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Keyspan High Speed USB Serial Adapter ( USA-19HS )
List Price: $30.99

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Product Description

KEYSPAN USA19HS -- Would it solve a logistical [problem on your desktop if you could connect serial devices to a USB port on your PC? The KEYSPAN USA19HS is the simple, inexpensive and reliable way to do exactly that! OS Compatibility - Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP Mac OS 8.6+, OS X 10.1.3+, Linux 2.4.18+, Windows CE 3.0+ Host device must feature a USB port

  • Plugs into a USB port on a Windows or Macintosh computer
  • Provides one RS-232 male DB9 port for direct connection to serial devices
  • Supports data rates up to 230 Kbps
  • Draws its power from the USB connection -- a power adapter is not required
  • Easy to carry -- weighs just 2 ounces

Customer Reviews:

  • Works Great - Simple installtion
    Simply put it works as stated with Microsoft Vista. I did have to download a driver from their website, no big deal. Installation was straight forward and the unit works great. I would recommend it. ...more info
  • Works Great
    I bought a laptop with no Serial Port and needed one to connect to our Computer to plate (CTP) machines. This device worked like a charm, just make sure you have the correct serial cable, I spend a few weeks trying to get it work only to find out it was the cable that was not working instead of the adapter. Since I switched cables it works beautifully. ...more info
  • Keyspan is a winner!
    Turns out, I've fallen in love with Keyspan products! I purchased this USB/Serial adapter at the same time as their wireless remote control for my laptop and both work perfectly for everything I needed them to do. I'd read for several years that the Keyspan USB/Serial adapter just plain works for anything requiring a serial port. Most (all?) laptops are no longer providing serial ports and some (many?) of us still have need for said serial port(s). While there are many lesser USB/Serial adapters available at the big-box stores, they have issues with some peripherals. I need to control computer-controlled telescopes which require a serial port. Many adapters will do this, but UPDATING the firmware or motor-control firmware requires a more capable adapter - this one works perfectly for any and all tasks I've come across. Enough just plain works, and works perfectly. It comes with a CD-Rom containing the drivers necessary to make it work properly. Be sure to following the instructions and install the drivers BEFORE plugging in the adapter. I couldn't be happier with this device....more info
  • no problem
    This was the recommendation from WACOM tablet. I connected an older serial WACOM via the Keyspan HS USB Adapter. This was the better solution over installing a serial card in the PC....more info
  • Good functionality and software
    I purchased this product to communicate with an Entek Datapac 1500 vibration data collector (a pretty non-standard device). Once the software and hardware was set up correctly (communication ports, etc) everything worked great. The software that comes with the adapter has good troubleshooting and communication features that helped with the initial setup....more info
  • Great Product
    I needed a serial adapter so I could console into routers and switches and this works perfectly, does exactly what I need it to....more info
  • Keyspan USB-Serial adapter
    I bought this to connect a Garmin ETrex Vista gps, which had a PC serial connector, to my Mac. Worked right out of the box. (Model #: USA-19HS)...more info
  • Great Adapter
    I have used a few of this type adapter and this one is the best so far. The software utility is very user friendly and gives you needed control if you are using a variety of manufacturer's products, as their serial functions can vary greatly. It even works with 64bit Vista which in this day and age is a blessing cause not many other items do....more info
  • Works as Advertised
    tried others, had probs, wasted a lot of time and got very frustrated. This worked, first time...what a relief! If you've had probs with other serial to usb adapters, GET THIS!...more info
  • USB Serial Adaptor
    Very pleased with the ease of installation and the product performs very well. I have used it to connect to several different types of equipment and have had no problems whatsoever....more info
  • Fantastic Mac support
    I bought a cheap USB-serial cable from eBay and used some free PL2303 drivers that I downloaded. Despite the fact that drivers installed okay and detected the hardware, I only got garbage data from it.

    So I took a chance and bought this USB-serial cable, since there were so many Mac users extolling its virtues. They are all correct: this cable works great! And it has some of the best Mac support I've seen from a hardware vendor.

    The cable ships with a CD that has Windows and Mac (OS 9 *and* OS X) drivers and documentation on it. The documentation is great -- it fully describes the installation process, which is very simple actually but there maybe some issues here and there. It also covers using the cable with various popular devices, like a Palm Pilot and Virtual PC. There's even a small application that gets installed that gives you some status info and lets you install the drivers.

    One caveat is that that you can only install one set of drivers for an OS. So if you install the OS X drivers, you can't also install the OS 9 drivers and use it in Classic mode. You also can't install the Windows drivers if you're running Virtual PC, but there are instructions on how to get around that. The documentation even says that Keyspan doesn't officially support Virtual PC, but they include instructions provided by end-users anyway. I wish every vendor provided that kind of documentation.

