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Apple Mini-dvi To Video Adapter
List Price: $19.00

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Product Description

The Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter was designed specifically for use with the latest 12" PowerBook G4 (models introduced in September 2003). The adapter connects to the Mini-DVI port on the new 12" PowerBook G4 and provides both S-video and Composite video connectors. It allows many devices such as TVs, VCRs, or overhead projectors with S-Video or RCA (Composite) connectors to be connected to your new 12" PowerBook G4.

  • Designed specifically for use with the latest 12 PowerBook G4 (models introduced in September 2003)
  • May work with other current or future models as specified here or by the manufacturer

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for White Macbook 2.0Ghz
    Great, perfect for my White Macbook I got off of ebay. Great for presentations. Fast two day shipping ...more info
    I am still bummed....I cant believe this doesnt fir the macbook pro...if the micro dvi to video is for macbook air ..what works with the macbook pro?...more info
  • works great for me!
    this works great for what i needed it for. I wanted to hook my imac (not the newest version, purchased sometime in 2005-2006) to my tv so I could watch videos online on the tv rather than at my computer. It works great, you have to change some resolution settings depending on what type/size tv you have it hooked up to, but after we picked the right one it works great. It does not transmit sound, it's a video cord only, but if you get a cord to go from your headphone jack to the red and white inputs on your tv, you'll be set. The picture quality is pretty good too, and I have it on a 37" tv....more info
  • Mini DVI to Video
    THis is exactly what every MacBook owner needs. This product is especially useful because one can connect it to both televisions with RCA and S-Video jacks....more info
  • Works great with a 13-inch MacBook
    Works flawlessly - you plug it an, and OS X automatically adjusts your screen resolution so the picture will work on a TV. When you're finished, just unplug it, and your resolution will flip back. S-video may not be the greatest connection out there, but it works fine. Watching streaming video via Hulu is way better on a 32-inch screen than trying to huddle around a 13-inch MacBook; the picture even has the correct aspect ratio for my 4:3 TV screen. It gets even better when you pair it with this 6ft Toslink to Mini Toslink Cable to handle output to your audio receiver (plugs into the MacBook's headphone jack). Only complaint is that the connector requires a bit more force than you'd expect to insert and remove....more info
  • Works Great :)
    I use this on my MacBook. Works flawlessly to hookup a TV via svideo. OSX handles this supremely well by remembering any video settings that I use when i have it hooked up. Plug it in and video switches to tv settings, unplug it and its back to normal. I use this with dual view mode so that my desktop stays the same always on the macbook, and i just get extra desktop space when I plug the tv in.
    The quality is quite suprising for s-video, very good.
    100% must have for anyone that has a nice tv :)...more info
  • Works perfectly
    I use it all the time, and it works exactly as expected. Completely user friends. Just plug it in and it auto-adjusts your resolution, or you can switch display modes to use multiple monitors. It's perfect for displaying images, or watching movies on a standard TV....more info
  • Finally, the right adapter!
    Reviews are only good if you can learn something from them, so here's what I did with this adapter. Hopefully it'll help you figure out if it's right for you.

    It took awhile to figure out which adapter I needed, and then it took awhile to get the right one, but this is it. I wanted to connect a 1.5 GHz Powerbook 12" (aluminum) to a Sony Wega 27" flat-tube TV and watch videos. At first, I though all I would need was a mini-DVI-to-component, and then I learned the difference between "component" and "composite." Didn't matter though, because what I actually needed was this, the mini-DVI-to-Video adapter. (For an iBook G4, I think you'll need mini-VGA-to-video.)

    The "Video" stands for S-Video, and any generic S-Video cable will hook up to it. You don't need an expensive Monster cable for this job.

