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MODEL- ITICD41345WI VENDOR- INTUIT, INC. FEATURES- TurboTax Basic for Tax Year 2003- for Windows TurboTax Basic software guides you through your return step-by-step. It asks you questions, puts your answers on IRS approved forms, and double-checks for accuracy. TurboTax Basic is up-to-date with all the latest tax law changes, to make sure you get every deduction and credit to which youre entitled. Smarter! EasyStep Interview - Asks you simple questions, then instantly places your answers onto IRS-approved forms. This years improved Interview bypasses questions that dont apply to you, and prompts you for changes from last years data. Instant Data Entry - Stop typing and start importing: Instant Data Entry automatically imports W-2 wage, 1098 mortgage interest, and 1099 investment data from participating employers, mortgage companies and financial institutions, then enters it on the right forms - eliminating manual data entry and simplifying tax preparation. Year-to-year transfer - Transfer tax data instantly from last years tax return prepared with a TurboTax or TaxCut program for additional time-saving convenience. Import Quicken or QuickBooks data quickly - The Just-in-Time Import feature helps decrease tax preparation time by importing data from Quicken or QuickBooks programs (2002 or higher). You can bring in separate categories of transactions, like deductions, and preview your entries one at a time. Plus, its easy to edit imported data. Refund Monitor - Constantly displays your refund amount (o

  • Tax software guides users through IRS returns
  • Interview-based wizard system
  • Up-to-date with latest federal tax law
  • Checks math and audit flags
  • Very simple to use

Customer Reviews:

  • Did my taxes, but felt like I was being sold the whole time!
    I've used Turbotax for years, but had several issues with the software this year:

    1. I was pitched additional services thoughout the program, including it's deductible, state forms, audit protection, tax review and worst of all tax advice. The tax advice was the worst because they charge you $19.95 per CALL for advice that the IRS gives you for free. The IRS advice by the way is quick, professional, and confidential. While using the program, I felt like I was at a time-share sales meeting.

    2. The program kept asking me to calculate the cost basis on my IRA even though I am 41 years old and will not take a distribution for at least 25 years. I finally plugged in 0, but am concerned that this is now baked into my taxes somehow?

    3. Each time I opened the program, I had to repeat the easy step interview. My prior answers were still there, but I had to waste time confirming them all.

    4. To question the IRA basis, I was offered the choice of looking through the FAQs on-line (not there), paying $19.95 per CALL for tech support, or "chatting" for free. I chose to chat. The person responded to me only 3 times in 16 minutes and was unable to answer my question. She was clearly not a native English speaker (maybe she didn't understand my question?). At the end of the chat, she said, "when you close the chat window, you will (sic) asked to complete a short survey. Can we agree that my answers solved you (sic) questions?". I said they did not, and surprise! I did not get a survey.

    Turbotax has not responded to my emails on these issues.

    I hope it did my taxes correctly - fortunately, they are simple enough that it would be pretty hard to mess them up. If your situation is more complex, I wouldn't risk it....more info

  • Ridiculous
    I ordered a download of the product for immediate use and I had to wait over one hour for the order to be processed. Get your act together Amazon....more info
    I can't rate the product because I was never able to download it from amazon! I got an error message for 3 days, reported it to amazon, and never got a reply let alone within 24 hours as promised....more info
  • Terrible
    This was the year that taxes became a nightmare, and Turbo Tax cost me a bundle. The calculations were highly inaccurate and I ended up having to refile my taxes, after recomputing everything manually. A highly unsatisfactory program, in 2003 at least....more info
  • Updates a pain, but TurboTax did its job
    I didn't have a problem using TurboTax last year (even with the software activation) so I used it again this year. The software with its interview format worked for me, was able to save my return as pdf and e-file without a hassle. The only real pain was getting the updates. I had to go to Intuit's website to look for info and play around with my broadband connection to get the updates to download.

    My return has gotten easier over the past few years but with the update annoyance, I may just buy TaxCut next year. I don't import last year's stuff so Intuit - give me a reason to get TurboTax 2004....more info

  • If I could rate less than one star.....
    Last year I used TaxCut; easy, efiled, made tax time almost painless.

    Why, then, did I open myself up to the unmitigated aggravation of TurboTax? The updates don't download....ever.

    Want to download your state's forms? Don't even go there!! After wasting two days, and being shuffled from on line chat (useless) to the infamous FAQ (more than useless), to the actual live human (unprintable and unspeakable!), I yelled until I got a refund for the state that never was.

