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Hunter 33257 Carefree Humidifier Plus with Permawick
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Product Description


  • Humidifier for rooms up to 1,175 square feet
  • Regulated release system eliminates stagnant water
  • 3-speed fan for fast humidifying and quiet operation
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean by hand; antimicrobial properties inhibit growth of mold, fungi and bacteria
  • Dimensions: 13-1/4 by 11-1/2 by 12-1/2 inches; weighs 9 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • It Gurgles
    I actually did not buy this. This model was given to me by Hunter as a replacement when I bought another(smaller)Hunter humidifier that malfunctioned. It was fine the first week or two, and although it wasn't absolutely quiet, the noise to me was bearable. Until it started gurgling. Now everytime I turn it on it has an annoying gurgling sound that does not go away, regardless of high or low setting. Other than that it does it's job and humidifies my room just fine.

    Update* I have tossed this humidifier to the trash. After using this for a few months it now started to leak copius amounts of water on my carpet. I do not reccommend this humidifier....more info
    This humidifier is so loud that I can't help but snooze like a in utero child at a Motlet Crue concert! The gurgling reminds me of my mother's appetite (which I find very comforting).
    I can't wait for the motor to burn out so that I can buy another immediately!...more info
  • Does the job
    I've had mine for 3 months. Works fine and does a good job. On low speed it's quiet enough, although I have it in the hallway to humidify a 3 bedroom area. Love the fact that I don't have to replace the wicks ($$$ saver). That's what made me buy this in spite of the other noise complaints I'd seen.

    Very easy to fill the tank and the tank is sturdy and easy to carry. No problems with water leakage. Sometimes the gurgling sound as water is being drained is a little annoying, but not overly so.

    Overall, I'm satisfied.

    Update (1/12/05) Cleaned it last spring easily with vinegar/water as instructed in the manual and packed it away. Got it back out and started using it in December (12/04). Once in awhile it vibrates a little more than I recall last season, but it's still bearable. It's a bummer others have reported problems with this model. I'm satisfied....more info
  • Had it for 2 years, still runs like new
    I'm surprised at so many negative reviews. I've had it for 2 years and it still runs like new. I've cleaned it after each winters use. Yes, it is a little loud but my husband snores so I like to use the humidifier on High Speed!...more info
  • LOUD
    although this unit kept the room at a constant set humidity, it grew noisier each day I had it. By the seventh day it sounded like the fan was so loose it would detach and fly spinning into the room. I bought two units at the same time, and both had the same problem, so I don't think this was a defect. Guests that came over thought I had a space heater in the room making the noise--they couldn't believe it was the humidifier. I had forgotten how peaceful the house was without them (and I live in manhattan)....more info
  • Not "care free" or well made.

    Not sure what to say about Hunter's ads for this humidifier.
    I do not want to call them liars, but they are stretching the truth a few miles.

    ~This humidifier is certainly is -not- "care free."
    ~The "Permawick" needs replacing at lease once on month. (I am on municipal water, but it still gets slimy and crusty)
    ~It is not quiet.
    ~The water tank is a pain in the neck to fill. (don't know what their engineers were thinking placing the handle on top and the refill cap on the bottom of the tank!!!)

    I ordered two of these in Dec. '04. Was very disappointed with the performance over the winter months. Just got them out today,
    Nov. '05, to fire them up for the season....the fans on both units are seized!

    Surely Hunter can do better .....I know I could.
    ...more info
  • Unbelievable
    I purchased this product hoping it would resolve my low humidity in my office. I filled the tank at 6AM this morning before starting work from my home office. At that point in time the humidity in my office was 22%. I checked the humidity at 5PM and it had gone up to 27% and used 95% of the water. I then put a call into the Hunter Service and support to find out how long it should take in a 300 foot office for the humidity to reach 45%. I was amazed when I was told that it would take 2 to 3 weeks to get the humidity to 45%. It goes back tomorrow. ...more info
  • Ok, but lacking some features at this price. Durability questions.
    I purchased this humidifier as a replacement for a similar model I had been given as a gift. That unit failed after two seasons. First the night light stopped working and then about six months later the fan started cutting in and out then finally stopped. When I opened it up I noticed the night light failed due to the wire simply rusting away. A manufacturing defect with not enough sealant around the wire.

    Anyhow, new unit seems to be running ok with main complaint being that the cap on the water tank is hard to seat properly. First few times it leaked a stream of water on to the floor.

    My old Hunter version had a sensor that would turn off the fan when the water ran low. This one just keeps running and the fan gets noisier. At this price I think that sensor should still be there....more info
  • worked, then died
    Had it almost 2 years but then just one night it died. I agree with previous posters. It doesn't cover the space it says. About one room. Very loud too.

