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Wicked (2003 Original Broadway Cast)
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Media Type: CD
Artist: WICKED
Street Release Date: 12/16/2003

One of the most common complaints about musicals is that the books are flimsy pretexts from which to hang numbers. Wicked runs into the opposite problem: it has a great plot, but too often the songs just get in the way. Based on Gregory Maguire's novel of the same name, Wicked tells us what happened between Glinda the Good and Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, before Dorothy showed up in Oz. And the show is lucky to boast a pair of ace leading women in the main roles. As Glinda, Kristin Chenoweth delivers a sensational star turn, displaying a crystal-pure voice and sharp comic timing; Idina Menzel lends her powerful pipes to the tricky role of Elphaba. Unfortunately, you wish they had better material to work with. Stephen Schwartz's pop score is often dragged down by overly synthetic orchestrations and sentimental lyrics (think Chicken Soup for the Witch). Still, at its best Wicked is a seductive slice of popular entertainment that could well give a younger audience a lasting taste for musical theater. --Elisabeth Vincentelli

Customer Reviews:

  • This show is so Wicked AMAZING!
    This show changed me for the better, no wait, it changed me for good. I guarantee anyone that goes in and sees that show will find something that they can connect to with Elphaba. For years I was afraid to watch The Wizard of Oz because of the witch. Now after learning her story, she's become like a best friend to me, even though she's fictional. I see so much of myself in her. The music is so powerful and inspiring and it made me a fan of Stephan Schwartz, Joe Mantello, Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth and really a lot of other people. It made me a fan of Broadway in general too. Seriously, if you have not seen this show yet, GO! I'm looking forward to seeing it for the fifth time on my birthday in August!...more info
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes
    Absolutely loved this and wish I could have seen the production with the original cast. Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth's voices mesh so well together. Their voices just evoke such emotion.

