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Airport Terminal Pack (Airport/Airport '75/Airport '77/Airport '79 - The Concord)
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Contains: airport: airport 1975 and the concorde: airport 79. Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 02/08/2005 Run time: 471 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Airport Tereminal Pack
    About time this came out on dvd I have seen all these movies except for Airport 79 was my first chance to see it, Compared to todays starnderds of movie making they do look a bit weird but they are marvolouse classics and well worth the purchace for such a time capsual...more info
  • Airport Marathon
    I love the Airport movies. I was so glad to get all of them together. I can't make up my mind which I like the best. I like that some of the actors are carried through to other movies. The actors and actresses are recognizable and protray believable parts. It makes for a good afternoon or evening movie marathon....more info
  • First Class
    Although the "Airport" franchise is "hammy", it still has knuckle clenching scenes. The plot varied little in all the subsequent sequels from the original. With this said, it still manages to entertain after all these years, and it doesn't rely on vulgar words, sex or gore....more info
  • Very Enjoyable!
    These movies are lots of fun - they take you back to how air travel was 35 years ago, and the big name stars really makes these entertaining. ...more info
  • Nice Box Set But Lacking Some Things
    Just before Christmas 2005 we gave ourselves the best present any home theater fan could want, a 32" flat panel LCD HDTV. This completed our home theater as the prior summer my other half got as a gift of 25 years of service, a 5 disc/DVD progressive scan home theater system with Dolby & DTS 5.1 surround capability. I tell you this because I wanted you to know the circumstances for the following reviews. Since we completed our home theater I have been going back and viewing DVDs in our collection and seeing how they look and sound on the new HDTV and home theater system. This happens to be the first one I pulled out of our collection and viewed.

    This set, as you know, consists of the 4 films in the "Airport" franchise. I will try and review them indivually if I can. You may have seen my previous reviews of the Good Times releases for the first 3 films. Anyway, I decided to re-review these films as presented in this collection so here goes. Since I had the first three films in this series from Good Times Video I was glad to see that Universal had released all 4 films in a box set. I was surprised and disappointed with the release. Read below for each films review in this set.

    "Airport" (1970)
    I was surprised to see that Universal had chose to only release this film offering Dolby and DTS 5.1 surround for the audio. Upon viewing this release I chose the DTS 5.1 surround audio and it was fantastic. It sounded as good or better as I remember it when I saw the film in the first theater that exhibited it in my home town in 1970. The theater was the only one in town that offered the 6 track sound presentation of the several that had that capability back then. The aspect ratio was as good as the Good Times widescreen version and the picture quality was excellent. I was very pleased with the presentation.

    My disappointment was in the fact that there was no supplemental materials for the film. As in the Good Times versions there was no kind of tribute to the cast and crew that produced and performed in this film (or any of the others for that matter). Many of the actors and crew are no longer with us and it would have been nice to have some kind of feature with the surviving folks being interviewed about the film and its production.

    This movie is based on the first novel I read in high school by the same title and written by Arthur Hailey. The book was both engaging and suspenseful and the film brings it to life on the screen (right down to verbatim dialog from the book). When I saw this film in the theater the first time I was blown away.

    Veteran film makers Ross Hunter and George Seaton gather an excellent cast and crew to do justice to the book (material not used in this film was developed to create the script for Airport '75). It's no wonder the film, though panned by critics of its time, garnered 10 Academy Award Nominations, including Best Picture (Helen Hayes received the Best Supporting Actress award)!

    Like the book there are any number of plots and sub-plots interwoven masterfully in this film. The film captures the gripping and tense situations of the book along with the domestic troubles of a number of its characters (i.e. Mel and Tanya's ongoing affair, Mel's troubled relationship with his wife Cindy, Vernon and flight attendent Gwen's affair and subsequent revelation of her pregnancy, Dom and Inez's financial troubles due to Dom's mental state leading to his suicide).

    Then you have the plots revolving around the worst snow storm in the midwest in years and the airport having to close is primary runway due to pilot error. This results in a plane being stuck blocking the runway and Mel having to figure out how to clear it while fighting with the airport commissioner to close the airport. To add insult to injury Dom decides to explode a bomb on a flight to Rome so that his wife can collect the flight insurance and have a good life without him. The disabled plane needs to return to the airport and land on the runway, the airport's longest, where the other aircraft is stuck or people may die.

