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Epson T048120 Black Ink Cartridge (Stylus Photo R300, R300M, and RX500 Printers)
List Price: $17.99

Our Price: $6.95

You Save: $11.04 (61%)


Product Description

Black ink cartridge for R300 - R300M and RX500 model printers

This replacement black-ink cartridge is designed specifically for use with Epson printer models Stylus Photo R300, R300M, and RX500. Engineered to deliver high resolution and excellent color saturation, this quick-drying, dye-based ink ensures optimum performance and productivity with your Epson printer. The ink offers superior resistance to smudging and bleeding.

  • For Epson Stylus Photo R300, R300M, and RX500 printers
  • Engineered for highest possible resolution and color saturation
  • Quick-drying, dye-based ink for optimum performance
  • Superior resistance to smudging and bleeding
  • Rich black ink for bold images

Customer Reviews:

  • Smudges vs. runs!
    This ink may not smudge much, but it sure runs - a lot!! The least bit of moisture and the words become illegible. I'm going back to HP -- as long as I'm getting ripped off on outrageous ink prices, I may as well at least get something that will hold up....more info
  • Genuine Epson Ink
    I just received my product and it was just as advertised. This was shipped directly from Amazon, manufactured in Mexico, and had a valid expiration date in 4Q2011. I have been buying my genuine new Epson Ink cartriges for my Epson RX620 printer from Amazon for about 3 years now, and have always had perfect performance from the ink, and always received a brand new Epson ink product with a valid datestamp from Amazon.

    With all the concerns stated in the various reviews for this product -- the question I would have is if the ongoing subscription service offers results in some other seller sending old cartridges with expired dates (scratched out). I have no experience with that service, so I can't say. ...more info
  • Epson T048120 Black Ink Cartridge
    This item arrived in good condition during the time frame promised. It is a quality product which works well in the computer printer. Thank you for delivering this product as promised....more info
  • This item is great!
    This item, although pricey, is worth much more than it costs. They're actually selling the machine that makes the cartridges, complete with materials. You can earn your money back and more by selling the ink cartridges =)...more info
  • Yet another ink cartridge
    But as far as ink cartridges go these aren't bad, the changing was clean and easy, just wish that the machines had a larger capacity....more info
  • Works Well, but Watch for the Best Price
    I like using factory ink becasue I know they work well and will last. The only thing you have to watch for is a good price. I found one on Amazon, but it does vary. Keep an eye out and plan ahead....more info
  • good business oppurtunity.
    I could probably start my own profitable business, if I start doing refills of these at half the prices....
    Where are my angel investors....
    ---- ok, this review was written when the price of this was a million dollar, price msitake on behalf of amazon.

    This is a great product though, I've used it for couple of time include one time as a gift. The quality of print out seems much better now. I think it's because of better quality of ink and it seems like it doesn't dry that often.

    Also, graphics which black heavy usage appears more uniform without shades of gray. So I guess, even if its using more ink, the quality is more uniform and better...more info

  • Best buy!!!
    I have an Epson printer and NEVER buy knock-off inks. Whenever I need to restock I always shop around for the best price. Amazon came through once again for having the best price available. I won't hesitate to shop with them again for my Epson supplies....more info
  • Great Bargain!
    Great Bargain with the ink costimg more than printers. You are better off, just dumping the printer and buying a new one for what the ink cost.
    Nice to find a bargain...more info
  • Best Option for Epson Printers
    After trying a cheaper imitation ink cartridge, I can now say that using Epson ink cartridges is the only reliable way to keep your printer working properly. This is mainly true for color accuracy of printed color material. Now I am convinced....more info
  • Epson Ink is Great
    I never skimp on the inks I purchase, so I expect that the manufacturer's brands, while more expensive than generics, will perform flawlessly. I'm never dissapointed with Epson ink....more info
  • works great, but at a price
    The Epson T048120 ink works great, but even at Amazon's disounted price, buy the second time I buy ink I could have bought a new printer. The high price of ink is a hidden cost of inkjet printers....more info
  • Epson genuine ink
    Epson printers often last about 7 years for me, and I have upgraded in the past because the ink is no longer available. Genuine ink is the best IMO because I never have to worry that it will gum up in the heads....more info
  • ...ok?
    Okay, I don't get it. ALL of these FIFTEEN reviews were written on either October 29 or 30th. What are these people talking about it having a $1,000,000 price tag?? It costs $13.49!!! The only reason it's sold at this price is because it's the same size as the other color ones at the same price. The larger black ink cartridge for the CX6400 is almost twice as big, that's why it costs more. Gosh, people these days.

    But apart from that, I guess the cartridge is okay, I mean, what can you say about an ink cartridge. I had the printer to this cartridge -- BAD printer, the R300. Never worked. But I guess the ink was aight....more info

  • It's ink
    It's ink, it works, it looks good. No problems. I have had problems with after market ink....more info
  • Pleased
    I own an Epson printer and am very pleased with it and the cartridges that go with it...more info
  • Ok cartridges...
    I swear they run out real quick but I think it is just Epson... being Epson... Work great with my R300....more info
  • This ink also works with the RX600 photo printer --
    The ink works fine. I think it lasts a long time and it prints clean, clear documents. Part of that is due to the quality Epson printer I have too. The listing for this ink should include that it also works with the RX600......more info
  • epson ink
    Nothing beats genuine Epson ink. I would not use anything but genuine Epson ink in either of my two printers. Quality is number one....more info
  • Use to be a good value
    I ordered this same cartridge in June and paid $13.68. It was a good price and I was happy with the product. When I went to reorder today, it was $18.40. It went up almost $5.00 for the same cartridge in 3 months. I think I'll check out my local office supply store instead. They still sell it for about $14.50....more info
  • As expected
    This ink is exactly as the original supplied with my printer. The original lasted over six months with no clogging or drying out....more info
  • Great Ink
    This is the same ink that the Treasury department uses. It's great stuff. Worth every penny....more info
  • genuine Epson
    Received ink array very quickly - it's the genuine Epson ink (my copier won't accept anything but--). Happy to have found this seller....more info
  • It's ink
    What does one say.. It is ink. It prints and does not run...more info
  • Good price, fast service
    The service was speedy, as usual. I wish Epson would offer an online deal that includes all the ink in one pack. Currently only one store offers this, and it still is not as cheap as buying the 5 color ink and black ink packages through Maybe most people go through black ink faster than the colors, but most of my Epson R320 printing is photos, so my ink use is pretty even. ...more info
  • Price is Right
    I am getting 20 at least with my co-workers and friends....more info
    This is not NEW EPSON INK (as it states and shows on the picture)...I received a re-manufactured cartridge from this company...SHAME ON THEM!...It was not stated anywhere that is was going to be re-manufactured ink...have not tried it yet, but I have a problem with company's that mis-lead their customers ...more info