SafeFit Baby In Sight
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Product Description

50% it's easier to keep an eye on baby. Our extra-large safety mirror allows you to keep tabs on your rear-facing infant...without taking your eyes off the road. And because this shatterproof mirror is 50% larger than other models, it allows you a more complete view of baby. Straps easily to the back seat or headrest of cars, vans, and SUVs. 12"W x 8?"H.

  • Plastic, large convex mirror for wide angle viewing and safety
  • 3-way attachment method includes tether
  • Provides clear view of Baby and peace of mind
  • Traction grid prevents mirror from slipping
  • 9Hx1.25Wx12.5L"
  • Manufacturer Suggested Age: 1 Month and Up
  • Features: Soft Fabric Edges
  • Material: Polyester
  • Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With Soap and Water
  • Protective Qualities: Shatterproof
  • Dimensions: Length: 12.5 "; Width: 1.0 "; Depth: 9.0 "
  • Product Weight: 1.0 Lb.

Customer Reviews:

  • Didn't work for my car
    I drive a 1994 Toyota Celica, and the attaching process did not work in my car....more info
  • Great mirror
    This is a wonderful car mirror to see what your baby's up to in the back seat. Ours fits great in our Acura, is large, isn't a goofy color, and never got fogged up. We love it! As for safety hazards a lot of things are, like talking on our cell phones and we've all done that while driving! Just take a quick peek in your rear view & you're set!...more info
    I thought this would be the perfect mirror. But after just a few uses, it started fogging up, then I realized that it was not cleanable because IT'S PLASTIC! I have not been able to use it after spending $14.00! It's not worth it, and I wouldn't recommend any mom use it. I'm better off just pulling over to view my baby from time to time....more info
  • Not Happy
    My husband and I bought 3 of these mirrors - One for each vehicle. We live in the North so the weather gets cold here. Since the weather has changed in the past 4 weeks to the colder fall all of our mirrors have clouded up and we can no longer see the baby in them. I am bringing these back to the store for a return and do not recommend anyone with extreme differ climates buy these mirrors because ours didn't even hold up 4 weeks without becoming cloudy looking....more info
  • Bad batch of foggy mirrors -- but it can be remedied!
    Even after reading the negative reviews here of mirrors that fogged up and were uncleanable, I decided to order one and try my luck. Sure enough, as soon as I opened the package I discovered a mirror that was so cloudy I couldn't even see my reflection.

    I called the manufacturer (Blue Ridge International Products in Freeport, FL) and they told me there was a bad batch of mirrors produced, but they've found and fixed the problem and they'd be happy to send me a replacement at no charge.

    They took my name, address, and phone number and said I should have it within 7-10 days. If you run into the same problem, I encourage you to call the company and request a replacement -- be proactive!

