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Alien Quadrilogy (Alien/ Aliens /Alien 3 /Alien Resurrection)
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Four movies tracing Ripley's battle against a deadly alien.
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Media Type: DVD
Street Release Date: 10/17/2006

The Alien Quadrilogy is a nine-disc boxed set devoted to the four Alien films. Although previously available on DVD as the Alien Legacy, here they have been repackaged with vastly more extras and with upgraded sound and picture. For anyone who hasn't been in hypersleep for the last 25 years, this series needs no introduction, though for the first time each film now comes in both original and "special edition" form.

Alien (1979) was so perfect it didn't need fixing, and Ridley Scott's 2003 director's cut is fiddling for the sake of fiddling. Watch it once, then return to the majestic, perfectly paced original. Conversely, the special edition of James Cameron's Aliens (1986) is the definitive version, though it's nice to finally have the theatrical cut on DVD for comparison. Most interesting is the alternative Alien 3 (1992). This isn't a "director's cut"--David Fincher refused to have any involvement with this release--but a 1991 work-print that runs 29 minutes longer than the theatrical version, and has now been restored, remastered, and finished off with (unfortunately) cheap new CGI. Still, it's truly fascinating, offering a different insight into a flawed masterpiece. The expanded opening is visually breathtaking, the central firestorm is much longer, and a subplot involving Paul McGann's character adds considerable depth to story. The ending is also subtly but significantly different. Alien: Resurrection (1997) always was a mess with a handful of brilliant scenes, and the special edition just makes it eight minutes longer.

The Alien Quadrilogy offers the first and fourth films with DTS soundtracks, the others having still fine Dolby Digital 5.1 presentation. All four films sound fantastic, with much low-level detail revealed for the first time. Each is anamorphically enhanced at the correct original aspect ratio, and the prints and transfers are superlative. Every film offers a commentary track that lends insight into the creative process--though the Scott-only commentary and isolated music score from the first Alien DVD release are missing here.

Each movie is complemented by a separate disc packed with hours of seriously detailed documentaries (all presented in full-screen with clips letterboxed), thousands of photos, production stills, and storyboards, giving a level of inside information for the dedicated buff only surpassed by the Lord of the Rings extended DVD sets. A ninth DVD compiles miscellaneous material, including an hourlong documentary and even all the extras from the old Alien laserdisc. "Exhaustive" hardly beings to describe the Alien Quadrilogy, a set that establishes the new DVD benchmark for retrospective releases and looks unlikely to be surpassed for some time. --Gary S. Dalkin

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Boxset EVER!
    The Alien series is a series of classic films from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Truly a standard setting series of science-fiction horror films.

    The first film was directed by Ridly Scott as a slow-paced, horror suspense film. Even the 1979 theatrical version has plenty of amazing special effects that look good by today's standards. The suspense is fantastic, and the jumps are unforgetable. The Director's Cut has one or two extended scenes, but it's still an insignificant change.

    The second film (Aliens) is another great film, but shoots more for an action/adventure type of flick. While I perfer the first one for pure suspense, the second film has amazing characters and amazing action sequences. Definatly a must see.

    The third film is a bit underated in my eyes. Hated by critics for the sad opening and ending, the movie is still quite good. I thought that Sigorny Weaver performed her character better than any of the other Alien films. The special effects may lack and the other characters may not be likeable, but the movie was still satisfying. The Theatrical Cut is the one I perfer, since it is shorter. The Special Edition has about 30 minutes of added side-plots.

    Alien Ressurection the least of all four films. I didn't like it in the first 15 minutes and didn't like the rest of the movie at all. Very terrible movie.

