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Resident Evil: Outbreak
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Product Description

Resident Evil Outbreak tells the dramatic & frightening story of the Resident Evil games in a new cinematic form. A secret biological weapon was unleashed in Raccoon City, turning citizens into flesh-eating zombies. The entire city is now a walking, shambling nightmare. But there are a few survivors, and they'll have to fight their to way to the city limits before the government quarantines them -- leaving them trapped there. If you die in the game, you'll be reborn as a zombie -- a new twist on the Resident Evil series

  • Race against the clock in this deadly survival-horror game as you search for traces of uninfected life
  • Collect weapons and equipment for use against the zombies, and fight your way through them to stay alive
  • Witness the chain of events that span from Resident Evil 1 to 3 -- your character choices will enable scenarios from each
  • Cooperative and 4-player multiplayer gameplay for terrifying gaming -- you'll never know what's waiting for you in the darkness
  • Advanced game mechanics and 3D graphics to emphasize the horror aspects and improve gameplay

Customer Reviews:

  • the worst resident evil game
    This game is the worst resident evil game yet.I bought this game thinking it would be like all the rest but instead found that it was a horrible spin off.It has bad controls and even worse game play,it makes no sense ,so save your time and money and don't bother with this game ,enough said....more info
  • Immature 17- (almost lame)
    The five mini scenarios resemble small side episodes taken out of RE 2 and RE 3 games, but don't have anything to do with the characters of either game. The plot in each scenario is a bit inadequate. All scenarios are short, except for the last one, which feels more like a full RE game.

    To enjoy the game, you have to be lucky and pick the right character to start out with. The game now has a time limit for each scenario, which manifests itself as a T-virus infection. Kevin will often be accompanied by Allyson who swears nearly constantly. The "S" word is spoken a lot. The "F" word is written nearly fully! If you play as Kevin, you'll end up hating the game before it even starts. Just about all characters have useless special items except one, Yoko. She has a bag which can carry four more item, which is almost critical. I suggest you play all scenarios as Yoko, at least the first time around!

    Aiming the gun is more difficult. The game doesn't pause as you go through your inventory. If you get bumped by a zombie, you loose your inventory screen and have to go back again. This can be really frustrating at first and takes a lot of getting used to. I think Capcom is trying to put the scare back into RE but with gameplay tricks instead of monsters surprising you. It may work out eventually, but most RE veterans will have their opinions when playing this RE.

    Some puzzles are tough with a few clues misleading. There are two or three such lousy puzzles that will make you swear evil. You should obtain a good walkthrough, just in case.

    About the introductory movie. I've seen this style before in Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty. I can't say I like the credits mixed up with the dramatic introductions. I think credits should be at the end. I don't think so much effort should be sidetracked into making an introductory movie that has nothing to do with the game experience. It is not integrated into the gameplay, and therefore a waste of valuable effort.

    Saving in this game is a bit of a pain. You can save and quit a game to continue later. If you die, you'll have to restart the scenario. No, you can't reset the console. This will become a real problem in the last episode, especially due to misleading clues.

    Last and definitely not least is the long loading time between rooms. If the other problems wont get to you, then the loading time will! Some stages are very short between loading. Add frequent backtracking to it and it becomes almost unbearable, especially since you can carry only four items.

    Most people have probably played an RE game by now, so if you are an RE fan and you give this game a good chance, with good luck, you will enjoy it almost as much as a full Resident Evil game. I don't think this game was meant for non-RE fans to enjoy at all. It will be too confusing for anyone who hasn't played RE 2 and 3 to appreciate what's going on. It doesn't mean that I didn't like RE: Outbreak, but I do have mixed thoughts about it....more info

