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M-Audio MobilePre USB Mobile Preamp and Audio Interface
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Product Description

M-AUDIO MobilePre USB is the perfect audio interface and preamp for your laptop recording projects. Three kinds of audio inputs and outputs provide maximum flexibility for every application. Record and play music anywhere! 2 high impedance instrument / line inputs (1/4 balanced) 2 analog outputs (1/4 unbalanced) Stereo line output Stereo headphone output with level control knob Gain control knob for each input channel (+40 dB max) Mono / Stereo direct monitoring 16-bit resolution Signal-to-noise ratio - 101dB OS Compatibility - Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP; Mac OS 9.1 or OS X

  • 2 x 2 16-bit/48kHz analog I/O w/ preamps
  • 2 microphone inputs (XLR balanced) with 48v phantom power
  • 2 high-impedance instrument/line inputs (balanced/unbalanced 1/4" TRS)
  • Zero-latency hardware direct monitoring (mono/stereo) with software level control
  • USB-powered for total mobility

Customer Reviews:

  • VISTA Support updated
    Update: Looks like they actually came through with the VISTA drivers, which were released on 8/22/2008. Since I returned mine, I would love to hear if you have it working on Vista SP1 or better.

    **** Previous review ****

    Looked like a decent product, however.... Turns out that the drivers for VISTA are still in Beta after 1 year (last release of the driver is over a year ago). To make matters worse, it is known NOT to work with Vista SP1, as of May 2008. They don't expect to have a driver update until October. However, since the last driver update is over a year ago, I put the chances of a real driver update at near zero. Too bad, looked like a good product.

    Didn't work on any of my VISTA machines. Sending it back....more info
  • poor audio quality
    I bought this preamp for "boosting" my voice as I record video tutorials. I own a Shure SM-58 microphone with XLR inputs, and my Intel MacPro has no such inputs, so I thought this would be just the thing. After installing the latest version of their drivers for Leopard or OS 10.5.1, I thought everything was going to be great. In System Preferences I changed all the proper input settings for the Mobilepre. Cranked the input volume all the way up on the hardware side and the sound that came out of there was simply DISAPPOINTING. It was so soft. I even tried turning on the Phantom power switch to see if that was the problem.

    I guess the most disappointing aspect of this whole experience is that the M-Audio website was plain bad. I registered so I could sign on and contact tech support. Their website apparently was having problems and there were folks like myself posting that they couldn't log in. Somewhere on their website, they had a notice that said they were aware of that and apologized for that but no word on how or when they expect to have that fixed.

    I don't mind having to jump through hoops to make something work but when there is no help in sight, and a company doesn't address tech support issues quickly, I'm going elsewhere. Perhaps this product works with Windows machines. I couldn't get it to work on an Intel MacPro running OS 10.5.2...more info
  • A good thing to have
    This little pre-amp does the trick if you want to record voice and cancel out some computer or background noise. I am happy with it....more info
  • Excellent product; Vista users, beware...
    Update: Beta drivers are out now on this product for Vista 64 bit, and they work pretty well.

    I would have given this product 5 stars, but since switching to a new computer running Vista 64 bit, I have had some problems.

    This is an extremely competent interface, and will do exactly what you need it to do. I have had it for over 3 years, and it has worked flawlessly throughout. It's very simple: install your drivers, plug it in via USB, and you are ready to go. I used it as my mic input, and just as a regular sound card. Because it supports ASIO, I never had a single latency issue with this device, and I run a lot of taxing programs (FL Studio, SONAR, and Reason). It's very solid and durable as well, almost feels unbreakable at times. I dropped it from over 10 feet, and it still worked perfect.