    This story of how the Elphaba became the Wicked Witch of the West is interesting. It reminds me of a noir story. Every action has a consequence. The music and songs are successful in conveying the complexity of the story....more info
  • Love this musical
    I've just seen Wicked for the 2nd time and loved it.....again. It is helpful, I think, to listen to the music and lyrics before seeing the musical. The lyrics are pretty clever with all kinds of subtle references to the infamous Wizard of Oz movie. It is sometimes difficult in the live performance to hear the lyrics clearly. Have listened to this sound track over and over....more info
  • Keeps it fresh in your mind...
    Listening to this CD is the perfect way to keep the experience of actually going to see it live fresh in your mind. I loved seeing the musical and just listening to the music reminds me how much I loved it and makes me want to see it again. I say definitely get it if you have seen the show and if you just simply love Broadway music then it's a must have. ...more info
  • We Call It History
    I bought this CD to familiarize myself with the music before I saw the musical at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago last November. Since then, I've popped this back in the changer repeatedly, enjoying the music more as it becomes familiar. It combines great variety including quite a bit of humor as on this lyric from "The Wizard & I," "Do you think the Wizard is dumb, or like Munchkins, just small-minded." "Popular" is such an upbeat number that it never fails to cheer with Kristen Chenoweth's bubbly vocals. "Defying Gravity" -- that I recall as the first act closer -- builds intensely. Joel Grey played the Wizard on the soundtrack while I saw Gene Weygandt in the Chicago production. The Wizard's vocals on the lighthearted "Wonderful" are lovely, "Elphaba, where I'm from, we believe all sorts of things that aren't true; We call it history." "No Good Deed" highlights the clash in the action. My perception about the musical was that it tackled the subject of racism with many objecting to Elphaba because she was green and the animals because they were -- well, animals. "Wicked" is a stunning musical experience, well worth checking out if like me you're coming to appreciate it a bit late in the game. Enjoy! ...more info
  • Great deal!
    I've seen "Wicked" twice, but the prices for the CD's were outrageous at the Pantages Theater. Glad it was available at Amazon. Great show, great CD....more info
  • Wonderful show!!
    This is an excellent CD and would be great for the family. Chosen music gives clear picture of the show....more info
  • Wicked soundtrack
    Wicked (2003 Original Broadway Cast)
    Excellent soundtrack! We can hardly wait to see the show live! Wonderful voices, especially Kristin Chenoweth ...more info
  • Great music
    Item arrived as promised and in excellent condition. For lovers of musicals, it is a great CD that would enhance any collection....more info
  • Terrific!
    "Wicked" is such an excellent production, and the music really reflects it. It reminds us that not everything is as it appears, and that kindness heals us all. Even though LFBaum has long passed, this musical filled in alot of gaps that "Wizard of Oz" left us with when we saw it as children. Isn't it funny how we've been taught to be afraid of some of the best things in life?
    And the music reminds us how precious friendships really are......more info
  • Excellent Recording
    This is an excellent recording of the original cast. If you're looking for a good way to experience Wicked (from home), then you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Awesome
    This is an awesome soundtrack and it was a great deal and arrived very quickly....more info
  • Wicked
    I loved this CD and not only ordered one for myself, but ordered some for gifts. The music was wonderful and we are all looking forward now to seeing the play. What a great deal I got from Why would I shop any where else....more info
  • Wicked was wicked
    The soundtrack to Wicked rocked my world. It was so fun to sing along. The shipping was perfect and arrived before schedule ...more info
  • Almost perfect
    This item would have been almost perfect if it had not been for the food (?) stuck to the back of the case it came in. I had this sent to my granddaughter as a gift, and the condition of the case was, to say the least, a surprise - not good. The CD itself was great, and the contact between the Seller and myself was fine. In the future, he should double-check the item inside and OUT. ...more info
  • AWESOME, if you like the musical
    I've read a lot of the reviews for this CD, and I don't get it. Some people are reviewing the musical itself, which seems silly. Obviously, if you don't like Stephen Schwartz or mainstream plays, or whatever, you won't like this CD. So don't buy it. I personally loved the musical when I saw it on Broadway. Sure, it has some silly songs, and sure, it plays to a mainstream, family-oriented audience, but if this musical gets kids and "regular" (I mean, not artsy types) people introduced to musicals in general, why not? What is art if it is not shared with the masses? Nobody said it had to be radically different to be good. Most of the songs are very catchy, "thank goodness," and idina just blows me away everytime I listen to her sing these songs. I couldn't be happier....more info
  • Loved it! That's why I bought it!
    Had been wanting to see the musical ever since I heard about the book. My wife took me to the musical for my birthday and I LOVED IT!!! I loved the song "Popular" so much that we bought the CD just for that song. I consider it a wonderful bonus that I came to love the other songs just as much! If you loved Wicked, you'll love the CD. If you hated Wicked, don't waste your time....more info
  • EXCELLENT!!!!!!!
    Great cd - Great music - Great show! I love this album! Fast shipping from Amazon - excellent product!...more info
  • "Wonderful"!
    Wicked is a true phenomenon. A new musical with the potential to run for years, Wicked possesses certain qualities that distinguish itself from any other contemporary!
    The biggest asset Wicked has is an amazing plot. Kudos goes to Gregory Maguire for creating the premise! Though Wicked does not follow the book, it has an intricate and enthralling plot guaranteed to bewitch you. The story of a green girl with amazing powers, Elphaba, and her very popular friend Galinda, the tale follows them through years at school and all the way until the bitter end. The most entrancing and original aspect of the plot is its novelty. Wicked takes the story we all know, and upon which many of us have been raised, and shows just how little we actually know! Before Wicked how many of us can explain the significance of the ruby slippers? Or for that matter even grant the simple kindness of giving her a name beyond "the witch"! None of us could. But Stephen Schwartz changed all that with his most remarkable musical.
    Bringing me to second point. The music. Catchy and inspiring they help craft a tone that makes Wicked both tragic and comedic. Not often can the two merge so seamlessly, and the music helps to enable this.
    Third point. The lyrics. They are incredibly witty and poignant. They will reveal deep ironies and foreshadowing. I for one could spend years interpreting the lyrics and finding nuances. In the song "Wonderful" the Wizrd tells Elphaba that he really just wanted to help the people in Oz. Elphaba retaliates by accusing him of lying. In return, he tells her "Elphaba, where I come from people believe all sorts of things that aren't true... We call it history!" and then he continues on to sing about our historical hypocrisy. Though superficially light and funny, this hits on a deep and sadly true fact of life!
    Fourth point. Great cast. Who doesn't love Idina and Kristin? They are both so amazing, and with beautiful voices too!

