buy...IF bought used on amazon....I agree with the other reveiwers that the new price is utterly insane. I am a trekker to the heart, who taped near every episode as they aired new and even I wouldn't consider paying 100 or more dollars a season!!!! The packaging is a little shoddy but the discs themselves make up for it. I really liked the special features. It was interesting to watch the auditions and the footage of the orignal *gulp* *gasp* * hidious face made* "almost" Janeway....
    TPTB definately got it right when they hired kate mulgrew.
    Great show....Great season !!!...more info
  • Best of the post TOS Star Treks
    I enjoyed Voyager very much and think it is better than all the other Star Trek series after TOS....more info
  • A look back from the originals aired
    It was interesting to take a look back on who was the original Executive Officer (Lieutenant Commander Cavit), the original Chief Medical Officer (Lieutenant Commander Fitzgerald) and the original helmsman (Lieutenant Stadi) since the characters died on the pilot episode and we all forgotten about them. Still, we never knew who was the original Chief Engineer....more info
  • Good show but horror price..
    i like this show even though i have no chance to watch entire series, but few episodes are enough for me to dig in.. However, the price just enough to keep people away.. even with the most popular show on air now also no price this high.. i am very disappointed that i must hold off my hand on this series until reasonable price been reach.. too bad for a good show that cannot reach every people due to the price.. shame.. shame.....more info
  • Great non trekkie series
    Great series. Pretty cheesy, but fun to watch. Not a huge star trek fan. I only got into it because I got sick and watched way too much tv and they re ran voyager pretty often. I enjoy it. Pretty safe for non-trekkies....more info
  • Voyage In The Delta Quadrant
    A great beginning to a wonderful adventure, Voyager travels, through no choice of their own, into the Delta quadrant and gets lost there for awhile. We get to meet all sorts of interesting characters and run into some fascinating anomolies as well. An interesting beginning to this voyage. I recommend it very highly. Neelix makes an interesting comedy addition to the crew also. Brings some fun into the adventure....more info
  • Overpriced
    While I enjoy the show, I am a poor college student who does not have $100+ dollars to spend on the DVDs. Lower the price and I'll consider using the credit card. ...more info
  • I wish
    I wish I could afford to spend $100 per season. What I don't understand though is why the same set, but region 2 dvd, is the equivalent of $60 from the UK version of Amazon.. ( You use the same log in and password as on Amazon and it can be shipped internationally. So if anyone has a multi-regional DVD player get it from there, even with shipping it's got to be cheaper. The series itself is 5 star but the price sucks.

    Update 5-28-08: Finally this comes down to a much more reasonable price :) Love it!...more info
  • A Good Start
    I remember gathering with friends in January 1995 to watch the very first episode of the new Star Trek series, Voyager. Drinking some sort of blue punch, I felt great anticipation about what I would see over the following two hours. And when those hours were over, I was not disappointed. Caretaker introduced its viewers to a group of engaging characters in an area of the galaxy previously unexplored by the Federation, and that group had a strong-willed captain and a new mission: to return home.

    Honestly, I still don't entirely understand Captain Janeway's choice to protect the Ocampa from their enemies and strand her crew, but this would certainly not be her last odd decision. I suppose some explanation had to be provided for this series' basic premise.

    What followed that first installment were fourteen episodes that dealt with the integration of the Star Fleet and Maquis crews (Parallax, Prime Factors, Learning Curve), introduced the creepy but in some ways sympathetic Vidiians (Phage, Faces), and occasionally teased the inhabitants of Voyager with a quick way back to the Alpha Quadrant (Eye of the Needle, and, again, Prime Factors).

    Perhaps the characters have always been the strongest aspect of any Star Trek series, and certainly Voyager spent a great deal of time in its first episodes introducing us to principal cast members. One standout episode in this regard is Heroes and Demons, which gave the holographic doctor his first chance to leave sickbay; another is Jetrel, which provided Neelix with some sorely needed gravitas amidst all the leola root jokes.

    The very best episode on this multi-disc set is State of Flux, which revealed one of the Maquis to be a conniving, Caradassian spy. Martha Hackett plays this character in earlier episodes with subtlety, as a supposed Bajoran who basically just mills about in the background when she's not second-guessing Janeway's orders. When Seska's true self is revealed, however, the performance modulates into a kind of gleeful meanness that really works and that will continue to entertain well into Voyager's third season.

