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Matilda uses her telekentic powers to get even with her parents, her brother and the evil school principal and also helps her friends and a caring teacher.
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Street Release Date: 05/23/2006

Danny DeVito's adaptation of the Roald Dahl book for children is mostly just fine, helped along quite a bit by the charming performance of Mara Wilson (Mrs. Doubtfire) as young Matilda, a brilliant girl neglected by her stupid, self-involved parents (DeVito and Rhea Perlman). Ignored at home, Matilda escapes into a world of reading, exercising her mind so much she develops telekinetic powers. Good thing, too: sent off to a school headed by a cruel principal, Matilda needs all the help she can get. DeVito takes a highly stylized approach that is sometimes reminiscent of Barry Sonnenfeld (director of Get Shorty, a DeVito production), and his judgment is not the best in some matters, such as letting the comic-scary sequences involving the principal go on too long. But much of the film is delightful and funny. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Story!
    What a wonderful movie about a sweet little girl! My kids enjoy this movie so much! I highly recommend it for families....more info
  • An Awesome Family Film!!!
    I've always loved this film! It's like 'Carrie' for children. Usually once or twice a year, I find this on tv, so I watch it. I have it on vhs, but it's buried under my 7,000 movies. My aunt, uncle, and I watched this recently and they liked it also. They had never seen it. A smart, lonely girl named Matilda has a terrible family who hate her. When they finally let her go to school, she has a sweet sexy teacher named Miss Honey, and a mean principal named Miss Trunchbull. When Matilda is fed up with people mistreating her, she gains special powers where she can move things with her mind. It has an awesome cast, awesome plot, and awesome characters. It's also a childhood favorite. If you love family comedies, you'll love MATILDA!!!...more info
  • Good For All Ages
    What does a young eight year old girl do when her uncaring mother and crook father doesn't care about her? become super smart by reading non-stop and gain super powers!

    Matilda is one of those old stories. She grew up as a misfit in her family, being very smart she took care of herself, but found a love for reading she traveled between her home and the library everyday until she was able to go to school.

    Her family, one mother uncaring and I would even go so far as saying self-absorbed person, and with a father that is a cheat and a swindler doesn't care for her, thus she is left to fend for herself.

    Only by luck her one dream comes true, to go to school, mind you its not the 'best' school in the world since its run by the most evil principle in the world, There she meets and befriends her teacher, a sweet woman named Miss Honey.

    The story follows that even a child that might have been born into a cruel and uncaring family, can turn out to be one of the most sweeties and smarties girls in the school.

    With jokes and prat falls for everyone to know and understand, Matilda is truly a family friendly movie and I would recommend it for anyone that would like a feel good Happy ending kinda movie for there kids that doesn't have any real type of heavy violence.

    It truly is very enjoyable for all ages. ...more info
  • Big hit with our daughter...
    My daughter first saw this movie on a family TV station movie night. She loves it! I had it DVR'd, but she watched it so much I decided to just buy it and make more room on our DVR. Plus, this way there are no commercials.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    Wonderful family film. It's hard, at times, to find something we all enjoy. Many of the films that my kids like, dad and mom find incredibly boring or poorly acted/written/directed. Matilda was something that we all loved. I'm not sure how true it was to the book as I have only heard bits and pieces of it on an audio version that we borrowed from the library. I'm not sure why some people thought it was so dark. The treatment of children that other reviewers complained about was in such a comical manner- it made all my children laugh. The comedy was entertaining & the warm and fuzzy ending made me smile & cry.

