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La Crosse Technology TX6U Wireless Temperature Sensor
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Product Description

- Wireless Temperature Sensor -- - For use with La Crosse Technology models -- -- This temperature sensor is wireless and transmits temperature up to 80 feet. The transmitter is in a weather resistant case. It is easy to mount using the included wall mounting bracket. Hang it under the eve of your house, or anywhere that will keep it out of the sun and rain. -- We recommend that it be positioned in a sheltered area out of the sun and the direct rain in order to get an accurate reading and to prolong the life of your service. Fog and mist will not affect the sensor, but a soaking in water may. Do not wrap the sensor in plastic or seal it in a plastic bag. -- The TX6U transmitter works with all La Crosse Technology models except for "The Professional Weather Center" Series: WS-2010, WS-2210, WS-2310, WS-2315 and WS-2510. The transmitter operates on 2 'AA' batteries. -- Features: -- - Operates on two AA batteries -- - Wall mount bracket included -- - Transmits temperature up to 80 feet -- - Weather resistant case -- - Actual Size: 5.5" x 1" x 1.625"

Many modern homes have up-to-date clocks or mini weather stations that depend on radio-transmitted data to stay calibrated and current. The La Crosse TX6U works outdoors by sensing temperature and transmitting that information to an indoor station. It can transmit to a base up to 80 feet away. The TX6U can be added to augment information coming to La Crosse units already in operation. Remove batteries from base units first and activate sensors; then replace batteries in base units and press no buttons until a display appears. Multiple sensors can be assigned a number so that it will be clear which information from which sensor is displayed.

The TX6U operates on two AA batteries. Its housing is made of durable, neutral-tone plastic. For options in wall mounting, two screws and screw anchors and a strong adhesive tape are included. The TX6U measures 5-1/2 by 1-1/2 by 1 inch. La Crosse provides a one-year limited warranty on its sensors. Each sensor comes with a detailed instruction sheet. --Garland Withers