    All of this and more is crammed into a film that runs a little over 2 hours. The film is better than any TV day or nighttime soap opera could ever be! And it is filled with so much excellent talent both in front of and behind the camera. This is a must film for those who are fans of its genre and I think the best of the 4 films in the series. Excellent Academy Award nominated score by the late Alfred Newman who's sons followed in his footsteps and are scoring films today.

    Airport 1975 (1974)
    For some reason Universal chose to mess with the aspect ratio of this film as it's not quite right as noted by others who reviewed it. Also, I was disappointed at the lack of a 5.1 surround audio track for this film. I know when I saw it in the theater there was a multitrack audio presentation. I am at a loss at it not being presented here in this version. Otherwise the film is presented as best as I guess they chose to present it. Again, no supplemental materials were offered for this film either.

    In my mind this sequel should have been the only one done after the success of the original. The script utilizes the material not used from Arthur Haley's novel in the first film (i.e. the chapters about an overworked air traffic controller who deals with his experience with a mid-air collision) and does a different take from the book's chapters.

    As is the first film this one is quite suspenseful but slightly dated. It features some hair raising moments when the head stewardess (they are now called flight attendants) has to try to fly the damaged plane after a mid-air collision and the flight crew is either dead or disabled. Next, an attempt is made to place a pilot into the pilotless plane. The film features an all star cast, including Karen Black as the head stewardess and Charlton Heston as her boyfriend and exec of the airlines, and a plausable script with some great special effects (considering it was produced in the mid 1970s). The score was done by John Cacavas who did the scoring for the original Kojak TV series.

    All in all, it's the best of all the "Airport" sequels!

    Airport '77 (1977)
    Again I was disappointed in Universal's lack of a 5.1 surround audio track and no supplemental materials for this film.

    This film was gripping but not as good as the original or second sequel. This, the third of the "Airport" films, is weekest in storyline but great in casting. Jack Lemmon gave a very believable performance as chief pilot of the ill-fated 747, as did Christopher Lee as the staunch businessman with the alcholic, "neglected", socialite wife (Lee Grant). Other's in the cast were very supportive in their performances considering what they had to work with. The actual stars of this film were the navy rescuers who's performance was a real exersize of what they would have done if such an accident had occured in the ocean.

    Although this film lacks real substance it's fun to watch on a rainy day, especially if you have seen the previous films. The story is about a wealthy, but ill and dying, collector of many things ranging from art to antique autos (James Stewart playing the role comes off looking somewhat ill too, and he could have been as this was his last theatrical film). His grand, custom Boeing 747 is hijacked by crooks who want to steal his art collection being flown to a newly restored old homeplace he is turning into a museum in Florida. Along for the ride are many old friends and his daughter and grandchild being flown in style.

    One of the crooks screws up when attempting to land the 747 after gassing everyone unconscious. The plane crashes into the Bermuda Triangle and sinks. All of the passengers on the plane and the chief pilot are faced with how to rescue themselves before they run out of air to breathe while believing no one knows where they have crashed.

    Watch for the small cameo role of Chris Lemmon (Jack's son) as a fighter pilot looking for the sunken 747.

    Airport '79 - The Concord (1970)
    What can I say, this one's the worst of the 4 films. As someone else said here the only redeeming factor in this film is the fact you get to see the Concord and George Kennedy reprising his role as Joe Patroni.