    Family of six : ages 2-43, all of us enjoyed it immensely. ...more info
  • Great Movie but I wanted WIDESCREEN
    Nothing special about this edition except extras. We want widescreen!...more info
  • was almost a faithful adaption.
    I'm giving this film three stars for the acting and the cuteness in the film. However, hollywood had done it again decided to add super powers to little Matilda. Why couldn't they keep it the way it was in the book? When I was little, the book encouraged me to read because Matilda was such an avid reader. Adding the telekinsis element to the film detracts from the purpose of the film....more info
    I became aware of this movie through my first-grader's reading class. She couldn't stop talking about it, so I spoke with her teacher and got the same results. I ordered the DVD for Christmas 08, and it has been seen at least 20 times so far. The message is excellent for both child and adult, from character depiction, excellent life lessons, photography, special effects, production, and good positive events. It remains as one of the very best movies I have seen in my lifetime and I heartily recomment it to everyone; it truly is an uplifting event. If you don't buy it at least rent it and enjoy a truly excellent event in life without the violence, vulgarity, profanity, and sexual references so prevelent today....more info
  • LOVE the movie; the DVD isn't widescreen!!!
    WHY, oh, WHY wasn't this made into a widescreen special edition? Some of the special features are even in widescreen. What in the world is up with that?? I enjoyed the special features, but wish there had been more (like a commentary). I don't get why they wasted time in making this without using the widescreen format. I feel like I've been taken.

    About the movie: this is a favorite in our family. It's a bit dark, and some people are upset by it, but there's a positive message and a happy ending (oops, was that a spoiler?) I highly recommend it, and probably the best age to see this would be 6 or 7 and up, depending on how sensitive your child is....more info
  • Matilda
    Great movie but like so many others, the "marketing" people decided that we really don't want wide screen format.

    Wake up we don't want to miss what is happening, let us see the whole picture.

    ...more info
  • A Nice Movie for Children
    "Matilda" is about a small girl in a home more interested in making a sleazy buck than thinking about its children. Worse yet, she is sent to a private school led by an abusive former female Olympic shot-put, hammer-throw, and javelin winner.

    The good news is that Matilda develops special mind powers that enable her to free her teacher from the abusive principal and recover her home, as well as free herself from her non-caring parents - to be adopted by her wonder teacher....more info
  • a kids review.
    I love this one. And I will give it five. she is the best....more info
  • Courage, Matilda!
    Any kid would need courage to go up against parents like Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman! They are two of the most delightfully awful parents ever, and you just have to love to hate them.

    But, having such awful parents certainly prepared Matilda to go up against the meanest school principal of all time. All this nastiness encourages Matilda to become self-sufficient and discover a very strange talent that will ultimately bring her the happy ending that she deserves!

    This is a great family film!...more info
  • Awesome
    Family friendly, great acting and filming, several life principles to share with family and others....more info
  • A True Favorite
    My six year daughter has fallen in love with this the same way my older children did years ago. I think Matilda must really possess magic powers because my daughter actually sits through it over and over again. ...more info
  • <3 Matilda <3
    I love this movie, its been so long since I've watched it I can't wait to receive it in the mail. Me and my cousin used to watch it everyday, it was so funny....more info
  • nice movie
    I loved this and watch it often. A movie that has good over evil and pretty over ugly. It is a feel good movie ...more info
  • An OK adaptation of a great book
    Our family loves the book, and most of our family liked this DVD pretty well too. I personally thought it was OK, but a bit lacking in the characterization of Matilda. In the book, Matilda is an introverted, sensitive kid who eventually develops the ability to move small objects, but it takes a lot of her energy to use it and she's usually exhausted afterwards. In the movie, Matilda is more of a typical "cute Hollywood kid" (not shy at all) who can move very large objects (and/or large numbers of objects) pretty much anytime without any difficulty or fatigue -- much like Samantha in "Bewitched". Oh well, that's Hollywood for you.

    Still, the movie is mostly enjoyable. I agree with a previous reviewer that it's probably too "dark" for kids under 7 -- the amount of meanness exhibited by some adults might upset them.

    The DVD extras are well-done, and my kids enjoyed the games....more info
  • ***1/2 = Pretty good, but NOT appropriate for children.
    I know for a fact that Roahl Dahl's children's books tell everyone about his personal life. For instance, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" showed him that chocolate is his favorite candy. And "Matilda" shows everyone that the author had a very mean teacher. Yeah, I had some bad teachers before. This movie can sadly remind me of them, but guess what, this stuff is make believe.

