C. Crane FMT Digital FM Transmitter with AC Adapter
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Product Description

The FM Transmitter is a way to listen to streaming or MP3 audio. Just plug it into the headphone jack of your computer's speakers or sound card and listen on any FM radio anywhere in the house. It does this by taking the audio and turning it into an FM radio broadcast. Use it to send a satellite radio signal, MP3 audio, and more, to nearby radios around your home or workplace, even in your car.

  • Wireless transfer of any audio to any FM receiver
  • Highest Quality, full stereo on any FM Frequency of your choice
  • Listen to streaming audio from your computer on your kitchen radio
  • Send your MP3 audio to your home stereo system
  • Runs on AC power adapter or 2 AA batteries (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • 6 years of great use!
    I've tried most of the FM transmitters and this one by far has the most versatility, particularly when you extend the range by tweaking the power pot. I've used it both in my home and in a variety of vehicles.

    But I have to confess that I now use the iRiver for my vehicles since it powers off the lighter power source. But the iRiver is a bit touchy in setting the frequency and I suspect the range is a bit lacking when comparied to the CCrane unit....more info
  • Poorly constructed, Doesn't Work Properly
    I purchased this item per other recommendations and that of Stereophile magazine, thinking that this would be useful for broadcasting iTunes and internet radio programming to other parts of my home.

    First, reception was terrible even with the reciever placed only a few feet away from the Transmitter.
    Second, I tried the tweak (turning up the volume pot)suggested in other ratings. This didn't help matters from a reception standpoint, in addition, the unit is so poorly constructed that the mere act of opening it dislodges the volume potentiometer.
    Third, the volume pot itself is of very poor construction.

    In short, it doesn't work, you won't be happy--even if you attempt to "fix" it yourself-- don't buy this product....more info
  • The PERFECT FM modulator
    For the past several months I have been using a "plug in the cigarette lighter" modulator with fair results. As expected, interferance from adjacent stations occurred frequently with hiss, and sometimes an overpowering audio signal. Enter the C.CRANE FM MODULATOR.

    With this device I am able to "transmit" a clean, clear, fully stereo signal 50' from wherever I place the modulator. In the vehicle, the device has enough output to overcome fair to moderately stations! In other words, the output signal is significant compared to cigarette lighter systems and the fidelity is superior to the cassette adapter systems I have tried as well.

    I can drive a distance of 100 miles without havung to tweek the frequencies...and that is in New Jersey, heavily populated with lots of RF sources.

    By the by the unit is much smaller than the picture seems to show. Figure 3 1/2" x 3 1/4"... easy to tuck out of sight.
    ...more info
  • easy output increases work
    I purchased one of these goodies last summer for use in the home (live in the WA mtns, fm reception is poor). Unit worked ok when the receiver was within 10 feet or so (distance to stereo receiver in next room). What I found on an Amazon review (kudos to the author) were three suggestions for increasing output; put a metal base under it, extend the antenna to about 30 inches, or remove the bottom cover and turn the little rheostat to full on.

    Being technically challenged, I chose first to try the two easy options. Results: placing about a 6 by 8 inch piece of aluminum foil (space constrained) under the device increased power (as indicated by my ears, listening to the adjoining radio) a little bit, just barely noticable. However, clipping a 36" electrical jumper (Radio Shack) to the antenna and extending it vertically (mostly), instantly increased the power enough to require turning the volume down and also put a nice clear signal into the previously unattainable back room (30' and 4 walls away). The antenna extension was for me a good cheap, easy to implement solution. Sound quality also increased greatly, less background hiss. I would have given it the full five star monte, except the instructions did not include the antenna extension trick. Bottom line for me, now works very well instead of barely acceptible. p.s. also recently found transmitters [...] that look promising, though spendier....more info
  • No Right Channel
    I have the exact same problem as the other reviewer who tagged this item as "poor" - and with so many good reviews I wonder if there is a problem with this manufacturing run. Lots of hiss on all FM frequencies, right channel is not there, and the input pot can't seem to adjust a standard line-in signal level to prevent distortion. Too bad because I had high hopes for this product, but now it's got to be returned....more info
  • Poor performance
    At first, I was excited to try this product. I thought if so many people have had luck with the product, after modification of course, then I should be able to also. Well, the distance I was trying to transmit was about 30 feet, all on the same floor of my house. There is a rough line-of-sight when a door is open. Basically, without the modification, there was no signal received at all. After the modification, it was very weak, and the signal that did transmit did not have good frequency response. I tried several different positions and antenna locations. There was little to no improvement.