    The special features for every film are excellent. Not only are they very well done, but they are made up of interviews, behind the scenes footage, and screen test; but they are quite compelling and good. ...more info
  • Great Collection For Alien Lovers!
    This is the definitive collection for the Alien series. It comes with all four dvds, and each is packed with bonus feature. Every disc comes with a bonus disc with all the features you'll ever need. A MUST HAVE!...more info
  • Alien Quad
    This product is awesome if you're into the Alien movies. The director cuts add to the suspense of the storylines. The price was unbeatable and delivery was earlier than stated. A must-have for true fans! ...more info
  • Aliens Quadrilogy Purchase
    I haved played a number of the disks. Some skips on a few. Overall the price was good but quality is still suspect. ...more info
  • Aliens
    The collection is excellent. It was only the CD #1 which came with some scratchs. However the film can run normally. I decided to keep it instead of returning just for that. It's an excellent collection. Now I'm going for another one......more info
  • Alien Quadrilogy box set
    I was enjoying the movies up until the end when there was NO PICTURE only sound and colored boxes on the t.v., VERY disappointed! ! !
    : (...more info
  • Scarey as hell!
    This quadrilogy is still scary in my book even though I have seen it many times keeps on giving!!! The first two sequels are better from this aspect than the later two. No question that the "alien" is not only the star but a true killing machine and it is smart along with a beautiful set of teeth.
    ...more info
  • Alien Resurrection defective
    This is an excellent quad of movies, but make sure to check your Alien Resurrection disk. I had to return the boxed set twice as there was no playback on the last movie....more info
  • Great Set
    Great movies, especially the first 3...the 4 th one is a little over the top, but still very enjoyable. The boxed set itself is very sweet. It contains both the theatrical releases and the special editions....more info
  • Come on... It's ALIEN!!!
    Great set. Couldn't bring myself to buy it for 90$ when it came out. But well worth the current price. The addition of the director's cuts and what not are great, the extra story line pieces that had been cutout really help to further the character development. Only downside is the crappy aspect ratio on all movies but ALIENS (which is the correct 16:9, 1.78:1ish, ratio), 2.53... Who has a 2.53:1 TV??? NOT ME!!! Buy it anyway, great set. But complain about the aspect, maybe we can get movies that actually fit our high res 3K$+ TVs......more info
  • Worst Quality Ever !!!
    I refuse to watch the movies on these discs anymore, for example, the Aliens disc has two films on it, with a maximum bit rate of 4 Mbps, even the Fox title runs 8 Mbps, the quality of the actual film is on a par with a video recording taken from analogue TV, it really is that bad.

    It's a disgrace to have this done to the greatest Sci-Fi film of all time, shame on you Fox, lets hope you do these films justice with the Blu Ray release, if it ever comes out............more info
  • Until the Blu-Ray version...
    Really this was the only excuse I could use so my wife would let me buy all the movies on DVD at the same time. Great movies in both original and special edition formats. All look great and sound better. If you like these movies youll like this set....more info
  • Quite pleased! Thanks Amazon!!
    Quality is excellent. Shipment was right on time. Will definitely order from Amazon again. Well done folks!! :)...more info
  • amazing box set
    this box set i purchased from amazon was amazing! it was 9 discs. the item was band new and in perfect condition. i am 100% satisfied.....more info
  • Great set!
    This a great box set featuring all 4 Alien movies. I didn't care too much for Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection but this set is quite amazing. Each movie has its original version and director's cut version as well tons of special features with a total of 9 discs. This boxset is HUGE. If you spread it out its like near 3 feet in length.
    I actually didn't buy it off Amazon though, I got it for $20 brand new at Circuit City on sale when that God-awful Alien vs. Predator 2 Requiem movie came out on DVD....more info
  • not happy never received product
    Would like to receive the product before I give a review. It's been over a month since it supposedly shipped and I have yet to get it. The sight that it was ordered from by does not exist and I have no way to contact them. Your assistance would be appreciated. Thank you. Charleen DeWitt...more info
  • An Amazing boxset
    Thank you so much for selling this boxset was amazing and in great condition(New)...more info
  • Alien Quadrilogy
    Thanks Amazon! Excellent goldbox price, excellent product. Couldn't be happier. Beats the set that includes avp 1 that is now going for over 150 dollars....more info
  • About as complete as you can get
    Every disk has two versions of each movie! I am not sure how more complete a collection you can get. Bonus features are great as well....more info
  • About Time!
    Its about time that somebody got a "complete package" correct. This great movie series deserves it's due with a great quadrilogy and it got it. Nice packaging, great extras, just an overall nicely done job. ...more info
  • Great Gift
    I purchased the Alien Quadrilogy for my husband for his birthday and he loved it. He is a huge fan and this is perfect for any Alien fan. It has the different versions of each Alien movie and other extras. I had never seen any of the Alien movies until buying this (I guess I've been living in a cave) and I must say that they are good. I recommend this set for anyone who is a fan because they will not be disappointed. ...more info
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Aliens-It's all here.
    This is another of my retro reviews for a product that has been around for quite awhile but I have never turned my attention to,until now.
    First off I cannot believe the price drop that has occured since its' initial release;a drop of about $60-70.00....amazing.
    This is a set NO Alien fan should be without.This is the WHOLE enchillada,and then some.What you get here are all four Alien movies,presented in their original widescreen formats and in two forms;in their original theatrical presentation AND in new director cuts.The most material added was in Aliens by director James Cameron and the least in the last,Alien Ressurection.I have viewed all movies in both versions and after viewing the directors' editions I have never watched anything else.The bonus footage is definitely a plus.
    I have owned this set almost since its' inital release and I cannot tell you how many times I have watched and rewatched this series and it always keeps me coming back for more.Each film has been transferred wonderfully and everything,picture and sound wise,is as it should be.There is included here an extra disc with a multitude of fascinating extras and all in all the back slip cover tells us there are nearly 50 hours total worth of extras throughout the entire series discs.Just phenomenal.
    Opening the set itself can be a bit unwieldy at first and takes time to get used to.It is folded into two large sections and when you take them out of the protective large cover/box it is in you lay them down and they fold out into two main parts.Each in turn folds out about three times in opposite directions so if you want to open the entire set you need ALOT of space underneath it.I would only recommend opening one section at a time.I found it a bit of a bugboo intially but the more you play with it the more you get the hang of it.
    "Alien" was a groundbreaking picture in its' day and the rest of the movies have kept that tradition alive and well and each new director/movie has expanded on that idea(with their own sense of vision) while keeping faithful to the Alien dictum.
    20th Century Fox did a superb job on this set in its' release year of 2003 and did the franchise proud in doing so;easily standing the test of time.That is why it is so unfortunate to see the franchise being dragged down by Foxs' AVP series,especially the latest offering "Requiem".Whether Fox has the where withall to stop this slide is problematic.
    However we do have this set to remind us(and Fox) what exactly the Alien franchise is all about/should be all about;good actors,good acting,good scipts,good direction,good special effects and an unerring sense of the essence and spirit of the Alien universe.These films in this set are the foundations of the series and are a must see/have for all Alien and Sci-Fi fans everywhere.At this price there is no time like right now to get your set....more info
  • sci fi addict
    If you like sci fi and horror type movies, this group has it all. A really nice collection, at an attractive price.

