Let's Do It Again
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Comedy about a pair of blue collar cons who raise funds for their fraternal order by hypnotizing a scrawny boxer into believing he's a mighty fighter, then betting heavily on him. Trouble ensues when gangsters figure out their plot and seek payback.

Back in the day, when Richard Roundtree, Fred Williamson, Issac Hayes, and Pam Grier were stickin' it to the Man, Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby collaborated on three buddy comedies that offered urban audiences an alternative to private dicks, sex machines, and bad muthas. The Uptown Saturday Nightstars re-team for an "outtasite" scam involving hypnosis, a hopeless beanpole boxer (Jimmie Good Times Walker), and two rival kingpins. Though in fashion and patois Let's Do It Again is a candidate for the '70s time capsule, it does hold up better than most of its more militant blaxploitation brethren. Poitier, the straight man, and Cosby, working his improvisational mojo, are a great comedy team. Worth the price of purchase alone is the sight of these icons decked out in flamboyant Mack Daddy duds to impress their marks, Kansas City Mack (John Amos) and Biggie Smalls (Calvin Lockhart). Curtis Mayfield's score, with vocals by the Staples Singers, is also good for the soul. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • Classic Comedy
    This classic urban comedy features an all-star cast! Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier, John Amos...

    Although it was made before my fiance and I were even born(1975), we were both in tears laughing throughout the whole movie. We were so happy to find it available to buy on Amazon!

    "Let's Do It Again" is the BEST and FUNNIEST of the three buddy comedies featuring Cosby and Poitier from the 1970's. "A Piece of the Action" and "Uptown Saturday Night" are funny as well, but "Let's Do It Again" is hilarious and has a great soundtrack!...more info
  • My favorit Movie
    Of all the movies I have seen in my entire life, this is my favorite movie, I highly recommend this movie to everyone, I collect DVD's, this should have been one of the first movies on DVD. I hope this will happen very soon. I laugh everytime I watch it....more info
  • Wonderful
    I used to watch this movie all the time as a little kid and have been searching for it for years! It's so excitibg to find it i DVD and in such great condition. Truly a wonderful buy! ...more info
  • A comedy classic
    Hiawatha aka 'Biggy' Smalls, Bootney Farnsworth... you gotta be kiddin' me. Those names alone are enough to get you laughin'. Add to that Jimmy Walker as the defending middleweight champ then throw in Coz and Sidney Poitier as two small time hustlers trying for a big score by hyptonizing Bootney to believe he's a ferocious and unbeatable fighter. Absolutely hilarious.

    The outfits that Cosby and Poitier wear are classic 70's. Bold, brash, colorful, and outrageous.

    I just watched this again recently and I laugh just as hard every time I see it.

    Just sit back and enjoy...more info

  • 70's Classic
    LET'S DO IT AGAIN is an excellent movie. In addition to Bill Cosby and Sidney Poiter's good comic chemistry, the rest of the cast provides laughs and are all around quite entertaining. I particularly enjoyed John Amos as KANSAS CITY MAC. Speaking of KANSAS CITY MAC, the names used in this film are also quite creative; Mongo Slade, Bubba Chops, Fishin Chips Freddi, Jody Tibbs, Bootny Fansworth, just to name a few.

    So all in all this film about two down on their luck guys who try to scam a couple of bookies is a very entertaining and creative film. Many buddy films afterward have been infulenced by this film....more info

  • this is what is known as "back in the day". Comedy at it's finest!
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1G29JZ2DZMWMX ...more info
  • Simply Funny!!!
    The only movie I've ever known Bill Cosby to have done back in the days was "I Spy". I came across "Let's Do It Again" while working ironically in the Navy onboard USS Enterprise. I watch the movie not knowing what to expect, and didn't find a dull moment anywhere. John Amos and Jimmy Walker only made the movie more funnier than what it was. Even people younger than me that I put on to this movie who love Cosby enjoyed it because it's just good, clean fun. The same elements you hardly see in movies today. If you haven't seen this one, buy it, rent it, do what you have to do!!! You will NOT be dissapointed!!!...more info
  • What a movie to see nothing but full of laughter and action
    I really enjoy all of the old black movies and i would really like to know if these movies are going to be offered on DVD and when. Take time out to watch the whole collection you will not be disappointed at all....more info
  • My all time favorite
    I am Bill Cosby's biggest fan, from his comedy albums in the 60s all the way through his TV sitcoms in the 80s and 90s. The "trilogy" he did with Sidney Poitier (Uptown Saturday Night, Let's Do It Again, and A Piece of the Action) are absolutely hilarious! Let's Do It Again is the funniest of the three and from the plot to the costumes to the dialogue to the singing (Bill's "Ode to the Champ" is my favorite!) you will be in stitches. This movie was thoroughly entertaining, and it leaves you longing for a return to a time when sex, gruesome violence and profanity did NOT rule the film industry. You have GOT to see this movie!...more info
  • Their Best
    This was one of the funnyest movies that Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier ever did. Jimmy Walker and John Amos came over from Good Times to give some assistence. The title song was a number 1 hit for the Staple Singers....more info
  • why not on dvd
    Look this movie is a classic, with the big hats and the funky vibe, but why is this not on dvd with behind the scenes add ons. The shame!...more info
  • 1975 comedy of the year!
    Must have for 70's fans of comedy! Bill Cosby IS VERY FUNNY - Prime example of his talent before turning to commercial Uncle TOM in 80's and 90's. Sidney plays great trick on New Orleans brothers by making JJ unbeatable fighter!

    Must have - Staple Singers Soundtrack released in May 02. Necessary purchase for Staple Singers fans....more info

  • Black comedy classic
    I loved this movie I can remember when it first came out it was a real big movie back in the days with a really big black cast it was one of the big antisapated movies at the time and with me only being young its PG rating help me get access inside the movie house.I recommened this movie to all those as they use to call them back then black explotation movies if you love a good comedy for the whole family to get a laff this is the movie for you white,black and all....more info
  • Best Poitier/Cosby comedy
    I never get tired of looking at this particular film. It has me gasping for air, from laughing so hard! Especially the part where Billy Foster (Bill Cosby) is dressed in the weirdest outfit when he makes a bet with the big time hoods. This is a must see!...more info
  • Enjoyed the movie
    I have seen this movie so many times that I just can't remember. I purchased it so I could view it anytime. It is so funny and it is clean enough that all your family members can enjoy it,too . When Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby team-up, then you know you are in for a funny and enjoyable movie...more info