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BIC America V-1220 12-Inch 430-Watt Down-Firing Powered Subwoofer
List Price: $338.23

Our Price: $171.76

You Save: $166.47 (49%)


Product Description

A high current 200 watt (430 watts peak) amplifier is combined with a 12" long-throw driver containing a long-life butyl surround. Venturi vented to eliminate port noise often heard while listening to demanding videos. Unsurpassed performance at its price. The V1220 also features adjustable crossovers, automatic signal sensing, high level inputs as well as both Dolby Pro Logic & Dolby Digital/ DTS inputs.

  • Built-in 200W RMS (430W peak) BASH amplifier
  • Heavy duty 12" subwoofer with butyl rubber surround
  • Bass reflex cabinet with patented Venturi vent
  • 7-year driver warranty
  • 2-year amplifier warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Subwoofer
    Down-Firing Powered Subwoofer. An absolute outstanding product. The sound and product quality are top-notch. THanks!...more info
  • This is really a 12 inch subwoofer!!!
    In spite of Amazon listing this as a 10" subwoofer, this is really a BIC America model V1220 12" subwoofer. It is only apparent by the 23180 hz in the product specs at the bottom. The range of the speaker is a satisfyingly low 23 hz to 180 hz.

    When working this is a great speaker. When not working the manufacturer's support is wonderful. The hotline is a direct line to a live technician who actually works in Ohio and not India. This is the reason that even though I had to send the amp back for warranty service I still give them 5 stars....more info
    I've been looking for a subwoofer for a long time,and I found this one (bic v-1220). I wasn't sure if I was going to purchase it. I waited and did some more searching. I was on a tight budget,so I was trying to find something good for less, I finally after months of searching bought the BIC V-1220. This thing is awesome,it rattles my living room walls,the people who live below and above my apartment is complaining that I am trying to shake the building down.My receiver is an onkyo tx-sr806. I must say for the price,this is a bargain.I would definitely recommend this sub,it's worth every penny. ...more info
  • Great low tone, great low price...
    1) very low freq. response
    2) adjustable cross
    3) multiple input options

    1) a bit large

    Personally I'd toss out a piece of
    furniture to get this sound, and so
    the "con" is for those who want a
    compact design. I could care less
    about its size, just give me that
    A month before I purchased this
    unit, I bought 4 Alesis M1 Mk2s'.
    They have a low freq. cut-off
    around 50hz. The adjustable cross
    on the sub was important, and
    blends it perfectly into the sound
    of my system. Love it!!
    By the way, this is NOT a 10" sub,
    it's the 12" model...

    Very happy,
    JLD...more info
  • Good sub at a great price.
    I bought this sub to replace a JBL PB12 so I wanted something quality. The PB12 lasted at least 7 years so I expect this one to do the same. So far so good. It is a compact 12 inch sub which is good for space reasons but it does not skimp on the sound. It is down-firing which usually I have found, gives you more bass punch. It has all the hookups that you want from speaker wire to LFE sub in which means no matter what level of setup it will work. Not too crazy about the finish (it is like a pale ash veneer) but that is about it. It does rock if you turn it up: good deep bass with depth but not as "boomy" as the PB12 it replaces. The speaker has a polypropylene woofer cone which is usually a sign of quality for most sub-woofers since it translates to minimal cone flex (shortens cone life) and maximum sound output. Just plug it in and you're ready to go. The PB12 amp/electronics was (from what I read) poorly designed by some company that longer exists which is why it just dies on you. This sub electronics is made by a very reputable company that has been around a long time. What is not to like?...more info
  • My search for a subwoofer
    My JBL 200 watt sub quit working recently. I finally was able to get a response from them but it was after the warranty period (several years). If they had been more responsive I probably would not have been looking on Amazon. Regardless, I purchased the BIC after much searching and reading of reviews. I am using it with my Denon 3802 receiver so that I can set the volume of the sub to my other speakers. I have elected to run it a higher volume so that I can hear the low sounds put through the unit. I am satisfied with the unit and would recommend it for purchase to others if they are looking for a mid range (price)sub for a surround system. ...more info
  • For the price
    The BIC America V-1220 12" subwoofer is a good buy for the price.
    It has some great sound and I really like that it has the auto switch on it. The auto switch works as kind of a standby in that when it doesn't receive the bass then its not on but as soon as it does it turns on and stays on as long as there is bass. It has like a 15 minute length of time that it will say on before it goes back to standby. So there is no need to have to turn it on/off ever time.
    I did how ever also buy another subwoofer (Klipsch 10" 420-Watt) to kind of compare the two. I got my Klipsch on sale and it was still about $100 more then the BIC, but I have found it to be well worth it. With both hooked up its amazing.
    Even if you only have the BIC its still a really well made subwoofer and has great sounds. So for the price it's a good subwoofer.
    ...more info
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!
    This is the best sub-woofer ive ever owned.I replaced my old 90watt sub that came with my sound system that i bought a couple of years ago.Powered subwoofers are the way to go.....the bass is deep, not rattley like other subs are.good volume control on the side, i put my sub in the corner of my room to get the full bass effect, and wow.....I like playing call of duty 2 with this monster.....I recommend this to anyone......more info
  • Stron and Long
    Get some of this bad boy. You want to play some football. Downfire with 12 Inches not the 10 like it says. This is a 10 incher. We all know what and extra 2 inches can do....more info
  • I am impressed with this V-1220 subwoofer.
    This sub blew away my Kef sub PSW 2150. The B.I.C. V 1220 is a steal at $200 it sounds tighter deeper, but the kef was only a 10" compared to the 12" B.I.C. I also have the B.I.C DV62si as my surround speakers and for the center I have the JBL EC35. My receiver is the 2005 Harman Kardon. Anyways to make a long story short I am very happy now and could not expect any better for the money I have spent. About $800 total. The kef sub cost half of that and already went to the shop for the amp. I would recamend all of the B.I.C speakers I have used so far. ...more info
  • Awesome sub!
    This is a great sub! Very deep and crisp. The only reason I am giving it a 4 instead of 5 is because of the feet. Who in the world designed pointed feet for the legs! I called BIC and they do not have any other feet that can be provied. Had to place them on rubber feet so they didn't mark up the wood floor. Wonderful sub, horrible feet....more info