  • It was pretty good with some bugs
    I am not a diehard RE fan, but i think this is a pretty good game. The graphics and background are excellent and nobody can
    deny that. The A.I. is pretty basic, but they can do some good and they can do some bad. The levels are fun you start out in "j's" bar, an underground laboratory, Racoon City Hospital, a burning hotel, and Racoon City University. The levels are not that short as most reviews say. The longest level is Decisions, Decisions. The guns are pretty good but it would have made it a lot more fun if you can shoot off and arm or head. They also added some realism to hte game like when u play online there is no voice command which i think is a lot more scarier. Think about it if you are seperated from the others one is on the other side of the level how would you be able to start talking to each other, that makes no sense. Another good thing about the realism is when u want to reload or get an item the zombies can still go after you and people were complaining about that but that makes the game more challenging. One of the worst thing about this game was the loading time (impacient people). WEll if you are that impacient buy the HDD it will make the loading times more faster. I also like the fact that they are civilians fighting for their lives instead of pro zombie killers. There are 8 characters with average jobs like a police officer, plumber, waitress, etc. The controlls are not that bad but when u play it you will get used to them. The thing that makes this game more challenging is that you have to slove puzzles, find passwords, and find keycards. All in all i recommend this game to patient and rich people and i think it is a great game....more info
  • Great item!
    Game was delivered promptly and was in great condition at a resonable price. Thank you....more info
  • Outbreak puts the S back in Survival
    As it stands Outbreak is the pinnacle of the Survival Horror genre, but does not come so neatly packed... however it certainly is a very original and a new type of gaming experience. Minus the cons this is still a five star game and a must for SH fans, but those who do not always like this sort of game may find Outbreak a little, how do we say, complex and tedious. The problem with this game is whether you will like its style or not. If you are a SH fan then obviously just get it. If you are not such a SH fan then rental is probably advisory, but be prepared to spend a day or two adjusting to it.

    Outbreak sports what could possibly be conceived as endless playability but some things must be sacrificed and changed from the older titles. There is no complete story... (except possibly continue scenarios in Outbreak 2 which looks likely)... just 5 rather large scenarios. Each scenario has roughly two to three save points in vast levels. The gaming experience can last up to thirty minutes between save points. Each game is run in real-time. This means that the pause screen is no longer the items menu screen, but a different button. When you access the item menu screen the game does not pause (this has to do with the online multiplayer mode) and thus things can still attack you. This is actually very good and just makes the game more dramatic and frantic... which it is most of the time. There are 20+ characters to choose from when you fully complete the game. Each character has a special ability for the gaming experience which can range anywhere from picking locks to having a very big weapon at the start. In single player mode the character AI is like nothing you have played with before. The right analogue stick is used for commands... like when you have been attacked by a zombie and are down to your last bit of health you can scream for help and if someone is nearby, and in good mood, they will help you. Sometimes they will not. Other times they will tell you that they do not want to help you ever. If you survive and save them, then you could find them doing very helpful things for you. You can also swap items between players, however this is mainly because you have a very limited inventory (usually only 4 - 5 items) and need cooperation from another team member to help you out. You can also pick up the wounded and drag them around while trying to escape. In real-time this makes Outbreak an absolutely thrilling experience. There is no question, once Outbreak starts to rock it REALLY ROCKS LIKE NOTHING YOU HAVE SEEN BEFORE! Imagine standing on a ledge, a zombie smashing through the window trying to catch a wounded guy while you fill some dead nurses head full of hot lead, who happened to be your best buddy only two moments ago before you let her get bit by a rabid dog, while at the same time the doctor who you need to survive is screaming in the corner for help because he has just been attacked by some beast that has just been vaporized in the temperature control room. You don't think twice about it. Floor stomp the nurse when she is down, pick up the doctor and drag him onto the next level to try and find some meds so that he can help you to get better... while at the same time the clock is ticking because everyone is infected and you can not let the virus meter reach 100%! It has all the puzzles, all the monsters, all the mazes of the original game for the diehards.

    Load times are Major Pain #1. Some levels take 20 seconds to start up. Movement between rooms is the worst with a delay just under 7 seconds. If you want to play a fluid moving Outbreak experience then you need to buy a PS2 Hard Drive which reduces the load times considerably... but investing in extra PS2 gear may not be the way to go because of Major Pain #2...

