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Backyard Baseball 2005
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Product Description

Backyard Baseball 2005 combines the friendly playground atmosphere with your favorite MLB players. Play with or against the kids and pros and get the full baseball experience! The game engine and all-new code deliver a fresh take on a classic sports game series. Multiple modes of play - Single Game, Season Play, Batting Practice and Home Run Derby Full stats and standings in Season Play

  • 3D baseball where you control your own Backyard sports team
  • Play with 30 Backyard Kids and 10 kid versions of MLB pros
  • Play on different Backyard fields with creative surroundings
  • Full stats and customizable players; unlock 6 MLB Stars
  • Action for a single game or an entire Backyard season

Customer Reviews:

  • The Best Backyard Sports Game Ever
    This game is awesome. I never would play any backyard sport game if I had to choose one. I have thrown a perfect game[ very hard to try], game winning hits, clutch peformances by unsung players. This game is the best....more info
  • Fantastic
    Simple to learn. Teaches the basics of baseball in an entertaining way. My 6 yr old loves it....more info
  • Best game in the world.
    I really love this game both on Playstation 2 and PC. I really think that this is one of the best games in the world. I have had this game for about 2 years I mean I purchased the game on two years ago because it was on the site and it looked very fun and interesting. Baseball is my favorite sport of all time and this is what I play almost every day, if not I play it a lot. It is just fun and addicting and I never get tired of it. It has new stadiums like Humoungus Memorial Stadium, Aquadome, a ballpark like space, Boardwalk, and more and there are new players too like Clanky, Abner, Barry Dejay, and much more. I think the mini games are fun like Homerun derby and Baseball darts as well as Season play and Pickup game too. I play Season team with my favorite baseball team Seattle Mariners and I like to play baseball at the Boardwalk. Achmed Khan, Albert Pujols, Alfonso Soriano, Mike Piazza, Pablo Sanchez, Clanky, Dizzy Lamb, Barry Dejay, and Abner Dubbleplay are the players on my season team. Dizzy is the best player on the team who is a big slugger.
    Achmed makes me laugh when he strikes out like when he says "Rock N' Roll will never die, do you hear me NEVER!!!" I really laugh at him. Clanky is actully a robot and he is a pitcher. Abner and Pablo are excellent homers too. All great players and my team always wins. I also have another season coach with a team called San Francisco Giants, my other favorite baseball team. It has players like Ernie Steele, Alex Rodriguez "ARod", My favorite girl (Waiting For A)Girl Like You, Kyle Buhman, Annie Frazier, Ichiro, Jim Thome, Mikey Thomas, and Greg Maddux. Ernie Steele oh man makes me laugh because he's so funny, Kyle is another power hitter just like Dizzy and i call him a superstar. Girl Like You is a girl I love so much which is short for "Waiting For A Girl Like You" one of my favorite music songs ever. Jim Thome is also pretty good too but runs too slow. This game is just so much fun. I love everything about this game. This game is definately one I would highly recommend. A Million stars. Backyard Baseball 2005 forever....more info
  • Son likes it
    My 7 year old son loves it, but my pet peeve is that there is no way to Save a game & come back to it. Therefore I have to allot him a good hour to play, so he can only use it on the weekend! I contacted the company, & they said that is how the game is set up....more info
  • disappointed
    I was really disappointed in this game. I thoght that this was not as good as the others....more info
  • Backyard Critique
    I was a little wary when I bought this product however upon purchase and subsequently playing the game I can say that this game is awesome. Everything is simple to use from the controls to obtaining the locked out players. Game play is really a lot of fun especially when you have power ups at your disposal ie: aluminum power which is my favorite,fireball pitch,pinata ball,etc. I am going to purchase all of the other Backyard Baseball games as they provide hours of entertainment. Only drawback I find is that there needs to be a lot more players from the 40s,50s,60s,70s. Maybe this will be addressed someday. So settle for Babe Ruth for right now....more info
  • Best PC Game!!
    I really,really love this game very much!!I play it a lot and this is the greatest baseball game.I have a season team and my favorite team is the Seattle Mariners. I was playing Metallica's Ride The Lightning album last night when i was playing this game and I sure thought that it was great baseball music...somehow i really love to see a robot pitch like Mr clanky i even have him on my team as well as barry dejay,and abner dubbleplay.I play on that boardwalk level and go to all star games and world series.i won the world's my roster for my season team...
    1.Abner Dubbleplay
    2.Achmed Khan
    3.Albert Pujols
    4.Alfonso Soriano
    5.Barry Dejay
    7.Dizzy Lamb
    8.Pablo Sanchez
    9.Sammy Sosa

    Dizzy is the best player on the whole team.He hits a lot of home runs.barry dejay is a backyard basketball coach who plays on my clanky is a great pitcher.pablo rulz.sammy rulz.