    Stick with TaxCut!!...more info

  • Minor issues, good program
    After reading the reviews on this page and on TaxCut's page, I almost decided to go back and do the taxes by hand. Fortunately, I didn't do it and instead I bought TT Basic and thought I'll give it a try, before putting it down.

    From the beginning, I have to say my taxes were pretty straightforward, except for the confusing Schedule D. Turbo Tax worked great, the questions were easy to understand, going back and undoing was very easy and your current calculations were always displayed in the top right corner.

    Before starting, the program updated 29 files, which temporary freezed my PC (even at 384 MB RAM, running XP). However, the program didn't crash and after updating I was able to continue from where I left. Saving after a number of steps is also very useful, since the program will restart from this point on. I have not met the condition where you have to reconfirm some steps, but it may be because I saved by 'chapters'.

    The only issue i found was one where the program would refuse to print, saying that it does not have the right fonts. A note on Intuit's site was saying to uninstall and reinstall the program until this is corrected. If that is true, then I can be an IT guy at any time ... Since it sounded really silly, I chose not to do it and instead I saved these files as pdfs, then printed them with no problems. Actually - one other issue here - the pennies are not displayed on those forms you print and I was not able to find a way to setup the page better, so that the full numbers enter on page.

    One other interesting thing - the program runs without needing the CD in the CD driver. May be a good thing, if it would allow to instal it on multiple PCs, but I have not tried to do it.

    Other bad things - some software you don't want will be installed on your PC and you have no control over it. Fine prints also show their ugly face from time to time (like for example, if you choose to have your e-file fee deducted directly from your refund, you have to pay $12 - but there is also another path, where you can pay by credit card, without additional fees).

    Overall, I was satisfied with this program. I did not have to use their Tech Support and besides Schedule D, I didn't have anything complicated. If this is your case, then, well, it looks like it's working, so go for it!

    One final note: Do the State taxes by hand! Takes 5 minutes and it's certainly not worth paying $30 and waiting 8 weeks to get them back....more info

  • Horrible!!
    I absolutely agree with the reviews here. I could not print out my return, it wouldn't let me uncheck boxes, and when I checked back for my file status after filing all of my information was gone!! I tried chatting with customer representatives online but they gave robotic answers that had nothing to with my questions. This is an absolutely horrible product and do not use it unless you want to waste your time and be frustrated!...more info
  • TurboTax Impossible to Download!
    TurboTax may or may not be a good product; I was never able to successfully download it!

    Unfortunately I needed it the day I purchased it, and the "Help" offered by the Amazon.com links were not specific enough to identify the source of the trouble. After three hours I gave up and requested a refund....more info
  • Great lineup, Poor follow through
    This is the 5th year using TurboTax of various flavors - Basic, Deluxe, & Premier. As ususal, information from last year comes across smoothly with all the pertinent information. I also used Its Deductible this year after we gave a truckload on the little one's things away. Hope she doesn't notice! TurboTax imported all the charitable items straight over so no duplicate typing. All went well, even the new mortgage change, the state download but then the error check. The first three errors, my fault. The last one, the Chat Tech informed me, is a missing form that did not go out with the product and will not be available until mid-February. Whooa! I've I'll ready spent my return. Maybe in 2004 they won't release their beta version again....more info
  • Turbo Tax Basic 2003
    I just received the software in mid Feb. I admit I don't have the most complicated taxes, just some stocks, bonds, mutual fund, mortgage and charitable contributions. Turbo Tax dowloaded all my financial info from the various institutions flawlessly. I entered all the other data by hand. All together it took three hours and I was done. No problems. I checked the figures and all were the same as the statements....more info
  • Getting worse every year
    This used to be a premier product but it's getting plagued with more bugs each year - the comments here confirm it. I've used Turbo tax for the last 10 years and aside from the last 2, it worked flawlessly. Last year I spent hours on the chat line with peolple who would apologize but never gave a correct answer. This year - no better. Each day I try to complete my return with the one click update but I get "Update not available". Checking the web site it says it will be available 2/15. Well, I tried on 2/15 and no update. After a 40 minute wait, The person on the chat line said it would be available on 2/16. Guess what - It's 2/16 and no update. This is just sloppy on Intuit's side. They obviously don't care about customer service if they don't even update their website with such important dates. I'll switch programs next year - I suggest others do the same....more info
  • Don't even think about it.
    The product maybe OK but I wouldn't know. I can't get the software to download. How hard can it be??? BUY THE CD!!!!...more info
  • Worth it if you're going to itemize...otherwise forget it
    Okay, the download process was a nightmare as described by my earlier review. However, three hours later I have a very comprehensive itemized return, which would have been way too complex to do on my own without the guidance of the filing questions. The good news is that I had done my taxes by hand last night and came up with a large amount owed, and after using the deductions calculator in TurboTax ended up with a refund instead. So it more than paid for itself.
    My major complaint is that there appears to be no way to review the content of your return until the very last "print and submit" step, and I wanted to check the numbers prior to actually submitting it....more info
  • Full of bugs and unhelpful customer service
    We have been using Turbo tax for last several years and have been happy. However, this year's version is full of bugs. To give an example, it believes that we are filing an "amended tax form". We go and uncheck it but it checks it right back. We have had three long conversations with their customer rep. The first two asked us to start from the beginnings. The suckers that we are we followed their advice. It is only later that we realized that it is a quick way out for them -- they do not stay on the line while we go through this time consuming process; We become the next rep's problem :( We finally put our foot down with the third rep. His solution was more creative. He told us that we are fine. The elctronic file has gone through and it just takes a while for us to find out about it. All our objections "but the screen says that we can not file because we have an amended tax return; and why does it think we have an amended tax return" met with a cool "do not worry, the IRS servers may be overloaded."...more info
  • Another buggy product from Intuit
    I see the same problems that plagued TurboTax 2002 are right back in 2003. I'm speaking of the "One-step Update". Sure, the program gets updated, but then becomes completely unstable. In my case, the program locked up anytime I tried to print the form. The program is also filled with other bugs that are annoying, like rounding off values in one place, but not the other. If you override values to correct them, then you can't file the return electronically because you overrode values! Well folks, I overrode them to make them correct! D'uh!