    I know this cable is much more expensive that the cheap-o ones you find elsewhere, but if you're a Mac user, don't waste your time with any other USB-serial cable. ...more info
  • great USB-serial adapter
    This product is the solution to my old problems connecting to serial devices at work. It performs great, no complains at all. If you want some quality connection, this one should be with you....more info
  • it sorta works on vista
    The only problem is when you tell a program (like a map program when you hook up gps) to find it ....... it wont . You have to manually go thru the ports to find it. But then it functions flawlessly...more info
  • Works great
    This works great....My only wish would be that the USB cable was could be locked in.... sometimes seperates and you lose your connection. It does allow you to use a longer USB cable though....more info
  • Works Great!
    Installation went without a hitch and it has worked great from the beginning. Perhaps it's a bit more expensive than others, but I'd rather pay more for a trouble free product....more info
  • Works perfectly!!!
    I have a Marantz RC3200 remote control that I tried to program with a cheaper USB to serial adapter using Prolific drivers, but it would not work. Based on other reviews, I took a gamble and tried this product---IT WORKS PERFECTLY! I am able to upload/download configuration files to my remote control from my Windows XP PC. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Why fixated bolts?
    Useless, considering it's 3 times more expensive than competing products, you'd expect it to have more flexibility. I have an A/V unit that needs to be upgraded via the RS-232 serial port -- it has the same extruding bolts on each side of the interface. Thanks to that, this product, which could have worked perfectly, is now blocked by this useless piece of non-removable metal! It's even soldered in. I don't understand how manufacturer's don't have a bit more foresight in a mass produced product. How dissappointing!...more info
  • Satisfied
    Very happy with this purchase. It's doing its job, the documentation was a little confusing for beginners like me, especially for Mac users but it ended up quite simple after the fact, as always with Mac. I didn't care much about the price but now I realize that I got a very good deal!
    Big thanks to whom this may concern!...more info
  • best USB-Serial adapter
    The Keysapn High-speed USB-Serial adapter solved a problem that had me going through three other (cheaper) brand of adapter without good results. Plug in the Keyspan to my Windows XP pro PC, run the software, and voila, problem solved. Two days of messing around solved in ten minutes - now that's the best kind of PC solution.......more info
  • Great product: does exactly what I need
    Using this on a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.5 leopard. Works flawlessly to control my SUN boxes. Reliability is 95% (I've had this thing do strange things, but it was probably my fault...) This one's a little more expensive than others, well worth it......more info
  • HCL Required but Good Product Anyway!
    Worked first time after trying two cheap alternatives from Ebay. Am using with a Concept2 Rowing Machine with a PM2+ Performance Monitor.

    Would be great if Keyspan had a user entered HCL of tested kit that worked with their adapters....more info
  • Worked as Advertised
    I needed to connect my serial Spaceball 5000 to a USB port so I could update my CAD software. At first I purchased a cheaper adapter for $10. Even with the supplied disc Windows XP would not recognize it. After reading the reviews I spent the extra money (there are cheaper ones out there). The software installed easily and when I plugged in the adapter XP recognized both the adapter and the Spaceball. Although, at first the Spaceball would not work the supplied software told me that the adapter was "COM3". I had to edit the registry and change the Spaceball com port from COM1 to COM3. Voila, it worked great with my CAD software. Spend the extra money and get this, it works. Also it's cheaper than spending $300 for a new Spaceball....more info
  • Keyspan High Speed USB Serial adapter
    This item works as expected maybe faster. No problems at all.Very satisfied with this product....more info
  • Keyspan High Speed USB - Kudos!
    This one works with Cisco 3750's as advertised. It works with our legacy Nortel switches as well. The only reason I did not give it a 5 star is that I have not tried it on all our Cisco equipment but don't expect any issues. Works with cut and paste as well as updating firmware on Nortel and Cisco using IBM/Lenovo laptops... No issues - and shipping was fast (as usual from Amazon - Thanks)

    H....more info
  • Serial port to USB converter
    I was in a delima having a new computer which only had USB ports. Now and days all new computers are doing away with serial ports. I have surveying equipment which require serial port connectors so this was the answer. Excellent gadget....more info
  • Perfect solution for serial Wacom tablet
    I recently found myself needing to dust off my vintage Wacom tablet (ArtZ II), for an upcoming project. It's been several computers since I've used the thing and so was dismayed to find that 'modern' computers can't be bothered with the lowly serial port. What the hell is that all about?? Parallel port? Fine, get rid of it - it was an eyesore anyway. But the serial port? Who's bright idea was it to do away with it? I pay all this money, and I've got no serial port? Ain't right!! Anyway, I tried the PCI serial adapter card route and unbelievably it didn't work. It installed properly. Windows knew what to do with it, the Wacom software recognized the tablet during install, but the damn thing would not work. So rather than wasting time in tracking down the source of the conflict, I took the advice from Wacom tech support and installed the Keyspan adapter that we are all talking about here. His sole reccomendation was the Keyspan - that it was the only one he knew for sure would work. I bought it, installed it, hooked up the tablet, and am now making pretty pictures on my computer.

    This is a high quality product that easily resolved a high challenge application. ...more info
  • Keyspan Works Great
    Works great in MacBook Pro using OS 10.4.10 and MacMini using OS 10.5 (Leopard).
    Uses same Macintosh drivers as other Keyspan USB/Serial adapters do. Check the Keyspan website for latest drivers. I use "ZTerm" to import and export data....more info