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Spy Kids 3-D Game Over (Two-Disc Collector's Series)
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Product Description

Carmen is caught in a virtual reality game designed by the kids' new nemesis and it's up to Juni to save his sister and the world.
Genre: Feature Film-Action/Adventure
Rating: PG
Release Date: 7-FEB-2006
Media Type: DVD

The adventures of pint-sized secret agents Juni and Carmen Cortes (Daryl Sabara and Alexa Vega) continue. As Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over opens, Juni has left the spy agency and launched a career as a private detective--but when he learns that his sister Carmen has disappeared into a nefarious multi-user computer game, he agrees to go in after her, with the assistance of his grandfather (Ricardo Montalban). Three-dimensional special effects launch us into a topsy-turvy world of battling robots, souped-up motorcycle races, frogs on pogo sticks, surfing on hot lava, and much, much more. The story is even more incoherent than an actual computer game--but the movie storms along, driven by writer/director/editor/everything-else Robert Rodriguez's sheer visual enthusiasm. Featuring Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, and everyone else who appeared in the first two Spy Kids movies. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • really bad
    this movie was bad because it had nothing to do with spies and the 3d ruined the movie....more info
  • I guess it could be entertaining...
    And it's probably better than, let's say 85% of what Disney shows nowadays. It has alright characters from what I've watched and less than dazzling special effects. They were OK though, I guess.

    The action is somewhat entertaining and the girls aren't over-stereotypically feminine and girly (which I liked) and it was a colorful movie.

    No major complaints (didn't watch the whole movie) but wasn't blown away either.

