Kidkusion Kid Safe Banister Guard
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Product Description

The Kid Safe Guard is used on banisters and is an absolute necessity in every household. The clear, plastic child banister guard is a tremendous piece of household safety. It prevents falls and keeps the toys upstairs. The KidSafe Banister Guard easily attaches to any type of banister. The Banister Guard will give mom and dad peace of mind, too. It is probably great knowing that the little darlings are playing safely and securely upstairs. The Kid Safe Guard is a great piece of baby safety equipment.

  • Easily attaches with enclosed tie straps
  • Measures 3? x 15? roll
  • Combine product for longer length
  • It helps to prevent falls and keep the toys upstairs

Customer Reviews:

  • So safe & sturdy--you can even cut out a "cat door" so pets can use the stairs
    We've had this plastic banister guard for several months now, and it works incredibly well. Sure, it's a little noisy when my toddler bangs on it like a drum. And it does show fingerprints. But it's much better than the alternative--having a little one get stuck between banister rails or even fall through.

    The plastic is also stiff and sturdy enough to use as a "cat door." Ordinarily, our cats would not have been able to get up or down the stairs when this plastic covers the rails and the safety gate at the top of the stairs is closed. However, we cut a cat-sized hole in the bottom of this plastic, between 2 rails. It's much too small for a baby or toddler to get through, but provides an easy way for the cats to enter and leave as they please. This banister guard keeps everyone in our family safe and and cats included....more info
  • Serves its purpose
    I'm happy with this guard, I like that it is clear plastic so it's not that noticable and wipes off easily. So far it's proved to be very durable and it keeps my daughter from even trying to climb through the rails. It was fairly easy to install with 2 people....more info
  • Serves the purpose. Easy to install.
    I purchased Kidkusion Kid Safe Banister Guard, because in our 1980-built townhouse gaps between balusters are wide enough for our one-year-old to fall through. I originally was going to use acrylic sheets (Plexiglas), but, what I saw at a local Home Depot, was too thick and expensive.

    The installation of the Kidkusion Kid Safe Banister Guard was easy, and the plastic seems durable enough to serve at least a few years. I was able to cut it easily with a utility knife and a metal square. There was enough product included in the box to do all of the areas in my townhouse that were unsafe for my son.

    Included in the box are a hole-punch, a bunch of white plastic ties, a few plastic grommets, screws, and wall anchors to secure end(s) of the Bannister Guard to a wall if needed. I bought a pack of black plastic ties at Harbor Freight Tools because wrought iron on my stairs is painted black and the included white ties would stand out. I did not use the hole-punch, because it can make holes only about ?"- ?" from the edge of the plastic, and for my installation it would not work, so I just used my utility knife to make small slits for plastic ties.

    1. I was unpleasantly surprised when I realized that the leading edge was not cut squarely at the factory. When I measured the same distance from both corners of the leading edge and tried using a square to connect the marks, I noticed that the cut would not be at a right angle. Therefore, I had to cut the leading edge square first and re-measure.

    2. When I imagined installed product, I thought of it as being practically invisible. However, even though I installed the plastic as tightly as I could, it still has some slight folds that cause reflection and distortion and make it noticeable; although, this is an aesthetics issue, which is not as important as my child's safety.

    Overall, Kidkusion Kid Safe Banister Guard satisfied my requirements: it provides the safety I needed for my child, it is relatively inexpensive, it seems durable, it is easy to install....more info
  • Not perfect, but does the trick
    We looked in to making our own banister guard, but after reading the reviews and knowing we didn't have a lot of time on our hands, we gave this product a shot.

    Now, obviously there are many different kinds of banisters out there, so we didn't expect this product to fit perfectly. My wife installed with relative ease, but it drooped in some places. Nevertheless, it does what it's intended to do and we feel 100% confident in our son's safety. I'm sure we could fix the drooping if we really wanted to....more info
  • Banister guard
    Very effective and easy to install (unless you have 2 foot tall helpers). .
    ...more info
  • It does the job
    This a convenient way to purchase the cheap materials that make up this kit. The ties that go around banisters were not long enough, so I had to double up and came up short. No big deal, I guess, since you can get a pack of 100 of them at Harbor Freight Tools on sale for $2. Also, the plastic material rips rather easily around the holes. I was trying to be rather careful and still got one tear....more info
  • Look elsewhere
    I bought this hoping that it would look nicer than the nets that other stores have on the market. The plastic is really hard to work with, its very cumbersome, you have to punch holes into it to attach it to the railings, and the sheeting attracts dust and lint like you wouldn't believe. If you are dedicated, and will take the time needed to plan out how the guard will go up - you might be able to put this up so it looks decent. Otherwise, you probably want to look elsewhere....more info
  • Great product
    It's strong, easy to install and looks great. Now I feel my kids are safe when they are upstairs....more info
  • It Works! Keeps baby from going through or throwing items through railing
    We have a wrought iron railing in our hi-ranch home and recently installed this to keep the baby safe - 1 year old! It was taller than the railing but as my husband was installing it he cut it (the top) in place rather than on the floor as the instructions suggested. Installing was easy, punch holes with the suppiled hole puncher and fasten to the railing with the zip ties which were also included. To add more security we drilled holes in the middle (between floor and top of railing) so that we can have it secure to the middle of the railing. So far Im satisfied and so is baby...he has something new that he can make noise with when he hits it! ...more info
  • well worth the money
    Easy to install, though hole puncher included was cheaply made and broke midway through install. Sturdy material, covered our banister and made us feel comfortable that our daughter would be safe.

    ...more info
  • Beware! Measures 34" tall! Not 3 ft as advertised!
    This would be a great product if it actually covered the whole space between my floor and the top of the banister. It is 34" tall and my banister is almost 36". I bought this to prevent my child from dropping toys down to the first floor, so the 2 inch gap is a deal breaker. Not to mention that the description says it is 3 ft tall!!...more info
  • easy install and worth it
    Definitely a great product. Comes wiith ties for easy install. Hole puncher comes with, but you can't use it effectively because you can only punch holes about 1/2 an inch from the edge. I used an electric drill bit so I could secure the ties in the middle of the plastic along the railings. Both the crawling 9 month old and the hyperactive (& destructive) 2 year old have tested it many times over. Holds up great!...more info
  • Serves the purpose but..
    We were initially surprised to see "just" a clear thick plastic sheet and a punch and some ties in the package. I don't know if fabric stores sell thick clear sheets but it looked like we could get these stuff for a lot less . But with a baby around since we don't have much time to do all the exploring before buying, this is a better option.

    Its little hard to install on the railings of the stairs. We installed it on the top balcony and it is serving the purpose. ...more info
  • a little tricky for our rail...easy to install, but gets a glare and shows dings
    a little tricky for our rail...easy to install, but gets a glare and shows dings. our daughter immediately tried to get her fingers underneath, but it has proved effective from her hanging through the too wide rails....more info
  • Great Product!
    The rails in the banister on the 2nd level of our home has rails that are wide enough for our 1 year old son to fit his whole body through. Our first reaction was to get the banister replaced. However, my husband discussed it with a lady at work and she suggested a similar product to this one but it was made of net. I did some research and found this item on Amazon. After reading the reviews I thought this item will serve the purpose. It worked out really well for us. The only thing is that my son now loves to bang on it and it makes a very loud noise, so if you can tolerate that it should work out fine. It is clear which I love because it is not that noticeable. Overall I am completely satisfied! ...more info