  • Wall-mounting temperature sensor and transmitter
  • Transmits temperature up to 80 feet
  • Weather-resistant case and wall mounting screws included
  • Compatible with most La Crosse weather stations
  • 5-1/2 by 1-1/2 by 1 inch; one-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Received Quickly and Easily
    This product works great. Unfortunately, our other one either fell off (unlikely) or was taken, so we had to find a replacement temp sensor. This was the best priced, and it came quickly for low shipping costs. It has been working very well, maybe even better than the original one....more info
  • Lacrosse remote sensor
    This was a replacement for a remote sensor that died. It worked fine from the beginning. Be sure to follow the instructions to link to the base....more info
  • East to purchase
    At Amazon it was easy to find this product and purchase. It was a replacement for one I had broken....more info
  • Works like a charm!
    We are currently living in our 5th wheel behind our newly constructed garage with winter fast approaching. By using two of these temperature sensors with our weather station, we are able to monitor the temperature in the basement of the 5th wheel, in the living quarters of the 5th wheel, and in the utility room inside the garage. I only gave the sensor four stars since it took us a while to get both sensors programmed in correctly....more info
  • Good, but some strange range issues.
    Works pretty well, although I did notice a small annoyance regarding range. The sensor stopped working for a short while and another sensors that was further away (and through more walls) still had a connection. Taking the batteries out of the sensor and the station and re-inserting them seemed to fix the problem. Strange. Only happened once....more info
  • TX6U Temperature Sensor
    This remote sensor is a replacement for one that I accidentally left at a campsite this summer. I have found this sensor to be rugged and accurate and it has a nice bracket included for mounting which allows the sensor unit to snap out for portable use....more info
  • replacement for original
    The original one that came with my weather station lasted three years. Maybe that is ok, maybe not. It reported overflow temperature and stuck there. The replacement was better than 1/2 the price of the original entire weather station. So far I am thinking maybe not such a good deal. The new one works good however. ...more info
  • Time will tell...
    When they're working, I have no complaints. My original sensor only lasted about a year before it stopped working. I sure hope this one does a little better....more info
  • Great product. Performed as advertised. Would recommmend!
    Great product. Exactly what I was looking for and it performed as advertised. I would recommmend this product to anyone who needs this device. Great seller and transaction....more info
  • Works well if in a protected area
    I only wish this item was impervious to the weather, since it has to be placed outside to work! This one replaced the original supplied with the clock/thermometer that, after a few years, fell off the wall and into a puddle of mud. They say not to mount where it will get wet, and the unit obviously doesn't like thick mud, either. I placed the new unit in a more protected location, and so far, so good. I was very happy to find this replacement unit on Amazon for far less than ordering directly from La Crosse. And buying the replacement sensor was a LOT cheaper and less wasteful than buying a new clock!...more info
  • weather sensor
    This product senses outdoor and indoor temperatures and sends the reading to a monitor inside our home. I works very reliably....more info
  • Simple replacement
    How much simplier can it get. Unpack box, open up case and insert batteries, put unit close to receiver/display unit, wait a few minutes for them to communicate with each other. Go outside and mount the new transmitter unit (in as dry an area as possible). Your done. Sit back inside your warm house an read just how miserably cold it is outside!...more info
  • La Crosse Digital Thermometer
    The wireless La Crosse weather station has the ability to see 3 remote sensors. The quality of workmanship is excellent and the electronics do the job they are meant to do. The biggest weakness, is the lack of people reading the manual and not filing the manual along with other important documents in the family file drawer where it can be refered to when needed. Cheap batteries are a sure death to the remotes as they will leak and ruin your unit. La Crosse should make the plus and minus marks on the battery case so you can see them. I marked them with a permanent marker so I could see them in low light. You should number each remote. Pull all batteries out to start. Insert the batteries in the units in sequence with the main unit last or they will not be correctly registered. I have one in the greenhouse, one outside, and one in the attic, plus the main in the room. I highly recommend the La Crosse brand. ...more info
  • Don't believe Free Shipping
    We ordered the LaCrosse sensor because Amozon's web site promised free shipping for a purchase over $25. WRONG. We had to originally pay for shipping for both items which amounted to about $16.oo. After a lot of complaining we did get part of the $16.oo refunded. Just don't believe what you read on the Amazon site!!!!!!!...more info
    I bought this as a replacement for a old one that was working intermittedly after using it for 6 1/2 years old. From what I have read of the past reviews my old unit lasted longer than past owners did. So I guess I got my money worth. Any way I did want to continue using my receiver with a new sensore transmitter unit and the new unit I notice is about 1 degree off from the old unit. Still very pleased with the item....more info
  • Remote temp sensor failed after 10 months
    The clock is great, sets itself and shows moon phases BUT - Like everyone else my TX6U failed (remote temperature sensor) after about 10 months. Replacing the batteries didn't fix it so I am here ordering another one. Maybe I should get two. Stuff that lives outside usually doesn't last as long and this temp sensor is no different. I had it under an awning, protected. Here in the Vegas desert it gets hot and now it's cooled down and something happened to it. Hundreds of days of expansion (heating) and contraction (cooling) will cause the TX6U to fail....more info
  • Restored Remote
    I have had a LaCrosse Clock in the kitchen for several years. Sometime last year, the remote temperature input stopped working. I didn't want to go through another winter without being able to quickly see the outside temperature and be able to prepare for it before going out. New one works fine. ...more info
  • Good product
    Easy to deploy. Works as expected. I'm using it as a second sensor with The Weather Channel WS-8035TWC Wireless Weather....more info
  • Works fine
    We love our La Crosse satellite clock with indoor and outdoor temperature. It is very nice to be able to glance up and know what it is like outside. We were pretty upset when the remote transmitter just quit after 3 years. Wasn't the battery, there really are no diagnostics. Wasn't even clear that the problem was necessarily the remote. So we took a chance and replaced the remote. It has been working great for 2 weeks now....more info
  • Weather Station
    Great product. We enjoy having the time and temp alternately flash onto bedroom ceiling, so we don't have to roll over and look at the clock in the middle of the night....more info
  • Wrong Item Suggested to be purchased with main unit.
    I purchased a wireless temperature main unit. This TX6U sensor was suggested as an accessory as main unit can accept up to 3 auxiliary sensors. However, when we tried to set the whole thing up, the auxilliary sensors are not compatible with the main unit. I will have to send back the 3 auxilliary units....more info
  • Sensor - good, fragile, expensive
    The replacement sensor is really quite expensive, almost as much as the original clock and sensor!!!
    These are pretty fragile, shouldn't be but they are.
    It works pretty well and is pretty much accurate....more info
  • Perfect replacement
    I like my remote thermometer/clock (have 5 units) and had recent difficulty that I narrowed down to the transmitter (over 7 years old and had water in it). This replacement works great (2 months of sub-zero weather) and it was easier to set-up than the original. I recommend this replacement; much less expensive than replacing the clock/thermometer unit. Be sure to match the frequency, as the newer units operate on a different one....more info
  • La Crosse Wireless temperature sensor
    We moved and couldn't find the remote sensor so I purchased a new one. It has worked well except after I first insalled it, it quit working and I had to reset it. So far, it has been working fine. I've had it for over a month now. ...more info
  • UNRELIABLE - I'm on #3
    Although I like the base station, the TX6U remote is a costly product in that you have to spend $15+ every year for a new one. They are very unreliable. I just wish La Crosse would engineer these things to last....more info
  • TX6U Wireless Temp Sensor
    This is the third sensor I have bought. They tend to fail after about three years of exposure to the New England climate. This does not seem an unreasonable life for an electronic device. I am satisfied with this product....more info
  • Works well but doesn't seem to have the range that the specs state.
    I luckily found this on Amazon to replace the original sensor that went with my lacrosse Atomic Clock with indoor/outdoor temp display and weather forecast. The original sensor drowned in Hurricane Katrina, while somehow the clock itself survived in water flooded to the ceiling (go figure.) I got this temp sensor for a great bargain at about $7.00. I didn't even know they sold these separately, as I had searched to no avail in a number of local stores that carried lacrosse items. Rather than spending $50.00 on a whole new clock with sensor, I hit the internet for more research and got lucky.