    ...more info
  • Alien Quadrilogy DVD box set
    Great set of movies! They are a family favorite for us. I was very happy with how fast they were delivered. You'll enjoy all the special features that come with this box set. You have the option of watching the movies how they were intended to bee viewed by the director. Always super fast shipping and prices I can afford when I order through Amazon. Enjoy!!...more info
  • Why haven't u bought this?
    This is the best dvd deal I've ever gotten. If u are a fan of alien(s) and don't own this, u are wrong! Anything you ever wanted to know about these films is included in the hours upon hours of extras. The film quality is great too. I feel no need to buy it on blu-ray if it is ever released (it will cost alot anyways). BUY THIS NOW!...more info
  • 9 disks
    Everything you wanted to know and see for the 4 Alien Movies a cinamatic adventure on every disk...more info
  • A must-have for any fan
    Absolutely amazing. The box set and quality is viewtiful. The number of extras and special features is drool-worthy. The movies in their original and uncut glory is fantastic.

    Well worth the money....more info
  • A must for any true Aliens Fan
    I'd seen this countless times online and at stores. I didn't get a hold of it until nearly every major store stopped selling them. The price most asked was ranged from $50-$60 USD and when I saw the price of around $26 I just jumped at the chance to get it on Right off the bat I could tell this collection was the most complete Aliens could ever get with a total of 9 disks.

    With the choice of watching the original, theater viewed films, the deleted scene addition was glory in itself. It's true what some reviewers will say about seeing the deleted scenes, once you see them, you wont want to go back to the original. The additional disks to each film disk have a ton of footage to watch. Concept art, documentaries, theatrical trailers, all of it.

    I've always been fascinated with the Aliens universe and I can say with this Alien Quadrilogy I am very satisfied with the amount it provides to questions and mysteries that are the Xenomorphs and the Weyland 'Company'. Even to this day the special effects of each and every Alien movie never gave me room to criticize, for that I am thrilled.

    Don't hesitated to buy this collection, I didn't :D....more info
  • great collection of classics
    What can I say - not the directors cut, but more stuff than any other Aliens pack available- and with a GREAT price from Amazon....more info
  • Alien Quadrilogy
    What can I say that hasn't already been said about the Alien movie craze?
    It makes no sense to rate the movies as we all know they are great, so I'll rate the 9 disc Quadrilogy pack. It's great! Just leave yourself about a week to watch them all. Enjoy!...more info
  • Alien Movies - Languages
    The first 3 movies are in english or spanish with subtitles in either language. This works fine for me since not everyone in my household speaks english. But the last movie is in english or french with subtitles only in english. I don't know if this was a mistake or that is the way they made it. I'd like to think it was a mistake. ...more info
  • Great quality and insightful documentaries
    Good quality DVDs - nice to have them all in one place.

    Unlike many "on the makings of" documentaries, the discs that accompany each movie here are worth watching. Learn how the original Alien movie came about and why Alien 3 sucked so bad!...more info