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Leap Frog - Letter Factory
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Teaches young children letters, letter sounds and listening skills.
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Media Type: DVD
Street Release Date: 02/13/2007

Tad, Leap, and Lily hop from the pages of the amazingly popular Leap Pad learning toys onto the television screen in this attention grabbing phonics program. Tad's disappointment at being unable to help his family with an important presentation at the letter factory quickly turns to excitement when he meets Professor Quigley and joins each of the letters of the alphabet in their own fun-filled classroom devoted to learning their unique sound. Tad practices karate kicks with the k's, digs the vibes with the cool cat d's drumming on the bongos, and snores peacefully with the z's while learning to recognize each letter and the sound it makes. A catchy, fun song serves as a summation of each letter's "class" and entices even the most reluctant of toddlers (and their parents) to sing each letter's sound. An interactive game follows the program and gives children a chance to practice their newfound skills of recognizing letters and their sounds. Consumers expect great educational products from LeapFrog and this DVD won't disappoint. (Ages 2 to 5) --Tami Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Video!
    My twins love watching the "froggy video" and ask to watch it every day. Although I'm not too crazy about letting them watch videos, they already know their phonics and they are only 2!...more info
  • A must have for beginning readers!
    I borrowed this from a friend and found this to be one of the best learning dvds for my pre-schoolers ever! I highly reccomend all of the leapfrog series, but this is a great one to start with. I originally got it for my twins that will go to kindergarten this fall, but all of my kids love it and even my two year old now knows all of his abc's and most of the sounds for each letter too! I couldn't have taught my kids faster with flashcards. You will love this!...more info
  • Great Product
    My daughter loves this. It is really helping her with her ABC's. I love the fact that it teaches the letter and sound at the same time....more info
  • The Mom says,"Cool!" :-D
    My 2yr old REALLY enjoys this video, AND he has begun recognizing letters and making their sounds when he sees them, either on the video or elsewhere. It's pretty amazing. I'm looking forward to getting the whole library for him- including the Math DVD- as he progresses and seems ready.

    ...more info
  • My 2 Year Old LOVED it!
    My 2 year old absolutely LOVED The Letter Factory DVD! She cracked up at some parts and she was constantly repeating lines from the video. She knew all of her letters within a week of watching this video (she's one of those kids that wants to watch it 10 times a day...or at least have it on while she is playing)! We started about a year ago with it and don't really use it anymore because she knows her letters so well now, but she still says "Wu Wu Wu Wu What's happening dude?" EVERY time she sees a W! It definately helped lay a solid foundation for her. Now she is 3 and reading about 100 words. This video is worth every penny and then some, but don't expect it to do all the teaching for you! I sat and reviewed letters with her, played with the fridge farm, did coloring pages, etc to reinforce the learning that was happening with the dvd! ...more info
  • My daughter loves this DVD
    My 3 y/0 is really learning her letters and the sounds they make from this video. We watch it and as soon as it comes to a close, she wants it again, and again....more info
  • My kids are watching it right now.
    My 2 and 5 year old have watched the at least one of the Leap Frog DVDs every day since we got them in the mail. So I think they were well worth it....more info
  • ABC fun
    My kids really like this DVD. It is the only thing I can find that gets my son interested in learning the letters and their sounds....more info
  • Fantastic purchase
    This DVD is well worth the money. My boys (5&3) love it and it is very educational. Even though my 5 year old already knows all of his letter sounds he still likes it and sings along and my 3 year old is picking up his letter sound really quick. Highly recommended!!!...more info
  • I LOVE this DVD!
    This DVD is amazing! My 3 year old has had a really hard time learning her letters and after going over and over them everyday with no progression at all I decided to give The Letter Factory a try. In less then 1 week my daughter is reciting almost ALL the letter sounds perfectly! She loves watching the video and asks to watch it everyday. My 5 year old who is reading very well even finds this to be interesting and amusing. Thank you Leap Frog!!! I will be buying the rest of this series!...more info
  • remarkably successful
    This video is amazing. I thought it was pretty boring at first and wasn't at all impressed with the songs, but after only watching the video a couple of times, my daughter was saying the letter sounds. Works like a charm....more info
  • Taught my 21 month old his sounds!
    I bought this as part of the 5 DVD set. My son already knew all his letters and after watching this DVD for a week he knows all his sounds as well! There's also a great game on the main menu that quizzes them on sound recognition.

    The only thing I would change about this DVD is that they don't have the long vowel sounds like they do in the Leap Frog Fridge phonics, and as a former teacher the pronunciation for "L" leaves a bit to be desired.