    .... is that Capcom have really messed up the game's multiplayer system. If you are getting this game for that then be prepared for the ups and downs. This was the game to really pioneer the broadband capability of the PS2. Instead it just doesn't work, is buggy or when it does work you are playing with people who are useless. To have a good on-line game is like winning the lotto. In Europe Capcom delayed the game for half a year because they could not get ISPs to work with them. So everyone in Europe waited for nothing. Capcom says that they may get a European Multiplayer going soon but I would not chance waiting another half a year for it. Multiplayer is flawed at best.

    Aside from the problems that game design is amazing. The character movement can be stiff at times and avoiding some zombies nearly impossible, but the damage dynamics of the objects and weapons on yourselves seems almost endless especially when more than two characters start crawling about on the floor while a third limping one is trying to help you up. It is all very realistic with a very organic feel to the whole environments. Although this is not half as scary as Silent Hill 3, the levels look better and the cut scenes are up there in the million dollar cost region no problem.

    The bottom line is that this is one of the best PS2 games ever... depending on how you like this Genre. However it is probably a disaster on the Multiplayer front so only get it for the Single Player mode only. Get the HD for faster load speeds....more info
  • A good edition to the resident evil series
    but not good enough to stand out from the others. First ill start off with some of the goods. There are weapons everywhere so if you run out of ammo for your gun, the steel pipe makes a good substitute. If you run out of item space then your partner can carry some of your items and they wont throw away the key items. The same good old resident evil monsters like hunters, cerberuses and even a new tyrant look even better than ever. Graphics are amazing and sound is too. Now for the cons. The puzzles are still frustrating and a lot of backtracking is needed to progress from one scenario to another. The inventory spaces now are cut down to 4 instead of the usual 6 or 8. This can be really frustrating because you have to think very strongly about what to carry. ive only named a few of the pros and cons but if your not a fan of the resident evil franchise and are looking for one to try out i would recommend resident evil 4 or 3 instead of this. This isnt to say that it isnt good, Im actually planning to buy the second outbreak but 3 or 4 would probably be more enjoyable to soeone who hasnt played resident evil before....more info
  • Resident Evil OutBreak is really Out for a break.
    This Game Sucked Big Time. Now before you guys start ripping me for saying this on the fly, I'll tell you what's wrong with it. First of all, the game is really slow-paced in comparison to other resident evil games such as Resident evil 1 and 3. Also, if you don't have anybody to play this with, this could be a long boring game. Frankly, not a lot of people have the guts to play Resident Evil Games, so this tag team thing is really a serious issue with this game. But, the most amazing thing about this game is the level of difficulty that it has. Even in easy mode you will have problem fighting your way out of the mess. When a Zombie touches you, you will see an infection percentage that goes up with the speed of light and no green or blue herb will fix it. Also the controls suck big time for this game, and it will ground you down after a while. All in all, I recommend renting this game first before buying it since you might actually like it. I did not, so I am getting rid of my copy. Should have rented it first!!...more info
  • This game blows away every other!!!!
    This game was Amaizing, online or offline you have fun either way! you take control of one of eight main characters, then you team up with three (offline) or up to 4 (online) it is really awesome! I am a big fan of Resident Evil and Outbreak is no different i will enjoy playing this game online or offline for years to come, and if you liked this which you will you will love the next installment Outbreak File # 2!!!

    As i stated above, you can't get any better with resident evil than this...the whole sense of Survival horror mixed with an aresenal of weapons and tag teaming fun...Resident evil will keep fans happy with old and new favorites and lure new coming fans for years to come...

