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Werner MT-22 22-Foot Type 1A 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multiladder
List Price: $435.50

Our Price: $192.09

You Save: $243.41 (56%)


Product Description

5'-19', Telescoping Multi-Ladder, Type IA, 300 LB Load Capacity, Features A Telescoping Design For Maximum Versatility, Will Work As A 5'-9' Stepladder, 11'-19' Extension Ladder Or 1'-4' Scaffold, Extra Wide Flared Bottom For Firm Support, Smooth Curved Rails For Comfortable Climbing & Professional Grade Hinges & Storage Case Included, Meets ANSI & OSHA Codes.

  • Telescoping multiladder with extra-wide flared bottom for support; 300-pound duty rated
  • 2-person stepladder and extension ladder in one; step height from 5-9-feet; extension from 11-19-feet
  • Strong, light aluminum construction; meets ANSI and OHSA codes
  • 19-feet tall; 43 pounds; no warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Hard to Handle, But Effective
    A suitable alternative to a Little Giant, considering it is half the price. But if you can afford it, I would try the LG. This ladder is very hard to maneuver (I'm 5'9, 130), but it does what it should. My wife and I just used ours to paint the walls in our 2-story living room, and it took both of us to get it fully extended in a small floor space. As a step ladder, I thought it was fantastic -- easier to extend, and just the right height to get most of the living room done. The remaining challenge is over our stairs in the entryway: I noticed that if the legs are locked as far apart as they should be, they barely sit adequately on the stairs (with upper two legs at the back edge of one step, the lower two legs sit right on the front, rounded edge of the other step). This will require not spreading the legs all the way apart, and having my wife sit at or hold the lower legs of the ladder. Kind of tricky....more info
  • Werner MT-22 Type 1A 300 Pound Duty Rating Telescoping MultiLadder
    Great ladder. Very secure feeling when standing on it. It is little on the heavy side and the locking mechanisms are quite stiff and somewhat difficult to release and engage. ...more info
  • Great latter, great price
    I've used this latter for almost every project on my home. It is very versatile and really not as heavy as others made it seem. I initially bought it to stain the siding of the house but already the telescoping legs of different lengths were so useful while working on my stairs. I'd recommend it at the $170 I got it for. ...more info
  • Hard to Handle at First -Great as a stepladder and to Store
    Takes some getting used to-you basically fight gravity manuevering this thing. It stores great and is an extra steady step ladder, but unless you are 6 ft tall it is hard to adjust and position as an extension ladder....more info
  • Multi -Ladder
    Excellent ladder for my uses. Shipped well over 2 months early from the estimated delivery time. Saved $40 + by shopping thru Amazon...more info
  • King Werner
    This is a great ladder. My only regret is that I should have chosen the 17 foot model instead of the 22 foot. Mainly because of the weight. This is a heavy duty, and heavy weight ladder. If you don't need 22 feet, get the next model down. It will be easier to move around....more info
  • Great Ladder
    This ladder does it all just like the Little Giant for half the cost. Also, Amazon was great. It was delivered free right to my door in just a few days. ...more info
  • Good ladder for the price
    I originally purchased it from Amazon, but FedEx damaged it in shipping twice. I ended buying this ladder at Lowes, because of the $50 off coupon there. Overall I am very happy with the performance. It worked as well as my friend's Little Giant, for less than half the price....more info
  • A bargain for $175 delivered
    This ladder rocks. If you have a 10 year old folding ladder, get rid of it and buy this one. It is rock steady (and I weigh 250lbs). Easy to use, folds well, easy to configure asymetrically. My local Home Depot had this ladder for $190 plus tax. For 25-30 dollars less, Amazon delivered in several days. This is a first class product....more info
  • Pleased with Werner Ladder
    It does a great job. However, it is very heavy for me to move since I am
    an old lady. I would say the stair phase is super, which is why I purchased it...more info
  • Great ladder. If it's on sale again for $170, just get it. Period!
    All I can say is that I now have one ladder that does it all. I won't go into all the details. You can read the other reviews for that. I just want to add 5 more stars because I love this ladder.