    If anyone criticizes this show, they just must be unable to appreciate the nuances to it. Whether they dislike the plot, or the music, some people will always dislike every great show. I'm sure many people hate "South Pacific" too! But I think Wicked has proven it can compete and endure. In LA (near where I live) the show has cleaned out the Pantages box offices. It completely wiped out the huge record set by "The Producers." As I write, the show runs in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka, London, Melbourne, and Stuttgart. Future locations include Greensville, San Francisco, and more (Thanks to a tour!)! The show has a future that is truly "Unlimited"! With great acting, music, lyrics, and a story that could captivate any theater-lover, Wicked promises to be a major presence forever! So I will close with a selection from a Time review:
    "If every musical had a brain, a heart, and the courage of Wicked, Broadway would really be a magical place!"...more info
  • Utter Garbage
    wow its unfortunate how so many people have bad taste and do not know good music. my freind plays this cd a lot and it is so generic,and corny the broadway shows now are lame and unimagintive.very corporate and cheesy what has happend to creativity and art in theater in movies.i do not like this cd or show i couls care less if this review is unhelpful. I recommend much ado about nothing,brillant example of good music,orlando,1492 conquest of paradise(never can go wrong with vangelis,and last but not least passion. skip this horrid cheap wanna be artistic generic music and production. boo!Yuck! for clueless listeners on;y.:)...more info
  • Amazing amazing amazing!!!
    This has to be the best broadway cast recording i have heard in a long time. Idina and Kristin's voices are amazing. Even though they are totally different they mesh together so well. The orchestration is amazing as well. I love that almost whenever Elphie does a song its percussion and brass driven [almost like a lurking shadow effect] and when Glinda does a song its mostly strings and woodwinds. This CD is just genius. And the show is amazing defintaly go see it!...more info
  • Simply Wickedly Delightful!
    The musical offers a story that all should see as it breaks down barriers and makes us skeptical of authority as we search for truth and do what is just in the world. The music, of course, gives the show its pizaz and awe, and the show would die without it. Though the CD pales in comparison to a live performance, it brings back all of the memories from your day in the theater. It is a must have for all who fell in love with Wicked because it keeps the story alive and in our hearts as time passes....more info
  • For show tune lovers
    Ever spring break I always go musical hopping in New York, which in my option is the ONLY place to see a good musical. Anyway I have seen my fair share of musicals and Wicked is by far my favorite of all that I have seen. As far as the CD I love their voices, however there are few songs that do stand out like Defiying Gravity and For Good and What is this feeling, but you do have the option of only buying the songs you really enjoyed, which is what I did and I love all of the ones that I have. ...more info
  • Above the rest
    I won't be trying to fool anyone; there's a lot of boring musicals out there.
    This, however, is not one of them; this is in fact one of the most interesting and gripping musicals I know. The vocal performances are overall great, with Idina Menzel shining, while the music itself is even stronger! Not every musical can stand for itself without the screenplay, but this one is good as a music album as well as a show.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Love this musical
    I've just seen Wicked for the 2nd time and loved it.....again. It is helpful, I think, to listen to the music and lyrics before seeing the musical. The lyrics are pretty clever with all kinds of subtle references to the infamous Wizard of Oz movie. It is sometimes difficult in the live performance to hear the lyrics clearly. Have listened to this sound track over and over....more info
  • The Wizard and the WIZ is a hard act to follow.
    The concept of "Wicked" is great. Unfortunately, the songs heard on the CD lacked an igredient to make you sing it repeatedly after hearing it initially. There were no block buster hits such as we heard in the original "Wizard of OZ" or the "Wiz". I still am glad I bought it and plan to see the theatrical performance when it becomes available in Florida.
    Thank you
    ...more info
  • Wicked is Wickedly Wonderful
    Just Awesone! You can't go wrong - if you love this musical, you'll love this!...more info