    All in all this is a nice collection dispite its failings and if you are a fan of this genre and this series, it's worth adding to your collection....more info
  • "Four Films For The Price Of One"
    In this "Airport" boxset we get all four of the "Airport" films for a fantastic price. The packaging is top-notch, with the films being available on two dual-layered dics and strapped neatly in harden plastic tabs for safe keeping. I have had my set for over two years now and have never had a problem with the plastic tabs breaking. The discs themselves come in a neat cardboard book, which in turn is in another cardboard case that hold the disc book in place. On the back of the book you get an overview of all "Airport" films from the theatre info to a neat synopsis of the movies. The films themselves are cleaned from their original print and look impeccable for being over 30 years old.
    The "Airport" films really made disaster films popular in the "70's. It was popular to put former movie stars in situations of peril, and in the "Airport" case, having stars in planes that were going to crash became the norm. I have often wondered if the amount of people flying in the 1970's actually decreased after watching these films. The movies themselves are great fun and it's sad that this kind of film making doesn't exist today.
    The original "Airport" film from 1970 would go on to garner 10 Oscar nomiations, including Best Picture. The most popular and biggest success of the lot is "Airport '75". It is mainly known for Karen Black's performance as a stewerdess who shouts to the control tower "there's no one flying the plane!!!".
    Charleton Heston, Gloria Swanson (in her last film role in "Airport '75"), Lee Grant, Dean Martin, and many more all star in the "Airport" movies. Sit back and see how Hollywood made films in a delicate and innovative decade.
    If you like the "Airport" films you may like more disaster movies including "The Towering Inferno", "Earthquake", and "The Poisiedon Adventure"....more info
  • Why Can't I get Airport'79 as a standalone product
    I already have Airport, A75, and A77 individually. They are in excellant shape. I have no need to replace them. So why can't I get Airport '79 as a single package without having to replacing what does not need replaceing?...more info
  • Airport '75/Airport '77
    The only 2 movies that I liked was Airport '75 and Airport '77. I did not care for Airport or Airport '79 - The Concord. But if you loved the first Airport movie you will love the rest too. ...more info
  • Great Movies. Well-worth The Money.
    The AIRPORT series are brilliant movies. I'm so proud to own them all on DVD and in wide screen at last. All four of these movies are filled with an all-star cast, full of entertainment, greatly directed and acted. I hope to buy the music scores next if I can find them.

    My favourite out of the four is AIRPORT 77. The reason why because most of the disaster is when the jumbo jet is underwater.

    Buy this DVD box set, it's well-worth the money. MCA Universal presented it very well, too.

    Darren Fuge....more info
  • Airport
    Since I've already reviewed some of the other movies in this multipack, I will reserve this review to just "Airport" which is the first in this series. This movie tracks the flight of a 707 with a disturbed man with a bomb in his brief case. He is no terrorist, but in the days before airport screenings, he simply sits down with his bomb in his lap. Eventually he blows himself up in the bathroom and the plane is forced to land in a snowstorm in Chicago.

    This movie was filmed in Minneapolis, MN because they figured it would have a better chance for actual snow conditions. Ultimately they needed to manufacture snow for effects. It is too bad they couldn't manufacture some acting talent as well. The passengers all appear to be morons, and the plane crew can't seem to deliver a decent line. Dean Martin plays the co-pilot with the hots for a stewardess (OK, so there is a bit of realism in the movie) but the dialogue is lame and uninspiring.

    This movie launched a series of sequels, but I'm not sure why. Perhaps other people wanted to show this film crew "how to do it right" or something like that. This movie is a sleeper and if you are still awake at film's end, you can give yourself a merit badge....more info
  • the first is great the others are ok
    this package has all the airport movies the films that gave birth to the disaster craze of the 70's.airport is great and the best of the lot. airport '75 is ok but a little slow. airport '77 is dumd but i though it was really kind of fun. last and least is the concord airport '79 the worst movie of the bunch and one of the worst films ever....more info
  • The original disaster film
    This collection has all four original Airport movies on two double sided DVD's. These film range from class to crass.

    ****Airport - This film was responsible for the "multiple jeopardy" films of the 70's and is by far the best. This film deserved it Best Picture Oscar nomination. And Helen Hayes won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

    Airport is based on Arthur Hailey's best selling book - a great read. The film starts out about the operation of the airport. Burt Lancaster (Mel) is the Chicago airport manager. Jean Seaberg is the service manager for Trans Global Airline. They are having problems with an airplane that has got mired in snow, the local residents and a feisty stowaway, Ada Quonset (Hayes). The scene with Lancaster, Seaberg and Hayes is deliciously hilarious. Then the film turns to the flight. D.O. Guerro (Van Heflin) is an unemployed construction who has decided to blow up a plane to collect his insurance. Inez (Maureen Stapleton) is his waitress wife, who too late discovers his plans. The flight crew includes the pilot Vern (Dean Martin) who is married to Mel's sister (Barbara Hale) but having an affair with a pregnant Gwen (Jacqueline Bisset). Ida stows away on the flight and of course sits next to DO Guerro. The bomb goes off and now the plane has to land. The problem is the only landing strip has the mired airplane. Enter Joe Patroni (George Kennedy).