    I am painting a living room with 14 foot ceilings. In literally one minute I make the tallest A-frame and I'm edging. If the couch is in the way, I make an extension ladder and lean it over the furniture. Tomorrow, I paint the 14 foot walls of the stairway. I'll make one side shorter than the other and go to it. All of this I do by myself and it is just too easy to believe.

    I am 6' 2", 280 and not particularly agile. I have never felt more secure on a ladder.

    I got it for $170 from Amazon last year (no tax, free shipping) and at this writing, it is on sale for that price again.

    As I'm sure others have said... this ladder does it all. I can't imagine the Little Giant doing it any better. Keep in mind it's a little heavy to lug around for the quick jobs that a four foot fiberglass step ladder can do. (OK, I admit it. I have a small step ladder, too.)

    One last thing... it could be overkill if you don't really need the 22-footer. But if you have high ceilings like mine, this is your ladder. Don't even think about it. Just get it at the sale price. You will love it....more info
  • A must have ladder for the home
    Pros: versatile, solid under your feet when hanging a light fixture on a 12 ft high ceiling, easy to bring in and out of the house from the garage without knocking paint off of doors and walls because of its compactness, a well built product.

    Cons: It is heavy....more info
  • Great Ladder
    This was a great ladder and we recieved it very quickly by DHL. I think we had it in less than 48 hours and it worked well when we needed it to reach the gutters to clean them out (they are very high). It is also easy to carry and store upstairs in our attic....more info
  • Soars to new heights
    This ladder is an excellent investment: it is sturdy, flexible, and probably the safest ladder I have ever seen. The footing alone gives stability and security not available with other ladders. The ability to use it in several ways makes this a wise investment for a homeowner!...more info
  • Good ladder. Feels very stable.
    Got this ladder for Christmas. It works well both inside and out. It is somewhat heavy for a ladder (45 pounds), but it is very stable. Now I just need to find a work platform for it....more info
  • toolman
    Ladder is very easy to use. It's on the heavy side, hard to put up in the full extention position to get to the roof, great step ladder when used in stairway or where ever a step ladder is needed. I purchased it to paint the walls at the top of the stairway along with a scaffeling plank that works with the ladder. I would recommmend the ladder as along as you are not a senior citizen, (weight of ladder).
    ...more info
  • Stable & Versatile Ladder, Minor Gripes
    Ladder was what I anticipated since I had checked out the various options at my local home center. Easy set up and comfortably stable to work on. My only gripes are that the stampings for the center hinge still had major burrs. If you get this ladder, get out some emery cloth and de-burr the edges of the part. Also this one was missing a rivet that holds the spring loaded center hinge lock pin together so that the pin and the spring came apart. I fixed it with a machine screw and a lock nut.