    I LOVED THIS GAME, and Resident Evil ROCKS!!!...more info
  • The Best so far
    This game is the best of the whole series. It is tied, at least I think, as the best game ever with Twisted Metal: Black and Conker's Bad Fur Day. The graphics are amazing! It's not the bloodiest of the series, but hey, it's still great. The zombies just keep on coming and it's great. I don't have a broadband connection nor could I afford one if my town approved of it first, but I still like offline mode. When I first heard it would only be online, I was so angry at Capcom, but thankfully they changed it so it wouldn't alienate some of their biggest customers. One thing I wish we could do was hook up 2-4 PS2's to 2-4 TV's and play without a network connection, but we can't, that I know of. It would be the bomb, but the newest model of the PS2 don't have that connectability. Oh well, it's still a great experience. I have trouble figuring out a lot of the puzzles and usually jump a lot. It takes a lot to get me scared and this does it. I like being able to equip my teammates with stuff, but killing them would be fun too. (Hint, hint) I usually give them the big guns and keep the pistol and melee weapons for myself, except against a boss. I give the others a pipe or crutch and stand there with a shotgun. It has awesome replayability because you need to do things, even die, to get some of the unlockables. I haven't gotten much, and I bought it when it came out. There are a lot of instant deaths, like the first time I played in the first scenario, my friend laughed at me 'cause the zombie hanging in the window by the stairs pulled me right out. I got swallowed whole by some frog looking thing. I heard that you have to blow up to get closer to 100%. The game is great, and I haven't even beaten on Easy mode with my first character. Either I suck, or I have too much fun. I think I just suck. You can never have too much fun with a game like this. Buy it and enjoy. Peace....more info
  • It's good, but not as good as the other RE games.
    This game is really fun once you get the hang of it and get used to all the bugs and glitches in the game. In certain parts its really sweet and really scary, but in others its difficult and annoying to figure it out.


    - great weapons to kill zombies with (nail guns, shotguns, toilet brushes etc.)

    - you get a bunch of computer partners (so they can get killed while you safely take cover)

    - Every character has a useful talent to help make the game easier to beat


    - REALLY bad voice overs (your character will say a phrase but a completely different phrase will appear on the screen)

    - Your infected percent goes up even when you haven't been bit by a zombie

    - You can't pause the game. So say you had to like go and take a piss while you were playing, you'd most likely be dead by the time you came back from the bathroom

    Overall though, it's a pretty sweet game. I definetly recommend buying it, but ONLY if it's not over $20.00...more info
  • Residential Evil Outbreak
    The game play takes too much time on loading every time screen change to go to next room. It lack of feel of horror which previous Residential Evil 2 & 3 had. It is OK because it has improved grphic and movement of character. Game is too short. ...more info
  • Easily One Of The Best Resident Evils; Great Horror Game
    With a wide cast of playable characters, and taking place concurrent with events through several of the 'main' chapters of the Resident Evil series, 'Resident Evil: Outbreak' takes a diverse bunch of citizens of Raccoon City and has them thrown together by fate to face the horrors of the city's zombie outbreak. In all of the game's scenarios, there are four characters per team, the player handles one character and the computer takes care of the rest (in the 'online' version multiple players can join up). I love a game where there's a team scenario, whether it's multi-player or the computer controls your allies, and it works really great in horror games. Here, considering the computer controls 3 team-mates simultaneously but working together is essential, everything comes together surprisingly smoothly. You can call for your teammates, ask for help, share items, etc., and they do the same where you're concerned. The computer-controlled characters act as if they have ideas on their own, and individual personalities come out well (ex. some characters are more 'team players' where others are more self-oriented; some more bold and agrressive; some lack confidence and hesitate at bad times; etc) You can have your character talk to others by pressing buttons, but each time they, for example, call out for help it's not necesarily phrased the same way, alternating between several possible lines. Occasionally, the dialogue from the computer-controlled characters is not especially relevant to the situation, but that turned out to be a plus in an unexpected way - sometimes the timing of different lines comes out very funny. Each character also has special skills - some have better fighting moves, some excel at constructing makeshift weapons, some are skilled at healing themselves and their partners and one can even avoid zombies by playing dead!

    As the game progresses, new challenges instead of just battling the hordes of the undead will crop up, including a good number of weird monsters. Puzzle-solving remains a part of the overall Resident Evil makeup. Going through different stages, there's also the element of discovering new and disturbing secrets, which is an important part of pretty well any horror game.

    For the view you get a good camera angle that sees the characters and action from slightly overhead, letting everything be seen in good detail from the texture of the envirornments to the characters to the well imagined monsters. With up to four characters, plus enemies and non-character 'civilians' on the screen at some times the individual characters are usually smaller in scale (to the screen) than in most of the Resident Evil games but it's never confusing or lacking in detail; they did a really good job making sure you got a nice clear picture and can appreciate different aspects of the game. The controls work well and each character has quite a bit of stuff they can do, not just run/shoot/heal-with-herb.