    Basically it comes down to this... ...If you are close enough to connect a cable between transmitter and receiver, it would probably work, such as in the same room, although not too big of a room. If you are trying to transmit over a distance that would be difficult to reach with a cable, then you probably won't have too good of luck with this. In other words, you are better off using a cable to transmit your music. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I've used the CCrane FM transmitter for about 4 years and it worked great right out of the box (i.e., no modifications needed) and was received on a variety of FM radios throughout my house. Extremely simple to set up. I used two competing products prior to this, and am far happier with this one. I often listen to programs sent from my laptop to a shower radio at a distance of approximately 50'. I can't imagine the problem the folks are having who say it only transmits a few feet, unless perhaps it's a failure to adjust the volume wheel which is somewhat hidden on the side of the small transmitter's case. The position of that wheel has a huge effect on the resulting sound and it must be adjusted, just as you would expect with any volume knob. I will also suggest that for those who value this listening option and want to make it work, a quality radio with a decent antenna to receive the FM signal will also help. As an example, I often use an inexpensive portable shortwave radio because of it's superior receiving capabilities, as well as its portability. But I have also used this product with my inexpensive home stereo to listen to music coming from my laptop and the product also handles this task nicely. One final thought ... CCrane products are largely aimed at serious radio enthusiasts and techies (check their website) and are good quality and often strikingly innovative; they are not junk by any means, as some of the reviews here might lead you to believe. ...more info
  • Great product and excellent support staff
    The first unit I received must have been defective as I could barely make it from one floor to the next (10-15 ft), even with the VR2 cranked. I contacted C Cranes tech support, who immediately sent out a second unit and a prepaid return label for the first. Plugged it in and WOW what a difference! I can receive on every radio in the house and , with my car radio, down to the end of my driveway (about 75 yds.). If your first unit doesn't seem to be working as well as you would like I highly recommend trying a second unit. I'm sure glad I did. ...more info
  • Geek approved - Great performance
    I am impressed with the performance of this transmitter. So much consumer radio equipment is designed for low cost rather than performance. This product has the feel of older low-volume products from the days when you could buy products as a kit or assembled.

    The only problem I have is that some of the low-cost FM radios I have around the house experience intermod from strong transmitters on towers near where I live. When I test it using a receiver with good dynamic range, I can receive a solid signal several doors down in my apartment building.

    I had good results with tweaking the pot as NC suggested. How fortunate that that layout guy just so happened to place that pot in a location where you can tweak it so easily, just lucky, I guess.

    Increasing the antenna length helped too. I wonder why they didn't use a longer whip antenna or do some matching on the board to accommodate a shorter antenna. I'm glad they didn't match to a shorter antenna on the board, though, because it leaves open the option of a longer antenna. ...more info
  • Worthless without the hardware mod
    I bought this to replace a LineX transmitter that has only 7 frequency settings, none of which are very usable in my area. We use it to broadcast audio from our Audiotron to radios in and around our house. The LineX has a good range for this use, 75-100 feet or so.

    When I got the Crane, I loaded batteries into it, plugged it into the Audiotron, and turned it on. Using a portable FM receiver I found the range to be *3* (yes, THREE) feet. Using the AC adaptor did not expand the range, nor did adjusting either of the transmitter and receiver antennas, nor did adjusting the input levels.

    So, I popped the box open and set the variable resister as other reviewers have noted. After this change I got a range closer to that of the LineX.

