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La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Clock with Remote Temperature
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Product Description

Features: Wireless outdoor temperature (F or C). Monitors indoor temperature (F or C). 12 Moon phases. Atomic time and date with manual setting. Automatically updates for Daylight Saving Time (on/off option). 12/24 hour time display. Perpetual calendar. Time zone setting. Time alarm with snooze. 4 languages to choose from: English, French, German, Spanish. Wall hanging or free standing. 11 1/2 " wide x 7 3/4" Tall. Time digits 2" tall. Specifications: Wireless outdoor temperature range: -39.8F to 139.8 F (-39.8C to 59.8 C). Indoor temperature range: 14.1 F to 103.8 F (-9.8C to 39.8 C). Moon phase: 12 phases. Transmission range: Up to 330 Feet. Transmission frequency: 915 MHz. * Power Requirements: Clock: 2 "AA" Alkaline batteries. Wireless sensor: 2 "AA" Alkaline batteries.

When is a clock not just a clock? When it provides so much more than just the time: temperature, phase of the moon, and accuracy within one second per year, for example. This handsome wall clock, with its dual LCD screens and black-accented brushed aluminum finish, is an example of household life being enhanced by science. The WS-8117U-AL can hang on the wall or stand freely, with a built-in, fold-out stand. Radio-controlled time (to the hour, minute, and second) and date are prominently displayed, along with indoor and outdoor temperatures measured in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The day of the week can be displayed in English, French, Spanish or German.

Time can be displayed in 12- or 24-hour modes, and time zones from Greenwich Mean Time to -12 GMT can be selected, with three-letter identifications for US time zones. An alarm feature is useful as a timer, and, if the clock happens to hang or stand near a bed (or a couch that's used for napping), a snooze feature allows for gradual wake-up. Moon phase shows in twelve increments, from new moon, through gibbous and crescent phases (waxing and waning), to quarter and finally full moon.

The clock comes with La Crosse wireless transmitter TX37U-IT. Clock and transmitter each operate on two AA batteries. For options in wall mounting, three screws and screw anchors and a strong adhesive tape are included. The WS-8117U-AL measures 12-1/4 by 8 by 1-1/4 inches. La Crosse provides a one-year limited warranty on its clocks. Each clock comes with a thoroughly detailed instruction booklet. --Garland Withers

  • Brushed-aluminum wall clock with time, date, and temperature functions
  • Radio-calibrated readings for accuracy within 1 second per day
  • Indoor and remote temperatures; moon phase readings and dual alarms
  • 12- or 24-hour time modes; time zones from the United Kingdom to Fiji
  • 12-1/4 by 8 by 1-1/4 inches; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Accurate time plus bonuses
    Received this clock in the afternoon one day and the next morning had an atomic synchronized time, plus accurate outdoor temperature. The time was perfect as it agreed to the second with my Casio atomic watch and another atomic clock in another room. The outdoor temperature worked well also and agreed with an outdoor thermometer nearby. And of course I also had the moon phase display, which doesn't seem nearly as confusing to me as some others seem to find it.

    Several days later I moved the clock to a shelf near my LCD TV set and Tivo unit (about 4 feet away) . I noticed that the next night, the clock didn't update. Moved it to 6 feet away and it still didn't update. Then I moved it about 9 feet away, and it has since then. As the TV set was off during the nights when the clock normally updates, I suspect it was probably the Tivo (always on) that interfered. (The clock instructions clearly state that it might not update properly if within 6 feet or so of electronic sources such as a TV, etc.)

    A thought for those who want to place it near a source of electronic interference: as the clock without updating is a quartz movement and still keeps time to within a half second or so per day, place it in a "clean" spot overnight to get the time perfect. Then move it wherever you want for a week or so, after which time it will still be only 3-4 seconds off at worst. Move it to a clean spot again for a night, and repeat the cycle.

    I couldn't be happier with this clock. It does just what it's supposed to do and does it perfectly. It's really neat to have perfect time all the time.