    I enjoyed a lot of the aesthetic aspects of the game. The opening credits feature some of the best, most haunting music ever in a video game and they way they combine the swelling uplift of the music at one point with a representation of the T-virus transforming everything gives it a chilling, apocalyptic feel. Darkly beautiful. The graphics on a creature like the leech-monster are really impressive, everything constantly moving and writhing, really well done and distinctive.

    The characters: instead of it being pretty much all elite STAR-type commandoes, the focus is split. You do have one in that traditional mode, the police officer Kevin, plus a similar character in Mark, an older security guard who draws on Vietnam combat experience. Mark is probably the physical powerhouse of the group and one of the best characters. Other characters include a waitress (Cindy) from the bar where the zombies first attack, a doctor (George) and a deliveryman (Jimmy), and their personalities are pretty diverse. Yoko, a university student who from the start seems like she might have some hidden backstory to her, is one of the best characters to play, partly for that reason. Cindy, without there being much really overt, is just one of the sexiest characters in a video game, both in the way she's animated and the voice, as well as the fact that she just comes across really nice. Like Mark, she's one of the most helpful characters to have around, and one of the best to play. Yoko seems shy but nice, but there's that undercurrent there that 'is there something else going on that may not be as trustworthy, or not?' and that helps make her even more interesting. On the other hand, David, while possessing one of the best skills in the game (makeshift weapon constuction) comes off as something of a jerk a lot of the time, which kind of adds something on. Not all of the Raccoon City residents who end up banded together are necessarily going to be instantly likable.

    This is one of the best of the Resident Evil series, and possibly the scariest; and there aren't a lot of games in the horror genre with this 'co-operative team' setup (quite a few you'll get a pair working together, but not a fairly largely group). Incidentally, you can unlock other characters to play as the game goes along and you achieve certain things, and though they closely follow the patterns of the main characters, it's still a great bonus. A must-have for fans of horror games....more info
  • How Disappointing...
    This is the first Resident Evil game I tried. I like playing Survival Horror games, for example, Silent Hill and Clock Tower 3. However, this game is the worst I have ever played. I was disappointed because of the following reasons:

    1. Long and frequent loading time. A large part of the game time is spent on loading. It makes a very annoying experience in playing the game.

    2. The inventory system. You are allowed to carry limited amount of items at the same time. Therefore, you have to constantly backtrack and find the itme that you really need.
    I have sent two hours and still cannot figure out what I need in the first Scenario in the game.

    3. Confusing control. Besides normal game control, you also need to communicate with your computer partners in the game. It makes the control confusing to me.

    4. Confusing gameplay. Your computer parnters basically run around with no reason.

    5. Time pressure. You pick up game manuals in the game, but you will not have time to read it because the game itself does not pause when you reading it. That is, the zombie can attack you while you are reading a 13-page manual. As a result, I am still confused about the game control.

    ...more info
  • this is an atrocity
    this game is fun for about five minutes, then you start hearing all of the annoying characters repeat their ignorant and random one line, headache-inducing blurts of stupidity. i bought this game the day it came out, only to be almost totally sick of it by the end of the evening. loading times take an eternity, no decapitations, very little room to carry items, and a story line that has no cohesion make this game a sorry heir to the resident evil franchise, which by the way, is a joke these days anyhow. i wouldn't even recommend this a rental to my worst enemy....more info
  • How Disappointing!
    You know, I had anticipated more, at least the kind of "more" survival horror fans yearn for. What a disappointment to play the most recent version of a series I've really loved playing: I found myself turning the thing off, pulling the disk, and returning it to the rental place the following day!

    Make no mistake. I LOVE Resident Evil 2, RE Code Veronica X, all the Silent Hills, Parasite Eves, Fatal Frames, and The Suffering but I REALLY DISLIKE THIS GAME.

    Gameplay is very stilted, claustrophobic, and predictable. I guess maybe an RE fan with a jones to play in the dark with others with their PS II's in the dark could dig this game. The single player experience is certainly one of the lamest I've had in years (since perhaps my experience with Galerians: Ash!).