    Other than that, the DVD is very entertaining and captures and retains the child's attention....more info
  • do not buy from these people
    I have never got my product, and I never plan to buy from them again...more info
  • Greatest ABCs video ever!
    I bought this video for my son, who had just entered preschool, to help him learn his letters. After just a few viewings, he was already recognizing more letters than ever before. And even better, my two-year-old daughter is now starting to name letters as well. And they LOVE the's guilt-free TV for mommy!...more info
  • educational
    My son is 3 years old and constantly wants to watch the "frog" show. So educational and the songs are cute....more info
  • must buy !
    I'm so happy with this! My son who is 4 is a very visual learner, but is just too active to sit very long when trying to teach him his letters. He knew his ABCs but that was it. So after playing this a few times, in less then a week he knew all his letters sounds and what they looked like! My 2 year old is loving it as well and knows many of his ! ...more info
  • Fun and Educational
    I bought first a hooked on phonics for baby DVD, my son was bored out of his mind. I got the "Letter Factory" in the mail 4 days ago and my son is making the letter sounds just fine (he is 22 months old). The DVD keeps his attention and he laughs at the letters. Some people made comments that it only shows capital letter, but before each letter sound they demonstrate the lowercase and capital case for each letter. Also, when I sit down and watch it with my son, repeat the letter sounds and make fun of the letters he tends to be more attentive to learning and repeats them just fine. Once I left him to watch the DVD by himself, he was wondering around playing with his toys.
    The instructions suggest for parents to do it with them 4 letters at a time, to pause the DVD, repeat 4 letters and then continue. Of course repetition is key.
    This is an awesome product which makes learning the alphabet really fun and very appropriate for age 2 and up....more info
  • I give it 6 stars!
    I bought this for my daughters 2nd birthday. She loved it immediately and within 2 months of watching it several times a week she knew all of her letters and their sounds. She loved singing the song even when she wasn't watching the dvd which supported retention. I have to admit I loved how impressed our friends and family were that a 2 year old knew her abcs and their sounds.

