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Something's Gotta Give
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Customer Reviews:

  • I could watch this DVD almost every night
    I just LOVE this Movie,the acting is SUPERB,and has a Fantastic Happy ending.I could watch this DVD amost every night,and I love the line,"You were engaged to some one famous,like Carly Simon,Yeah, some one cool like that."...more info
  • Marvin Gaye
    Gopal, maybe it's Marvin Gaye's song "Let's Get it On". Unbelievable it isn't in the cd soundtrack....more info
  • HELP - Anyone know the background song when Jack gets stroke
    Does anyone know this song...playing in background when jack gets heart attack...I cann't figure out...more info
  • something gave
    I own this movie and it remains one of my favorites to this day. I couldn't wait to get the soundtrack but it did disappoint. Many of the songs from the movie are on here but not all. Without Nancy Meyer's wonderful movie in tandem....this soundtrack can just be a lot of noise....more info
  • Something's Gotta Give
    If you loved the movie, then you probably love the soundtrack too. Great music. It inspired me to buy more "French" cds....more info
  • song titles and boum boum!
    The album is good on its own, it's very relaxing, and perfectly evokes the part in the movie where Erica was doing her writing and Harry was around.. It would've been REALLY great if it had included all the contemporary songs like Paul Simon's "Learn How to Fall", the Krazytown song "Butterfly" and Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning", Earth Wind and Fire's "Sing a Song". And the song someone here was looking for is really titled "Boum Boum", sung by Charles Trenet. All the more contemporary songs weren't in the album, so disappointing! I hope they decide to release another soundtrack to the album, with all the missing songs....more info
  • My Favorite Romantic CD!!!
    Ever since I saw the movie, I fell in love with the music, I ordered the CD and play it every weekend!!! Then I noticed a crack in my CD so now I am ordering a second one, I can't be without this music!!!...more info
  • "And When You Speak, Angels Sing From Above . . . Everyday Words Seem To Turn Into Love Songs"
    "La Vie En Rose"
    Beautiful Words and Music by Louiguy, Edith Piaf and Mack David

    "Quand il me prend dans ses bras
    Il me parle tout bas
    Je vois la vie en rose
    Il me dit des mots d'amour
    Des mots de tous les jours
    Et ca m'fait quelque chose

    Il est entr¨¦ dans mon coeur
    Une part de bonheur
    Dont je connais la cause
    C'est lui pour moi
    Moi pour lui dans la vie
    Il me l'a dit l'a jur¨¦
    Pour la vie

    Et d¨¨s que je l'apercois
    Alors je sens en moi
    Mon coeur qui bat."

    I have enjoyed the movie "Something's Gotta Give" as much as I enjoy listening to this original movie soundtrack. The movie is very entertaining and this soundtrack is such a delight to listen to. I gave a copy to my beauty and brains sister, a great and caring Physician who paints as a hobby, has taken French lessons, can speak conversational French and can sing "La Vie En Rose" in French. We both love this soundtrack and I dedicate this review to her.

    The 14 tracks are all wonderful and so pleasing and entertaining. Louie Armstrong opens this gorgeous presentation with an English version of our all-time favorite song "La Vie En Rose" followed by Steve Tyrell's outstanding rendition of a Gershwin gem, beautiful and timeless "I've Got A Crush On You." Astrud Gilberto's mysteriously alluring voice can be heard in "So Nice" (Summer Samba).

    Let The Flamingos enfold you with a sense of nostalgia as they sing a charming version of "I Only Have Eyes For You." Eartha Kitt will dazzle you as she delivers my sister's favorite songs "Je Cherche Un Homme" and "C'est Si Bon." And ditto with Charles Tr¨¦net's "Que Reste-T'il Nos Amour" and Les Escrocs' performance of "Assedic." A great jazz icon, Django Reinhardt, interprets "Brazil" in such an amazing and one-of-a-kind performance that you'll completely enjoy.

