Linksys Wireless-G Cable Gateway (WCG200)
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Product Description

Linksys WCG200 Wireless-G Cable Gateway - This all-in-one Internet and networking solution is perfect for the home that wants to get connected. Just look at all of the features built into this single box! You get a high-speed DOCSIS 2.0-ready Cable Modem, wireless 802.11g access point, 4-port 10/100 Ethernet Switch, and much more! Built-in SPI Firewall with Denial of Service (DOS) Attack Prevention WEP Encryption MAC Address Filtering E-Mail & Web-based Logging of Security Events Supports VPN Pass-Through for IPSec, PPTP, & L2TP Protocols Dimensions - 7.32 (w) x 2.48 (h) x 6.08 (d) Weight - 1.5 lbs. Includes - power adapter, USB driver CD, 6 foot CAT5 Ethernet networking cable, 6 foot USB cable, & quick installation guide

  • Product Type - Gateway
  • Warranty - 3 Years Limited
  • Share the Internet -- connect one PC to the integrated Router via USB and four more via Ethernet using the built-in 10/100 Switch
  • ? Wireless Access Lists and WPA to enhance wireless security

Customer Reviews:

  • mediocre modem
    We use this as just a modem for now with a wired connection, and it needs frequent reboots.
    ...more info
  • Horrible product. DO NOT BUY
    As most of the other reviews here state, this router cannot hold a connection. Wired connection works fine for several hours, then drops. Wireless connection is lost without fail after several minutes when connecting with a wireless device requiring a hard reboot. To make matters worse, WEP security settings are lost from time to time after several reboots. It's a shameful, shameful product. ...more info
  • Linksys Wireless Gateway
    I have owned and used the WCG200 Wireless-G Cable Gateway 24 hours a day for the past 3 years without a single glitch. It has worked flawless on both my Mac's and PC's. I have a network of 2 Macs and 2 PC along with 4 network hard drives. It is a tank!...more info
  • 4+ years with no problems
    I'm shocked to read through the reviews here. I've had the WCG200 for 4+ years and I've never had it drop any connection, wired or wireless. I have an earlier model and it seems that the problem may have started with the ver.2, as it appears that the earlier reviews were good and the more recent reviews are awful. Maybe some of the problems are some sort of compatibility issue with the cable provider? I have Cablevision and have had no connection issues at all. (I saw Comcast listed in a lot of the negative reviews.)

    My main criticism is the wireless range is pretty weak. Within my house the signal is good, but once outside it disappears pretty quickly. I can not sit in the backyard or the porch and get a strong signal.

    I'm pretty happy with mine and would consider buying the newer version, if needed, but if I ran into the same issues I'm reading about here I'd return it and move on to separate modem / router set-up immediately.
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  • Eliminate an extra device
    I've had the Linksys cable modem/router for about 8 months now. Has worked great, no significant issues. My only complaint (and its a minor one) is that the administrative software that Linksys builds into the unit to configure it is more difficult to use than the previous Linksys router I owned.

    The big advantage of this unit for me is eliminating my modem rental from the cable company, saving me $10 per month. So the ROI on this unit is immediate, if you're renting a cable modem currently. The other big advantage, especially if you have way too many devices on your computer stand, is that it combines two devices in one, modem & router.

    The only other concern with this product is that it has only one antenna (whereas my old 802.11 B router had 2), so I wonder if that limits the range of the WCG200. The more recent images I've seen show 2 antenna, so perhaps they've addressed that. If Linksys comes out with an 802.11 N device, I might upgrade to that....more info
  • Avoid at all cost!!!!
    This thing doesn't deserve a single star. Do a search on this product and you'll find scores of unhappy consumers. Linksys (Cisco) knows they have a problem with this product and blame the ISP. ...more info
  • Worked well, until it didn't. got the drops after about 1.5 yrs
    I love the simple one box solution. Got about 1.5 yrs out of it, really about one year before it started getting the high traffic drops that thay are prone to.

    Chatted with Lynksys on line and was shocked how bad the CS/TS is.

    I am seriously looking at the Motorola product....more info
    I bought this unit thinking a combined cable modem and wireless router was a great idea, and how could I go wrong with a Linksys? Boy was I sadly mistaken. My ISP is Comcast (in San Francisco). Although hooking up the unit and configuring it was fairly hassle-free, the unit very quickly showed its principle weakness: it loses the connection to the internet *very* frequently, necessitating a power shutoff.