    It was easy to get working with my lacrosse clock and very simple to mount. It worked well until someone took it down for some unknown reason, resulting in my dog deciding it would make a tasty chew toy. I found it in the grass after a rain with the case cracked and pieces broken off and batteries missing. Just for kicks I dried it out, put new batteries in it, held it all together with a rubber band and low and behold it worked! However, this was only short-lived, probably because of the cracked and broken case allowing too much exposure to the elements.

    So on to replacement number 2 which I also purchased on Amazon, but for $14.00 this time, (still better than the retail price.) Easy to install and get working just as before, but this one sometimes gives me the temp and sometimes it doesn't. I'm in a different house than before now, yet the walls aren't as thick on this house and I had the sensor installed only 10 ft. away from where the clock is mounted on the wall inside. There is a window on one side of the clock and a door on the other. When the main door is open and only the outer plexiglass door is closed, it picks up the signal just fine. Ultimately, I had to move the sensor to a post on the porch almost right outside the window, about 5 ft. away from where the clock is mounted inside. It works fine now, the temp is usually pretty accurate (comparing temps with another wired outdoor thermometer in a back room and the temps reported by my GPS.)

    The only things that bother me about this sensor is the range and the fact that it is an outdoor thermometer - yet it was not built to be waterproof or UV resistant. Lacrosse states that it is weather "resistant" and fog and mist won't hurt it, but to keep out of rain and direct sunlight. (Although the unit before this one DID make it through some severe punishment.)

    As for the weather resistance, I'm ok with having it mounted underneath the cover of my porch, although this will basically give me the temp in the shade, and not the temp out in the sun. But this is better than nothing and still nice to have.

    The issue of range varies for different types of walls, windows, locations, etc. But the Lacrosse web page for my model of clock states that the transmission range is up to 330 feet (unobstructed). This is not correct, it is the newest models that operate on a higher frequency that have the 330 ft. range. The Lacrosse web page for this TX6U sensor (which is what came with my clock) states that "the remote sensor has a range of 80 feet. Any walls that the signal will have to pass through will reduce distance. An outdoor wall or window will have 20 to 30 feet of resistance and an interior wall will have 10 to 20 feet of resistance. Your distance plus resistance should not exceed 80 ft. in a straight line." So, with one exterior wall to pass through, let's say that narrows my range to between 50 - 60 feet. Then there should be no problem whatsoever in getting the signal when I had it placed 10 ft. directly outside from where my clock is mounted. Yet in order to get a constant signal and reading, I had to move it right next to the window about 5 ft. away. It could just be this particular unit, it could be interference from some other signal or maybe some type of metal around it interferes. It could be this clock, but the clock was working well with the sensor I had before this one at a distance of about 20 ft. and through one outside wall.