    She will be 3 in 3 months and no matter what letter it is or where she sees it she is able to identify it and its sound. I think her letter recognition skill is what makes her love books so much. I recommend this to everyone I know who wants to foster a lifelong love of reading in the children in their lives....more info
  • Fun Learning for Kids
    Many of my mom friends told me to get this DVD when my daughter wasn't catching on to learning all of the letter names and their sounds. This video is a cute and fun way for kids to learn them. It keeps my daughter engaged the whole time, and it is not too long. I hear her singing the songs about the letter sounds throughout the day. She really has increased interest and ability in learning her letters and sounds now. I'm very impressed. Now I want to get the Leapfrog number video too! ...more info
  • learning letters
    This product is fabulous, I buy it for all of my students and because of the way the letters and their sounds are presented the children learn the alphabet quickly. ...more info
  • Learning Disabled Children will Benefit from this DVD.
    I have a son with multiple psychological and learning issues. In fact, he sometimes has a hard time even remembering people's names. We have been trying to learn the alphabet out of books for some time now without much success. However, with this dvd, he has learned almost every letter and sound! I highly recommend this! In fact, I am going to own two copies soon! I also just ordered the other Leap Frog DVD's. I hope they are as good as this one....more info
  • Best Children's Video Investment
    I taught Kindergarten for 6 years before my sons were born. I got out all my old games and tools to teach my 1st son his letters. When my second child came along, I was sadly too busy to invest the same amount of time. When my son received this video for his 3rd birthday, I popped it in the car DVD player at his request. Why not learn while I run errands.....he knew ALL the letters and their sounds within 2 weeks of errand running. WOW!! I have spent an entire year working on that with other children. I must admit I haven't seen much of the video as it plays behind my head. I do know all the songs, and they are very cute and catchy. The only negative I have found is that I do not believe it covers lower case letters. Like I said, I haven't seen the whole video, so I could be wrong. However, my son only knows the upper case ones so far. Now, I'd like to see a lower case letter factory!!...more info
  • The Best Educational Video!!!
    I bought this for my 2 year old and he watches it over and over again. He learned the letters and sounds of the alphabet in a short amount of time with the help of the fun music. I now buy this DVD as a gift for friends and family. Highly recommend!...more info
  • purchased for granddaughter
    I purchased this item for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday. Her b-day is the end of February, so she hasn't received it yet. She enjoys her books, so I think she will really like this....more info
  • My 2 1/2 year old learn all the letter sounds after watching this DVD 4 times!
    This is a very impressive DVD!
    Since my son had just learned his uppercase letters and had such excitement at picking them out on signs etc. I thought learning the sounds they make would be fun for him.
    Since he picked up so many words from Blue's clues, which I highly recommend for 2 and under, he seemed to learn from dvds and I thought this would be a nice upgrade.
    Well, in 2 weeks, he only watched this DVD 4 times total, and not even completely each time.
    So I wasn't expecting much and was really shocked he had learned all the letter sounds, except for I (i), which he confused with the sound for Y (yi). The I came about 2 weeks later.
    In fact, he comes up to us to 'quiz' him, and says 'The A says..' then he chirps 'Aaah!'. And will stand there and wait for us to go thru the whole alphabet!
    He is so proud of himself, like he cracked some big code, which I guess, he did!
    Its been very empowering for him! :D
    At the grocery store, he's on the lookout now for letters and then he says the sound it makes, so its made what used to be a boring trip for him, really entertaining. Thank you for that Leapfrog. ;)
    My only (minor) disappointment with the DVD is that I expect each Letter to have a different song, and while each one has a different clever 'story' on how they make their sound, the song they sing at the end of learning each letter is the same. The B says... the B says... every letter makes a sound, the B says... And so on.
    I thought each letter having its own song would be more distinctive and easier to learn for toddlers, but this is minor as it didn't slow my son down one bit!
    This is the most valuable dvd in our collection, my toddler asked for it often. Now that he's mastered it, I'm buying the next one in the series... we are moving onto words!...more info
    My 3 year old daughter LOVES this DVD. She will watch it 3 times back to back until I just have to tell her TV time is over! I catch my 9 month old watching as well. It is wonderful. She is so interested in spelling now that she asks me how to spell different words through out the day! And it is a really fun game to her to guess which letters make which sounds. I find myself singing the little song on the DVD to them. As a mom I think it is important for us to review these products to find out what really works. Which is one of the reasons I bought this product! Thank you to those who lead me to this purchase!...more info
  • My 2 yr old grandson loves it,,,, but I am disappointed.
    After reading the great reviews about this product I bought it for my 30 month old grandson. He already knew his alphabets by sight and could tell you each letter as he pointed them out. So I purchased this video to help him learn what sounds each letter makes. He absolutely loves this video he plays it over and over. But when I got it and played it for him I immediately noticed that some of the letter sounds were incorrect most noticable for example the L the O and the R have the incorrect sounds. Despite this, I believe that this DVD is very good for getting toddlers interested in the alphabet and learning their letters. Therefore I can only give it three stars because I think it needs some improvement.
    ...more info
  • Best on the Market at this Time
    This is the best on the market at this time for learning letters and their sounds. I'm a 30yr retired teacher and administrator and now a consultant in Literacy Education and we must learn that not only should children learn their letters but they must learn the proper sounds of the letters so they can decode the words they will encounter when they read. I have ordered this for my granddaughter and grandson and they just love it....more info
  • Love this DVD
    Great DVD! My 2 1/2 year old daughter is really into the ABC's and loves this DVD. It helps reinforce letter sounds I have taught her....more info
  • Must have for 18 mo and up!!
    My daughter started this DVD about a month ago, she is 23 months old. She already could recognize the letters before we started, so this was a logical progression. After about 1 week of watching this every day, she has learned all of the sounds that each letter makes, and we have moved on to the Talking Words Factory. This is a wonderful DVD, it is FUN, and she begs to watch it. Introduce this to your children early, because it is fun and very educational. A+...more info
  • Brilliantly conceived! Will have kids reading early.
    The DVD brilliantly teaches the letter names and sounds of the letters. A wonderful head start for kids learning to read. Along with some other resources, such as the later Leap Frog DVDs, the Your Baby Can Read Series, and films with subtitles, young children can learn to read effortlessly. Leap Frog is an excellent building block. [Similarly, for those interested in teaching their babies about music, a DVD called Trebellina works in a similar way.] Hurray for Leap Frog!!...more info
  • Leapfrog Letter Factory
    The Leapfrog Letter Factory offers an entertaining, highly motivating way for young children to learn the alphabet including slow learners. Kindergarten teachers who use it in their classrooms and parents give it rave reviews. I am using it with one of my students who is not motivated and does not know his alphabet in the 3rd grade. In as little as 2 weeks, his ability to identify the lettes and sounds improved by 30%. I was amazed!...more info
  • fun and energetic
    This DVD is incredibly effective. My children love to watch it. I was looking for something more fun than flashcards to teach letters and found it! Even my one year old shouts out the names of letters and sounds now....more info
  • video review
    I bought this product for my nephew. He is 5 years old. He loves to watch it and his sister who is 2 also watches it and has learned her letters. They want to get more of a similar thing....more info
  • The Best Phonics video
    My two year old learned his phonics in a couple of days. He loves the video....more info
  • great learning
    After watching this video a few times a week for a month or so, my son was telling me the letters and their sounds at 2 1/2 years old. It is a lot of fun and has a neat little song to help teach letter sounds that I sing with him in the car or whenever he points at a letter on his toys or books. Now my 1 1/2year old loves it, too....more info
  • Great DVD
    I bought this for my 3 yr old son. In 2 days he knew the sounds of all the letters. Leap Frog know how to get kids attention. ...more info