    NOTE THAT THIS MODIFICATION VOIDS THE CRANE WARRANTY! Page 11 of the manual: "Removing the cover ... will void the warranty." The bean counters at Crane must be very happy about this; ship a product that can only be used by voiding the warranty, and you eliminate any returns. To be fair, there are no seals on the Crane, so you could pretend that you never opened it, but it's still pretty sleazy.

    The Crane's input levels are touchy. I had to tweak the Audiotron output and Crane input levels many times to get a clean signal on our receivers.

    The frequency display is LCD, with no backlighting. Depending on available light and the viewing angle, it's not as easy to read as the marketing materials would have you believe. For a static installation such as mine this is OK - find a good channel and forget it. For use on the go this could get annoying.

    The ability to set a frequency between FM channels is very useful in avoiding interference from radio stations, and that's what I've done. NOTE: your FM receivers must be capable of tuning "off channel" for this to work for you.

    Another reviewer notes that the antenna on the Crane is too short for the frequencies involved. The length was obviously chosen so it would fit the cover when collapsed, not for efficient transmission. I considered replacing the antenna, but the Crane is not built to easily allow it and I didn't want to push the warranty issue too much further.

    On the Crane box is a quote from John O'Brien, Wired Magazine, who says "The Crane is tops... easy-to-read... great audio... variety of power sources... wide range of frequency..." I find it telling that there's no mention about the range of the Crane, so I looked up the review on the web (Google "crane transmitter wired magazine review"). The review says "30 feet across an apartment to a radio in another room", but doesn't say that he actually tried it. I don't know what product he was reviewing, but it certainly wasn't this one.

    -- Acceptable range after making the hardware mod.
    -- Acceptable audio quality after repeated levels tweaking.
    -- Ability to tune off-channel.
    -- LCD frequency display. (The LineX uses DIP switches and has no display. The LineX is also $30 cheaper.)
    -- Audio splitter cable included, which was exactly what I needed for my set up.
    -- AC adapter. (The LineX used only batteries, and they would last about a week at 24x7.)

    -- You have to void the warranty to make it usable.
    -- Touchy levels control.
    -- LCD display hard to read in less-than-optimal light and viewing angle.

    This could have been a great product, but it's only mediocre....more info
  • poor
    Right out of the box the ac adapter did not work. I resorted to batteries, did the suggested adjustment to the unit (turned the pot 100% clockwise) found an empty freq on my radio and tuned the transmitter to same. Reciever is 20+/- from transmitter through an open door, lots of background hiss, right channel barely there at all. Tried different freq same result. moved antenna on both units with little change. For the money this is not a satisfactory product. I am going back to the wireless speakers that this unit was intended to replace, they work fine with far greater range and little if any hiss. This product is being returned....more info
  • Better option
    I bought this item to use with my new Sirius radio that I bought to replace an older model that broke. (The new Sirius radios have the power of the built in transmitter reduced to a level that renders it useless) I had similar range problems with the Crane unit as many of the reviewers here had. I did not want to make the modification in case I wanted to return it in favor of another product. I purchased the Whole House Transmitter and I found it to be an excellent solution. I totally recommend it over the C Crane unit and I returned the Crane. As for the concerns some people have that the Whole House only transmits on a limited number of frequencies, I found that the signal is so strong that it is not an issue in getting a clean transmission....more info
  • Boost Trasmitting Power (two adjustments)
    The out-of-box range of the C. Crane FM Transmitter is about 5 feet and then you start getting a lot of static. To fix this:

    1. Remove the three screws(two under the rubber bumps and one under the battery) and then peel back the case making sure you don't break the red and black battery wires.

    2. Locate the two variable resistors labelled VR1(the input level roller) and VR2(attached to the board and adjusted with a screwdriver).

    3. Break off the input level roller and you will notice two metal pieces sticking out of the board that hold on the roller and one metal piece above those which connects the contact from the board to the wheel.

    4. Solder the single metal contact protruding from the board to the two metal circles inside the VR1, commonly known as a pot. This will bypass the variable resistor and maximize your signal.