    I guess the key to this game is enjoying the nostalgia of playing an RE game on the PS II ... and if the nostalgia can't raise you above the cruel realitites of this lame game, you're out of luck.

    Phew, anyway, don't buy this sucker -- rent it if you're curious... and save your dollars for SH 4.

    Man, what a disappointment......more info

  • Absolute Dreck, Terribly Disappointing
    Survival Horror?

    More like Survival Frustration.

    Capcom's latest offering in their once-mighty 'Biohazard' series sees us, the players, forced to take command of one of a host of forgetable, dull characters in the same-esque city and sewer scenarios, and once again avoid the moans and groans of unconvincingly animated and blatantly unscary 'zombies' (though, to be fair, most of them sound like the elderly infirm...) while the T-Virus outbreak ravages Racoon City.

    Sound familiar?

    Well, it is. Bar a VERY frustrating online mode (with no voice recognition control, hateful NPC interaction and a connection mode less stable than Ms. Sally Field in "Sybil"), "Outbreak" is basically a clone of a clone of a game concept from 1995.

    Which, 9 years later, hasn't aged at all well.

    GRAPHICS: In a word, Dull. Surprising, considering Capcom's prowess in the Onimusha and Devil May Cry series of games, as well as the recent graphical delights of survival horror brethern "Silent Hill 4" and "Project Zero 2", it's a worry and a shame that "Outbreak" is restricted to a (seeming) colour palette of 256 Browns, with the odd streak of red thrown in. Animation is average, renders are VERY humdrum, and the menu screens mystifying and very difficult to read. Which, since you need to be able to operate them quickly (decisions are made in realtime, folks!), is hugely prohibitive to decent gameplay flow.

    PLAYABILITY: Not really. NPCs have been a feature of Survival Horror since 1999's "Silent Hill 2", but never before, and hopefully never again, will they be so unresponsive and weak. Frustrating, silly deaths occur left, right and centre, and see how many new swear words you can invent while watching an NPC die as your gun reloads. PAINFULLY slowly, might I add.

    FEAR FACTOR: None whatsoever. That hot tension at the base of your skull ain't fear. It's rage. At Capcom. The pounding of your heart isn't from terror. It's annoyance at the same-old same-old creature design and unfair difficulty levels. In two words: Not Scary. "Survival Infuriation" could be a better genre in which to group this sorry little game.

    If Capcom is to sell Resident Evil titles on the Playstation 2, they need to concentrate on Originality and Playability, two crucial key points which "Outbreak", unfortunately, lacks in spades.

    Steer clear! And get something else, anything else, instead. A very, very disappointing showing for a franchise that was once so revered....more info
  • My Thoughts on Outbreak
    Hi, this is albertweskeroutbreak from the Resident Evil Control Squad and this is my review for the game. I purchased this game as soon as it hit the shelves, and i'm still playing every single day. Being the Resident Evil fan that I am, I have to say that this is a GREAT game for online play. Offline is also very fun because there are so many secrets to unlock and it takes a long time to unlock everything which is a good thing. It took me 4 weeks to unlock everything on offline mode, and that 4 weeks I played EVERY day. Online play is even better, you get to work with other people, or you can betray them. Capcom added Friendly Fire recently and it has gotten even better. This game is really great and if your a Resident Evil fan I highly reccomend you buy this, if youve never played this game, GET IT NOW. Its great it has 5 action packed scenarios that are long and it has LOTS of replay value, whether you can play online or not this game will keep you at the edge of your seat. BUY IT!...more info
  • Incredible Experience, better than File 2. (OFFLINE REVIEW)

    The day I purchased Resident Evil Outbreak, I thought I knew what I was in for. I had previously bought and played Outbreak File 2, and not only did i suck at it, I thought the scenarios were too long. After hearing many people say that the first game surpassed the sequel in every way, I decided to give it a chance.

    I was in for a wild ride when I put that disc into my PS2.