    The extras provided for this set are superb, particularly the scenes of Genevieve Bujold as Captain Janeway. At this point, it is really impossible to imagine anyone in the captain's chair but Kate Mulgrew. Other featurettes focus on Mulgrew and various behind-the-scenes goings-on on the Voyager set in its early days.

    The shortened season one got the series off to a solid, if not spectacular, start. Like all the other Star Trek series excluing the first, it would take a couple of years for this ensemble, as well as their writers and producers, to find their stride. Here we see Voyager's first, significant steps, which I enjoyed watching so much that for seven seasons I never stopped tuning in.

    Trekkers and other sci fi fans who've been prejudiced against the series should give it a try. You'll be very pleasantly surprised at what you see. Those of us who have long been Voyager fans know exactly why we love this show: the cast and their characters, braving the unknown with spirit, fun, and real determination. ...more info
  • The Least Trek of the Lot....
    I love Gene Roddenberry's creation, STAR TREK. I was one of those tuned in at the beginning in 1966, and stayed with it through the doubts of "Next Generation" (original fans were crying, "Gene, how COULD you?") and I love "Deep Space Nine." With all that, yes, I watched "Voyager." For three seasons, I tuned in and watched. The pilot started with a great premise, and I kept waiting for it to figure out where it was going. It never really did.

    The series hyped the idea that this ship would have a woman as captain. (So what? Across space, on B5, there were lots of those, plus ace women fighter pilots.) The original decision which mired Voyager in the Delta Quardrant seemed too politically correct, but I knew it was a plot device and let it ride. However, I completely lost faith with Janeway and crew when she put the entire SHIP AND CREW in jeopardy in order to rescue 1 infant who may or may not have been sired by her second-in-command.

    Even Troi (TNG) came to the realization when she earned her command rank that sometimes people have to die for the greater good. Spock said best in "Wrath of Khan" when he told Kirk, simply, "The needs of the many outweight the needs of the few, or the one." (Janeway take note.) Rick Berman and Michael Pillar didn't have any trouble with this concept in either "Next Gen" or "Deep Space Nine." I'd still like to know what happened at the highest level. The series as a whole seemed way too politically correct to be considered a part of the overall Trek Universe.

    It all starts with the writing. This series didn't have it. The storylines seemed contrived, the dialogue trite, and no matter how good a cast is, without consistently good scripts, there's no where to take the show.

    Side note: this is the only entry into the Star Trek Universe not blesses with an appearance by Majel Barrett Roddenberry. I honestly kept waiting for Q to whisk Lwxanna Troi up and off to set Janeway straight. Too bad it didn't happen.

    If you must watch "Voyager," seasons one had some good moments. Frankly, though, you might want to consider any of the other Trek series (I recommend "Deep Space Nine") or wander over to "Babylon 5."...more info

    I have been a Star Trek fan for over 30 years, having watched TOS as a kid in the 1960's and 1970's. I eagerly anticipated and enjoyed all the motion picture releases as well as TNG series. I always though the series projected hope and the best aspirations of mankind.

    Until now I had never given STV a chance. I recall watching an episode or two on TV, but I didn't like the politically correct idea of a female captain, and I thought the basic premise was idiotic. In retrospect my thinking was the only thing idiotic.

    I now find Janeway a very believable leader, and she could probably give ol' James Tiberius a run for his money. The premise, when you stop and think about it, is genius because it's really just TOS and TNG in reverse. Instead of "going where no man has gone before", these folks are just trying to get home.

    After finishing the first three discs of Season 1 this looks very promising. Many reviewers have indicated Season 1 is weaker (as you might expect) than the following seasons. If that's true I can't wait to buy the rest. My favorite episode so far is "Heros and Demons", which was crafted in the very best Trek tradition.

    My rating of four stars was due to the packaging, which as many have noted seems somewhat cheap and easily damaged. I would concur the retail price is out of line, but I purchased mine used. Other than that, Paramount keep up the good work! Maybe I'll even give DS9 a try.