    Good for the kids. ...more info
  • Strictly for kids!
    I saw the first "Spy Kids" movie when I was 13. I thought it was great then, and I still do. The humor is pretty good, and the spy technology is just a little ahead of our time, yet is presented in a way that appears as if it was invented recently. Naturally, I really wanted to see "Spy Kids 2". The novelty wore off after a few viewings. When "Spy Kids 3D" came out, I thought the story looked like it could be fun, and I decided to see it. My verdict: Rondriguez is going to the kids. That's why I don't like "Spy Kids 2" anymore. The gadgets are too futurisic look like they came from Toon Town. "Spy Kids" was relatively down to earth, but with new movies, Rondriguez is doing his best to appeal to the elementary school crowd. The gadgets are a dead giveaway in "Spy Kids 2". In "Spy Kids 3D", everything makes it obvious that the movie is for kids. If you've seen it, you know what I mean. The movie is very fast paced and the story is very basic. But to kids, that doesn't matter. All they need to know is that Juni is playing through a video game to stop the Toymaker from taking over the world. That's what they want, and that's what the movie delivers. To sum it up, this is a kid-only movie. That shouldn't be a problem since those types of movies occasionaly are released. What concerns me is that the director packages "Spy Kids 3D" as "A 3D experience for the WHOLE FAMILY!" The keyword here is whole, and I don't know if Rondriguez knows this, but family includes Mom, Dad, and teens, none of which will be interested in this movie. If you've got a kid whose 12 or under and wants to see this, rent it for them on DVD, then go from there....more info
  • Pretty Cool Movie
    I bought this movie together with Lava Girl movie. While the Lava Girl is so poor made, this movie is pretty good and entertaining. The 3 D tech used is good. Got to watch it one more time....more info
  • Awesome 3-d!!
    If you're into 3-d movies, Spykids3d is well worth the purchase. The 3-d effects are superb and setting the story inside a videogame generated world is a perfect setting for the cool 3-d effects. It has a pretty big roster of well known actors like Sylvester Stallone and cheech Marin and others. The acting is hammy and comedic but pretty well suited for this kind of movie. All in all I can see this being fun for kids and adults. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was well worth the asking price on Amazon. It's actually cheaper to buy it brand new then it is used. 4 & a half star rating!!!...more info
  • Game Over.......FOR REAL!
    Ask most people on the street about this movie and they'll most
    likely say, "Wow! That was so good!" Reality check people: this
    film was WAY better in theatres! Actually, it wasn't that great
    in theatres and in this film there were only about two good parts in the movie: Whenever it's in 3D and the end credits. The
    3D is not so good on DVD players so I would suggest playing this
    film on the computer. Nope, actually I suggest don't buying it
    at all. You'll thank me if you watch it....more info
  • A child sitter's nightmare
    The two boys I was child sitting for wanted to see this movie, so OK. It had every element of a bad movie: no discernible plot, no character development, lightening fast action for little or no reason, and, again the original puzzler, what's it all about? I kept asking the older child in my care what it was about. He could not tell me. Nor could he tell me what he liked about it. I am left with one question: is this the movie pattern of the future--action so fast that one cannot follow it or make sense of it, a computer game universe in which the whole of existence is tied to a computer game? Undoubtedly a bit of an over-reaction by me. I still want to know who were the robots and why were they there? Obviously I missed something. ...more info
  • best kids action movie ever!
    This has got to be the best kids action movie ever! I rented this movie
    for a week and watched it 5 times and loved it. Believe me when you see this you are going to want to buy this like me! I have seen every one
    except spy kids 2 {Island of Lost Dreams}. The basic outline of Spy Kids
    Game Over is Carmon Cortez {Alexa Vega} gets stuck in a virtual reality
    game trying to turn it off {to find out why you will need to watch it} and
    Juni Cortez {Daryl Sabara} Must fight his way through the levels to save his sister and shut down the game at the same time. If he fails his mission,GAME OVER! I hope you will enjoy the dvd like I did!...more info
  • How you play the game
    I see this movie is get bad reviews, but I will not give this a bad review. After the first 2 Spy Kids movie, Robert Rodriguez brings us a 3rd movie, which is titled Spy Kids 3D: Game Over, if you are watching the 3D version of the movie, and if you are watching the 2D verison then it would be called Spy Kids 3: Game Over. boo725, the actor's name who plays Juni is Daryl Sabara. As the movie opens, stubborn Juni (Daryl Sabara) has left the OSS, and has become a private eye, and keeps telling the OSS that he is no longer an adgent, and he can't help them. He has his office in the tree house that his uncle Machete made for Juni and his older sister Carmen Cortez (Alexa Vega) after they became secret agents. And he is visited by Gerti Giggles (Emily Osment), and after she leave he gets a call from Devlin (George Clooney), and he tells Devlin that he is into reality and the reality is nothing Devlin can say will make Juni return to the OSS as a secret agent. Then Delvin delivers the bad news, his sister is missing. So, he goes off to OSS where he is taken to games and theory, where bad boy turned good boy Donnagon Giggles (Mike Judge) and his wife (Salma Hayek) is waiting for him. They ask him what he knows about a game called "Game Over" created by the Toymaker (Sylvester Stallone) who is prisoned in cyber space, by the OSS year ago. Carmen went until the game by herself, because her only choice would not answer their calls, and got has far as level 4, and then disappeared into the game and is a prisoner of the Toymaker. Now with 3D glasses on, Juni is sent into the game, and has to start on level 1. Where he meets Beta testers, Arnold (Ryan Pinkston), Francis (Bobby Edner) and Rez (Robert Vito). And they tell him the fast way to get to level 2, is to jump into a target that will get him to the moon, where level 2 is, and he finds himself in the arena of Missfortune, and has to battle a mach to get to level 2, and he fights a girl named Demetra (Courtney Jines), and after a couple of rounds Juni wins, and off to level 2, where he runs into Arnold, Rez, and Francis who mistakes him for the Guy. But one has his doubts, and they changgle him to a mega race, where Juni wins, is congratulated by his grandfather (Richard Montalban) whom he brought in the game, without realzieing the Toymaker was the one that put Grandfather in the wheelchair, 30 years before the movie takes place, but when Demetra discovers, that Juni is not the real gut, she asks him to at least act like he is the real guy. Elijah Wood plays the real Guy in the movie....more info
  • Better than Matrix Reloaded and Star Wars !
    I am an adult and I really loved this movie. The visual effects are very unique and interesting. The audio sound effects are also great. This movie is perfect for a 5.1 home theater system !