    I figured that calling Linksys tech support would solve my problems. Dealing with Linksys tech support achieved nothing other than convincing me to never buy a Linksys product again. Their so-called tech support was an insulting, infuriating waste of time.

    Bottom line: the WCG200 is defective by design, and Linksys tech support is a waste of time....more info
  • Piece of Junk!
    As most people have said, the wireless drops and resets itself. No updates to, spend hours on the phone with the techies to no success. I basically tossed the thing in the garbage. It was a total failure! I recommend staying away from this product because its by far the worst. I am very disappointed in Linksys....more info
  • Crashes about once per day, died completly in one year
    I've had the same issue that many folks have reported in these comments. The rounter seems to drop the connection and need to be reset about once per day. I've noticed that this is far more common when streaming video. Three days ago it died completely and won't project a wireless signal anymore. I've had it for juat about 1 year. Definately would not buy it again, even thouhg it is only $34 now....more info
  • WCG200 Just Plain Bad...
    I will keep it simple... I bought it t save money/space by combining devices into one. I have found it to be sketchy, difficult, unreliable, frustrating and overpriced considering the affore-mentioned issues. DO NOT buy this device, it will not improve anything in your life. For $115.00, I feel ripped off!...more info
  • Linksys ECG200 review
    Excellent product. easy to install, works perfectly, combines a modem and router so one less device needed. I am very pleased with it, just bought another one for the office in addition to the one i have at home. ...more info
  • Excellent Service
    I've owned a WCG200 for more than three years. This cable gateway has operated flawlessly! It is stable, provides great d/l speed, and the wireless covers the entire house (2500 ft, two story) and my deck. I could not be happier....more info
  • Good hard line modem, Wireless use crashes system
    This is a very poor product which I got for the compact size of a all in one router/modem... LITTLE DID I KNOW THAT WHEN YOU USE ANY WIRELESS DEVICE FOR ANY AMOUNT OF TIME IT CAUSES A SYSTEM CRASH!! DONT GET THIS!...more info
  • Missing features, wireless has serious problems
    This cable gateway is supplied by RCN. It replaced a Motorola cable modem and my own D-Link Wireless router.

    First, it is missing a key feature, port translation. With port translation, a server on your network (such as an ethernet webcam) can be set to its default port 80, which is translated inside the router to a different port, such as 5080. It's a feature existing in any reputable router, but missing from this one.

    Second, the wireless system has serious problems. Signal strength is much lower than my D-Link despite a physically larger antenna. I can't reliably reach my laptop in the kitchen. No matter my location, the connection drops (glitches) frequently, and drops VPN connections. Sometimes it actually refuses to reconnect until I cycle power on or disable and re-enable the PCMCIA wireless card.

    I'm going to try to get RCN to switch me to a Motorola modem, but I'll buy my own if I have to to get rid of this Linksys piece of junk and go back to my own D-Link. I can't believe Cisco dares to put their brand name on such lousy equipment.
    ...more info
  • Drops connection frequently, Look at other reviews as well.. and do yourself a favour - Buy motorola SBG900 instead
    The basic problem with this router is that the connection drops frequently. Its so annoying when i am attending a webex or interwise sessions with my colleagues. It reflects poorly on me at my work..

    I had to switch off and switch on frequently to get the internet connection. It happens atleast twice in a day for me.. It seems this problem prevails among other as well and rampantly.

    And the Linksys service sucks. It really sucks big time.. They ask you the same stupid questions which lead you or them to no where.. And guess what, even if you could convince them to replace your router with another brand new one, there is a high chance that it might malfunction just like your old one.. So, this is your chance before you buy a new one, to save the trouble and instead go with motorola.. ...more info
  • As stated here
    This appears to be the end-all answer to having wireless modem and router in the same box, but it's not. I have to reset the box multiple times a day, and have had to for well over a year now. There are updates for it, but unless your internet provider uses this as their main router, they will not support it. Linksys will not update the software for it either. The only functional use for this is if you turn off the wireless portion, get an additional wireless unit, and use this as a router only. I don't think this can handle speed like the newer ones. ...more info
  • Good concept, bad application
    The idea is really a great idea; combine a wireless router with a cable modem. I loved it when I first saw it, and having had previous good luck with many Linksys products I expected the same performance from this unit.