    ...more info
  • LaCrosse Technologies clock
    As expected, it's time is accurate and I like the way the outside temperature is transmitted through 2 wallboard and 1 cement walls.
    It's attractive and well laid out. I'm glad I bought it....more info
  • electronic stuff
    I really enjoy the La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Clock with Remote Temperature, We put the outdoor temp thingy in the greenhouse so now we can see the temp all the time. I would recommend this to every one, the clock is bright and always up to date. ...more info
  • Works well
    Much better range/reception from remote temp sensor than 433Mhz skyscan model I replaced. If anything, the temp updates too often (4 seconds), fluctuating by half a degree or so. Personally I think 10 to 15 second temp updates would be more reasonable with a bit more stability in the readings. The time reception syncronized very quickly even from middle of my house. More color choices for the side face panels (or simply removing the useless side panels) would be a nice addition. But all in all I am very pleased with this product. ...more info
  • A great instrument. Get a few for rooms in your house
    La Crosse Technology WS-8055U Atomic Alarm Clock with Indoor Temperature and Moon PhaseThis is a great product, simple to read at a glance and easy determination of outside temperature with remote. Moon phases are great for us moon watchers. Accurate too. My only wish would be to have added seconds to the hours and minutes display. JJN...more info
  • Radio Controlled Clock
    I purchased this clock about one month ago. It performs exactly as specified. I was particularily interested in the clock's ability to be set to UTC and 24 hour mode. It's a little early to give a definitive critique. Perhaps I can update this review a year from now.
    Others who have purchased this clock seem very satisfied with it.
    So far, I am completely satisfied with my clock too.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    I rec'd a different brand of remote thermometer for Mothers Day - The other brand was very hard to read and was not user friendly - my father in law had this exact model so I decided to find it on line - I love the color and the use - The accuracy is right on - I couldn't be happier - and it was 1/2 the price of the brand from Wal-Mart. I definitely reccommend it to ANYONE!!!!...more info
  • does what it's claimed
    It's been about a month since I bought this.
    It takes time to get the radio signal for clock
    and the signal for temparature unit. It could have been
    hours to get the clock signal. I just hung it and found everything
    functional a day later.
    I read a couple of reviews complained about not receiving signals;
    people, you gotta wait. That is also what manual says....more info
  • Review of Shipping Deal not Item
    I purchased this item in early December for Christmas. It qualified for the Super Free Shipping deal they were running at the time. It took over three weeks for this item to be shipped. I didn't receive it until Christmas Eve. I will NEVER use Amazon again unless they improve their so called FREE SHIPPING Offers. It was not worth the headache or anxiety that it caused....more info
  • great clock
    large display easy to see. setup was a breeze, only needed to manually set the time zone and everything else was done automatically....more info
  • Best Clock and Thermometer I've Ever Owned
    I never would have imagined how much you can depend on something like this. After 5 years, the unit for the outside temperature went out. It wasn't the batteries, but we thought, "Oh, we don't need the outside temperature all that much." We love the big numbers that I can read from the next room. But we soon realized how much we depended on the outside temperature reading! When we exercise, when we walk the dogs, well, whenever we go anywhere. Check the temp, see what to wear. We are getting a new one now, same clock, because we love it!!! We would definitely recommend this clock for anyone!
    ...more info
  • Highly Recommended
    La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-AL- Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Moon & IN/OUT Temp

    Easy setup when instructions are
    followed. Extremely accurate clock
    and temperatures. Unlike some earlier
    items of this caliber, the outdoor
    temperature updates every 4 seconds rather
    than every 5 minutes. This guarantees a
    right up to the minute temperature display.
    As is the case with any outdoor thermometer,
    the sensor must be placed away from the sun's
    influence and properly vented. It must also
    be shielded from the elements.

    I've been using La Crosse Technology for years
    and have always been pleased with their products.

    ...more info
  • Wish it came with a night light
    The clock is very nice, but very hard to see at night. Am I doing something wrong, does it illuminate at night?

    Thanks....more info
  • Works great
    Great clock with temperature. The person who received this really enjoys it and it was just what they wanted....more info
  • Works great
    No complaints with this one. Picks up the radio signal no problem. Keeps perfect time, and set itself to DST within one day of the time change. Temperature monitoring is fine, but you cannot put the remote sensor anywhere in direct sunlight or the readings will be wacky. I highly recommend....more info
  • Good product, reasonable price.
    I have purchased these atomic clocks before and have always been happy w/ the product. I gave one as a gift but we have been using the other one in our kitchen for years and it is very reliable. We lost the sensor, so it no longer gives us an outdoor temperature reading but I set all of the clocks in the house by this one, which automatically adjusts for daylight savings. My only criticism is that initially it can be a little complicated to set all of the parameters....more info
  • Great clock
    I have had this item for 3 years and it still does well. Once the battery leaked and ruined the outdoor sensor -- the battery company sent $20 to reimburse me for buying a new one....more info
  • atomic clock
    I loved this clock so much I plan to purchase at least 2 more, and this is my 2nd identical clock. Offers much information........more info
  • Good product
    This is the second one of these I've bought; the first one I bought a year or maybe two ago. The large readout makes it easy to see time and temp from anywhere in the rooms I have them in (rooms are approx. 10' x 12' and 20' x 12'). Time is precise and the temperature readings are very accurate when I compared them to other thermometers. Batteries seem to last a long time. Based on my experience with these clocks/thermometer, I'd certainly buy another one. ...more info
  • As Advertised
    Works fine and arrived quickly. The only disappointment was there's no way to illuminate display at night (but I haven't checked with manufacturer yet). Remote sensor works fine in our challenging situation....more info
  • As advertised
    No complaints. Clock and internal displays work great, outside temp is probably a couple of degrees off depending on where the sun is coming from but for the price who can complain. It looks great if you are into contemporary decor and it is accurate....more info
  • Great clock!
    Easy to set up, accurate as all heck with just 2 AA batteries. Mine does not sync up when on the wall in a high rise office building, so I move it to a window overnight and it syncs up. Been running without a sync for a month and it matches my PC clock. I got it to put behind where people sit in my office, so I can tell when the meeting should end without having to check my watch or PC. It works well. I use a push pin in the wall to hang it, so it did not make a big hole in the wall....more info