    The graphics in REO are great. They are really detailed, and stuff such as fire and water look really realistic. Zombies are as detailed as...well, as detailed as zombies should be. I noticed a few clipping issues, and some minor graphical blemishes, but not much else. For the most part, these graphics are beautiful, in a Resident Evil sort of way.

    Sound in this game is a mixed bag, indeed. The little music that there is tends to enhance the overall atmosphere of the game. The sound effects
    such as zombie moans and gun shots, are realistic and great. My gripe with the sound, however, stems from the character's speech during play. When you hit the ad-lib button (or one of your AIPCs decides to use it) they will say something. However, this "something" and what shows up on the screen as a subtitle rarely match at all. Some voices, such as Jim's, are very annoying. Also, the things the characters say sometimes sound out of place, and just plain inappropriate. It seems as though CAPCOM added more swears into this game in order to make it "worse". This is the first game I have ever seen the F-word used in.

    This game is set up in a very strange way, but somehow, it works out very well in the end. When you begin the game, you will have to pick a scenario (there is only one available at the start), a character, and a difficulty level. As you play and beat each scenario, you will unlock th subsequent scenarios, until all five are unlocked. Besides all featuring the same characters, each scenario has almost nothing in common with the next, so don't expect mush of an epic story. When you finish a level, you are ranked according to criteria, such as your time, events completed, people surviving in the end, and so on. Depending on your rank, you will be given a certain amount of points, which are used to unlock rewards, such as BGMs, new costumes, movies, and other secrets. This game is also online compatible, but since I cannot play online (damn dial-up) I can't really say how that works out.

    Not much to say here. Mostly normal RE controls, with the added ability to use regular control (using the left analog stick). Works out great in my opinion.

    Replay Value:
    With over 200 items to unlock, 5 scenarios to complete with 8 characters on 6 difficulties, you have over 240 ways to play this game. With online play, this game could go on forever, but even offline, there's at least 200+ hours of quality gaming on this little disc.

    Graphics: 9/10
    Sound: 7/10
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Control: 10/10
    Replay Value: 11/10

    **OVERALL: 10/10**

    Rent or Buy? Definitely buy....more info
  • Amazing Graphics! terrible game!
    The graphics of out break were with out doubt quite possibly the best ps2 has ever seen. But you cant change camera angles you cant move quickly all in all the game sucks! it's like watching a bad movie. i loved the resident evil games! but this one seems like they spent way too much time beefing it up and for got that keeping it simple is always best!

    Sorry 2 stars....more info
  • Major RE fan hates this installment
    For gamers, there are few worse fates than this: You read the reviews and do your research, go out and pay full price for a hot PS2 game, take it home and get jazzed watching the intro. Ready..set..SUCK. You begin to play, and slowly accept the truth -- the game blows.

    I loved Code Veronica, and I am a big fan of the Silent Hill series. This game is NOTHING like that. Because of the online element, you are but one of a group of people. Imagine cooperative play with you and four brain dead morons. Movement is awkward, camera angles are worse than usual, and the dead weight bots following you around kill any fun factor.

    I did not play this game in online mode, so my assessment speaks only to 1 person play.

    But, I haven't got to the worst part.

    S....l...o...w load times. I read this in other reviews,yet I bought the game anyway. I thought -- hey, load times take a little while; I am patient so it will be OK. WRONG! Take however slow you are guessing the load times might be, and multiply that time by a factor of 10. Still want this game?

    I turned around and sold mine on Ebay two weeks after purchase, at quite a loss. I don't typically write reviews; I make this exception to save others from the nauseating boredom that is Resident Evil Outbreak....more info