    3 stars = terrible product initially received which was an inconvenience, but manufacturer's customer service was cheerful, prompt, and obliging....more info
  • Junk!
    We have only been using this mirror for 4 months and it is so cloudy that I can no longer tell if my daughter's eyes are closed or open (and that is pretty bad!)! I think I paid $12 for it... while not a fortune, I would expect a mirror to last at least a year. Afterall - it's just sitting there - it's not even getting touched. Buy a different model!...more info
  • Works well
    It is so great to have this in the car. I can see what my cutie is doing all the time! ...more info
  • Couldn't live without it
    After our daughter was born, my husband and I were talking about those few baby items that we couldn't live without, and this was one of them. It just gives you peace of mind to know your baby's ok in the back seat. Highly recommend it!...more info
  • CPST Review
    I read through a few of the reviews and saw people saying they have been told it is not safe. This is untrue. I have been a certified child passenger safety technician for five years and can tell you, there is nothing unsafe about this product. The sides are soft and the mirror is plastic. Plus, it attaches to the tether so in a crash it isn't going to be flying around the car. But, even if it were, a soft, lightweight mirror with plastic in it is not a hazard. There are plenty of hazards in after market products (Bundle Me, Mighty Tight, Snuzzler, etc.) but this is not one of them. ...more info
  • Lets me see the baby even without a center headrest
    Our SUV doesn't have a headrest for the center seat, but our child's carseat is centered in the backseat since that is the safest place to put it. I originally bought a Fisher Price mirror that I rigged to the left seat's headrest so I could see baby. That headrest always fell out of place whenever I drove over a bump. Then I bought the SafeFit Baby In Sight headrest and my husband was able to set it up on the left headrest with a decent view of the baby (who is still in the center seat). The mirror has stayed in place no matter how many bumps I've driven over. I gave the mirror four stars instead of five because I'd prefer if it was a little larger so I could have a better view of my child. Currently I can see his face on the side of the mirror and that is good enough for me, though I'd prefer if I had a better view. This mirror isn't great but it is good for vehicles that don't have a center head rest....more info
  • Mirror that won't stay put
    The concept is perfect, BUT in either of our SUV's we cannot get the mirror to stay put. We start out with it perfectly in place. After getting on the highway and bump here or there forget it. The mirror falls and slips and is useless. Why is this such a difficult thing to fix? I wouldn't recommend this for an SUV. Maybe it's better in a car?...more info
  • Don't Buy!
  • Works well, but hard to install
    This mirror was much bigger than I expected but for me that is a good thing. I can see the car seat very well (I'm sure I'll see baby when he comes), however it was hard to install on my car. I was kind of anticipating this because I live in Japan and have an older japanesse car (very similar to a 4 runner). It was super easy to SAFELY "jimmy rig" it. To me this is a great mirror, just not made for all cars (especially SUVs)....more info
  • good product
    This is a good product, it helps me watch over my baby when driving, it is secured at the back of the seat, firmly so I doubt that it could snap off or in case of an accident fly off and hit the baby, it also has a fluffy material covering the mirror so in case that was to happen there are no pointy corners or hard plastic. I am not sure whether the mirror is made of glass or plastic so that is why I give it 4 stars....more info
  • Excellent Choice!
    I love this mirror. It is slightly distorted, but works great to see that baby is happy. Easy to install....more info
  • Great Product for Peace of Mind
    We installed this in our SUV that has a latch in the back for such devices. During inspection at the hospital, no one mentioned that it was a safety risk, but we will take it to the fire dept next time. For our peace of mind, the mirror was Heaven sent....more info
  • Poor item
    We registered for and received this mirror, thinking how great it would be to see our baby while driving. We have a 4-door sedan (Kia Optima), and no matter what we tried we could not get the mirror installed to work. My husband even tried holding it at different angles, but it didn't allow me to see the baby at all. I definitely don't recommend this item....more info
  • Piece of doo doo!
    This product is one of the biggest wastes of money in baby gear I have purchased! It does not stay securely in place and is constantly moving so that baby is either out of view or it completely falls back flat. I've completely stopped using it at this point because I got tired of constantly messing with it. Whoever thought it would be a great idea to secure a mirror over a baby using velcro wasn't thinking things through....more info
  • Great View...From a Mom who's always on the road
    I haven't experienced what some of the others experienced in terms of the FOG. I've been using this she was born in November! I think that this mirror is absoulutely fantastic and it gives me such a great sense of security while driving alone. I can see my baby in my rear view mirror, and depending how I'm positioned, when I turn around (at a stop light of course!) she can see me too! ...more info
  • How do you install these in a Jeep Cherokee???
    Okay I'm at my wits end. I bought 2 of these mirrors (different brands) and I can't install either of them. I drive a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport and the back seat has NO headrests. There's nothing to attach the mirror to. Also, I tried standing it up on the top of the seat but it's not angled properly and I can't see the baby at all. There's no way for me to install the mirror and see the baby. My husband looked it over and told me my Jeep is just not set up for these baby mirrors. Is this true and does anyone else have this problem?...more info
    I received this mirror as a shower gift, and I love it. The size of the mirror makes it very easy to see the baby. It was easy to install in my SUV (a JEEP LIBERTY). It doesn't have a headrest in the middle, but I have it hanging over the back of the seat. I attatched it with the strap to the LATCH slot in the cargo area. I have never had a problem with it shifting around OR fogging over....more info
  • Definitely a waste of money
    I bought this wanting to see my son in a rear-facing carseat. First, I couldn't properly secure it with either the latch or velcro. Since we have a jeep grand cherokee and he was in the middle of the backseat there was no place to attach it. I finally managed to rig something up though but after just a short time the mirror surface was fogging and unclear. I certainly couldn't see him in the tiny rearview mirror attachment. ...more info
  • Could have been better
    This mirror does come in handy however; the mirror is a bit foggy and looks scratched. ...more info
  • Not worth the money
    The first three months it worked ok. The image in the mirror is not that sharp. Our summer is very hot (over 100 degrees) and the strap cracked after being under the sun for one Summer. I was going to throw it away because I cannot mount it in the back seat anymore. Then I figured out a way to sew it and repair it. I am not happy with the quality for the price I paid. There is really no need for a baby mirror. Just make sure that the baby is secured in the car seat....more info
  • Functions well but, hard to install
    Good concept but, mirror is not easily installed. Also, quality of mirror could use some improvement - it cracks easily & is somewhat cloudy & distorted. Still, functions well. Nice large size....more info
  • Peace of mind
    This concept is awesome and would get five stars if it worked the way it should. It gives great peace of mind to be able to check your baby while you drive. As the other reviews state, the mirror does has a tendency to fog up. Mine did in one corner within the first week. If it gets any worse, I will have to contact the company. ...more info
  • What's the fog about!!!!
    We purchased and put this mirror in our car three weeks ago... from the moment we took the protective plastic film off of the mirror, it fogged up. We live in the south and the temperature - we thought - wouldn't pose a problem for us, but needless to say, our daughter is three weeks old and we haven't had a clear view since mounting the mirror. I am terribly dissappointed and am scared to purchase another mirror for the backseat - wondering if they all would do this. DON'T BUY THIS PEACE OF TRASH!!! It's not worth it!...more info
  • Foggy Mirror
    Within less than 1 week, the mirror fogged up. I followed the cleaning instructions that accompanied the mirror, but to my dismay, nothing worked. Please, do not buy this product....more info
  • Don't bother!
    My parents bought this for me shortly after my baby was born. I drive a Toyota Corolla and for the life of me, I could not get this mirror to work. There was just no way to attach this thing to the back seat so I could see my baby. I managed to 'gerry-rig' it with some tape and it worked for about 10 minutes until I turned a corner, then it moved and I couldn't see anymore. During those few minutes that I could see my baby, though, I was so distracted I didn't pay enough attention to the road.
    Furthermore, I have read that it's unsafe to use a mirror like this since it can be be projected into the baby's face in the event of an accident.
    ...more info