    If you get one of these, inspect it carefully before you use it....more info
  • great multipurpose - its on sale at the big box stores
    I have the gorilla MT-17 clone from Home Depot ($80 during black Friday) and just picked this ladder up at Lowes for $150. I even made the manager confirm that was the right price! First off most of the add-ons for the Gorrilla don't work that well on the Werner, but since you really don't need the hinge kit for the werner like you do for the Gorilla, that is not a problem. Second there is not that much of an advantage to the Werner, its really only a few feet larger that the Gorilla, is much heavier, and is more expensive to outfit with extras. All in all I should have stuck with the smaller ladder and would ask most shoppers to decide if they really need the extra few feet for double the cost.
    Can confirm that as of this writing the cost of this ladder is $149 at both Lowes and Home Depot, a great deal!...more info
  • A Must Have!
    This ladder is a must have for around the house projects. Very easy to use in all it's multiple heights and functions. Excellent quality and price. Shipping was right to our door!! Will use this ladder for years to come. ...more info
    This is a great ladder and is worth every penny. Please note, It is a little on the heavy side. Be sure you can handle lifting/carrying at least 45 pounds ! Some think the weight is the downfall to this type of ladder. Me, I would rather have a little extra weight than some flimsy ladder. I value my safety and some added weight is just fine by me! Great Buy.. BUY IT !!...more info
  • Quality for the money
    I bought this ladder for my husband, for his birthday, right after we moved into a new to us house. He had been bugging me for over a year that he wanted the Little Giant, but I just couldn't justify spending THAT much money for something that he would only use occasionally. This ladder is of very good quality, and is very versatile. It is a bit heavy to lug around, and if I had to move it by myself, I don't think I could manage it. But my husband doesn't have a problem. Our first use was when we were installing a ceiling fan in a 12ft vaulted ceiling. It was great...he climbed on one side and did the install, while I climbed on the other to hold the fan up during the install. I would recommend this ladder. It will come in handy this winter...for christams lights on the gables of our garage....more info
  • Great Ladder for Great Price
    I was initially considering the Little Giant, but the $400 price tag is too much in my opinion for something you may use a handful of times throughout the year, unless you work in construction or something. For regular homeowners the Werner MT-22 should be more than sufficient. I received mine the other day and after some getting used to, the ladder works like a charm. BE WARNED...the ladder is heavy, but when you are up as high as this ladder goes you don't want something flimsy do you? It does fold down to a manageable size to move around however. Also remember to wear gloves using this ladder for safety reasons and to keep your hands clean. I don't consider this ladder a cheap knockoff, but a great ladder from a solid company.

    I paid $155 for it through Amazon and the LG costs approx. $400. I saved nearly $250 with the Werner. All in all, i still wish i could afford the LG, but the MADE IN AMERICA price tag outweighs my PAID IN AMERICA salary! ...more info
  • Versatility At Its Best!

    The Werner Telescoping MultiLadder is just what I was looking for, a multi functional easy to transport step ladder, dual person step ladder, extension ladder and usable scaffold. This has it all! I needed a ladder I could put in my car, rather than strapping it on my car roof just in case my truck was not available. Now I can easily transport this ladder to our cabin, where I have limited available storage. I can either keep it there or bring it back home if necessary. Although heavy, it is manageable. Taken apart, of course, it is naturally easier to carry. Having previously purchased an excellent Werner 28-Foot Fiberglass Extension Ladder, I had no hesitation about purchasing this one. I am very satisfied with the additional purchase of the Werner Extension Ladder Covers and the Werner QuickClick Stabilizer. I was impressed at the speed of the delivery from Amazon. ~ The Boss...more info
  • Heavier than Expected!!!
    This ladder was significantly heavier than advertised (42 lbs on Amazon page). The shipping weight on the packing slip was listed as 78 lbs. And, it felt like 78 lbs! I could barely move it from outside the front door to the inside (barely a few feet) without straining my back.

    Currently returning this item because of the excessive weight.

    Definitely more of a commercial-use product. I opted for the ClimbTek instead which is MUCH lighter and easy to carry. Plus it packs a bit smaller than this ladder for storage.
    ...more info
  • Great Ladder
    I'm a bit upset because I bought this ladder for $222 but Amazon sent me an email that it was discounted and was going for $150 a week or so after I received it. Now it's $200. I think it was a good purchase and for house use, it's perfect. I'm satisfied with the product but it can get heavy. Now I know why some wheels would be nice. ...more info
  • Great ladder--better price than Little Giant
    I was about to buy a Little Giant when I decided to check out this ladder. I called the manufacturer, who compared and contrasted this ladder with Little Giant. They were honest! I saved money without giving up anything. (I also purchased a work platform--I use it for the paint roller pan). I hightly recommend this ladder....more info
  • Great Ladder for Claims Adjusting
    I have beeen a property claims adjuster for 10 years. I have worked many storms and I have used just about every type of ladder emaginable. The Werner 22 foot Type 1A is the best one that I have used. It is sturdy and very easy to use. I beleive that this is the best product on the market....more info