    ...more info
  • Star Trek Voyager Rules
    I love Star Trek Voyager and I just ordered Season One on DVD, I was so excited when I heard that they were going to be releasing all the Seasons on DVD and I am eventually going to own all Seven Seasons, but it will probable take me awhile because of how expensive each season is I think they should lower the price to about $50.00 each but even if they don't I am still going to try to get them all because I love Voyager so much....more info
  • Very good start of the series
    Caretaker, part 1- 8/10
    Caretaker, part 2- 9/10
    Parallax- 8/10
    Time and Again- 10/10

    Phage- 3/10
    The Cloud- 6/10
    Eye of the Needle- 10/10
    Ex Post Facto- 7/10

    Emanations- 8/10
    Prime Factors- 3/10
    State of Flux- 9/10
    Heroes and Demons- 3/10

    Cathexis- 9/10
    Faces- 9/10
    Jetrel- 7/10
    Learning Curve- 6/10

    The best episodes are: Time and Again, Eye of the Needle, Faces, Caretaker, part 2, Cathexis, State of Flux

    The worst episodes are: Heroes and Demons, Prime Factors, Phage...more info
  • Going where Star Trek has never gone before at a hefty price
    Genevieve Bujold was originally cast to play Captain Janeway, but a few days into filming the first episode, she abruptly quit. And thank goodness she did because we got Kate Mulgrew (even though Gary Graham and Nigel Havers were also considered for the Captain's chair.)

    This series held so much promise in the first season - a new quadrant to explore, new species, a female Captain, etc. But during the series run the show and the Captain suffered from a bad case of schizophrenia - never knowing exactly what they were supposed to be. And that I blame on the producers and writers. Every show needs a Prime Directive so to speak, and Voyager never found its core theme.

    I still love this series and now that the price has come down on the boxed sets, will start adding it to my TV dvd collection....more info
  • Great Show
    After reading the reviews, I made sure not to get the bootlegged version, and was really happy with what I received. I don't think it should be as much as some of the other seasons since it's got fewer disks, but at least the quality was excellent. I'm not knocking any stars for that....more info
  • Tears in my eyes
    It's hard to type because of the tears in my eyes as I was laughing so hard when I saw the price of this series. I only checked on this series as I was going through withdrawals, having purchased all the other Star Trek stuff... wow... Somebody at the studio has been drinkin' some raw Romulan Ale!...more info
  • Starts with promising premise and strong cast, but ultimately fails to deliver
    First, like several other reviews, I am docking this set a star because of the price. I own a great number of television series on DVD. This is not one of them. Nor do I own any of the other Star Trek franchises. I've never even considered buying them. While virtually every other show that has ever appeared on DVD is available at a reasonable price (though there are other exceptions, in particular classic BBC series like Monty Python and The Prisoner), the Star Trek series are only available at exorbitant and prohibitive prices. My only guess is that they assume (and perhaps correctly?) that there are enough Trekkies out there who will allow themselves to be willingly robbed of their hard earned money. But none of these sets should be priced on Amazon above $40. There is, for instance, almost no expenses to be paid for rights to music, one of the reasons for the high cost of other sets (and why ALLY MCBEAL still isn't available, since most of its music can't be substituted for less expensive songs). These should be cheap! Instead they are just about the most expensive DVDs out there.

    Although the Star Trek series were set far in the future, narratively each series in the franchise was actually quite conservative and devoid of innovation. I suspect they made the deliberate decision to be conservative so as to make the futuristic setting less opaque. But even though the eighties saw tremendous advances and innovation in narrative, moving more and more from an episodic, stand alone format to a serial, ongoing story arc format, Star Trek in general hewed to the stand-alone format. So despite the great casts and despite the often-brilliant writing, there simply isn't much in the way of overall narrative. There is also as a result relatively little in the way of character development. While I enjoy THE NEXT GENERATION, DEEP SPACE 9, and VOYAGER, I always wonder how things would have turned out if the producers had decided to follow the example of shows like HILL STREET BLUES, CHINA BEACH, L.A. LAW, and ST. ELSEWHERE (all shows that predated these three Star Trek vehicles) and attempted a serial rather than episode format. I think we might have seen something rather magnificent. Instead, we would have to wait for BABYLON 5, FARSCAPE, and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (created by Star Trek alum Ron Moore) to see just what could be done with serial narrative in a SF context.

    The tragedy with VOYAGER is that few series in the history of TV would have seemed to need a serial format more. The parallel would be with the original 1978 version of BSG, which also seemed to require a serial format but also didn't get it. Instead of the series being about their attempt to get home from the other side of creation, the need to get home merely provided the backdrop. It should have been a narrative feature to drive the entire series forward. Instead, it was just there. Anyone viewing either FARSCAPE or the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA can't help but notice how much better both of those series are in large part because they each honored that central idea of trying to go home.

