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DRIV3R - The fun and thrills of the original Driver, combined with all-new gameplay mechanics, bring you the next great racing-action game! Play as Tanner, the undercover cop from the first two hit Driver games. This time he's out to bust an immense car-theft ring -- but his secret is about to be uncovered. If Tanner doesn't work fast, the mission is over - and so is Tanner's life. Realistic driving physics and crash models - if you can think of a way to wreck the car, you can do it

  • A mysterious man has ordered the theft of 40 top-of-the-line sports cars. You'll travel around the world, tracking this ring down - from Turkey to France to Miami
  • Drive through immense, detailed cities and explore every street and alley
  • Exciting mini-games like avoiding a dozen cop cars, or pursuing suspicious vehicles
  • Get on foot and carjack any vehicle in the game -- more than 70 to choose from
  • Collect all kinds of crazy weapons - from standard pistols & submachine guns to grenade launchers

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent
    I bought this and Stuntmans for my best friends son and when he comes over (almost everyday) he has to bring his games that I bought him. My son's are always fighting over the remote if he gets up to stretch or anything else. Now I have to buy them 1 or they are going to get it themselves. Which ever comes up w/ the money first .. Lol .. I highly Recommend this game....more info
  • Violence With Cars And Guns Like Grand Theft Auto Games
    If you want a violent game that exposes your children to killographic material then get this but who wants that so dont get it because it'll make your kid violent and more aggresive! Get a quality E rated game if you want something for your children. I am a proud mamber of Mothers Against Videogame Violence!...more info
  • Buyer Beware!!!
    I ordered this game from we_make_u_happy and never received it. I also emailed the company to try and resolve this matter only to hear nothing from them. Amazon needs to stop doing business with them immediately!...more info
  • Driver is a DRIVING game !
    I DO and DO NOT agree with the reviewers here. Driver is not a bad game and it has some flaws too. It's true , it came out with a BIG opponent (GTA, Vice city). BUT let's not forget Driver is a Driving Game. You get a lot of fun out of it, since it's not based on competition but on a storyline. The minigames are difficult but fun.

    PROS: Graphics are great.
    Gameplay is fun.
    You can spend a lot of time on the free mode "Just Driving"
    You can use all your experience gained on Gran Turismo to beat some of the mini games.
    Very powerful replay editor (nice tools: slow motion, free camera to look where you want, add more cameras to the scene and many more like that).
    The music
    The atmosphere

    CONS: Well, you can read all the "One star reviews" and you can get some of the flaws. I can only say they're like on a "Fanatic point of view" because they are not that bad to make driver a game with less than 3 stars , which is anyway a good game.

    I can only tell you one BIG mistake: Any car, including an 18 wheeler , will crash with tiny objects like a street lamp or a bush on the road... It makes no sense !!!


    If you are just a gamer who want's a good time and you don't make a BAD REVIEW the event where you can really tell to others how a BAD GUY you are... well, you may enjoy DRIV3R....more info

  • Ok just rent it
    Dont waste your money on this game after beating the levels this game is horrible. The Free run mode is not even fun the cops arn't even a challenge if you want a better game like this get Grand Theft Auto Vice city....more info
  • (...)Driver 3 is an excellent game
    Dont believe all the negative reviews regarding Driver 3 untill you actually play the game for yourself. I am an original Driver fan and have been playing the game since the first two on ps1 and I also have a copy of the super rare 1970s film "The Driver" starring Ron O'Neal that inspired this very series. Driver 3 has incredible graphics, Miami has never looked better. The cars, though fakes of classics, look great. There is some need for improvement in the handling department but it doesnt take away from the game's fun. I have read that many people have said this game is "too hard", well Driver has always been a challenging game, it is for skilled players of driving games. The shooting game, which runs on a poor man's Max Payne engine, adds a very exciting element to the game. Though it can be difficult to get used to, it can be mastered to some effect, the one thing Reflections should have improved on was aiming. Overall, Driver 3 is a great game filled with great missions. If you want something that is fun and challenging, pick this one up....more info
  • best driver game by FAR
    Ive played all the driver games and this one has the rest BEAT!!!
    the driving part is very cool and has a good feel.
    great selection of cars too.

    my only complaint is that the on-foot action is not as good as other gta type games go.
    there is no targeting aim and the character tanner looks and moves like Gumby.

    but over all this is a MUST HAVE for all shooting-driving gamers.
    ...more info
  • Dont bother
    Its just trying to be GTA, with none of the pizzaz of the other game. I thought the best thing was to drive around miami and see how close they got it, which unfortunetly wasnt that accurate. Being from South Florida I can see where the mistakes are... dont bother wasting your money. Just go buy San Andreas....more info
  • AN AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!
    Driver 3 Is the best car game I have ever played. It also has great graphics.I would definitely suggest buying this game....more info
  • Driv3r is GREAT
    I have no idea, what the hell people are complaining for about this game, the environment is fantastic, with smooth driving controls. On foot controls are tricky to master and could take a while to perfect. Shooting is absolutely rubbish since its a controller. Overall the game is good, but I would HIGHLY recommend to wait until Driv3r is released on the pc, because on foot controls can be changed to what suits you and shooting and driving too will be simpler since the mouse and keyboard is being used...more info
  • Pretty Good Game!
    driv3r is a pretty cool game. when i bought it, i spent all day just exploring. There is only about 3 or 4 bad things about it. one of them is some times the game freezes. also there is a few glitches in it, plus some of the missions are pretty tricky. There are lots of good things about it too, like the weapons are good, and the storyline is cool. All in all I give driv3r 4 stars....more info
  • Not Worth The Money
    When I first tried this game, I really liked it. I bought it, and for about a week, i still liked it. But then, as the missions got more pointless and boring, I lost some interest. So, for a week or so, I jsut drove around and this got extremely boring, seeing as there is nothing exciting to do. Now, DRIV3R is at the bottom of my pile of games and I haven;t playied it in a month or so.