    This is a well paced film under George Seaton's direction and screenplay. Both Helen Hayes and Maureen Stapleton deservedly received Oscar Nominations for Best Supporting Actress. It should have been a tie! This film alone is worth buying the set.

    ***Airport 1975 - This is another all star collection on a flight in trouble. This time there is a midair collision killing everyone in the cockpit, leaving flight attendant Karen Black to pilot the plane. When she cannot handle the plane, Denver airport manager Joe Patroni (George Kennedy got promoted) and pilot Charlton Heston come up with a midair pilot transfer. When the first one is unsuccessful, Chucky has to come to the rescue. Guests on the plane include Gloria Swanson as herself, Linda Blair as a girl going to a have a transplant, Helen Reddy as a singing nun and the luminous Myrna Loy.

    ***Airport '77 - Third in the series. James Stewart is flying down friends, family and press to his private island to view his art collection. Unfortunately, a group has decided to hijack the plane and steal the works of art on the plane. The plane hits an off shore oil platform, crashes into the sea and sinks. Jack Lemmon is on board as the pilot, Lee Grant is an alcoholic shrew and Olivia DeHavilland meets a long lost love Joseph Cotten. Of course, Joe Patroni (Kennedy) is back, this time working for Stewart. This is still better than most "disaster film" but the franchise is definitely showing wear.

    *The Concorde: Airport '79 - This laughably bad. The Concorde maiden voyage from NYC to London to Paris. French new wave star Alan Delion is the pilot and there is the usual collection of has beens and never wases. Most probably wish they were as smart as Cicley Tyson and got off the plane in London.

    Overall, this is a good collection for a fun evening in.

    DVD EXTRAS: None
    ...more info
  • ......and George Kennedy as Patroni !
    If you want to know what the '70s were like, look no further. Believe it or not, people used to take this stuff seriously. I remmember long lines at the cinema in order to watch these movies.
    77 wasn't all that bad, though I wonder how it was that the plane didn't implode under water. 75 was pretty dumb but passable. 79 , well, you could write a whole book about it, whomever cast Charo surely had to go on the witness protection program.
    At any rate, this is mostly enjoyable stuff, even if you will never feel too proud about feeling that way....more info
  • Will revisit.
    My review will have to wait. Being in Australia I am having our player modifyed to play region 1 movies.

    Regards Tim Matthews....more info
  • Great Movie Series
    I have always enjoyed these movies. All have good plots and keeps the action going through out the movie, which some new directors should try to do more in their movies. It's hard sometime to go back and watch without laughing at some of the scenes, since the release of the Airplane Movie spoofs and vise versa....more info
  • Well, two of the films work!
    After the release of the 1980 film spoof "Airplane", one can't look at the movies in the "Airport" series without a stifled laugh.

    That said, each of the films in this compilation does have some unique characteristics. The first, and arguably the best, was nothing more than a glossy airborne soap opera, the trademark of producer Ross Hunter. Based on the extremely popular book of the same name, the film had all the trappings of a "sudser": infidelity, histrionics, cliffhanging tension, over-the-top acting, stoic heroes, and a little old lady in the form of an Oscar-winning performance from theater matron Helen Hayes. Although the film was released in 1970, it seemed more of a 60's film, especially with the casting of one of that decade's infamous "Rat Pack": Dean Martin as the swinging pilot having an affair with stewardess Jacqueline Bisset.

    My RATING for "Airport": 4.5 Stars

    After the box office success of the first film, Universal decided that "once was not enough" and brought out the first sequel in the form of "Airport '75". The casting of Charlton Heston was somewhat obvious. Who better than the man that played "Ben-Hur" and "Moses" could helm the ill-fated plane in this film!!! Two legends of Hollywood's Golden Age, Myrna Loy and Gloria Swanson were among the passengers of the all-star cast.

    My RATING for "Airport '75: 3 stars

    "Airport '77" owes a debt of gratitude to Irwin Allen's disaster classic "The Poseidon Adventure" in that this entry placed its passengers in peril in a submerged 747. Like its predecessors, "Airport '75" boasted a heavy-hitting cast of Oscar winners and nominees (Jack Lemmon, Brenda Vaccaro, Lee Grant, George Kennedy, Olivia de Haviland, and James Stewart). It also features a stunning crash sequence and believable heroics for the American Navy.

