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If you ever "flip" your pillow looking for the "cool spot", youve been searching for the Chillow? device all your life! It is a steady, lasting, and super comforting sensation which doesnt blow air, make noise, or cost money to run.Its very soothing and relaxing effect will give you super sleep night after night- youre never too hot, youre never too cold....youre always perfectly comfortable! There are also many other uses for the Chillow? - hence Comfort Device. It has a tremendously comforting, relaxing, and soothing sensation, enjoyable in so many situations- from headaches to hot flashes to hot tired feet, to injury treatments and sunburns, the Chillow? feels great for them all. Size: 13.5x20.5x0.625(Inch) No return or exchange accepted. All sales are final.

  • Its main application for which it was designed is to keep your pillow cool.
  • Its very soothing and relaxing effect will give you super sleep night after night.
  • Just activate it one time, and leave it in your pillow full-time.

Customer Reviews:

  • Helps you fall asleep but wakes you up
    It's absolutely cool and helps me fall asleep. But one thing that drives me nuts is about 4 hours into sleep it feels incredibly warm and forces me to flip the pillow (which is much heavier with this in the pillowcase). I wish they could at least have it warm only to room temp instead of what feels like about 110 degrees somewhere around 3am....more info
  • Summer Relief
    I bought the chillow to help with night sweats from hormone therapy and it reeally does make a difference. It has also come in handy for my kids when they have fevers. Great product....more info
  • Chillow is the BEST!!!
    I have had my Chillow for about 4 years now and I love it! My son heard about it and suggested I try it for my terrible (menopause) night sweats & hot flashes. I think my Chillow practically saved my quality of life. Before the Chillow - almost no sleep. After - blissful, wonderful rest.
    I put mine into its own pillowcase cover and put it on top of my regular pillow. For me, this works the best. I also have to turn it around to the cold side once during the night (because my head makes it warm up where I've been laying on it) but I always go right back to sleep with my cool Chillow. I bought a second one as a "backup" because I could never stand to sleep without it. I recommended the Chillow to a friend who was also having hot flashes during the night and she tells me all the time how she loves it and is so thankful I suggested it to her....more info
  • Very Dissapointed
    Chillow Pillow Cooling Sensation Memory Foam PillowThe pillow is not cool for a reasonable length of time and it bunches up when your are sleeping, it doesn't stay flat for a comfortable sleep.
    ...more info
  • Love my Chillow
    The Chillow really helps keep you cool at night.
    The only negative is that it slips around on top of another pillow - but putting it in a snugly fitting pillowcase with another pillow helps keep it in place....more info
  • Foam is not attached to pillow - gets bunched up
    I am very hot-natured, and this pillow was going to make my nights more pleasant. It works VERY well. For a night.

    Unless you sleep perfectly still, the foam inside the pillow will become bunched and render the pillow useless. Chillow has a tip for unbunching the foam, but it doesn't work.

    Their customer service is non-existent.

    I would give the pillow a 5 for function, but they need to stich the foam to the inside seams!...more info
  • Really Helps
    I really like the Chillow Pillow. I'm in menopause after having a hysterectomy, and I get major hot flashes and night sweats. This helps cool me down enough to get to sleep. (One side has a plastic type of cover which is cooler, and the other has a softer fabric. You can either put it inside a pillow case or on top.) My only complaint is that the foam inside sometimes bunches up.
    ...more info
  • Pretty good
    It works when going to sleep but feels warm by morning. Also it's a lot firmer than an ordinary pillow, which can cause some neck pain in the first week of use. Otherwise very effective & highly recommended to cool off!...more info
  • The Chillow Really Works!
    Place a chillow inside your regular pillow case, and feel the cool memory foam wick heat away from your head, neck and shoulders. A friend told me about this product, and I ordered it from Amazon when I couldn't find it in local health and beauty retailers. It's a sealed waterproof rectangular case with about a half inch thick slab of memory foam inside. You add about 9 cups of water to the envelope and reseal the watertight valve after squeezing out all the air bubbles. Then the foam works to cool you when your skin comes into contact. It has helped me get much better sleep, and I don't think I could sleep at all without it now. I highly recommend it....more info
  • First Water Refill after one year!
    I love my chillow. Everyone thinks I'm nuts until they try it. I've taken it on domestic and international trips and, after using it for a year, I am refilling the water for the first time. A few have said the filling and getting the air bubbles out is a bit tedious, and that is true. It's a good weekend thing. Start it in the morning and come back to it later. It's really worth it. I can't find them on Amazon but the keyboard wrist rests by the same company every bit as good....more info
  • Great for hot flashes
    Love it! I Keep this at the head of my bed, and when I get a hot flash at night, I just slip it under my head, and it cools me right down. This is my 3rd chillow in about 5 years, unfortunately they do end up with pinhole leaks, and are difficult to patch. Keep pets with sharp toenails away. ...more info
  • Awesome for hot sleepers
    I am a person that wakes up several times at night because I get too hot and the Chillow has been awesome! I have slept 3 nights straight with the Chillow and it has really improved my sleep quality and comfort. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is a "hot sleeper"...more info
  • It's okay
    The chillow is okay (for a while) - but it's cool comfort is not as long lasting as the product description would have you believe....more info
  • husband's favorite
    my husband loves his chillow. the only problem is that it sometimes gets scrunched up and we have to straighten out the foam inside. but it stays cool and usually does not warm up. ...more info
  • chillow pillow
    The product says it stays cool all night,it doesn't. It is nice and cold when you go to bed but but by the middle of the night it has picked up enough of your body heat that it is warm. I do sleep longer using it though. I would purchase again even though the chillow pillow gets warm....more info