    Not worth it. ...more info
  • piece of junk
    I bought two humidifiers, the 3 gallon, and the 2.5 gallon, and within a month, both of them quit, the motors burned up. Upon notifying Hunter, I was sent two replacements immediately. One of them is already making a loud noise, and I expect the other to quit anytime. I would spend a little more money and buy a better humidifier because each time you send it back, you have to pay shipping which isn't cheap....more info
  • Say it ain't so
    As a contractor who uses Hunter ceiling fans and Quiet-Flo purifiers in the new homes that we build, the next step was to start trying out the Hunter care-free humidifiers in the houses we build in desert areas, Arizona/So Cal mostly.

    The first model we tried was a space-saver version that was taller, had two resoivors and a pump section. First, that one was too big, though it was taller than wide, I would imagine the mostly elderly people that live in the desert areas wouldn't enjoy picking up a 2+ gallon tank of water and sitting it on top of a 3 foot high or so stand, that would be sitting on top of a table.

    The good thing, when we hooked the first one up, it made a noise that sounded like a chainsaw that had encountered a piece of steel and just died right there. First time ever turning it on and the motor was gone.

    So, this 33257 was the one we picked up upon returning the other one. I don't know about you all, but I want to see something coming out of the machine. Instead, I see nothing except the water disappearing from the tank and I hear plenty.

    The crew that I was working with had a good laugh when we first hooked this unit up. One of the guys was outside the room we were in and yelled, "What are you all cooking? Where did you all get a microwave?" Yeah, leave it to a bunch of men in the desert to think one of us snuck a microwave in to cook with. I walked into the other room where he was and sure enough, it sounded like a microwave running in the next room.

    As a loyal Hunter customer, I wanted to give the humidifier the benefit of a doubt and tried the lower speed setting. Now, I could barely hear it and could barely feel any air coming from it.

    On the positive side, they at least made this one easy to fill, which is important since we ran it on high for around 12 hours and it was needing filled already.

    Overall, I wouldn't rate it above a 3 at tops at anything that it is supposed to do. Their Quiet-Flo purifiers are great for the price, so it really shocks me that these humidifiers are so bad.

    I guess the permanent filter is a plus, but on the other hand, I have a hard time believing that the filter will last forever, which is what the box claims, "Filter NEVER needs replacing". I've worked in construction as a construction engineer for around 15 years now and figured out a long time ago that never never means never!

    A very disappointing product from a company that I will still trust with ceiling fans and purifiers, but no more of these humidifiers. Terrible.

    On a side note, since I usually buy these products for my own home after seeing how they work in the ones we build, it is kind of like using other homes as guinea pigs! Hey, not to worry, no one usually moves into them until a year after they are finished.

    The model humidifier that we are now using is the Air-O-Swiss that is $139.99. It does have a little cartridge that you have to replace every 3-4 months as well, but it seems to do the trick when it comes to keeping the air moist.

    The only real problems that I personally have that a humidifier would help is dry skin (In the sun all day)and occasional bloody nose (breathing moisture-less air and sawdust)I've only had the Air-O-Swiss for about a month in my house, so I can't say that it is going to be that great, but so far I haven't had any bloody noses since using it. This used to a be a once a week or once every two weeks problem.

    Maybe Hunter will read these reviews which sound like to be from customers like myself who KNOW that Hunter is a very good company when it comes to home products to help us breath better and improve air quality around us. One last interesting part. I called the number I have for Hunter as a contractor who was thinking of buying a bulk amount of these. They returned my call within 10 minutes. After explaining that I would be putting these in homes of elderly, some disabled as well, the person I spoke with said that they maybe hadn't perfected humidifiers yet.

    Which if nothing else, at least lets me know that Hunter has a little conscious. Hopefully, they will go back and start over with some knowledge of past mistakes with this 33257 model being eliminated....more info
  • Somewhat Noisy but VERY RELIABLE
    This is an excellent machine to have if you don't have a lot of time for fill-ups or cleaning or anything. I've had mine for two years and have done nothing but rinse and fill and it still works wonderfully. The water does not have any odor to it. There has been some buildup on the inside but that can be easily gotten rid of, I just haven't done it (shame on me). I usually soak anything like this in a vinegar bath and after a while it rinses clean. I've seen all the negative feedback, but I was and still am really impressed by this machine, I paid a lot more and I'm thinking of getting another for when this one eventually wears out but its still going strong. A lot of other vaporizers have lasted a year or so and then I throw them out. THIS IS A KEEPER....more info
  • Avoid at all costs
    I was unfortunate enough to buy this humidifier before reviewing it. I used it last winter in the bedroom and had to keep the fan on low in order to sleep. I didnt experience any rattling noises (more like chirping noises), but when the resevior gets low and the water empties from the tank, it can be noisy.