    I read the book when I was about eight years old, and I have to say it's more appropriate for an 11 year old. It's not to say that the book is terrible, neither is the movie, but it's not approrpiate for young children. No offense Roahl, except for "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," I don't think any of your books are appropriate for 8-year-olds.

    "Matilda" tells the story of a miserable girl, named Matilda. She is neglected by her parents and her older brother. Her father is a jerk who works in a car salesman. Her mother just doesn't care for her. Her parents never wanted to let her go to school. Instead, they had her stay at home doing their type of work. So therefore, Matilda works for them instead. She decides to borrow books from the library.

    Until one day, her father finds a sick, mentally, physically, rejected, overabused principal, named Ms. Trunchbull. This decides to put Matilda's father in the place where he wants to send his daughter to Ms. Trunchbull's school. Matilda finds ways to get rid of Ms. Trunchbull creatively and to stay away from her family.

    Now, I'm not going to right ahead to say that "Matilda" is a terrible movie. It actually is pretty decent. But compared to other films like the "Harry Potter" series, which can also be depressing and torturous. Unfortunately, "Matilda" has more problems than that to face to with younger children. It even had more terrible problems to face with than "Bridge to Terabithia" did.

    Say, if you took your kids to a terrible school or a school that was not right for them. That is not the right thing to do. This movie sends in this message. No one should ever feel abused, neglected, rejected etc. to family, friends, or even teachers. If friends want to do this to others like this movie behavior, then I suggest they go @$!% off. And you can have the right to tell them that. If teacher or a principal wants to be a stupid jerk to you and your parents don't believe you, you can go call 911 right away. If this movie teaches you any horrible problems like throwing kids out of the building, hurting their feelings, playing mean, nasty crap like this, fine, be aggressive and get the thing you want most. Run away. Call 911. Like I'm saying this movie does not give a good message to children. And trying to neglect your kids, parents, would you want to neglect your kids, because you don't like them? Bottom line is you're suppose to like your kids. Not that. You're suppose to LOVE them no matter what.

    Overall, "Matilda" is very harsh for your kids. Parents should know what they should be getting into before letting their kids watch this movie. If you want a better movie for your five year old, yeah it can deal with some heavy issues, but at least much more appropriate, even though it lacks the youngest theme for a G-rated film, you should watch "Ratatouille." Yeah, a rat gets separated from his family after close to getting shot by an old lady, but at least, he helped a terrible cook become a much better cook than before....more info
  • Family perfect
    I have long been impressed with this movie and I do believe that Roald Dahl would be proud of how it turned out. Danny DeVito was brilliant with the story that was properly modernized while still remaining true to the novel. The movie plays like the modern fairy tale it is with stellar acting all-around and perfect story telling....more info
  • sweet movie
    My kids and I love watching this movie together. I have a 6 year old son and an 8 year old daughter and they both think this movie is great, if not a bit over the top in some places.
    It's a funny and sweet movie, not too long or too boring. It makes for a great movie night....more info
  • Nothing special about a 1.33:1 DVD when the film was WIDESCREEN
    Other reviewers are correct. MATILDA, one of Danny DeVito's underrated masterpieces of humor, was released in 2.35:1. Once again, a DVD release crops it to fit "conventional" televisions. The term "conventional" is fast become outdated, since 16:9 widescreen digital TVs are getting increasingly affordable. My humble suggestion: make clear to studios that charging us full price for only half the frame of the director's movie are charging TOO MUCH. Wait for a "real" special edition that presents the film as DeVito intended it to be seen. ...more info
    Mathilda Wormwood (Mara Wilson) is an extremely curious and intelligent young girl who is very different from her low-brow, mainstream parents (Danny DeVito and real-life wife Rhea Perlman), who quite cruelly ignore her. As she grows older, she begins to discover that she has telekinetic powers. Not until a teacher shows her kindness for the first time does she realize that she can use those powers to do something about her sufferings and help her friends as well. Villains from the awful Miss Trunchbull (Pam Ferris), headmistress of her miserable school Crunchem Hall, to her parents and older brother begin to feel her ire. Look for Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) in a small part as an FBI agent investigating Mathilda's shady father.