    Nevertheless, I'm glad to have found this deal and be able to use the outdoor temp function of my clock again. More range and more weather resistance would be nice, but costly as well, so I'm satisfied with this for now. The range may not be an issue at all for other people with different setups in different areas. If you're missing this from your compatible unit, it's worth it. You may have to experiment a little to find the best place to mount it and also the best place to put your clock or whatever type of device you will be using with it.
    ...more info
  • Doesn't work, have to get a replacement
    I ordered the 9611 base which seems to work well. However this transmitter doesn't work at all. The base never received a signal no matter how many times I tried or new batteries I used. The transmitter that came with the base worked right away. From the looks of it, the inventory may be older than the transmitter that came with the 9611. Now I have to go through the hassle of getting a replacement. Hopefully that one will work! ...more info
  • La Crosse Technoloty TX6U
    Works Great and it gets shock around a lot in the trailer have one on the back porch also. ...more info
  • none
    Just what I needed. Price was more than fair. Shipping was fast and fairly priced. Thanks, Larrry...more info
  • Achilles heel of otherwise good product
    I mostly like my La Crosse clock/weather stations, but the TX6U outdoor wireless sensors are a constant headache. Incredibly, La Crosse has done nothing to weatherproof this device. The plastic door that protects the batteries is so flimsy that it will pop off on its own--I think temperature fluctuations stress it a bit, and a strong wind will do the rest of the job. Hmmm, a weather sensor that can't be exposed to rain or snow or large temperature variations or high winds--what's wrong with that? Batteries run out frequently, though maybe lithiums would do better than the alkalines I've used. It doesn't help that when a sensor goes off line, you have to reboot the clock, an unintuitive and slow process. Wish La Crosse would at least offer an optional heavy duty sensor. Maybe the newer, higher-frequency units are better built, but I'd stay away from anything that uses the TX6U. ...more info
  • Lots of problems
    It worked well for a while, then quit. Another one that came with a different base unit didn't work right out of the box....more info
  • La Crosse Technology TX6U Wireless Temperature Sensor
    I needed a replacement for my La Crosse atomic clock time/temperature model, and found one here. The product came quickly and was in excellent condition. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to find a replacement like this....more info
  • Good Product When It Works
    I bought this sensor to replace the original unit that came with the projection clock from the same manufacturer. The original lasted about a year. This replacement unit also lasted about 8 months. It died a few weeks after I changed the fresh batteries. I put it in a sealed plastic bag to prevent moisture getting in and left it on the roofed porch, away from direct sunlight. Even with those precautions, the unit died anyway.

    Because I like the projection clock very much, I would have no choice but either buy another sensor or a new clock. BTW, this sensor can provide the temperature info to both my projection clock and the wall "atomic" clock made by the same manufacturer....more info
  • TX6U Wireless Temperature Sensor
    I could not get this product to work with the La Crosse WS-8035U-IT Wireless 915mhz Forecast Station as it was advertised to do. After several hours of trying to get it to work I finally gave up in frustration. Had I known that this would be the case I would never have purchased either item....more info
  • Time for a replacement
    Well our first weather station is still working. The remote outdoor sensor just died after 4 plus years of working. Maybe we just got lucky after reading other reviews. Something that sticks in my mind though is, I think it is important to protect your sensor from the elements. Either find a well protected overhang on your house or hidden area out of the elements of rain and snow. You are also not to hang it in direct sunlight for obvious false temperature reasons. Another thing is screw the unit down. My father-in-law went the easy way using the adhesive tape. Sounds great but it doesn't work. It fell a few months later and broke of course. Hope the new sensor works just as long....more info