    Last night i was playing like 3 games and when the first game was over in the 9th game of the 2nd season,I was playing that song For Whom The Bell Tolls and Dizzy Lamb was the player of the game,what I call that 'For Whom The Bell Tolls Player Of The Game'.I went to the all star game american league championship won against the national.This game is very,very cool and i highly recommend it!!!best game,wish i could give it a 6 insted. you have to get this this rulz!!...more info
    Backyard Baseball is so much fun. The PC version of this game is the best and I play this game every few days a week. In this game, you get to create a season coach with your favorite team and with your own players even custom players too and you can also play a pick up game. (I have my own season coach with my favorite team the Seattle Mariners) You also can play Home Run Derby, and Baseball Darts in this game which that's COOL and you can also unlock baseball players like Derek Jeter, Mike Piazza, Shawn Green, Randy Johnson and more and fields such as Quantum Field, Humongous Memorial Stadium, and Aquadome in season coach.
    All in all, a very fun game. Buy this game, this game rocks and ROCK ON DUDE!...more info
  • super
    Backyard Baseball 2005My grandson plays this game everyday when he come to our home. We had this game about 3 years ago but some how it walked out of our home, and we could not find it in the stores. One day my grandson was playing backyard football and he hit a key and wow there it was. AMAZON had it advertised so I had to pick from the reviews which one I wanted and this was it. Its a little different then the older version but he really likes it and my husband likes the background of the video. my grandson is 18 but he is a special needs child and loves to play it. Thanks and the price was excellent and the delivery was so quick.
    Thanks jan...more info
  • best game ever made!
    This is the best Backyard Baseball game I've ever played! The kids are totally amazing in this game, they are strong good players. My favorite team is the Oakland A's. I play this game
    almost every day! I play at the desert ballpark in a season game.
    The graphics are totally the best! You can even play mini games
    like Home Run derby and practice also! This game is definatly the
    best game ever! It's fun and easy! I hit a lot of homers in this
    game! You need this game!


    4. ICHIRO
    5. JIM THOME
    9. GREG MADDUX...more info
  • Don't have to be a kid
    I didn't buy this for my kid. I'm 24 and I bought this because I liked the idea of having a simple, mouse-driven baseball game to play in boring lecture classes while I pretend to take notes.

    Let me just say, if you enjoy baseball games at all, you'll like this game. Everything's been made cute and clean and colorful for kids, but underneath the shiny exterior is a very well made arcade baseball game. You have a variety of players that are rated in various categories, each with their own strength and weaknesses, to draft for your team. The game has a full, continuous-season mode that, while lacking any new rookies or trading mechanism, is still made fun thanks to the surprisingly complete statistic tracking and award certificates (which allow you to unlock new players.) You can make all the basic managerial decisions including deciding what positions to play players at, making pitching substitutions and setting your batting order.

    And underneath what is a solid simulation-like package, rests a simple yet deep game. You have full control over pitching and fielding, a 3 dimensional strike zone for hitting, arcade-like power-ups for both pitching and hitting and variable difficulty levels which allow you to turn on and off things like a ball locator when batting.

    All in all, if you're looking for an intense, simulation-driven baseball game that captures the feel of the majors, you probably never bothered even looking at this page. This, however, is a fun, arcade-style baseball game that does an excellent job of cutting out the more complicated things while keeping and executing all the essentials. I can't recommend it enough for anyone, no matter what their age....more info
  • My 8 yr. old daughter LOVES this game!
    She just wants to keep playing and playing. The fun part is that I want to play the game with her as it is fun for all ages. The power ups are just plain amusing as you can throw a rainbow pitch one moment or while hitting use a lightning bat. If you want an ideal game for you and your child...get this game....more info