    The mordant vision of author Roald Dahl's world probably appealed to the director of War of the Roses and Hoffa, for it permeates this witty, eccentric, dark-toned children's film for adults. Matilda (Mara Wilson), an unusually bright 8-year-old whose reading fare runs to Moby Dick and For Whom the Bell Tolls, is saddled with a pair of comically selfish and obtuse parents (Danny De Vito and Rhea Perlman) whom she has to persuade to allow her to go to school. But her principil, the child-hating Miss Trunchbull Pam Ferris, proves no more enlightened than her parents. This hilariously exaggerated, Lewis Carroll-like version of the world is probably not too far from what many children may feel on a bad day. De Vito and Perlman camp it up outrageously and Ferris gives a terrific performance as a cartoonish villain. Cinematographer Stefan Czapsky shoots from a number of strange angles, making this perhaps the first expressionist film for children.

    This DVD of course has just the awful fullscreen version and, there is so much picture information missing from the sides. This was shot in the ratio of 2:35 so, we are not seeing all that we should be.

    Thankfully I have the laserdisc widescreen version which I just recently put to DVD-R and so now I can enjoy MATILDA'S beautiful picture quality and in its widescreen beautiful glory!!

    By the way, the extras on this special edition DVD is great, especially the piece that Mara shot on the set of the movie. She uses a vidcam and,its just so adorable. This is the best part of all the extras in my opinion.

    So, even tho the DVD is in fullscreen, which really stinks, the extras are a treat and, oh yes, on some of the extras they show the widescreen version and, this is nuts because if they used the widescreen to show samples of how they did the special effects and other things, then WHY did they not use the widescreen version for the DVD??

    ...more info
  • Matilda
    This is one of my daughter's and my favorite movies. We love the characters!!...more info
  • Best Kid's Movie For Adults Ever!
    Just as Stephen King knows what scares you, "Matilda" is completely and totally in touch with what it is and was like to be a kid. Grownups will have no problem remembering when teachers were ogres, and parents were from another planet. Kids will love the revenge factor as the heroine gets a lot more than even.

    I see a positive message here for all ages in always believing in yourself, even if no one else does. The movie's pace ensures that youngsters will stay focused. The acting keeps adults interested.

    A great movie to watch with a child, or by yourself. Go outside when it is over. The sky is a little bluer, the sun a little brighter, and the air smells wonderful!...more info
  • America still stands for go for your dream
    Having worked and lived in five countries and seen about 4000 movies (at least) in three languages, I can confirm that Matilda shows what America is still made of, the dreams can come true! point.
    If you ever doubt of trying for your dream, that movie will show you that with courage, hard work, faith and not giving up that you can do it!...more info
  • Special Edition ? Oh, well.
    I love Matilda (even though I'm 25.) It's a fun, whole family type of movie. It's not meant to be a serious discertation of world views or a oscar worthy film. It's just a great movie to watch if you have kids, and even if you don't have kids. There's no bad language (as far as I know, it's been a while since I've seen it), no blood or gore (does a fat kid messily eating chocolate cake count ?) and it makes you feel good all the way through. Now, on to the dvd. The extras look interesting and worthy of a special edition. I'd give the dvd the full five stars if it were truly a special edition if it has an anamorphic WIDESCREEN transfer as all movies should have and a commentary by Devito and/or Mara Wilson. Other than that, you should pick this up and just sell it when and if they ever release a correct aspect ratio version....more info
  • great DVD
    The DVD plays beautifully, no glitches. you are able to see the entire movie and it is such a cute movie....more info
  • Matilda DVD
    I got the item in the mail very quickly, for a really great price, the price was better then any store! The DVD looks perfect as well wraped in plastic and brand new! I would for sure buy dvds at Amazon again! The shipping cost was great too....more info