    5. With the C. Crane FM Transmitter still in two pieces, plug in and turn on the C. Crane FM Transmitter and tune an FM radio to the same frequency as the FM Transmitter and play some audio music.

    6. Using a screwdriver, turn the VR2 in any direction and stop when the music is the loudest and clearest.

    7. Put the FM Transmitter back together with the 3 screws and then you are done!

    This has been tested at 60 feet and the audio was clear with no static.

    [...]...more info
  • Functional but still disappointing...
    I purchased this FM transmitter with the hopes that it would do what it claimed to do on it's website. After connecting it, the FM transmitter only worked as far as 20 feet - with distortion in certain areas within the 20 feet. Luckily the purpose of my purchse was for this to work within 20 or so feet, so I decided to keep it. If it were to work any less then I would have returned it. Please keep in mind if you are to purchase this product, that it's only designed (according to my application) to work within 20 +/- feet. If that's your idea then it will be a good buy, if not - stay away!...more info
  • Simpler way to modify.
    You can just peel the product label a little (the corner nearest to the antenna) and expose three holes in the back cover. You can rotate the preset pot fully clockwise through one of these holes in less than a minute!...more info
  • Very Nice FM Transmitter for both Home and Car
    I purchased the c.crane transmitter a few weeks ago and thus far am very satisfied with it. Although I bought it specifically for use in my car, It has quickly proven to be very useful in the house as well. I also purchased the optional mobile accessory kit from c.crane's website, which is very handy considering the transmitter is really designed to sit on a flat surface. If you are having trouble finding a low-priced, powerful, FM transmitter for use in your car, I highly recommend this product. Another tidbit of advise: If you are having trouble finding an unused frequency in your area, check out www.radio-locator.com. Just enter the zip code you are in and a list of local frequencies come up in order of best(unused), next best and third best. Good luck!...more info
  • Very Pleased!!!
    4/24/2008. Got this transmitter to be able to send podcast and streaming audio to any FM receiver in my house. Once I made the MOD it went from a range of 20 feet to 2 houses down my street. No need to replace or add to the antenna. Works perfectly, Great sound, Easy to MOD, VERY HAPPY!!!

    For those critical of voiding the warranty for preforming the MOD, Get A Life! C Crane has to deal with the all powerful FCC and can't release this unit with the recommended 1/4 turn of the VR2 pot. I for one am very thankful that this adjustment was so easily made and available to be made. I hope it lasts and don't need to return for any warranty issues, but if I do, I can remove 3 screws and cover, 1/4 counter clockwise VR2 pot, replace cover and screws and Bam! Good as new!

    Great product, Great Quality, Awesome Features including Auto off for 1,2,3,4 and 8 hours. ...more info
  • It works
    This did the trick for me. The modification in NC "NC"'s review was very helpful. I am able to get reception all the way out in my car if i need to. The Variable resister in my model was blue ( unlike the white one in the picture.)...more info
  • It didn't work for me.
    I wish I could return it but I broke the warranty by using the hack described elsewhere. I imagined listening to my computer on a dedicated FM station throughout the house. The best I ever got was terrible reception in the kitchen. It may work in other parts of the country or other parts of the world, but it did not work for me in West Palm Beach....more info
  • OK out of the box; GREAT with mod
    This is an okay product out of the box, but it shines once you perform the mod (mentioned earlier) to enhance the transmission signal. So, as long as you have a small screwdriver and a sense of adventure, you'll love this device. Three stars without the mod, five stars with it.

    I bought this on sale ($10 off) directly from C.Crane, via the web site. I live in the Boston area, within one mile of at least two FM radio stations. That is to say, the FM dial is crowded here. The mod is really essential under such conditions....more info
  • Range about 1 m (3 ft)
    I tested all tuners I have at home, some VERY sensitive and receiving stations from 60 miles away. Range of this unit in best case was about 1 meter (3 ft). Returned to Amazon the same day I got it...more info
  • So cool!
    I was reluctant to buy this. But, with the level adjustment, it works really, really well!