    The movie comes with 2 disks. One disk is a regular version, and the second disk is a version to be watched with 3D glasses. I never used that second disk so I can't say that I suffered any headaches from watching it with the special glasses....more info
  • Fun Movie
    My kids absolutely love this movie. Personally, I thought the graphics could have been better, but this obviously isn't an adult movie. If you have young kids, they'll likely enjoy it. It comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses and both versions of the movie (2d and 3d)....more info
  • Mr. Rodriguez, YOUR MOVIES ARE CRAP!
    When I first watched this movie, it was very enjoyable. I've come to realize now that this movie is just pure crap and belongs in
    the trash can, not your movie shelf. Robert Rodriguez (the director of the series) has been making crap with these movies
    lately. NONE OF HIS MOVIES ARE GOOD! None of the movies in this
    series appeal to me and I heard that "SharkBoy and LavaGirl" wasn't good either! This is just a waste of money. It's just another typical movie about spies and it's even worse than the other two because the world mainly seems to revolve around Juni.
    Please do not buy this movie unless you have a paramedic on hold....more info
    First of all, I saw this movie at my friend's house,and I thought that it wasn't all that good. In fact, it was very disappointing. First, no offense but the so-called 3-D effects STUNK!!!! Second, this one was barely even funny at all! Finally, I thought that the plot was really dumb. I don't mean to be offensive but this movie was VERY disappointing. I think my friend got ripped off when he bought this movie. I prefer the first and second movies....more info
  • What a lame excuse for a movie!
    Is this supposed to be a movie!?What total CRAP!
    The plotline is laughable,the special effects are lame, (red and blue glasses) and the acting is pure,unadulterated,crapola.DO NOT BUY! If you are going to watch this,have a medic on call.Your nervous system will be damaged by this movie!...more info
  • It Hurts!
    I took my then 6 year old niece to see this at the theater, I was not expecting an Oscar winning film, nor was I expecting to become a walking Imitrex commercial when i left the movie. IT was too loud, the 3-d, taking on and off the glasses gave us both splitting headaches (maybe it was sly stallone) anyway, she didnt even like it! Her verdict " it was pointless" out of the mouth of babes....more info
  • white kids only???
    Living in a developing country, it was very easy to relate to "Spy Kids" 1 and 2. Part of its success was its multi-national cast.

    After watching half the movie, "Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over," I threw the DVD in the trash. It seems that Robert Rodriguez lost his formula for making movies appealing to those outside the US....more info
  • Worst movie EVER, Avoid like a fat chick with bad hair and an overbite!
    Okay, I think at this point you get the idea of how bad this movie is, but i'll be even more specific.
    Think of the worst possible thing that ever happened in your life, then try to compare that to the second worst thing in your life.
    Now after you've done that, add 2 kids, that thnk they can act, a few adults that can but don't, then top that off with (spoiler, Which is an oxymoron), the main evil bad guy (Sly Stallone) ends up turning good.
    If it was possible to go negative stars, that might improve it.
    Save your money or just flush it in the toliet, that would be better spent...more info
  • Bad movie in bad 3d
    First I want to say that I got this movie from a really bad seller on Amazon. They sent a faulty copy that had been sanded paper thin and expected me to either find a player that woud work with the disc or send it back on my dime. Didn't agree to either path but finally found a cheap player that worked for the most part with the disc they sent. After about 17 DVD players.
    Okay, I'll be fair. This movie was filmed for a polarized release but in anaglyph it is really bad. The amount of stick-it-in-your-face effects is way to high and pretty much every scene is like that. Word to the producers, IT DOESN'T WORK IN ANAGLYPh!! For those who don't understand, anaglyph refers to red-blue paper glasses. They work fine for still images or slow in-your-face effects. Not for shoving hands or objects into the viewers face in a split second. I understand that home viewers are pretty much limited to anaglyph since polarizing can't be accomplished on home sets but a better example of home 3D can be seen on the Hanna Montana DVD. I'm a grown man so that is kind of emberrasing to say but the truth. Anaglyph is better used for depth-of-field 3D than in-your-face presentations. In face it's kind of strange that the same company that released these DVD's didn't understand that since one works so well and the other falls really flat.
    Enough about the 3D aspect. The story is pretty much vacant. There really isn't a story. The acting is worse than I've seen in amature movies made on VHS. I didn't see the first two Spy Kids movies but if this is the level of what is being made then I don't want to see them.
    What makes me really sad is this is the last time we will see a truly wonderful actor like Ricardo in his last roll. I've heard about going out on your back but how far can you sink? Also Stallone made some really bad movies in the past 10 years but this? This was emberrasing. At least he redemmed himself with Rocky Balboa but this was a really bad showing. ...more info
  • Spy Kids 3D
    If you love 3-D, this is great. The objects jump out at you - a real scream. It's also great to spot all of the a-list characters in bit roles. Fun for all ages!!...more info
    I am a fan of spy kids.I did love 3D but when i heard that its 3rd part would be 3D I WAS AMAZED.i am in pakistan when the movie came in theatre i go to it and it was a wonderful experinece.The 3D effects were good and the movie was also good.Things were coming out of the screen.i am waiting for the DVD in PAKISTAN so the things will come out of my television!...more info
  • Brilliant 3D ,Good movie
    First of , the 3D effects on a properly ajusted projection system ,be at home or on 35mm in a theatre were brilliant, the best red & green ever, & I am going back to 1936 and those short productions they used to show.
    Congratulations guys for a brilliant concept,
    granted the story was a bit weak,but it was one hell of an experience.
    buy it on DVD its worth the money. Later.. paul....more info