    Not so, unfortunately. I was very disappointed that this product did not live up to the performance I came to expect from Linksys, considering my good experience with other wireless routers from them. The big problem is the cable modem loses its connection with my ISP (Comcast) randomly, most often when I am very active with traffic (i.e. video conferencing or YouTube). That's not to say it doesn't disconnect at other times. We will just be surfing on our laptops and suddenly the cable modem drops the internet connection. The only way to fix it is to physically turn the power switch off and back on.

    I have had zero problems elsewhere with this unit. Wifi works great and home networking works great. But because of the frequent disconnecting problem (I had to reset the router TWELVE times in one hour while attempting a video chat), I don't care for this unit any more. I would rather go back to a separate cable modem and router setup than continue with this setup.

    Please look elsewhere, don't waste your money here. ...more info
  • Terrible
    Do NOT buy this. The connection needs to be re-set constantly. I can't even watch a 2-minute YouTube video without having the connection die. It is SO frustrating. It makes me so angry that a company would put out a piece of junk like this and then sell it for so much. I will never buy a Linksys product again after my experience with this product. Seriously, do not buy this....more info
  • Avoid at all costs
    Don't even think about buying this product. Drops internet every hour, at hte very least. Often has to be reset by powering down. Very poor signal strength. Expensive piece of worthlessness.

    I gave it only one star because 1)that's as low as it goes and 2)it flashes red and green LEDs whenever it powers down, making one want to get up and dance....more info
  • Horrible! Can't Handle Downloads w/o Dropping
    *Do not buy this product.*
    I bought this at the same time I moved to a remote area and thought the problem was Comcast being less reliable here than at my previous home (wrong!) ISSUE: Surfing the web is okay, but every time I try to download music off iTunes, try to watch streaming video, or have more than 2 internet apps running at the same time, the router goes offline and requires a reboot. This happens 5-10 times a day.

    After suffering for 14 months, I visited the Lynksis online forums and learned this is a KNOWN issue with the WCG200. Lynkis won't help unless you want to send it back in and go w/o internet access in the interim. As much as I hate buying replacement equipment, that's the only solution. If you haven't purchased this yet, DON'T....more info
  • Do not buy if you plan to use wireless
    This product is a piece of junk. I've had it for over a month and had nothing but problems with wireless connection. Wireless keeps dropping when viewing videos or downloading files. There is obviously an issue with the device. I talked to linksys support and they're saying to have my ISP upgrade DOCSIS (software)... that should fix the issue, they say. Talked to my ISP and they they don't do DOCSIS upgrades. The unit cannot be upgraded by end-user, so I am stuck with a defective unit.

    If you browse linksys forums, you'll notice tons of similar reports and disappointed users. Do not get this if you plan to use wireless -- I'll give you mine for free :-)...more info
  • waste of money
    Just looking at the other reviews makes me wish I had read them before purchasing this. Like the others, I was trying to eliminate some cables. Yes this unit allows you to do that. At first I only had occassional connectivity problems. Within 2 months, I can not use wireless unless I am in the same room as the box because it must be reset every 10 minutes or so due to loss of wireless connection. Even hardwiring to the unit losses connection frequestly. I was on for 26 minutes this morning and had to reset the box 4 times..... Absolutely unacceptable. Checking out reviews now before heading to the store to replace this piece of trash. I have used my neighbors wireless more this week than I have my own...........more info
  • locks up and crashes often
    I made the mistake of purchasing 2 of these units in the mistaken belief that the first unit's misbehavior would be fixed by the replacement. They both acted exactly alike by consistently locking up every few hours. This required a power off and on to get internet access back on.

    I have since then replaced this junky gateway with a Motorola Surfboard gateway unit that performed reliably.