  • Killing Spree
    This resident evil is pretty good, but at first you just have to get used to the controls. Otherwise its buy!...more info
  • planet of the zombies
    I've been slowly getting a fan of the resident evil series. So I found this game a great to play but the only thing I would have liked in it is have a link in the boards. Other than that I love the a game and give a great score. The graphics in the game are very good. But now that I think about it the loading times could have been better. True with a hard drive it speeds this process up but not all of us want hard drive for PS2. Each character has strength and weakness and you get to pick your own character....more info
  • how resident evil out break disapponited me
    very bad game i am very disapointed very! i rented this game. in the beginging it was ok then it got bad. there are these gay people following you every where they make these stupied coments about how scared they are and they die like every minute. and they keep making the same stupied comments. VERY BAD GAME!!!!! don't try it! it is stupied! try resident evil 2 alot better game! the reason why i rated this game 1 star because it is bad and please don't buy it because it is a bad bad bad bad bad game!!!! this the truth about this game so don't try it at all ok...more info
  • Not for a Resident Evil Series fan
    This game is weird and is nothing like Resident Evil 0,1,2,3. I hated two of the games Capcom made in the series, one of them was Resident Evil Survivor, the other is Dead Aim. This game is better than them but its just weird and time consuming and not scary, just frustrating. I am glad i rented it and didnt buy it. If you like Dead Aim it might be good for you and online gaming is fun but i am looking forward to Resident Evil 4 on gamecube. This game gave me headaches, but it has a different taste, its unique gameplay with great graphics but not for me. Online players might like it....more info
  • Resident evil outbreak 1 and 2
    this is a great game to kill of time. if you are into killing zombies and solving puzzle, then is is the game for you. but if you are into a great story and a good mystery, this isn't the game for you. outbreak 1 and 2 and no stary what so every. they only have only 4 sentece decribeing each charcter. they have 3 to 4 cut screne of each person giving a few words of what they are feeling, nothing much. and they never interact with any others charters in the scene. it has letter decrible small event in the past of the background, but you won't say wow. big deal. re1 had a letter ( i got a cut in the lab tonight, if inch, hungry, very inch, very hungry, so hungr........asume he turn in to a zombie. and letter of normal event taking place and then there final words. if you are looking for an action game that will kill time. its a good buy. but if you are looking for a game with a story that will give you the chills on your back, don't get this game. i recommend re1 re2 re3 re:code verironic x...more info
  • A different yet frustrating game
    So we have the PS resident evil games and some PS2 RE gamez but i was quite amazed by this one... and then i was pissed the night i played it.... how ironic....

    RE Outbreak is a different game from the usual ones that people have played. This game you play as eight survivors that survived the RE viral outbreak in the city. You can choose whcih you one want to play and which ones are you partners but the partners can be quite annoying. You go through levels and they have different storylines in each level as you progress throughout the game. I have some more pros and cons of this game, this one has quite a bit...

    Pros: 1. The game style is different, it is neat how you have partners and more help in destroying the Umbrella creatures.
    2. You can pick up, trade, and drop things that you dont need which was already done in RE Zero but way better here.
    3. Instead of looking for keys and stuff, you can bust doors until they open and this saves you time from looking for the key in the current level.
    4. The characters each have their own special attacks and items that they hold which is neat as well. This gives you more chances to win.
    5. Cool environments and levels to go thorugh, has some levels and places from RE2 and RE3.
    6. You can unlock things by beating a level a certain way which will be available in the store for level points...
    Cons: 1. The game only has five scenarios which makes it a short game too.
    2. The AI of the partners is quite dumb, sometimes the partners wont follow you and they wont follow your commands, yet they end up dead so it sucks for them and it sucks for you because you will need all your partners for the end of each level, TRUST ME...
    3. Keep all your partners alive, give them a share of items and weapons and let them go off by themselves and look for things
    4. also each level end has some sort of boss, the more partners you have alive, the more damage is done to the monster and the faster you can kill it.
    5. even though the partner thing is true, they soemtimes wont help when your dying or when fighting something because they can be dumb... like i said before, the partner AI is quite retarded.
    6. When going through a door, it takes a bit to load to the next room.
    7. When busting down a door, it takes a while actually get it open.
    8. Sometimes you partners will be dumbasses and run off and get themselves killed, well oops too late... just try and stay alive and you will be fine. also take care of your remainign partner or partners...
    9. The controls can soemtimes be clunky.

    This game is quite fun yet i think that RE Outbreak 2 is a better game than this one. RE Outbreak 2 has somewhat longer levels and better ones too. But, i would recommend that you buy this one too after youve enjoyed RE Outbreak 2 or before whatever sounds good for you...:)...more info