    Now, if you are on Vista 64 bit, and considering this product, please wait. There are no current drivers available. M-Audio will tell you that it's class compliant, and will work, which is only half true. It will work, but you will have to download a third party program that offers ASIO support, and maybe jump through a few other hoops to get it to work DECENTLY, and not have horrible latency problems. Just keep that in mind. ...more info
  • Great product!
    The price is better than most that you will find out there, and the unit itself had no problems (I only use it with one microphone) The software that they included is a bit complicated and is just a trial version, so you shouldn't expect this to come with a fully functional mixing program. One thing that I didn't expect was that whenever my Mobilepre is plugged in, my computer automatically uses it as the audio device, so I have to plug my headphones into the Mobilepre, but this shouldn't be too big of a problem. The unit itself is extremely light! and I'm not sure if the blue and white version you see above is an older model or something, but the one I recieved and asked others about is a metallic silver color (which looks much cooler, so its a good thing!)...more info
  • great home studio builder
    any electronic musician who wants to record some vocals and sequenced music will love all the features of this device. Plus the version of Live is great....more info
  • Everything good except...
    Except a little noise behind the recording.
    Something not bad that can be reduced with a noise reduction plugin.
    For the price is perfect with his numerous outputs and inputs and for the preamp very well built.
    Good deal for home recording.
    ...more info
  • Pretty neat piece of equipment. when you tweak it a bit...
    Thsi device is only 16 bit, but I was able to record in 24 bit 48 sample rate with fooling with the settings on my recording software. Before, tweaking the software...I would get really high latency while recording, but the pres on this aren't bad at all. If you're not lazy and don't mind tweaking stuff a bit, it's a pretty cost efficient piece of equipment. But it's definitely not for lazy people that don't want to take no more than a minute to get stuff to soundultra clear. I've definitely gotten some professional sounding stuff with this one, and I have an ultra critical ear, it definitely does what it's supposed to. Make sure you have an up to par system though because it is usb powered. if not, you might want to try for the presonus firebox...which is firewire based and I definitely recommend it as well....more info
  • Much better than I expected
    I bought this hardware expecting to just make some nice tracks of myself...maybe for a demo. Some of the reviews had some negative things to say so I was very skeptical. I just expected it to be OK, but I must admit I was extremely surprised. First off, I think the software and kind of mic you use are most important when it comes to the mobilepre. The software it came with is very inadequate. I'm using CoolEditPro along with a Shure Beta58 mic, and the sound is phenomenal for personal PC recording. For the price you pay, I think this is an INCREDIBLE deal for beginner recording equipment. The sound you get is by no means studio quality, but you get 85% of studio power for 15% the price of studio equipment. Bottom line, it's great for anyone looking for simple starting pc recording hardware. A Great value.

    If you want a sample of what I've recorded with the mobilepre, feel free to email me and I'll send you a sample of one of my recordings....more info
  • Bought it to Rip my LP collection
    Since I don't do live music, you will probably look to other reviews from musicians from that standpoint. I am just an audiophile looking for a good external audio card that gets me away from the interference that happens to an audio card insided your PC case.

    In the first two weeks, I discovered a couple of things. Out of the box the product seems to be well-constructed, BUT getting it loaded into Windows XP has proved a hassle.

    First of all, I tried loading it on a new XP Media edition laptop, and that ended up being a failure, because you can't run this product through a USB Hub. On a USB 2 device (newer computer) it has to plug directly into the computer, and I had other uses (like wireless keyboard / mouse) that took precedence.

    So, I decided to run it from a 5 year old XP Pro Dell desktop that actually serves my music collection, because it was built with USB 1.1 ports, although I added a USB 2 card and hub to it.

    The Audiophile is a real "bear" to install in XP (at least for me on two different computers) -- it actually loads what appear to be two distinct drivers, and does a partial install and completes it on the re-boot. After 5 attempts, I am still trying get a complete good install. I usually get a partial install, which I can't correct -- even in XP "safe" mode, and have to strip the install and come back and try a re-install.

    Now I'm not going to say this is all M-Audio's fault -- I am running SP2 with all the security fixes installed, and it may be a problem with a Microsoft update. Tech Support at M-Audio is not particularly helpful.

