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Cheddars of the World Assortment (2 pound) by
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Along with their conquering armies, the Romans brought their cheesemaking expertise to England in the first century AD. But it was not until the sixteenth century when the cheese we know today as cheddar was so named. With such a long history, it's no surprise that cheddar is one of the world's favorite foods. So popular in fact, that almost every cheese-producing nation makes its own version. This assortment contains excellent examples from three continents:

  • Denhay Mature English Cheddar: Denhay Cheddar is carefully matured and monitored until it is 11 months old when it is sold as premium West Country Farmhouse Cheddar.
  • Red Leaf Canadian Cheddar: This entrant from North America has a firm texture and a sweet, honeyed flavor. Best enjoyed with ale and fruit, this cheddar is aged for over 12 months.
  • Superior Two Year Aged New Zealand Cheddar by Mainland Cheese: An extraordinarily rich and sharp naturally aged cheddar from the heartland of New Zealand.
  • Shelburne Farms Aged Farmhouse Cheddar: Shelburne's award winning cheese is only made from the fresh, raw milk of purebred Brown Swiss cows raised on the farm. This spectacular cheese is made in Vermont, aged for over one year, and is noted for its sophisticated, rich flavor that leaves hints of maple and apple.
This assortment contains four 1/2 pound wedges.
  • Please note that any item temporarily out of stock will be substituted with a similar item of equal value.
  • Assortment of four world-class Cheddars from three continents
  • Coombe Farm (England), Red Leaf (Canada) and Dairy Vale (Australia)
  • Compare and contrast
  • Enjoy with cider or ale
  • Serve with apples and crusty bread

Customer Reviews:

  • If you like sharp cheddar, like fine wine, this is the best
    A very high quality selection, with lots of flavor, deep residual secondary
    flavors and aroma. It reminds me of a fine wine that's been aged and mellowed. For the price, this is a bargain.
    All four cheeses are excellent choices for that special "flavor fest."
    ...more info
  • Happy customer
    This arrived promptly in a refridgerated box. I enjoy cheese, but I'm not well versed in gourmet qualities. Happily, I find that I can readily distinguish these four cheeses in a taste sampling. They are all delicious, and the two European varieties are very sharp. By the time the express shipping is added to the order, each block of cheese has a fairly hefty price tag. However, I don't live in a rural area, so I'm pleased Amazon makes this and other specialty cheeses available....more info
  • Good Taste
    Cheeses tasted great. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that all 4 looked identical....more info
  • igourmet cheesy review
    Cheddars of the world sampler is just as good as being in another country in person. Sampling the generous sized cheese's with a San Francisco sourdough and a glass of fabulous California wine, and never having to leave the comfort of my own home is the best. Go ahead and treat yourself to a pleasant worldly experience. ...more info
  • One of the best I have received
    I am usually not overly impressed with these samplers of specialty cheeses, but I do run a cross one now and again that simply stand out. This is one of them. I fully admit to being almost addicted to good cheddar so perhaps this is part of it. The quality of this cheese, even after being shipped all over the place and from heaven knows where, is absolutely excellent. My sweet friend Brenda sent me this one and it is going to take some hard work to figure out how to top her on this one. Secret for you: I plan to purchase one or two of these myself soon horde it away, and simply not share! I do recommend you give this sampler a will be absolutely delighted. ...more info