    My RATING for "Airport '77": 3.5 stars

    "Airport '79: The Concorde", the last of the films, seemed more at home on the small screen than it does on the large one. The ridiculous plot, the laughable special effects, and the cast of mostly television stars didn't improve its tele-movie appearance.

    A bit of trivia: Both Robert Wagner and Susan Blakely were featured in Irwin Allen's mammoth (and much better) disaster flick "The Towering Inferno" some years earlier and had better parts.

    My RATING for "Airport '79: The Concorde": 1 star

    And poor George Kennedy must've been contractually obligated to appear in all four.

    He should've stopped while he was ahead with Number ONE or at least ended with number THREE.

    His "Petroni" in the last film could easily have fit in the aforementioned "Airplane"!
    ...more info
  • The terminally boring pack?
    Perhaps some childhood memories should remain undisturbed..
    The Airport movies were classic disaster movies of their time, and seminal movie going moments in the seventies. Alas, on reviewing these as a collection it is clear time have done them no favours.
    Ironically, it is the oldest movie that has dated the least. Airport, starring Burt Lancaster and Dean Martin, still holds the attention now. It was the least thrilling of the series, relying more on characters and melodrama for its entertainment, in keeping with its Arthur Hailey source novel. Here, while there is ultimately drama in the air when a bomber threatens to blow up Dean Martin's plane, most of the exposition takes place on the ground, and the drama is about the running of an airport rather than the planes. It is a slow build up, with a satisfying denouement. Burt Lancaster solidly holds things together, and while it is hard to imagine 10 Oscar nominations now, it is a solid piece of entertainment, 7/10.
    Airport 75 switches the drama to the air - here, Charlton Heston's girlfriend, a plucky stewardess, ends up in charge of flying the plane when a mid air collision takes out the flight crew and leaves a gaping hole in the flight compartment. Sadly, most of the entertainment these days is in chortling at the bizarre 70's d¨¦cor and fashion, as well as spotting the many moments that Airplane was able to parody. This IS the movie where a nun sings to the child who HAS to get to the airport in time to have her kidney replaced. It is laudable that they managed to insert so many real shots of the plane flying among the stunning Rocky Mountains, but it only serves to highlight how poor the back projection sequences are, for example the cockpit scenes. The cast is extraordinary - Erik Estrada! Gloria Swanson - bizarrely as herself - it was her first film in 22 year, and her last. Even the sick child is played by Linda Blair. However, apart from the set-piece transfer from helicopter to the 747, a stunt performed by the mighty Joe Canutt (of Ben-Hur stunt fame), the movie fails to ignite any real tension or character development. (4/10)
    Airport 77 on the face of it seems the most outlandish, and yet in my opinion outperforms 75. In this one, a millionaire (James Stewart) owns a 747 which crashes in the sea as a result of a botched hijack. Jack Lemmon is the pilot this time, and Christopher Lee the character actor looking for a movie to break his stereotype. In fact, they both ham it up satisfyingly, for what requires a very large suspension of belief. On crashing on the sea, we are led to believe the plane sinks and then remains watertight (well, almost..). It's good fun, taken with a pinch of salt.(5/10)
    Airport 79 `The Concorde' is undoubtedly the worst. It has the feel of a Euro-production, with poor special effects to match. The Concorde just cannot be shown realistically enough in any of the shots to allow us to withhold our suspension of belief. Again, the character actors are trotted out - Alain Delon, Robert Wagner, even Sylvia Kristel! And of course, the inevitable George Kennedy to provide a semblance of a link with previous movies. The plot is the most ridiculous, with multiple attempts to destroy the Concorde caused by one passenger having documents destined to bring down a company. Missiles, jet aircraft attacks, and the like follows..
    In fact, while the previous movies attempted some sort of credibility, the aerobatics performed by a supersonic aircraft here are just too ludicrous, and it is easy to see why this was laughed off the screen on its first performances. (2/10)
    An interesting footnote - the aircraft seen in the real flying scenes was subsequently sold to Air France, and is the same Concorde which crashed on take off in 2000, thereby ending the era of supersonic passenger travel.
    All in all, it has been fun to see these movies again - but only to be sharply reminded how bad they actually got. Don't be tempted by the package deal - just get `Airport' the original and best. `Airplane!' Can then supply all the entertainment value and more of the other three combined....more info