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Salter 200 Academy Professional Mechanical Scale, White and Gray
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $50.88

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Product Description

Salter 200 Academy Professional Bathroom Scale

  • Measures super high capacity in pounds, kilos and stones, maximum of 330 pounds/150 kilograms with precise 0.2 pounds/100 gram increments
  • Robust steel construction and extra large platform for stability
  • Extra large 191 millimeter/7-1/2-inch dial for easy reading
  • Heavy duty main spring and machined brass primary gear
  • No deterioration in performance after 27,000 weighs

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Scale
    Step on any number of digital scales, and you'll get any number of digital readings. Which one is accurate? Try calibrating a digital scale. The Salter 200 is very easy to calibrate using the wheel under the bezel, and the large dial is easy to read with out bending over. The original reason I purchased this scale is it's the same one used by my doctor. Why only four stars? I wouldn't want the Salter people to stop trying! If your serious about monitoring your weight this product will not disappoint....more info
  • Great scale; Accurate; Easy to Read; No Fancy Stuff
    Salter 200 Academy Professional Mechanical Scale, White and Gray

    This is a great scale. Excellent price vs. performanc ratio. Mechanical so it is sturdy and doesn't run out of batteries. Accurate scale with weight shown by pounds and kilos in easy to read large type. No fancy stuff just solid performing product. ...more info
  • High Value - Low Price
    This scale is an outstanding value. It provides coonsistently accurate readings that are easily visible in both pounds and kilograms. Essential tool for accurate readings. ...more info
  • Settings
    If this scale is set on 0 before weighing it will over weigh us by 8 lbs....more info
  • A consistant well made scale
    It great to have a scale the gives the same weight when you
    step on it twice is a row. The big dial is easy to read and the scale seems well made....more info
  • Well built scale
    I purchased the scale, and the original one was stuck at 110 lbs. This was my first experience with a problem on something I bought from Amazon. I was delighted with the service. They immediatly shipped me a new scale, and a label for returning the 1st one, everything free of charge.
    The new scale seems fairly well built, has consistant readings and is easy to see. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • just what i wanted and more
    This is a great scale looks good very solid. Followed the instructions for set up and it goes back to zero every time and it weighs constant every time. Worth the money. Shipping was great I ordered it on Saturday and it showed up on Tuesday. A very happy customer....more info
  • Better than expected
    This scale is exactly what we wanted. The dial is easy to read and is accurate compared to our doctor's office scale. This was our first purchase with Amazon and there will definately be more....more info
  • So far, very good
    I have had several scales over the years. All types. All unreliable. I really wanted a reliable one. So far, I am very pleased with this product. It is within one pound of my doctor's scale. Wehn you step on it a few times, the reading is always the same. The numbers aren't as large as I expected, but quite readable....more info
  • Accurate and good looking scale
    The scale arrived very quickly after we placed our order. It works and looks great with very visible numbers. It is more accurate than some of the digital scales we've had. ...more info
  • Excellent Scale.
    Very Accurate, easy to read numbers. Weight in one lb increments. Quite Large (not good for small spaces). Durable-do not expect that it will need replacing....more info
  • Just what the doctor ordered
    Arrived as promised, works well, is attractive. Very happy....more info
  • Huge disappointment
    The scale was much too large than it needed to be and inspite of its size, the dials were still not that easy to read. In addition to that, the adjustment knob didn't function and the dial spun in the wrong direction. It was a big joke. Nothing of quality to weigh in on. I sent it back....more info
  • A solid product
    The Salter scale seems to be a good, solid product. It is easy to set up, and gives consistent and (as far as I can tell) accurate readings every time. It's certainly easy to read, and looks to be simple to keep clean. I have no reason to think it won't serve well over the years to come....more info
  • Scale
    Very happy with the scales. We bought two of them for each changing room in our gym at work and everybody's happy with them because they are very accurate, maybe too accurate!

    ...more info
  • Salter 200 Scale
    Very well made. Unlike other scale,s it read,s the same every time you
    step on it. Easy to reed scale. No problems....more info
  • my particular scale was defective
    Once I got the scale, I discovered there is a "key" on the bottom that must first be removed before the scale will operate. This didn't seem to be referenced in the directions.

    Then I tried testing the scale with gym weights.
    A 10 lb plate weighed 4 lbs.
    A 15 lb dumbbell weighed 8 lbs.
    A 20 lb dummbell weighed 15 lbs.

    My own weight (based on recent doctor's scale) was off in the reverse direction by 25%.

    The scale has been returned as defective. ...more info