    Thanks, NC, for posting the hack....more info
  • Works great (after the mod)
    I bought this as a Christmas present for my dad. He likes to listen to streaming internet radio and wanted the ability to hear it throughout the house, not just on his computer speakers. I was going to buy either the C. Crane transmitter or the FM Whole House Transmitter. I chose the C. Crane mainly on price ($70 vs. $100) but I also liked the ability to tune the station full dial. The downside was that I would probably have to open that case and void the warranty to make the hardware mod to get it to work.
    I gave it a trial run without the hardware mod. The reception was very poor. I chose to open the case instead of removing the label since I wanted it to be 'new' on Christmas day. After making the hardware mod I tried it again. WOW. What a difference! My dad was thrilled with this. Clear reception on every radio in the house.
    My recommendation is to open the case to make the hardware mod instead of removing the label. It's not difficult and if done carefully there are no signs that the case was ever opened....more info
  • fine transmitter
    First one worked O.K. for a short time. I had to return it. Amazon was the best at taking this Item back. I received a fresh one right away and is working fine. I am very pleased with my purchase and with Amazon....more info
  • C. Crane very nice but
    This transmitter is great but you have to increase the range of the signal to be of any use. Peal back the label on the back, insert a small jeweler type flat head screw driver and turn it all the way up, (right I believe).

    I got this for a family member that is hard of hearing and now I can listen to the TV at a conformable level....more info
  • Works great (after the mod)
    I bought this as a Christmas present for my dad. He likes to listen to streaming internet radio and wanted the ability to hear it throughout the house, not just on his computer speakers. I was going to buy either the C. Crane transmitter or the FM Whole House Transmitter. I chose the C. Crane mainly on price ($70 vs. $100) but I also liked the ability to tune the station full dial. The downside was that I would probably have to open that case and void the warranty to make the hardware mod to get it to work.
    I gave it a trial run without the hardware mod. The reception was very poor. I chose to open the case instead of removing the label since I wanted it to be 'new' on Christmas day. After making the hardware mod I tried it again. WOW. What a difference! My dad was thrilled with this. Clear reception on every radio in the house.
    My recommendation is to open the case to make the hardware mod instead of removing the label. It's not difficult and if done carefully there are no signs that the case was ever opened....more info
  • Baby Monitors go farther!
    Don't waste your money! I have been a FM hobby broadcaster (neighborhood broadcasting) for years. I'll take a Ramsey FM 100 B any day. Even after trying all modifications available on the internet, extending the anntena with a new piece of antenna attached, and various other "tricks" I found only a minor increase in range even after putting it on the second floor. The volume, even after adjusting the volume knob, is not nearly loud enough (or even close to other FM station) on our stereo, clock radios, or even the car radio in the garage.

    Our FCC certified baby monitors go 5 times farther with a louder signal.

    I don't think asking for 100 feet of coverage to cover a regular city home & lot is asking too much! But with this C Crane transmitter, it is!...more info
  • Works great
    Did the modification before I even tried using. This works great with a range of at least 27 feet.

    Thinking about buying another for work.

    ...more info
  • Read this before you return it!
    I thought this was the worst thing out there even after the mod. I was going to return it. It couldn't even go 15ft straight line without a lot of static. Until I realized my source volume was to high. It over loaded the unit and you hear lots of static. There is a small red light next to the FM station if the red light is on your source is too high turn it down or turn down the input volume on the side of the unit. IT WORKED Great after that. Try this before you return it....more info
  • Totally unsatisfactory
    I am returning this product because it is totally unsatisfactory. There is a great deal of static and the range is extremely short. Volume begins to fade at about 10' and is greatly diminished and garbled at about 20' even though the description states that you can listen to an audio device located in a different room. The instructions state that it will operate at 30' to 75' which is totally false. I tried positioning the unit differently, extending the antenna and different frequencies and nothing worked. At any distance regardless how short the static makes the listening experience unacceptable....more info