    My sister and I both love Coralie Cl¨¦ment's rendition of an enchanting song with a Bossa Nova flavor, "Samba De Mon Coeur Qui Bat." Jack Nicholson does a remarkable par excellence performance in the finale, "La Vie En Rose," in English and French as well. (French lyric courtesy of my sister. Merci beaucoup, soeur!).

    "Hold me close and hold me fast
    The magic spell you cast
    This is la vie en rose
    When you kiss me, heaven sighs
    I see la vie en rose

    When you press me to your heart
    I'm in a world apart
    A world where roses bloom
    And when you speak, angels sing from above
    Everyday words seem to turn into love songs

    Give your heart and soul to me
    And life will always be
    La vie en rose."

    This is a beautiful CD and a welcome addition to your collection of original movie soundtracks. I recommend it wholeheartedly!
    ...more info
  • Gotta Get This
    No contest, this is definately a soundtrack worthy of 5 stars. The style of music is completely not from my era (I usually listen to reggeaton), yet it has a timelessness, much like the movie itself. Right from the first sexy blast of the saxophone in Louis Armstrong's, "La Vie en Rose," through the closing song, another version of, "La Vie en Rose," the soundtrack from, "Somethings Gotta Give," transports its audience to another era. Don't be disappointed or mislead by the fact that "La Vie en Rose" appears twice on this soundtrack. Jack Nicholson's recording of the song is very different than the opening recording by Louis Armstrong. If you are a fan of Jack Nicholson's movies, you must hear this song. That man is such a versatile talent. No, it is not the best voice you have ever heard, but there is an undeniably sexiness to it. I especially love hearing that man sing in French. Wow.
    One does not need to be familiar with the movie to become caught up in Astrud Gilberto's light-hearted rendition of, "So Nice." Steve Tyrell's "I've Got a Crush on You," is beautifully romantic. The Flamingos, "I Only Have Eyes For You," speaks for itself, and I am sure that I have heard it in other movies. Familiar with the movie? You will appreciate the way that the French songs mirror the sentiments of Erika's heart. No translator is needed to enjoy the French songs. Eartha Kitt's raspy voice almost purrs "Je Cherche un Homme," and "C'est Si Bon." I cannot think of a better vocal/song match. The other artists, including Heiter Periera, Coralie Clement, Django Reinhardt and Deon Jackson, each have there own unique style, yet they all blend beautifully. You will not be disappointed.

    ...more info
  • Love It!
    If a movie is of Nancy Myer, I know I'm in for a long, two, possibly three hour movie that could skip alot of the filler and get straight to the end. The things that happen in this movie are hilarious. I am a fan of Keaton which is why I like it so much. ...more info
  • Learn To Fall Paul Simon
    The song at the end of the film, when Jack Nicholson and the entire family are in the restaurant, is "Learn How To Fall," by Paul Simon.

    I agree, the soundtrack album is good, but definitely should have included all of the songs....more info
  • Good choice
    Differently from so many OSTs, this one DOES contain the most important songs of the movie, resulting in more like a romantic french collection of excellent taste than another boring and unimaginative soundtrack - as we usually expect from such cds....more info
  • Really enjoyed this compilation
    Great music from a lovely film. It's mostly a collection of French music with some other mellow songs thrown in. Some of the tracks I had already as they're pretty common, but the overall feeling is evocative of a pleasant summer evening alone the Seine. Good background music for a French dinner party, or for background music around the house. I gave it to my mother, who loved the film, and she plays it all the time.