    However, Im here now looking for a new humidifier. Took it out of storage this winter and it didnt work! The motor had burnt out after only one season of use. I looked for the Hunter web page and found out that multiple model numbers had been recalled due to fire hazards. I thought I had been lucky that mine didnt toast my bedroom, but my model number was not on the recall list. Even though my model looked exactly like the others and had the same specifications as the others that were being recalled, my model wasnt included in the recall because the only stated difference was the color of the top vent!

    Stay away from this company if you are looking for a humidifier unless you have money burning a hole in your pocket!...more info
  • Noise was too much!
    I just returned mine. After a week it rattled like a bugger! Kept me up at night, it was terrible....more info
  • customer service...a joke
    Last year I got this humidifier because I was tired of paying for a new filter every month or two. It seemed to work fine for that season. This fall I set it up, turned it on, and nothing happened. After going through troubleshooting with Hunter they determined that the motor burned out (apparently a common problem with these if you read over the rest of the reviews). Since it was still under warranty they said they would send another one out free of charge and it should arrive in 7-14 days.

    That was 2 months ago and still no unit!!!!

    I have called them back several times and each time they look it up, say "oh, it must have gotten lost," and enter a new replacement order. I now have three different reference numbers, and neither of them has resulted in the replacement unit they promised. Stay away!!!!...more info
  • Piece of Junk
    I have been a fan of Hunter Fans for a long time, and have reliable Hunter Fans throughout my house. Hunter humidifiers are, however, extremely disappointing. I have had two models of this same humidifier over two seasons. Each humidifier lasted exactly one season. It's been a warm winter here in Maryland until now, and I just filled up the humidifier for the first time this season. Just like the last one I owned, no power, no niteglo, no humidistat.

    Like I said, I'm a fan of Hunter (no pun intended!), so I gave Hunter the benefit of the doubt on the first humidifier. However, two bad humidifiers with the exact same problem is an indication of an unreliable product....more info
    I agree with the previous review, that this humidifier was fine at first but grew louder by the second week of use. The fan rattles like a garbage disposal. I tried running it only in the daytime but that defeated the purpose since I need it while sleeping.

    Went and purchased the Hamilton Beach 05519 from J&R Music World and it is quieter but still also loud. But I'll take a loud HUM over a loud RATTLE any day!

    I'm mad that I have to change filters now, but supposedly only every 2 mos. with the Hamilton Beach. I will stay away from all Hunter products in the future because now I've done some research on the Web and it seems that quite a few people are having the same noise problem. There is a defect. Not only that, one model of Hunter's was recalled due to a fire hazard!...more info

  • Terrible piece of junk
    This humidifier is a great waste of money. If you're looking for a humidifier that is expensive, not "care-free", and very loud this is the one for you. It is a disgusting, bacteria breeding cess pool. If you already own this model, don't even attempt to keep up with the cleaning of it. Your efforts are futile unless you find yourself soothed to sleep by watching of illuminated bacteria and microbes swimming about with the help of the "night-glo" nightlight feature. Throw this piece of junk away before it kills you and your family with a bacterial infection. If you are in the market for a quality humidifier please consider selling your first born before even entertaining the thought of purchasing this horribly designed excuse for a humidifier....more info
  • Good performance
    I am at loss to find why people have given it low marks.
    I bought this piece two weeks back. I am very satisfied with it's performace. First I bought Holmes tower hunidifier. Man I coud not sleep for two weeks. I returned it to Home Depot.

    Then I bought this and I am so satisfied with this. It is low noise and very efficient. It air fan is strong and it rotates air in the room while it is on.

    It does not have ionization feature. I am sure Hunter can give that without much problem....more info
  • Wonderful humidifer
    It's not too noisy and it has nice electronic sensor to constantly monitor the moisture level in the room.
    The water capacity is quite large and lasts over several days....more info
  • Great humidifier
    This humidifier is awesome. So awesome we bought two. I do not understand the negative reviews. We have had our first one for 5 years and our second for 4 since our first son was born. They work wonderfully and are so easy to clean and refill. Neither of ours is noisy- it is almost like a white noise and it puts us and our son right to sleep. The price seems to have gone up not sure why but it is worth it since you never have to change the filter....more info
  • 'tis a piece of..... junk
    Mine lasted about 6 months. Put out about 5 gallons/day in winter. Loud, loud, loud, but beared it since I had already paid for it. I had to snap together the water pump assembly (a fan blade in a housing that pushed the water though a tube) on many occasions. Could not truly fix it since it is made completely of cheap plastic. In the end, the motor burned up and left the house smelling like burnt varnish for 2 days....more info