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Apple M9320G/A Mini-DVI to VGA Adapter
List Price: $19.00

Our Price: $16.95

You Save: $2.05 (11%)


Product Description

Connect the Mini-DVI end into the 12" PowerBook G4, and the VGA end into a computer monitor or projector

  • Number of Connectors: 2
  • Connector Details: 1 x mini-DVI Male /1 x 15-pin D-Sub (HD-15)

Customer Reviews:

  • It does the job, but does it need to...
    This is the official adaptor for an Apple mini-DVI connection to a VGA input. Cheaper than available from the Apple Store for the exact same product, it has that "Apple" look (and smell!!). Unfortunately if you have a 12" Powerbook or an iMac you have to get one of these to hook up any secondary monitors or projectors. It works perfectly and looks fine, but it would be nice to be able to use a standard DVI to VGA adaptor, of which I have several hanging around....more info
  • works well when it works
    I use this cable to connect my Macbook to a 22" Viewsonic LCD as a desktop replacement. It has been shorting every other day since i bought it. So every other AM I fiddle with it for about 15 minutes to get it signal the proper resolution to the monitor. Shame on me for putting up with it, but from what I read it's a common quality control problem with this cable - so shame on Apple. If the cable cost more than $20 you would see more bad reviews, but at $19 I figure people just suck it up and buy another one. ...more info
  • Make sure this is the right one!
    This adaptor will connect a VGA projector or monitor to an intel iMac or MacBook, but the older flat panel iMac and iBook have a port which looks nearly identical, but is actually miini-VGA, and this adaptor will not fit. I also do not think the comment about a higher price at the Apple store is correct, at least the online store....more info
  • Works as laid out
    This product works great as was specified. Works great to hook my mac up to other devices specifically an external vga monitor. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Not a review, a Correction
    I beleive the first picture for this product is the wrong item. The picture provided by MidwestReviewer is correct.

    Apple initially provided adapters for Dual-USB iBooks that connected to a "mini-VGA" port. Later iBooks and powerbooks came with the "mini-DVA" ports, which were somewhat different, although similar in size and function, and were sold seperately....more info
  • works great but.......
    Works great but has a relative loose connection at the computer port. Just don't move it around too much or it will fall out of a macbook easy. Also this is my second one. The first one got banged up a little and went out after about 2 years. Be sure to handle with care and keep the plastic covers and keep the connections covered if you transport it around. I'm a teacher, so I take it back and forth to work and it got banged around a lot. Handle with extreme care to avoid buying another one. Probably this is the only place it's sold. It's hard to find it elsewhere. ...more info
  • A Must Have for MacBook Owners
    I use my macbook 90% of the time as a desktop replacement system with the DVI to mini-dvi adapter. However, I would recommend purchasing both the mini-dvi and the vga adapters.

    First, the next lcd you buy your probably going to be using DVI, so you will have it on hand. Second, if you already use DVI, its nice to have the VGA adapter in your laptop case. Why? When you go into the field you can easily connect up your macbook to a clients monitor or better yet, to an overhead projection addition, if your DVI lcd ever goes out you can pull out an old CRT or LCD and hook up the VGA adapter and not lose any downtime.

    Again, purchase both the DVI to mini-dvi and the DVI to VGA at the same time, here on amazon, and you will save some money.

    Lastly, don't purchase this on amazon from Circuit City! I did and they sent me the DVI to S-VIDEO adapter instead....more info
  • Necessary but not sufficient
    This works well enough, I suppose: you plug it into your Macbook and it makes a picture on your VGA monitor. However I find the quality of the conversion from mini-DVI to VGA to be lacking.

    I expect a certain level of inaccuracies using a VGA cable for an LCD screen (rather than a DVI cable where the signal can be digital all the way from the computer to the monitor), but using the identical monitor plugged into a true VGA port on a different computer, the display is much crisper.

    On my 1280x1024 resolution 19" monitor, the pixels are visibly blurry. It's most noticable on text -- where black text appears to have a small halo of blur or other colors around it. Small text is nigh unreadable....more info
  • Caveat Emptor
    I bought the adapter to use at home (Weekends Mostly) and within 3 months I started having issues with the adapter, Yesterday the unit went dead. I also own the Mini-DVI to DVI adapter which I have owned for over a year and have had no issues (With DAILY USE).

    Since I got the Mini-DVI to VGA adapter I noticed the Mini DVI side to be quite a tight fit, but expected it to last at least 6 months. Truly disappointing.

    ...more info
  • satisfactory, I guess
    I may just be computer-illiterate (very likely), but I find that once I plug the adapter in my laptop goes nuts. However, with patience and persistence, I can pretty easily get the connection working great. And I love to watch all my online content on the big screen....more info