    A surprising track has Jack Nicholson singing La Vie En Rose... and he's pretty good, too. ...more info
  • It makes you smile when you hear it.
    This CD has such charming songs. "Something's Got to Give" is one of my favorite movies. I will be listening to the CD and be reminded of a scene for the movie and smile. Jack Nicholson singing "Mi Vie En Rose" is great. The scene with him singing that song was edited out but it is available in the deleted scenes on the DVD. It was too bad that it was cut but it is great to listen too. Buy it you will love it....more info
  • the song you are looking- Laura Greene from Mahw
    hellow ,my name is fiorella from Per¨˛ and the song yur are saying (the minute you walked in .....that sounds in the begining right?)well that song is called BIG SPENDER and is performed by SHIRLEY BASSEY
    so if you look it is-big spender from shirley bassey,
    i hope this help
    peru.fiorella -writw to me if you have any doubts....more info
  • answer to heart attack song question
    The song Marin and Harry were playing and fooling around to when Harry gets chest pains is Let's get it on. I'm not sure who it's by, but it is a very popular movie song when the characters are about to get it on so to speek. It's in one of the Austin Powers movies; Nine Months and many others not to mention all the times it's even been used on TV shows. I'm surprized you hadn't already heard it before. Anyway, if you were to watch the movie again, Erica and Zoe are in the kitchen when the song starts playing from the other room and they disguss what song it is and even say the name of it and start dancing around until Marin yells for help. Also, next time, you can read the song credits at the end of any movie when you are unsure of a title because it will list the song title, artist, and who it was sung by in the movie for any and all songs played in the movie and they are usually in order of when they are played. Hope that I helped....more info
  • the absolute perfect soundtrack
    I have to be honest, I didn't pay much attention to the music while watching the movie in December of 2003. I just remembered a bunch of French-sounding music playing in the background. In the summer of 04, my friend told me that I absolutely had to get the soundtrack, and while this friend of mine had questionable taste in certain things (clothes + shoes), her taste in music is rather trustworthy. This is not a track-skipping CD. I've sat through the entire album, listening to every track, over 80 times, I'm not even kidding. Okay, well maybe there is one track I don't mind skipping: The last track with Jack Nicholson's cover of La Vie En Rose. Louis Armstrong's version couldn't be more perfect, so it just feels like Jack Nicholson, even with an exceptional voice, is butchering the track.

    1. La Vie En Rose. Try listening to this track while driving in your car, late at night, on a quiet highway, with your windows rolled down. YOU WILL GET CHILLS, not because it's creepy, but because it's absolutely beautiful.

    2. I've Got a Crush on You. I'm pretty sure this song is a cover of an old song, but this guy does a good job singing the track. Isn't he a pretty well-known guy?

    3. I Only Have Eyes For You. We all know this song. Our ancestors know this song. We like this song.

    4. Summer Samba. Really mellow, laid back song, also kinda groovy, ya-know-wud-i-mean?

    5. Remember Me. A rainy day song. A little sad, but still nice

    6. Samba De Mon Coeur Que Bat. I have no idea what the name of this song means, but listen to it a few times, and you will memorize the words to this song..even if you don't know what you're saying.

    7. Que Reste - T'il De Nos Amour. Probably my favorite song on the album. Charles Trenet is a legend in the French world. This song is upbeat, really fun to listen to. My friend says it's about someone dying in the kitchen. Je don't know if that's true or not, but hey, je don't care.

    8. Assedic. Okay song. Maybe I skip this one...maybe.

    9. Je Cherche Un Homme. Which I think means, I'm looking for a man. You're not the only one, okaaay? I love love love Eartha Kitt's voice. and the song is hilarious.

    10. C'est Si Bon. Classic song. Cadillac Car, Mink coats.

    11. Brazil. Good background music for dinner parties. Fun song.

    12. Sweet Lorraine. Also a dinner party song.

    13. Love Makes the World Go Round. This song differs from all the other songs on this album, it's almost like it was put here by mistake, but I think it also pulls the soundtrack together, making it, dare I say, the absolute perfect soundtrack. with the exception of........

    14. La Vie En Rose, sung by Jack Nicholson. I'd rather not talk about it.

    Do not hesitate to buy this album. It's worth your 11 measly dollars. FOUR STARS is completely underrated. Thank you and good night....more info