    One of the interesting features is that the headphones jack does not monitor input -- rather they monitor playback only. That was a disturbing discovery.

    I would recommend considering alternative cards if you are just looking for capturing music from other media. It may be a great MIDI recording source.

    UPDATE after living with it for a few months, I did find I finally was able to connect it through a USB hub, so that's a plus. The headphone monitoring feature is still a nagging design disappointment. After all, we corrected that on analog tape decks over 35 years ago. You can't tell if you are clipping or underdubbing a source until you have finished and go back to listen to the whole thing. If you misjudge, you can't correct on the fly and you have to completely redub the recording....more info
  • I like it
    This is great for a laptop, because your music sounds so much better through it than through a puny laptop sound card. Like night and day. I am very satisfied with the recording sound quality for basic music recording. The controls are easy to access, everything is simple, and all I have to do is plug in the USB and it automatically switches between my computer sound card and the MobilePre....more info
  • Good for the price
    I've been using the MobilePre for live recordings four hours a week for over a year and have found it to be ok for the price. I needed to get the XLR from our wireless receivers into the computer and it works most of the time. About ten times a year it will suddenly go crazy in the middle of a recording. The volume will get uncontrollably loud and/or full of static or record so the vocals sound like the chipmunks! The only thing that stops it is a reboot of the computer. I had a replacement sent out after the company claimed they never heard of that happening before. I've replaced the USB Cable but it still happens. It might be the cheap emachine running XP that is the problem but I thought I would at least warn people. The other reviews warnings are true with my experience. I haven't had good support and haven't been impressed with the software interface. If you need total reliability in a live recording there are now many more options for USB or Firewire to get your audio into your computer. We are switching to sound devices usbpre but it's $595!...more info
  • Good for demos and budget home studios
    This is a great value as it can power a condenser mic as well as being a recording interface.

    Two gripes:
    First, as another reviewer pointed out, this unit is a little more noisy than advertised, with a noise floor of about -75db in my testing. This is fine for demos, but not for recording anything for a major release.

    Second, there seems to be some bleed-over from one channel to the other, which is fine if you're recording one channel at a time, or using both for stereo recording, but don't expect a pure channel of drums and a pure channel of guitar.

    However, for the money, this is a good unit, especially with its portability and preamp....more info
  • Unnecessarily Complicated
    The Product was in fine working order, but for the purposes of recording speeches, it's too complicated. It seems like it's trying to be a cheap version of pro-tools, but if you want to do what pro-tools does, rather buy pro-tools. So, i don't rate the product very high....more info
  • M-Audio MobilePre
    I ordered this the same day I ordered a guitar from Guitar Center, If you see "Email for availability" on a web page you are ordering from that means its back ordered. After 20 days of waiting they sent an email stating it was going to be another 30 days. I shopped real stores and bought a beautiful Stratocaster. BUT by that time my 30 day warranty was up and the M-Audio bearly functions. The head phone jack has to be pulled out in just this special place to work; the USB connection crackles and cuts out completely sometimes. My musician friends are back in town and say Line 6 is better. No matter I'm very happy to be playing again. The delay gave me time to realize I needed good instrument that is a joy to play and I got this sweet Fender instead of the 150 buck bargain. Oh! the M-Audio was a refurbish...NO bargain...more info
  • If you want something solid - do not buy this!
    Bought one of these a while back. on my first system i was running windows xp pro, the drivers then were bad. since then I've changed to vista 64 bit operating system. big mistake m-audio has no support what so ever. in their forums they have lied to people that they would have a driver out in a couple of weeks. That was nearly over half a year ago. So their strategy is to say this every three or four weeks just to keep you on the edge of your seat. before you buy this just go to their forum on their website and search for mobilepre usb 64 bit and see for your self. stay clear of this company!...more info
  • works great
    works awsome for what I need it to do. Being USB powered lets me do things with it I wouldnt be able to do with other mic preamps or external sound devices...more info