    It is unconscionable that Linksys would continue to make and sell such a poorly designed unit that is so obviously flawed. It is obvious by a simple google search that there is plenty of information about this typical unreliable behavior that they are just hoping for more suckers to purchase this unit. Well, don't. It's not worth it.
    ...more info
  • Great idea Poor execution
    I have had this for over a year so I can do a review not based on ignorance of knowing how to use the product. It is a great concept in that you only need one gateway for both cable access and wireless internet access. It does connect quickly and easily. However in just doing web browsing it will require hard reboots several times a day from dropped signals. I now have my main computer connected through an ethernet cable to avoid having to reboot several times per day. The laptop I use is a chore since it will drop the signal so often. I have worked on linksys site and have all the settings optimized so it is using a channel and frequency that no other items use. Unfortunately it still drops the signal several times a day. Internet Explorer, Firefox apparently is too much on the router and it drops several times per hour. I have to use a no name browser where it is very limited so it doesn't overload the wireless router so I can sometimes get an hour in without it going down. I highly do not recommend this product. The convenience of all in one is not worth the more inconvenience of browsing then losing connection and having to go back to the router and turn off/on several times a day....more info
  • Lost Synch
    When using wireless and doing medium/large transfers, looses synch (Connectivity State: In Progress Not Synchronized) and brings down the whole modem, wired and wireless. Requires a complete power cycle reset to clear the problem. Very annoying. No firmware upodates available. Very disappointed....more info
    Nothing but problems. No resolution by the manufacturer. Wasted several hours dealing with customer service script readers....more info
  • Please do not buy WCG200 (0 Stars)
    Please do not buy WCG200 because it wireless disconnects every 5 mins. The router part of the modem+router is flawed. I did not research before buying WCG200 and had to return WCG200 after experiencing the well discussed wireless disconnect issue. I bought Motorola Surfboard which is rock solid although it has a fewer features than WCG200 and costs more....more info
  • Lysksis Wireless G Cable Gateway
    This product was listed as "New" on Amazon's website, but when I received it it had a sticker that it was refurbished. See my previously sent E Mail re this. So far the product has worked ok, but I am wondering how long this will last being that it is refurbished. You need to correct your website for this error.

    Ralph Jedda...more info
  • Dependable Modem/Router
    Linksys usually makes a quality product and this is the case here. After I installed and set up my router/modem I have not had any problems what so ever. Much nicer to have an all in one unit than a seperate modem and router which may or may not have trouble communicating to each other....more info
  • It just doesn't work
    Like so many other people, I bought this product assuming it would be of typical Linksys quality -- then found that it doesn't work at all. For some people, the problem seems to take a while to manifest; for me, it was junk right out of the box. The internet connection dropped every couple hours, unless I was ambitious enough to try to download something. Then it would drop on the spot. Every time I had to hard reset the thing just to get it to work.

    After reading a lot on the issue, I think there are problems between the firmware and certain cards. That's why a few people around here have it working fine. If you have version 1 of the Gateway, you can get your provider to roll back to an old firmware and fix it; if you have version 2, tough luck.

    I took the Gateway back to Best Buy, who was very nice about exchanging it. It takes one extra outlet, one extra cord, and a tiny amount of space, but I replaced it with a separate modem and router that work beautifully.

    In short, stay away....more info
  • Understarred Review
    The Linksys Cable Gateway is actually a 5 star product. I bought it to replace a failing unit. I give it one star ONLY because SkyBox - the Amazon merchant that I bought it from - advertised it as 'NEW' but it is a refurbished item. Can recommend the product but avoid the retailer....more info
  • Doesn't even work well as a doorstop, either
    Why am I giving this product 1 star? Well, I'm returning it. That is pretty much the definition of "1 star" right there.

    Like many others, I thought that since this product was by Linksys, it would be high quality. I was wrong. First of all, I spent a combined time of 3 hours on the phone with Comcast trying to get them to correctly recognize it. (I bought the Linksys Gateway on a Friday, and it wasn't until Tuesday that it started "working").

    Once it was properly setup with my ISP, the wireless performance was VERY unreliable. It would work for 10 minutes, then the connections would drop. Sometimes it just wouldn't work at all. The only good thing I can say about it is that the ethernet connections seem to work consistently (I had my XBox 360 connected to it via ethernet, and never noticed any dropped connections on XBox Live).

    In short, don't make the same mistake I made. Look at other options. This product is NOT as good as the other Linksys products I've used.

    UPDATED: If you want a great wireless gateway, get the Motorola SBG900. I got it after returning the Linksys, and it's been working beautifully....more info
  • Linksys Verus Motorola
    Replaced my Motorola Gateway SBG-900.Was having problems on certain sites with streaming audio and video packet loss rendering the programs unuseable. The Linksys WCG200 solved all issues....more info