    This game has many things wrong with it, that maybe they will fix in a DRIV4R. First of all, it only has three levels and they are not very exciting. Secondly, the graphics are mediocre at best, except on the cars. Thrirdly, the cars that are available to you are not very good or fast. Actually, you don't know how fast you're going, theres no speedometer. Lastly, you really need to put infinite ammo, immunity, and invincibility cheats on to enjoy this game, otherwise, it is very easy to die or get arrested.

    All in all, I do not recommend this game to anyone. If you really want to try it, go and rent it, but you probably won't like it....more info
  • A guaranteed full 3 months of fun!
    Talk about bang for your buck. I'm stilling playing this thing months later.
    The awesome crash physics make this better than other gta wannabees. The story is very interesting although there are not that many missions. But still enough for you to enjoy again and again.

    I wish this game had more vehicles - there are about 10 in each of the 3 cities. And they are not real licensed vehicles. Also, the police are not that intelligent as they are in GTA.. always the same crashing psychos. And you never get arrested and sent to jail. The game simply ends at that point.

    You get to pilot boats too but, unfortunately, no airplanes or helicopters. ...more info
  • A nice addition to the Driver series
    [8/10] Driv3r is a fun game. Its better than the reviewing websites like IGN, or GameSpot give it credit for. I will admit that the on-foot controlls could be better, but they work. The driving portion is great however, and besides, the game is part of the DRIVER series, isn't it? On top of that the story is pretty good, and you have three large cities (Miami, Nice, and Instanbul) to explore. If your into Grand Theft Auto, or liked the first two Driver's, I think you should give it a try. I'm sure you'll enjoy it....more info
  • not easy
    I have played both driver 1 and driver 2, driver 3 was alot better graphic wise, the game is difficult, there is more you can do in this game. This game is not meant for regular gamers, more for advance players very challenging if your into that stuff. Got some nice vehicals too, especially the semi truck/trailer. ...more info
  • Oh well...
    i should of listened. i would give the free ride a 2 out of 5 and the story mode a 3 1/2. its not as good as i expected. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! especially if your a kid who rarely gets money and rarely buys games. save your money and reserve a copy of grand theft auto san andreas. Never before have i ever been more anxious about a game more than grand theft auto and it has always been as good as i expected. read more about my review on grand theft auto san andreas titled i cant wait by jacob from somewhere....more info
  • Short and silly
    THis game is to easy i beat it in a couple hours, the problem that i also saw was the physics of the cars, you can hit a curb straight on and get filed...more info
  • Rather Impossible
    Great Graphics, Great Sound, Great Music.. that is it. Game play SUCKS so far. Driving around is almost impossible to control. You can barely aim at anything. The second mission will drive you insane after awhile. They made the game TOO DIFFICULT. I think I will skip all Atari games after this I had such a bad experience. I love the sound and the graphics but the handling of the game will not let me enjoy it. I don't like repeating myself over and over again through the course of several days. It is definately not for the novice of for people with little patience. The only reason I got the game because, according to the advertisement, this is the series that inspired Grand Theft Auto. Please, I beg of you, do not get it because of that. Two totally different type of companies and two totally different type of playing experience. (...)...more info
    How the heck are you gonna spend your money on this peice of crap!!First of all, its trying so hard to be just like Vice City.Second of all the gameplay sucks, and the graphics are horrible....more info
  • Not Impressed
    After Playing the for the first two of the series, I didn't feel like the game had improved at all, it felt like I was playing the old games again and those were on PS1, granted the graphics are a little better but the physics are annoying, I know it is a lot harder to role a lamborghini than this game leads you to belive and to top it off the cops are faster than the ferrari and the lamborghini....more info
    Don't buy this game. Just rent the game from some where. Anybody can beat this game in 3 or 4 days. After that, the game will collect dust....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    I wish I read a review before I bought this game! I liked Driver 1 and 2, but then came the GTA games. I think I've been spoiled. I was really looking forward to Driv3r, but, right at the start I was annoyed with this game. Just moving Tanner around on the street or heaven forbid up a staircase is awkward. The controls are not smooth. Try aiming your gun while someone is shooting at you. You're getting blasted while your gun is all over the place. I stopped playing this after the mission where you are in a boat going to these shacks in the water and you have to take over a yacht. By the time I made it to the yacht, my health was down to nothing and as soon as you get on the ship, you get blasted by a whole bunch of enemies. I don't want to say this game is impossible, but it's no fun. I'm going to trade this in and buy GTA San Andreas. At least I know I will enjoy that game.
    Another thing, for the cheat codes, you can only use invincibilty in the Take A Ride section. You can't use it in any mission! This game blows - Believe that!...more info