    A little tip: If a program update causes the program to become unusable, back up your tax file to a safe folder and uninstall Turbo Tax. Then re-install it from your CD and copy your tax file back. At least you can get back to square one before the online update hoses you again.

    This is clearly a case of poor quality assurance. If you want more horror stories, see the reviews for Quicken Deluxe 2004. I can really empathize with these people who have used a flawless product for years and are now faced with a clearly defective product.

    Has this company been so entirely consumed by their greed? I don't know, but their customers are really suffering and it's a crying shame that Intuit has lost touch with their customer base and has ruined so many of their good products. If I was the CEO, I'd be ordering extra pink slips this year....more info

    What a nightmare! Our tax return was mangled by Turbo Tax, and the "help" features are useless. My state of Virginia tax looked ok when it was on the monitor, but when I tried to file electronically it was altered. The withholding tax we paid was omitted and we were listed as owing thousands. Although I clicked the "save" button as I was working, when I got to the end I found I could view the forms but not print them. I got many error messages. I'm going to have to spend many hours sorting this out. Avoid Turbo Tax like the plague!...more info
  • Great Product! Be sure to use the one-step update!
    Ordered my copy of Turbotax Basic on a Sunday along with some other stuff. Got the free shipping and it arrived on the following Wednesday. Thanks, Amazon! I installed it in mid-January and applied the updates via the internet. It carried over the data from last year perfectly. Some of my financial data was not available yet so I saved where I was.

    Later in the month I entered the remaining data and an error that showed up in the final review. Somehow the program rounded up the cents on my qualified dividends to the next dollar while total ordinary dividends were captured in dollars and cents. Thus, in the comparison at final review, the qualified dividends exceeded total. While getting ready to complain to TurboTax, I applied the one-step updates again and the problem was fixed (at the end of January).

    Total time to complete my pretty complex return was about 45 minutes (compared to the many hours I used to spend when doing my taxes manually years ago). I would highly recommend this product....more info

  • Disappointment
    I simply want to download software onto my desktop and not have to remain on line for hours(costing $$'s) and this year that option isn't avialable...will look to use different software program...software that can be downloaded.....extremely disappointed have used turbo tax for many many years. I will not put my tax information on the web!!!...more info
  • Frustrating download errors!
    After 20 or 30 attempts to run the V-box installer program after dowloading it from the Amazon digital library, I was just about to request a refund when my boyfriend starting doing some troubleshooting research for me. Here's what he figured out:
    Once you download the installer and try to run it, if you keep getting the error: "3001 Encountered unexpected error when trying to locate product...etc.", there is a browser setting you need to change. (This applies to IE 6.0+, Windows 2000 and XP at a minimum, since I attempted the install on 2 different machines).
    Go to Tools-->Internet Options in your browser menu, then to the Connections tab and the LAN Settings button. Uncheck the "Automatically Detect Settings" box if it is checked and try running the installer again. Worked for me. Just be sure to recheck the box and close your browser afterwards.
    Seeing as how frustrating just OBTAINING the software was, I'm really skeptical about using it, especially after reading all the other reviews......more info