    I also have a couple of very personal bones to pick with VOYAGER as I do with all of the Star Trek series. I absolutely detest shows with aliens. I hate shows that use science as a form of magic. I simply find ornate, speculative scientific solutions to problems to be narratively unexciting. They almost always remove us from the characters and, well, bore me. Finally, I hate innovations like "shields." To me personally there is no more loathsome sentence in any SF series than something along the lines of, "Shields down to 60%!" As much as I love FARSCAPE, I detested the day when Moya got her own energy shield. And although I'm not a huge fan of BABYLON 5, I love that they never stooped to using shields. And BATTLESTAR GALACTICA demonstrates how much more exciting a SF series can be when a spaceship just has to eat a big bomb. And don't get me started on phasers and lasers and photon torpedoes!

    Despite all this, VOYAGER is frequently a very interesting series. Like most of the Star Trek series, the show has a great cast. I really like Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway. Interestingly, she was the second Star Trek captain to take her role after the French Canadian originally intended for the part declined to participate. The first was Patrick Stewart, who because Picard after Louis Jourdan did not. In this case, Mulgrew took over for Genevieve Bujold, who quit at the very beginning of the production. I like the presence and command that Mulgrew brings to the show. Plus, she has really great hair. I like Tim Russ as Tuvok. And most of the rest of the cast is also first rate, but for me personally the best character on the show -- and the only one that really brings anything new to the table -- is Robert Picardo's The Doctor. On TNG Data had become TV's first truly great android character, providing many wonderful reflections on what it means to be a person. But Voyager's Emergency Holographic Doctor did not even possess in any conventional sense a body. Although I almost universally hate aliens on SF shows, I harbor a great love for any kind of so-called artificial life forms, whether we style them as robots, androids, or cyborgs. (Any short list of my favorite SF characters would include Data, The Doctor, Seven of Nine, Max Guevera, River Tam, Kyle, and Sharon Agathon.) VOYAGER would later introduce an equally compelling character along these lines in the marvelous Seven of Nine, someone who biologically is human but whose mind is still that of a hive.

    All in all I enjoy VOYAGER, though it is the source of much frustration for me. Aliens, shields, stand alone episodes. All of this impedes the enjoyment for me. Still, despite this I find much to like. But I would strongly recommend anyone wanting to see this to rent it from Netflix. It isn't merely criminal for Paramount to offer these discs at such immoral prices; anyone buying the discs at these outrageous prices are colluding with them....more info
  • Voyager
    Being a big fan of Star Trek,I had doubts about Voyager.After all the Next Generation was very good and could not be topped.I even refused to watch Voyager because I was trying to be loyal to the Next Generation series.After two seasons of Voyager I started to watch it, simply to get my Star Trek "fix".I found that a female captian was really good and the shows were captivateing.I changed my mind about Voyager, but am still a Next Generation fan.I have most of the Voyager Dvds ,but they seem to be a bit expensive still....more info
  • The best startrek
    Very simply, my favorite of all the star treks.
    Love voyager and really wish they would do a movie since it ended after only 7 seasons. There was alot more they could have done.
    In any case, 5 stars for Voyager....more info
  • excellent
    If your like me, you didn't get to watch this consistently when it was first out episode after episode. If your like me you still don't get to when you find out its being shown regularly on some random channel. I bought this because I knew the series was a good series, and because I wanted to see it in its entirety. I would say the first episode is my favorite first episode out of all the other star trek series. This is certainly a must have for anyone's sci-fi library. ...more info
  • Are they serious with these prices?
    I would love to buy this season and all seasons of Voyager but there is no way I'm going to shell out that much money for DVDs, especially when I can still watch the reruns of TV. Bring down the price by about half and maybe they would get more buyers. ...more info
  • 70,000 Lightyears + The Unknown + Female Captain = Success
    With the success of running Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine together and The Next Generation moving on to films...they decided to begin another series. This series would be different from any other that Star Trek has done before. The biggest change...Kathryn Janeway! What? A female captain? Yes that's right. In this series, as part of a spinoff of Deep Space Nine, I suppose, we see the combination of a Starfleet and a Maquis crew. These two must combine after they get thrown into the Delta Quadrant...70,000 Lightyears from home...70 years from home! This first season is short as the series did not start until January of 1995. It's a great start. The first season gives you just a taste of what the show was going to be all about. This show added a whole new dimension to Star Trek, and this is only the beginning...

    Best Episodes:

    Caretaker, Parallax, Time and Again, The Phage, The Cloud Eye of the Needle, State of Flux....more info