    The video quality ranges from acceptable to great. Even though you can see the lines of pixels on such a big TV when you're looking at the desktop, videos recorded at DVD-quality *look* like DVD-quality. Videos (by which I mean legally-acquired TV episodes) encoded at less than DVD-quality look pixelated if they were originally digital broadcasts, for some reason, so while The Invisible Man (new) looks crisp, new Battlestar Galactica looks... chunky. From this, we conclude that that adapter itself works just fine, and it's up to your original file quality to determine how good it will look on the TV.

    That said, the screen resolution is 800x600 while the adapter is plugged in, so I wouldn't recommend routing video from a 12" PB to a larger TV than 27" unless you don't mind a little fuzziness.

    The adapter also comes with a composite jack, but I haven't used it, so someone else will have to review that aspect. :-)...more info
  • Not so adaptive...
    This adapter doesn't quite work so well-- it changes the display on the computer when you plug it in, and only has a slot for video (not audio) on the TV side......more info
  • A handy cord to watch movies on a TV
    If you were looking for a way to watch movies from your macbook on your TV, this adapter is a must buy. If your TV is more modern and has a DVI port, go with the mini-DVI to DVI adapter instead. Also, don't forget to purchase a mini-plug to RCA cord so you can connect the audio from your laptop to the TV ....more info
  • A great way to watch your videos on your TV
    It works great with my macbook, Just make sure you use good cables with it...more info
  • Works.
    The image clarity isn't perfect but if you have a widescreen tv this adapter is probably right up your ally. I just bought it to watch movies i make on my mac, fun fun....more info
  • Wonderful "It just works."
    Like most Apple products, this adapter just works, plain and simple. Plug it into your Mini DVI port and grab your S-Video or RCA Video cable and plug one end into the adapter and the other into your TV or VCR and you will have your computer screen on the TV. We have used this adapter to watch movies and TV from the built in Front Row on our Macbook as well as from Hulu and Fox On Demand in full screen. Definitely worth the few dollars the adapter costs. There is no configuration settings with the adapter that you need to tune up. I've used other non Apple laptops as well as converters on a PC and it was terrible trying to get it setup and get the resolution correct so it would look good on the TV. With the Apple adapter you just plug it into the port on your Mac and the resolution instantly adjusts. Perfection....more info
  • Great Price for all it does
    If you have this and a video cable it makes watching movies from you macbook easy and BIGGER. its a simple adapter for a good price. BUY IT! ...more info
  • good
    Came on time, and works fine. Be careful when purchasing, this is just an adapter you need 2 other cables to actually hook up the computer....more info
  • Works
    What can I say? This adapter does what it is supposed to do. If all you have is an analog TV then this is what you need. However, the picture from your Apple to an analog TV leaves a lot to be desired if you intend to watch movies or videos. This is not the fault of the adapter - an analog TV just does not have the resolution of an LCD or Plasma TV. If you want to stream movies to a TV from your Apple, your best bet is to buy a good LCD or Plasma HDTV. If anyone knows how to get a decent picture on an analog TV, I sure would like to hear from them....more info
  • List price is $19
    This adapter is $19 at the Apple Store (add tax and shipping depending on how you buy it). From the online Apple Store:

    " The Apple Mini-DVI to Video adapter is designed for use with the iMac (Intel Core Duo), MacBook, and 12-inch PowerBook G4. The adapter connects to the Mini-DVI port on these computers and provides both S-video and Composite video connectors so that you can view your computer on devices such as TVs, VCRs, or overhead projectors with S-Video or RCA (Composite) connectors. Video cables sold separately. "

    Also note that you need an audio cable if you want sound out. For most TVs you would need a 3.5 mm stereo (headphone) plug for the Mac to two RCA plugs for the TV.

    For an even better picture a lot of newer TVs can use an HDMI video input, which is digital. For this you would need Apple's Mini-DVI to DVI adapter, plus a DVI to HDMI cable. DVI to HDMI would essentially turn your TV into a computer monitor. You'd still need a separate audio cable. (HDMI cables can carry audio, but DVI cables don't.) Apple's Mini-DVI to DVI adapter is also $19....more info